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A Natural Way to Enhance the Size, Health, and Look of your Breasts

Our Greenbush Breast Enhancement Blend extract contains the best herbs used for breast enlargement in an easy to use extract form. It is for anyone looking to naturally enhance the size, health, and look of their breasts and are dissatisfied with the current synthetic, alcohol based, or expensive supplements available to them.

Natural Breast Enhancement

What's In The Greenbush Breast Enhancement Blend?

Unlike the other supplements and multi-herb formulas available on the market, our Greenbush Breast Enhancement Blend extract is a natural supplement without fillers or additives that is made of pure Fenugreek, Wild Yam and Saw Palmetto – the most effective herbs for breast enhancement – in a blended form for convenience and ease of use.

Read more about each herb in the formula:

Fenugreek Seed:

Fenugreek seeds contain compounds that increase healthy breast tissue. Since the seeds contain diosgenin and other plant phyto-estrogens, Fenugreek provides a mastogenic effect resulting in enhanced breast size.

Saw Palmetto Berries:

Saw palmetto is now a popular and effective treatment for prostate enlargement in men but has it’s origins in natural medicine as a breast enlarger and is still recommended today by naturopathic physicians for increasing breast size. It’s breast enhancing effects stem from phyto-nutrients that stimulate breast tissue, increasing health and size.

Wild Yam Root:

Wild Yam is widely used as a breast enlarger and a sexual stimulant and is recommended by herbalist Susan Weed author of “Breast Cancer? Breast Health!” for healthy breast tissue. The phytonutrients in wild yam are a good compliment to the nutrients in fenugreek for stimulating breast size increases.

Greenbush Natural Products Bottle

What's Greenbush Natural Products?

Greenbush Natural Products is your source for pure, organic, and wildcrafted herbal capsules and concentrated strength, alcohol-free liquid extracts.

Founded in 1997 our mission is to take the nonsense out of herbal supplements:

No fillers or additives,

No “kitchen sink” formulas with as many as 20 ingredients,

Just pure and potent herbs delivered to you.

How Do I Use It? First, Be Prepared For Taking An Herbal Extract

The taste of a concentrated extract can be powerful.

If you aren’t used to taking them yet, then it is recommended to mix the extract into your favorite tea, juice, or even water to make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Because of this, we created our proprietary blend of Bust Tea, which is a great way to enjoy taking the Breast Enhancement Extract as well as add supplemental enhancing herbs into your system.

Remember, natural herbs are a commitment to your health over time and not an overnight silver bullet. What matters most is to take enough of the herb, and to take it consistently.

How Do I Use It? Step 1: Initial Usage Instructions

Taking the Extract:

Start by taking a half milliliter (1/2ml or roughly 15 drops) of the Greenbush Breast Enhancement Blend extract three times daily, or as instructed, for a total dosage of one and a half milliliters (1-1/2ml or 45 drops) per day.

Using the Extract for Massage:

Use one milliliter (1ml) of extract mixed in lotion once per day massaged on to your breasts. Cocoa butter or aloe vera lotions work well.

Add a hot towel or heating pad for a few minutes after massage when possible. Do the massage twice per day if you have the time. Once is sufficient.

How Do I Use It? Step 2: Initial Measurements

Success comes from consistency and keeping track. Recording your measurements at the beginning of taking the herbs and as you continue allows you to see progress in real-time.

Here’s How to get accurate measurements:

Bust Size

Wrap around your fullest part of your breasts to find your bust size (Example: 41″)

Band Size

Wrap a tape measure around your ribs, beneath your bust. This is your band size (Example: 38″)

Cup Size

Subtract your band size from your bust size to find your cup size in the chart provided. (Example: 41″ – 38″ = 3″ = C Cup)

How Do I Use It? Step 3: Logging Progress and Increasing Dosages

The Guide to Herbal Breast Enhancement and the Self Care Usage Log, which are sent to you digitally upon your purchase, will help you succeed. Familiarize yourself with the herbs and log your dosage as you progress to make sure you are getting the best results.

To Track your consistency, mark the usage chart with a checkbox next to your dosage amount per week.

This is also where you will log your measurements each week.

And don’t forget: Check in with yourself at the end of each week to see how you are feeling!

  • If you are feeling good, then go ahead and increase dosages for the next week.
  • If you are feeling so-so, proceed, but listen to your body. You may be getting close to your threshold for the herbs.
  • If you feel bad, lower your dosage amount by a 1/2ml and stay there for a while until your body has become accustomed to the herbs.

