Saw Palmetto Vegetarian Capsules – 600mg per capsule – 100 Count

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Our Greenbush Saw Palmetto capsules are for anyone looking to naturally support prostate health in men as well as breast health in women but are dissatisfied with the current synthetic or expensive formulated supplements available to them.

Unlike these supplements and multi-herb formulas available on the market, our Greenbush Saw Palmetto capsules are a natural, single-herb supplement without fillers or additives that is created to deliver as much of the active herb as possible in each dose.

No fillers or additives. No “kitchen sink” multi-herb formulas with as many as 20 ingredients. No nonsense. Just pure and potent herbs delivered in a vegetarian, Non-GMO capsule since 1997.

Saw Palmetto is a truly native herb of the Southeastern U.S. The medicinal value of the berries of this small palm tree were first recognized by native cultures and passed down through generations until ultimately becoming the wildly popular medicinal herb that it is today. Much of the current attention focuses on the herb’s use as a treatment for prostate in urinary tract health in men. But, as usual with nature’s medicines, there is so much more.

In the 19th century the herb became popular in elixers for making women more buxom and is still used today in natural breast enhancement programs. Modern research has shown that the nutrients in the herb interact with and regulate the hormonal systems producing positive effects in reproductive health, strength, energy and libido.

The berries contain fatty acids and sterols that interact with human hormones in a variety of ways, most particularly in preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT resulting in its use for treating prostate enlargement and baldness.

Saw palmetto is now best known for its ability to promote prostate health and sexual vigor, but was widely used in the past for breast health and enhancement in women. This was most recently noted in the book “The Green Pharmacy” by Dr. James Duke.

Saw palmetto is perfect for men experiencing frequent urination which is common in men over forty. The Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that saw palmetto is effective in improving urological symptoms and urine flow.

Recommended Uses

Baldness and hair loss, breast enhancement, digestion, energy and bodybuilding, erection problems, inhibited sexual desire, retaining testosterone levels, prostate enlargement, thyroid, frequent urination and urinary tract health.

Saw palmetto is a common plant in the southeastern U.S. and its berries have been used for centuries by native American cultures both as food and as medicine. The first uses of the berries were as a nutritive tonic to improve strength and energy, sexual vitality and youthful vigor.

The berries contain fatty acids and sterols that interact with human hormones in a variety of ways, most particularly in preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT resulting in its use for treating prostate enlargement and baldness.

Breast Enhancement for Women Saw palmetto is now best known for its ability to promote prostate health and sexual vigor but was widely used in the past for breast health and enhancement in women. This was most recently noted in the book “The Green Pharmacy” by Dr. James Duke.

Frequent Urination Saw palmetto is perfect for men experiencing frequent urination which is common in men over forty. The Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that saw palmetto is effective in improving urological symptoms and urine flow.

Saw palmetto, a commonly eaten food, has been found safe and non-toxic, even in very high doses, in a wide variety of studies. There are no known drug interactions.


186 reviews for Saw Palmetto Vegetarian Capsules – 600mg per capsule – 100 Count

  1. Adonya W

    Excellent seller who provides high quality products and super fast shipping!!!

  2. Jack N


  3. Elliot Z.

    Excellent Experience

  4. J. Nira


  5. Stephanie W.

    Product arrived very quickly. I am extremely pleased.

  6. Phillip G.

    Superior products and outstanding customer service.

  7. Pam W.


  8. Phillip G.

    Five star products and service. You can’t go wrong with Greenbush.

  9. Phillip G.

    A trusted and reliable company whose products are outstanding. It should go without saying that I highly recommend Greenbush.

  10. John R.

    Outstanding customer service, rapid shipping.

  11. Phillip G.

    Always perfect products and service.

  12. Phillip G.

    Greenbush is superior in all aspects. I could not recommend them more highly.

  13. Phillip G.

    Greenbush is superior in all aspects. I could not recommend them more highly.