What to Expect In The First Week?

Most women will start developing breast cells in three to six weeks. But your breasts should look and feel fuller in as little as seven to ten days.

Optimal results are achieved in six to nine months. This is why tracking and consistency are so vital to success. It will help you stay motivated and keep moving towards your health goals.

Once taking your product(s) becomes part of your normal daily routine, results are sure to follow.

You can do this!

Natural Breast Enhancement

Why Should I Buy From Greenbush?

Aside from providing Pure and Potent Herbs, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to lessen the risk of trying our products. We believe in what we sell and believe you will too once you have had the opportunity to give them a consistent and honest try.

We offer many ways to contact us for Customer Service, including Live Phone Support, where our team can help you with any of your ordering and account needs.

Thank you for considering us when shopping for your herbal needs. We hope to earn your business today and for many years to come.

207 reviews for Breast Enhancement Blend – Concentrated Extract – Alcohol-Free

  1. Quiche

    Very happy with the results after a few months. May be related but I’ve noticed my cycles have been shorter with less discomfort during the early days.

  2. Shawni

    Excellent! The extract is much easier to swallow as opposed to pills, and truly helps to give breasts more volume

  3. Allison G.

    Always prompt and efficient.

  4. Renata H.


  5. Phyllis P.

    Fantastic products you can buy and the purest..Highest quality for the money..Service is helpful and friendly…I will continue to buy from them.. recommended to everyone …You wont be disappointed..

  6. Jenny G.


  7. Kenneth L.

    I have been shopping with Greenbush for years and have never been disappointed.

  8. Syreeta R.

    I was a bit leary and hardly ever purchase online without speaking to an actual customer service rep. After reading all the great responses from satisfied customers, I had to try their products. This company has not let me down. I recieved all of my products (already on my 2nd order) as promised. Thanks Greenbush!

  9. Angelique F

    The reviews about how great their customer service and products are -are true.

  10. Danica B.


  11. Namju L.


  12. Keith W.


  13. Christiane M.

    one of the best online shopping companies I ever dealt with

  14. Maria I.


  15. Susanne M.


  16. Christine F.


  17. Jeanne L.


  18. Dina L.

    I love this company. Information is easily found on their website. They are dedicated to their customer’s satisfaction and success.

  19. Diane T.

    I am very pleased with Greenbush products and their literature which details their products. I am happy as can be that I found them on the Internet and decided to see what they were all about. I give them high marks and have no problems whatsoever recommending the store to my friends and coworkers and family members. Their products do the job they are meant to do and no one can be more pleased than I am with the high quality of the products available through Greenbush Natural Products.

  20. Stephen B.

    Excellent service. Excellent products. Great online store.

  21. Melissa D.

    The service and products are great. I have never been disappointed when ordering from Greenbush.

  22. Michelle H.


  23. Katherine G.

    I thought that the service was excellent I had a couple of questions and had a reply promptly. The package was at my home in 3 days which was great. So far the quality of the product has been good. Thank You kg

  24. Kimberleigh M.

    Wow…you dont find excellent service like this anymore! The website is great, the products are of excellent quality, and the customer service is nothing short of phenomenal. Joel is fabulous and so helpful and quick to respond to questions and inquiries. Every time I have ordered I have received my herbs very quickly and in excellent condition. If I have a question, it is answered very quickly and with warmth and a friendly and helpful attitude. This is so nice! Great informaiton is sent with each order. It is a pleasure to conduct business with Greenbush and I will be a customer for life. THANK YOU!

  25. Phaidra G.

    I really enjoy ordering products from Greenbush Natural Products. The delivery is timely and the customer service personnel are so friendly and eager to help. I emailed a question to the customer service email address and received a reply shortly thereafter that helped me a great deal. Im so excited that Greenbush is offering new products and will continue to purchase products from them in the future. I also enjoy the teas that come with my orders. They are so wonderfully refreshing! Thank you, Greenbush Natural Products–Im going to tell all of my friends and family about you guys!

  26. Margret M.

    Greenbush is fantastic! Ive ordered from them often and their products are great, their service fast and reliable!

  27. Susan B.

    Greenbush Natural Products are wonderful. Very good quality and a great price – Joel is so nice to talk to and helpful. The products arrive so fast, and it is very easy.