  14. Robert C.

    I would recommend Greenbush Natural Products to anyone who is looking for an alternative form of treatment for any type of ailment that is of concern. I have been to various Doctors for direction and I have followed the medical advise given but have not been comfortable with taking so much medication to solve a health issue. I have always believed that natural ways of healing was always a more beneficial way of addressing a medical issue, but once I understood my situation I reverted back to a more natural way of treatment. I stumbled across Greenbrush by accident and once I spoke with Joel, a Representative from this company, I knew I was dealing with professional and knowledgeable people. He recommended a common sense approach to what I was dealing with and I followed it as suggested. I have gone off my prescribed medication, at my discretion, and feel much better about what I’m putting into my body. I have not noticed any drop off of the results I was getting with the prescribed drugs and I feel much better about this, knowing that I am not putting drugs that are man made vrs. what is available naturally. I would recommend this company for anyone who is looking for an alternative way of healing.

  15. Phillip G.

    The most dependable provider of natural health products you will find. Outstanding products and incredibly fast shipping.

  16. Phillip G.

    Superior in all regards. Highly recommended.

  17. Gerald C.

    always fast and reliable and the products are exceptional

  18. Phillip G.

    Greenbush provides outstanding products and service. You will find no better provider of natural health products.

  19. Phillip G.

    Long-time repeat customer. Service and products are consistently exemplary.

  20. John A.


  21. Phillip G.

    Oustanding products. The customer service is by far the best I have experienced on the internet. Very, very highly recommended.

  22. Roger D.


  23. Karen M.

    I would like to be able to TALK to a person on the phone instead of only through email. It would make it much easier to get information I need. I would gladly use a regular phone number to be able to do this (not an 800 number that would cost the company money).

  24. Karen M.

    I would like to be able to TALK to a person on the phone instead of only through email. It would make it much easier to get information I need. I would gladly use a regular phone number to be able to do this (not an 800 number that would cost the company money).

  25. John R.

    Satisfied repeat customer — their excellent service is the reason I am in that category.

  26. Phillip G.

    Greenbush provides the best delivery service I have ever experienced on the internet. Additionally, their products are beyond outstanding.

  27. John R.

    Outstanding service, quality merchandise and fast shipping. A triple-play merchant! Very satisfied.

  28. Alberto V.


  29. R. Price

    Wonderful products, fast delivery…

  30. R. Price

    Wonderful products, fast delivery…

  31. Limin C.


  32. Michael H.

    It has been approximately 2 weeks since i started taking the products we ordered. So far i have not seen or felt much of a difference. However, i know someyimes products work a little differently per the individual. I will give the products another week or 2 and see if i still have little results.

  33. Michelle C.

    I love Greenbush Natural Products, this is my second time ordering from them. I have no complaints about their products! They work for me. Their website is a bit difficult to navigate, and I would love to see them carry a wider selection of herbs, but the herbs they do carry are awesome.

  34. Allison W.


  35. Debra W.

    This was my first time ordering from Greenbush and I am very happy with the promptness of the ordering & delivery process. Their herbal supplements are very high quality and I am pleased to be doing business with a company that places quality of product first and also doing business with American herb farms. I will be doing business with them again.

  36. Mary H.

    Great place to shop. Service is excellent. I placed an order and was notified immediately for verification. The order was shipped out the very next day. I received my merchandise within 3-4 days. Prices are very reasonable too.

  37. Carl C.

    this was my first purchase from Greenbush natural products.although i haven’t used the products long enough to evaluate their effectiveness,the company’s service so far has been excellent.

  38. Steve H.

    Greenbush provided excellent customer service by answering my questions thoroughly in posthaste fashion. I highly recommend their products and service to all who desire an excellent product combined with excellent customer service.

  39. Georgeta G.

    Greenbush provided me with excellent service and great products. The merchandises arrived very fast and in great shape. Overall, I was very pleased.

  40. Bruce S.


  41. Paul W.


  42. Raymond D.

    I love the Geenbush products and they are very fast on getting the orders to me i know that i will be ordering with them for future purchases as the quality of there products are ecellent so heres a salute to all at GreenBush natural products.

  43. Michael W.


  44. Jody H.


  45. Tom D.


  46. John K.

    Unbelievably good quality of product. I really feel safe buying their stuff!!!

  47. Loanne V.


  48. Kristin O.

    These folks are like good old-fashioned storekeepers…..Very good customer service, quick response and helpful. My orders always arrive very quickly. Its always a pleasure to do business with them!

  49. Raymond D.

    when i placed my order with Greenbush natural products i liked the way thier site is organized to finding the products that i wanted i ordered them on saturady early am and i liked thier shipping dept they were very fast and promt getting my products to me i recieved them on monday after noon! keep up the good work i love your products i will be a return customer in the near future thank you! and god bless

  50. Beverly H.

    Fast shipping. Great tea.

  51. Tom D.


  52. Mark W.


  53. Jody H.


  54. Fred S.


  55. Tom D.


  56. Keehoon C.


  57. Iraida G.


  58. Robert L.


  59. Amanda G.

    Super great company! Always on time with their quality products!

  60. Richard E.

    Good Service and Great Products. Last order was recieved damaged. Need to improve shippping containers.

  61. Jody H.

    Love your products.

  62. Craig S.


  63. Mohamed B.

    I have been dealing with Greenbush for a long time. I love their products & trust their work and recommandations. Excellent feed back.

  64. Marlon W.


  65. Walter P.

    the herbs that I older dozens a wonderful job and I have a good report on my doctors report. I take the herbs for my prostate health. thank you.

  66. Jose V.


  67. Basel A.


  68. Iraida G.


  69. Jo Ann B.

    Since becoming a customer of Greenbush Natural Products, I have had nothing but good experiences. Their products are what I expect them to be and more; I have used Greenbushs products for weight loss, breast health, hair growth, and overall health. I have even recommended Greenbush Natural Products to my friends and family. I have even e-mailed my questions and received prompt and freindly responses. And my packages come so quickly! I plan to be a lifetime customer of Greenbush Natural Products.

  70. Alan B.


  71. Dolores O.

    Exceptional products at incredible prices. Very quick delivery. Informative newsletter. Extremely satisfied with my order. Will definitely be re-ordering in near future.

  72. Gerald C.

    Theyre the best in all regards: quality, service, price and speed of delivery.

  73. Gary M.


  74. Stephanie J.


  75. Renee C.


  76. Carol D.


  77. Kenneth L.

    Greenbush is an excellent company who delivers quickly and who carries high quality products. I have been doing business with them for several years now and have never been disappointed.

  78. Lisa G.

    I was very impressed with the customer service. The shipping was prompt and the items were well packaged. The staff were very available to respond to emails as questions arose. Unfortunately I was not as impressed with the product and the program. I saw little to no effects after 6 months of use. I have decided to discontinue use.

  79. Genevieve M.

    Greenbush always delivers their goods very quickly. I get it within 3 days. I also get confirmation immediately after Ive ordered it online. The goods are always packages well. Im very satisfied with them. They have excellent service.

  80. Cecilia T.


  81. James P.

    great sevice!

  82. Catherine L.


  83. Terry N.

    Seems like a very trustworthy company. I hope they continue to bring additional herbs to be available to purchase.

  84. Dusty W.

    I have ordered several times from Greenbush. I am always happy with my purchases and even happier when they get here so quickly. Usually within two days of ordering I receive my order. Yay!!

  85. Mary H.

    Do not send any personal information about me. No profanity. Do not pass on any information about me to anyonel. Great Service

  86. Nakia D.


  87. Latoya T.

    Greenbush is an excellent source for natural herbs! Ordering was a snap and I recieved it righton time. The herbs came in discreet shipping and I loved the free gift! Thanks! i started on the herbs right away and only two weeks later, I saw a huge difference!!! Ill be re-ordering soon! I just love your products and the way you conduct your business! just think, in a few more weeks, Ill have Breast!!!!!

  88. Paul P.


  89. Kimberly H.

    Greenbush is fantastic and I will continue to purchase their products – I cannot believe how quickly I received my order this last time! Their website and the printed literature and info they send with their products are helpful, honest and direct – no mumbo-jumbo claims or vague language like you get with a lot of similar companies. Thank you to the folks at Greenbush – keep up the great work!!