  28. Deanna M.

    Greenbush is by far the best online store that I have ever used. My order was very simple to process, confirmed within minutes, I recieved it in a couple of days of ordering. AWESOME!

  29. Lorraine C.


  30. Maggie V.

    My question was answered very quickly and my items arrived exactly as they stated, within 3 days.

  31. Sherri M.

    GreenBush Natural products has a little of everything it seems and they have high quality stuff and shipping is no problem,many options. As for customer service they are a-ok,Joel has an answer for everything it seems. I am sure he has heard some strange or wierd questions but he will get back to you right away and that cant be beat. Bottom line is you cant go wrong here. I have used them for more than a year and problem free.

  32. Rachel C.


  33. Charlize T.

    I have been a customer of Greenbush Natural Products for the past 5 months, and I have been very pleased with their products and service. I would recommend them very highly.

  34. Nicole G

    I’ve used this formula off and on for the last 10 years, I noticed when I hit menopause that my breasts really started to sag so I tried this and my breasts actually firmed up and filled out a bit which I’m very happy about. I still continue to take it every couple of years when it appears that I’m starting to sag quite a bit again. I may not have the perkiness of my youth but for a woman in her 60s I’m quite happy. There has also been an unexpected side effect – my libido has also increased with use.

  35. Julie R.


  36. Sara M.

    I have been purchasing products from Greenbush for over a year and have always found them to be very helpful. They are quick to respond to any questions or problems. Delivery is ALWAYS fast. Their information is thorough and helpful. I wish every business, be it online or storefront, was as easy, efficient and honest to work with. You wont go wrong here.

  37. Yolanda R.


  38. Jaime L.

    This is my second purchase from Greenbush. Great service. Prompt shipment and careful packaging to ensure products arrive in good condition. Ive asked a couple of questions after my purchases (both this and the previous) and always received a prompt response. My only comment with the website is when I continue shopping, items added to my basket disappears when I click the continued shopping button; using the back button took care of that. Overall, I would still rate this merchant excellent.

  39. Namju L.


  40. Cheyenne B.

    Greenbush Natural Products make it easy to purchase their quality items. the items arrived within 2-3 days from date of purchase. I ordered the immune system boost, the breast enhancement, and desire for women. These products are wonderful! Since taking these 3 products I’ve stopped coughing, feel better overall, and have noticed a slight increase in breast size and am more “turned on” when with my husband. I always recomend Greenbush whenever someone is looking for a healthy herbal alternative. Thanks Greenbush!

  41. Brooke M.


  42. Jaime L.

    Quick shipping. Excellent packaging. The free shipping offer was an added plus. Will buy again.

  43. Mariya D.

    Great company and excellent customer support. Not only the prices are good but also the high quality products. The service is excellent very helpful, and respects the customers privacy. To me this is very important. The products really work, have no side effects and the ingredients are organic.

  44. Claudia B.


  45. Rosen Y.

    PROMPT service!

  46. Soncerarae J.

    Again, I have nothing but praises for this company’s superb customer service and the quality of their products. I would also like to compliment them on their monthly newsletter sent via email. With the customer in mind, they give detailed information on ‘new’ products as well as an overview on established ones. They’re also have an excellent report that comes with each order that explains, in full detail, what you’ve ordered, directions for use and what the product does. This report is printed in an easy to read format; professionally printed on above standard stationary, and with every indication that the information presented has been fully researched and is up to date. I STILL highly recommend this company, Greenbush Natural Products, and I rate them as top of the line. I am a very happy customer.

  47. Dolly P.

    Wonderful company, excellent customer service. I am a repeat customer and will continue to recommend them to everyone!

  48. Joyce W.


  49. Margaret L.

    wonderful company, products and service

  50. Gabriele S.

    This is one of many orders placed with Greenbush Natural Products and I have never been disappointed. Everything arrives on time, intact, and with specific notations if necessary. Customer service is the best.

  51. C. Pulford


  52. Margret M.


  53. Elizabeth S.

    and very high quality products. From now on, Ill always prefer dealing with Greenbush to GNC! The prices are very good. Thanks 🙂

  54. Kate D.


  55. Shannon G.

    As a regular customer since the year 2000, I am completely satisfied w/ Greenbushs super high quality products, lightening fast shipping, and ever growing product offering. Several of their herbs are mainstays in my daily supplement regimen and I am trying more and more products as they are introduced. I highly recommend this site to friends, family, and co-workers for unbeatable quality and prices. I am a lifetime customer!