  90. Cynthia G.

    The products that you sell are rich with the needed herbs nothing extra which cost more and take longer to recieve results. I am very pleased with the potency of the products. I am also pleased with the time of delivery, the products are sent within one to two days after order is placed, that was very impressive to me. And last the customer service could be improved by giving the customer a telephone number to call because I almost did not buy anything from the company. I felt as if the company was hiding something suspicious even, it also felt impersonal and if the company did not care enough about what they were selling to give a garantee through word of mouth using live customer service. I did not know if it was a fraud trying to rip peoples off or what. Another thing, I was not happy with the first reponse I got through e-mail, the comment made by one of your representive stating that I was a little defensive kind of rubbed me wrong. I really was being defensive I was just being careful. The second time I expressed a problem/concern through e-mail, the experience was a little better, I did get a quick response and good customer service at that point I begain to feel better about doing business with the company. I was displeased because I did not get my free product using the coupon given and because I did not have a customer service telephone number. My free gift was sent and I did eventually got a telephone number from my bank to whom the company recieved payment from to call. I have not call so I do not know if it works or is it a fax maching. I wished that company would care enough about their products and customers to give a customer service number. Some people prefer talking to a person if they plan to spend a lot of money, it just feels more personal, a since of trust is developed. I guess Im trying to say that not having a customer service number almost cost you a good customer. Please reconsider about given a customer service number to those customers who feel a need to have it. Thanks for your time and attention.

  91. Kimberly H.

    Excellent products, reasonable prices and an easy to use web site with lots of relevant information – what a nice online experience! I received my order much faster than I expected and it was both complete and correct! I will absolutely continue to do purchase from this company and will recommend them to friends, too. Thank you, Greenbush!

  92. Charles M.

    need i say more . thank you greenbush

  93. Gary L.

    I found what I was looking for at Greenbush at a reasonable price. After I ordered it I recieved an e-mail confirmation on when it would arrive and was pleasantly surprised when it came sooner than predicted. I will remember this the next time I need a product that they carry. Thank you.

  94. Gary M.

    Items delivered very quickly with good packaging. Smooth, easy transaction makes shopping with this merchant a breeze.

  95. Kimberleigh M.

    Wow…you dont find excellent service like this anymore! The website is great, the products are of excellent quality, and the customer service is nothing short of phenomenal. Joel is fabulous and so helpful and quick to respond to questions and inquiries. Every time I have ordered I have received my herbs very quickly and in excellent condition. If I have a question, it is answered very quickly and with warmth and a friendly and helpful attitude. This is so nice! Great informaiton is sent with each order. It is a pleasure to conduct business with Greenbush and I will be a customer for life. THANK YOU!

  96. Christine C.


  97. Gary M.

    Helpful and very quick. Will gladly buy from the next time I need herbs.

  98. Joe S.

    Very efficient, responsive, fair with the shipping cost. So many web sites try to tack on high shipping along with a handling charge, those I do not use.

  99. Kristin G.


  100. William B.


  101. Kyung P.

    As always, incredibly quick shipping. Thank you for your extraordinary customer service and great products!

  102. Thomas C.

    Fast delivery, good quality products, even answer email quickly, and quite friendly.

  103. William B.


  104. Christine C.

    I have ordered a few times from Greenbush in the past couple of months and they have been consistently efficient with a great flat rate for postage.

  105. Billy B.


  106. Bob R.


  107. Monica D.


  108. Wing K.


  109. Rebecca S.

    I am very pleased with the extremely helpful and easily navigated website and the prompt delivery of product. I am looking forward to patronizing Greenbush in the future and have already told many friends about the website.

  110. Rebecca S.

    I am very pleased with the extremely helpful and easily navigated website and the prompt delivery of product. I am looking forward to patronizing Greenbush in the future and have already told many friends about the website.

  111. Kelly B.

    Greenbush is the most amazing company I have ordered from!!! They ship super fast, and their customer service is wonderful. I will be shopping from them again and telling all my friends to do the same!!!!!!!!

  112. Joan M.

    Great customer service regarding prompt, courteous replies and EXTREMELY FAST shipping. I have never been treated so well by a company before. Hope Greenbush keeps up the great work and super employess. This is a rare company — obviously with a very “together” management team. I always believe that you’re only as good as top management!

  113. Sharon S.

    As always, exactly what I ordered, delivered quickly and discretely. I love Greenbush Natural Products!