  56. Dahlia Q.

    dont know if the herbs will work but the service was good. What do you guys have to say about the comments of about the breast enhancement herbs?

  57. Phillip G.

    I have been ordering products from Greenbush for years and have never been disappointed in any way. Their products are first-rate and the service is the best I have ever encountered. For natural products of the highest quality, Greenbush is the only choice.

  58. Phillip G.

    Five star products and service. You can’t go wrong with Greenbush.

  59. KLS

    I haven’t tried the extract but I tried the tea in the past, which has basically the same ingredients. When I drank the tea, over the course of time, I noticed my face looked even more feminine. I know that sounds slightly strange since I am a woman, however, perhaps there is something in it that enhances estrogen. I will try the extract and see what the results are. Overall, it is good for women’s health in general and that is truly what matters.

  60. Tereasa G.

    Service was great, except I was offered only priority next day mail. Shipping was pricey. I would be glad to have the option of slower mail and pay less in shipping costs.

  61. Debra S.

    Glad to see there is FINALLY a company who does what they say they will do. I had several questions about their products and EVERY one was answered very quickly and completely. I rate them EXCELLENT in all catagories.

  62. Diana V.


  63. Kimberly W.


  64. Shannon M.


  65. David M.

    Greenbush sells exactly what it advertises and backs up what it sells.

  66. D. Price

    I really like Greenbush and the products are excellent. I recommend them to everyone I know.

  67. Margret M.


  68. Kayla V.

    Greenbush is a model for all online retailers! Their products are fantastic, the customer service is not only helpful but fast in responding! My orders were shipped quickly! Everything about this company is exceeding expectations!

  69. Phillip G.

    Outstanding products and service. Shipping especially quick. Highly recommended.

  70. Tamara W.


  71. Elizabeth T.

    Ive been really impressed with the customer service at Greenbush. A couple of times Ive had problems with my orders (item missing or item leaked during shipping) and both times they got back to me immediately, were friendly and helpful and fixed the problems to my satisfaction (sent additional/replacement items). Theyre honest about their products and Ive been satisfied with everything Ive purchased from them. My only complaint would be the design of the website. Its rife with typos and its not terribly user-friendly (i.e. related items are linked at the bottom of some pages, but not on other similarly-related pages). It would be nice to see a site thats more cohesive and with better graphics.

  72. Michelle M.

    Great company to deal with. Loved the fast and easy responses to my seemingly endless questions. Package was delivered immediately( 1 day after being ordered). Price of shpping was very fair for that service. Will definately deal with them again. Hope they develop more products to add to catalog.

  73. Tamara D.


  74. Namju L.


  75. Melissa C.


  76. Richard T.


  77. Tammeshia L.

    Awesome Company!

  78. Shannon G.

    Fast, reliable shipping and high quality products! I have been a customer for nearly 6 yrs. and will be a lifetime customer!!

  79. Yolanda R.


  80. Feather R.

    It’s difficult to write a review for these products, seeing as they can take quite some time to show results. Nevertheless, my experience with this store has been wonderful. They give lots of no-nonsense information about their herbs and how they work, believable testimonials, and many different options on how to use them. I haven’t really seen any results yet (I’ve been using the Enhancement Kit for 6 weeks or so), but my weight has been fluctuating due to coming off of the Depo Shot, and that might have something to do with it. I can definitely feel something happening in the girls, but it hasn’t shown up on a measuring tape yet. I’ve ordered 4 Enhancement Kits in all (and a bag of the Enhancement Tea), and will continue to use them until I either run out or get the results I want. The regimen is not hard to follow, the tonic tastes fine even on its own, and the daily massage is quite enjoyable. I’ve also ordered their Cellulite kit, which should be arriving this week. We’ll see what happens with that one!

  81. Alnisa S.

    The order was handled very promptly and delivered almost immediately.

  82. Diane T.

    I have been very happy that I have dealt with Greenbush. The products I purchase have helped me tremendously and the prices are very reasonable. I have no negative views concerning Greenbush and will order from them again and tell my friends and coworkers and family members about Greenbush

  83. Sherri M.

    You have seen the rest out there now you are at the best and cant go wrong here. If you need to know something extra contact Joel,if he doesnt know the answer right away he will research it and get back to you. Bottom line products are as they say and you just cant go wrong here. I have been using them for a couple of years and no problems at all.