  114. James H.

    Very good service and that is what counts most.

  115. Clifford C.

    Shipping must have been instant, the order arrived before I expected it!!

  116. Steven M.

    Prices are reasonable. Delivery was faster than expected both times have ordered. The quality and packaging is very good. I just wish larger than 300 count quanties were available.

  117. Andrea P.

    I received my products faster than I would have expected. They always get my order right, and they get it to me fast. Also, when I had a question regarding a product, they replied promptly and intelligently. Their product line – excellent! Their service – superb! Greenbush is an excellent merchant.

  118. Pamela T.


  119. Cynthia M.

    It is great doing business with Greenbush. Their products really work and the service is great.

  120. Emily R.


  121. Virginia P.

    Their customer service is excellent. With Green Bush products I feel so much more confident and sexy in my clothes and lingerie. It’s a dream come true to have larger busts. My husband enjoys them more and I enjoy sex more. It’s great!

  122. Tony P.

    Thank you for another great ordering experiance. I now have the comfidence to order over the net so thankyou once again

  123. Sharon S.

    Not only does Greenbush always ship exactly what was ordered in the timeframe they promise, they encourage repeat business through their friendly service and the extra surprises in each package!

  124. Kimberley M.

    They were extremely knowledgeable about their products, very helpful. Shipping was great, price was excellent, responded to my questions within 24 hours. I will definitely use them again as well as recommend them to my friends!!

  125. Jia M.

    The best service I have ever had!!!!!!!

  126. Elizabeth F.

    FANTASTIC SERVICE with both prompt shipping AND immediate order confirmation via e-mail!!!

  127. Shirlene B.

    I never have a problem with Greenbush. They are always kind, considerate and on time. Their products are top quality and I know because I have spent excessive time researching and comparing prices and products. Thank you

  128. Sharon S.

    As always, Greenbush shipped exactly the right product within the timeframe they set for themselves. All businesses should be run this well!!!

  129. Margaret D.


  130. Namju L.


  131. Rich A.

    I was very pleased and will definitely order from Greenbush Natural Products again.

  132. Allen B.


  133. Joe B.


  134. Kelise M.

    The order came extremely fast, and they added a couple of nice freebies too. I will definately order from them again. This was hassle free shopping !!

  135. Elizabeth H.

    I can’t believe how fast I got my order!

  136. Kimberly B.

    Ordering was very easy and quick- shipping was also very quick!!

  137. Stanley P.

    The order was received in good time. But, when does the product start to work? My wife has some doubts about the product. Since starting the beginning of February, 2001, we thought there would be some noticeable changes. So far, the results are not as advertised. If we were asked to refer Greenbush products, we could not do it.

  138. Barbara S.


  139. Belia C.


  140. Shelley D.


  141. Karen C.


  142. Lisa M.

    So far so good. In the 3 months that I have been taking the herbs my breast size has increased by 1 1/2 inches. I have no idea if this increase is going to be temporary or not. So far no problems.

  143. Candace C.

    I have just received my second order from Greenbush (the orders arrive within just a few days)and I am extremely happy with both their products and service. They are quick to answer questions by E-mail and do so in a very informative way…some companies never bother to reply once a sale is made. I personally find their supplements to perform as promised and am thankful I found their sight on the internet.

  144. Shawn S.

    delivery of products was in 3 days via priority mail. The herbalist is EXTREMELY helpful with any questions or concerns you might have about which herbs to try. Informative site, excellent products.

  145. Tracey G.


  146. Belia C.


  147. Natiyanna P.

    Order arrived much sooner than I expected with a free bar of very nice soap.

  148. Jennifer W.

    The service was fine and delivery was timely. However, the product (herbal supplements to stimulate mamogenesis) did not work. I followed the regimen strickly for 3 months with no notable change in bust size. I was hoping for a much different outcome.

  149. Fred S.

    the products arrived in the time frame that Greenbush had promised. the products was securily wrapped and shipped accurately

  150. Melissa G.

    They are absolutely wonderful products. The ease of ordering and the value of the products, along with the customer service is by far unsurpassed!!!

  151. Charlotte B.

    This was my second order from greenbush and they were very helpful and very quick service once again.