  84. Cheyenne B.

    Greenbush Natural Products was easy to order from. Their wed site is very easy to follow and any questions I had were already answered in the F&Q section. My order arrived quicker than I expected! I am enjoying the herbs I ordered!! I would recommend Greenbush to everyone looking for a natural products – and I have already! Thanks Greenbush!!!!

  85. Melissa C.


  86. Jennifer C.


  87. Suzanne D.

    These are quality herbs and a good price and great company to order them from. I have been a customer for quite a while and will continue to. They always answer any questions I have regarding their products.

  88. Roberta C.


  89. Sherri M.

    Greenbush natural products is a fine business to deal with they honest, description of the products they offer and the prices are reasonable. The customer service is top notch. I recomend purchasing from them,whatever you need. I have been using them about a year and never had a problem.

  90. Phillip G.

    I am a long-time repeat customer. I would not even consider purchasing my natural herbs from someone else. Greenbush has my highest recommendation.

  91. Carleen A.

    Greenbush processes and ships orders quickly. Customer service is helpful and friendly. Sale prices and coupons are greatly appreciated… Transactions are always trouble-free.

  92. Mawiyah J.


  93. Shirlene J.

    Greenbush has always been my preference for ordering natural herbs. I trust them and their products faithfully. I think I have been a customer for about 6 years now, it could be longer than that. I always get my questions answered and I dont have to worry about if their products are top quality. The herbal products/extract always deliver over-adequate results that perform over any other herbs Ive tried in the past. In fact, since I started trying their products, Ive never looked at any other distributor. Thank you 🙂

  94. Connie B.

    Hi I just wanted to say that I was very satisfied with the customer service. With how quickly you responded to my questions before placing my order and then how quickly I recieved my order. Thank you!!

  95. Donna G.

    Greenbush Natural Products are of excellent quality. Im very happy with everything Ive ever purchased. All good energy. Thank you Greenbush.

  96. Brandy A.

    My recent purchase from Greenbush Natural Products went smoothly. The prices are reasonable… I really like their sale prices. It would be great to purchase their products at the sale prices all the time! Shortly after placing my order I received an order confirmation, and the next day I received a shipping notice email. I appreciate how quickly Greenbush processes and ships out orders. Within a few days my order arrived in a securely packed box with a free gift of tea. Customer service is helpful and friendly — they respond promptly to email inquiries. Great merchant. THANK YOU!

  97. Yvonne W. they are an outstanding company! Keep up the good work!

  98. Namju L.


  99. Maria L.


  100. Althea R.


  101. Jennifer C.


  102. Amanda G.

    Super great company! Always on time with their quality products!

  103. Shannon S.


  104. Libby M.

    These guys are great!

  105. Deborah B.


  106. Susan C.

    The service and responsiveness to email was just as good as all the comments from satisfied customers on the web site indicated. I ordered on a Friday and the merchandise arrived on Monday. I email that I sent was answered within a matter of hours. How’s that for service!

  107. Maria C.

    Greenbush Natural Products is the only company I have ever ordered from that ships when they say they will. I ordered on a Friday and I had my products on Monday!! This is the third time I have ordered from them and I will continue to do so. They are wonderful!! I had concerns about my second order and e-mailed them. I got a response back promptly!! I have only good things to say about them and highly recommend them to my friends and associates. Thank you!!

  108. Nancy S.


  109. Anna C.


  110. Brooke M.


  111. Pamela M.

    I am very happy with their service and shipping. The Greenbush Natural Products keep inform me update newsletter. I enjoyed it very much with their products.

  112. Keri C.


  113. Tiffany V.


  114. Phillip G.

    A trusted and reliable company whose products are outstanding. It should go without saying that I highly recommend Greenbush.

  115. Giselle K.

    the customer service is really helpful, answered like 30 questions i sent. the only thing is i wish their website was built a little more neatly.

  116. Grace E.

    no complaints. fast shipping, easy purchase, quality products =)

  117. Dolly P.

    the products are wonderful and exceed expectations! shipping, service and quality are all outstanding. thanks!

  118. Christine F.


  119. Eva C.

    Fast and reliable email contact and delivery, very personal and friendly…Thank you!

  120. Leva D.


  121. Esra D.


  122. Annamarie S.

    I had a shipping issue which was to do with my parcel sitting in the usa customs for several weeks. When the problem was bought to joels attention he & his team acted professionally & swiftly getting parcel to me in New Zealand within 6 working day. The other issue I had was I ordered straight from a coupon promotion and ended up in the usa site instead of the international. Joel & his team where able to sort out my mistake & still get my order to me within the advertised international delivery time. I am passionate about natural & holistic products. I am in love with quality, value & success. Thankyou Joel & your team for your service, patience & professionalism. Annamarie ~ New Zealand

  123. Richard T.


  124. Cabot Gass

    My package was marked delivered to mailbox but when i got home, it wasn’t there. I contacted support and they sent me a replacement.

  125. Phillip G.

    Muliple repeat customer. Best natural products available. Highly recommended.

  126. Maria M.


  127. Kyung P.

    As always, incredibly quick shipping. Thank you for your extraordinary customer service and great products!

  128. Claire E.


  129. Lisa L.

    I had a little trouble getting more than one thing into my cart – maybe I was doing something wrong or somethings odd with my browser? I would add something to my cart, then when I added a second item, only the second thing would show up. I did manage to get both things I wanted in my cart after a few tries. The rest of the purchase process was very easy. The shipping was super fast! I had one question that I emailed to customer service, and I got a very informative and friendly response the same day. Overall, a very good shopping experience. Ill be back!

  130. Armine M.

    Informative merchant. No beating around the bush. Quality products, quality care.

  131. Kayce M.

    I was extremely excited how quickly I received my packages and the quality of the product. The results I saw began to happen only after one week.

  132. Jwan B.


  133. Walter P.


  134. Deborah B.


  135. Michele A.


  136. Phillip G.

    Always perfect products and service.

  137. Sara M.

    I have been purchasing products now for over two years and have always been so happy with the herbs, service and delivery. You just cant find these great products anywhere else. The web site has the information you need to make informed decisions and their customer service is always available to answer questions quickly. I just tried a the Desire that was offered as a free promotion and have found it to be very exciting and helpful and plan to buy more. Greenbush you have improved my marriage! My husband and I thank you!

  138. Angela S.

    This company is fantastic. I have only dealt with them once, and my order arrived promptly 3 days after ordering. Everything was well wrapped and packed, but they sent me one of the wrong products in my order. I emailed them to let them know about the mistake, and they replied within an hour. I was instructed to keep the wrong item, and they assured me that they would ship out the right one promptly. It arrived the next business day! So, despite the mix-up, customer service at Greenbush is excellent. Also, products seem to be of good quality.

  139. Phillip G.

    Greenbush provides the best delivery service I have ever experienced on the internet. Additionally, their products are beyond outstanding.

  140. Rachel E.


  141. Namju L.


  142. R. Price

    Wonderful products, fast delivery…

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  144. Leva D.


  145. Linda B.

    very easy purchase. very fast shipment. nicely packaged. quick to respond to emails. great products. highly recommended!

  146. Amy C.


  147. Jessica K.

    I’ve been ordering from Greenbush for 5 months and I have never had any problems. I really appreciate the customer service. I haven’t seen the intended results quite yet, but with Joel’s help I’m trying out different combinations of herbs to get it right. The other health benefits have been excellent.

  148. Leann H.


  149. Margret M.

    Greenbush is the best! They are fast and reliable, and their products are excellent. They are dedicated to customer education and service – you wont find any hype here!

  150. Yvonne W.

    I have ordered through this company in the past. I love there products. great service. Keep up the excellent work.

  151. Stephanie P.


  152. Phillip G.

    Greenbush is superior in all aspects. I could not recommend them more highly.

  153. Maria L.

    Always reliable, always high quality, always fast shipping.

  154. Jenny C.

    Website could use some professional help. Looks the same as it did 5 years ago. Testimonials have no date on them, so I tend to believe they’re all old and not updated.

  155. Sara D.


  156. Frieda B.

    Great products and service, as always!

  157. Bonnie R.

    They are awesome. Their products are great and they are surely being blessed! Case in point: My child was suffering with a fever and Greenbushs Ginger Root Extract dropped the fever. I gave him a half teaspoon, each of Sambusol and Ginger Root, every hour during the worst of his flu and his pain was nil and coughing and sneezing was mild. YAH bless Greenbush!