  152. Jeff O.

    Wouldn’t let my credit card go threw for the order that I really wanted, even though there was plenty of money available.

  153. Gina K.


  154. Sharon L.

    and your products actually work. I am very happy with the service and responses I have received on my concerns and questions.

  155. Eileen O.

    Third time ordering.Order always arrives faster than I would think possible. Product is high quality, no complaints.

  156. Steven S.


  157. Ramona J.


  158. Louis M.


  159. Catherine D.

    Every ordering experience has been a positive one. The products are of a very high quality. I will continue to order my herbal supplements from Greenbush!

  160. Leah W.


  161. Lindsey H.


  162. Linda L.


  163. Tina H.

    Super fast shipping and the packaging was great! All this on top of a great product!

  164. Jane T.


  165. Gina K.


  166. John M.


  167. Teresa M.

    I still have not seen any changes yet. I hope to see some soon or I will probably loose hope. I am taking my pills, massages, and tea. Do you have any other suggestions?

  168. William H.


  169. Diana W.

    Excellent products and prices; quick shipping.

  170. Cynthia S.

    The package arrived much faster than I thought was possible! I believe their site said the package would arrive in 3-5 days and it came in 2! Same good products I’ve received the past few months.

  171. Robert S.


  172. Joanie R.

    I’ve ordered from Greenbush twice, now. Both times, my orders have arrived very quickly, and without errors. The second time, they threw in a freebie bar of soap, which was a pleasant surprise. Also, I received a quick, friendly reply to an inquiry I emailed. It’s difficult for me to judge the quality of the products I’ve purchased due to lack of prior experience with the items, but, I sense that quality is as good as they claim.

  173. Lorna K.

    one of the best online stores ive had the pleasure to do business with and very fast!!!!!!!!

  174. Barbara P.

    I received my order in two day! Everything I order was delivered on the same day and included all the instructions they promissed. I have told several of my friends about Greenbush and I will order from them again.

  175. Lucinda B.


  176. D. Barber


  177. Katy B.

    I can’t really say much about he products themselves, since I probably need to wait to see results a little longer but I would like to add that the customer service is excellent! The reply time it took and care in answering my emailed question was fast and accurate. Please keep it up!

  178. Mary K.

    I am always pleased to do business with Greenbush. The order arrives promptly, the products work well.

  179. Phyllis F.

    I was very satified with their products and service.

  180. Stephanie V

    the breast enlargment pills don’t work, but the company itself wasd good and very helpful. my boobs never changed after 5 months of taking the pills and powder and lotion.

  181. Mary K.

    I was particularly pleased that they batched two orders I sent within a few hours of each other, saving me a shipping charge. I am delighted with the quality of their service. Best of all, the products really work – I did have some scepticism about them because the reported benefits of the fenugreek etc. were a bit on the “too good to true”, but at such a low cost, I figured what’s there to lose but a relative small sum. These products work!

  182. James W.

    This was our 2nd re-order from Greenbush…We enjoyed prompt delivery, and again the special treat of Bee & Flower soap. Please forward a method of ordering the soap as it is not in your web site!!! thanks. Now , on to our purchased product. My wife recently joined a health club and was being measured for comparison to future measurements. The girl who was taking her measurements commented on “How Lucky” my wife was to have a 40″ bustline!! (we started at 38 B in some bras or 38 C in some others we are now tight in 38 C and snug in 40 C !!) this is after about 6 months with just the Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek , and Fennel ,she takes two ea. in the A.M and in the P.M. I thought she was fine before we started but I now really enjoy her appearance and shape. But most importantly she feels more “Womanly” and attractive. Thank you for a reasonably priced product that in fact works and has exceeded our expectations.

  183. Michele M.

    I enjoy taking your products but I don’t think they work on me. I have been using your breast growing pills and powders for 9wks and I barely see a result. That’s pretty much it.

  184. Roger W.


  185. Doris L.

    Prior to ordering from Greenbush,I’ve had some questions that needed answers. I had e-mail them and to my surprise the turn around time on the response was quick. Compliments goes to Joel who replied my e-mail questions. Couple days later, my package was delivered to me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I will definitely refer you to all my friends.

  186. Cynthia H.


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