  158. Nataliya L.

    I have been using Enhancement Kit #2 for a little over a month now. There has been definite increase in size and fullness, although I wish I had measured before I started… I must admit I didnt really believe it would work. I started out at barely filling out a 34B and now I am almost to a full 34C, very, very excited. I noticed results right away (especially from the message), they seemed to stop for a few weeks, but around week 4 I started noticing significant improvement. Ive never written a testimonial before, but you guys deserve credit and more people should know about your products (the testimonials encouraged me to order in the first place).

  159. Dick H.


  160. Cristel A

    So far I have used only 1 bottle and the results so far is, my breasts feel heavier as if they are being filled up with milk. No growth yet but I’m sure it will come as described in the guide from Greenbush.

  161. Hannah P.


  162. Noudelman O.


  163. Kiyomi M.


  164. Gordon C.

    Top notch products done right. Real glass bottles, packaged professionally, shipped fast. They provide helpful hints and customer experiences right on the site. They actively work with you when you have questions. Quality and care like the old days. Other companies should study Greenbush as a model of how a real company should be run.

  165. Phillip G.

    Outstanding natural products. Incredible service.

  166. Sue C.


  167. Namju L.

    High quality natural product with an excellent customer service!!!!!

  168. Leva D.


  169. Adelita T.

    I’ve ordered about 4 or 5 times now and they do a great job! Every order has been prompt and without problems. Thank you for a job well done.

  170. Oksana M.

    I have only taken the produce for a short time and can not comment on its funtion yet.

  171. Maria M.


  172. Stephen M.


  173. Charlize T.

    this will be my fifth purchase from Greenbush Natural, and like the other four, it has been a geniune pleasure to do business with Greenbush. This is a company which really has it together and strives to make each purchase a pleasure.

  174. Sherri M.

    To future customers of greenbush natural products you have come to the right place for quality products and service. I have been shopping with them for several years and never had a problem with merchandise or service. If you need more info on something you can contact a wise ole man called Joel he knows all and sees all, He has encountered crazy questions for a long time and he will bend over backward to help you if possible. You came to a great place for herbs and whatever you need. You wont regret it.

  175. Amy M.


  176. Namju L.


  177. Karen B.


  178. Philip S.

    Excellent overall – we have been a customer for a long time and appreciate them very much.

  179. Sandra S.

    My questions were answered fast and professionally. The shipping was soooo fast.

  180. Phillip G.

    I have been a Greenbush customer for years and I strongly recommend their products. You will never find finer natural products and their service is beyond compare.

  181. Jessica B.


  182. Jan G.


  183. Carole C.

    Everything about this company has been excellent. They respond quickly and knowledgably to your e-mail questions. Your order comes quickly. Two days is the longest I have waited to receive an order. Also, I have found their prices to be comparable and often times better than other companies. Lastly, the quality of their products is top-notch. Overall, I am impressed!

  184. Brian F.

    I have been a Greenbush customer for years. They are unmatched in product quality and customer service.

  185. M. Langdon

    Excellent customer service. Very quick and thorough with their response to questions. Fast shipping and the products are high quality.

  186. Zaranda J.

    Customer service is excellent and the products were received much faster than expected! The price is awesome, considering the fact that I have paid much more for a lot less in the past.

  187. Phillip G.

    You will find no better natural products than those provided by Greenbush. Their delivery is almost supernatural. Shipments always arrive quickly, but I have received some shipments within two days of placing the order! Greenbush simply cannot be beaten.

  188. Carlyn P.


  189. Phillip G.

    Greenbush provides products of the highest quality. Their communications with customers is outstanding and the speed of delivery borders on the unbelievable. I have never dealt with a company that gives better customer service.

  190. James P.

    great service

  191. Francesca T.


  192. Maria L.


  193. Maria L.


  194. Namju L.


  195. Michelle H.

    Excellent products, fair prices and lightening fast delivery every time! I love this place! Thank you for the thoughtful gift.

  196. Leva D.

    Will order from again.

  197. Namju L.


  198. Namju L.

    Great product, fast delivery and wonderful customer service as always!!!!!

  199. Sandra L.

    Everything about them is more than perfect.Very fast delivery. Always there to answer your questions the same day you send them. Thanks

  200. Kimberly W.

    Very helpfull if and when needed. Web site contains great information on products and useage, customer service is quick with responses. I must admit that the company puts the quality back into whats missing with customer service, and kudos to the company also. Your employees wouldnt be good if they were not treated good (somthing alot of companies loose site of).

  201. Namju L.


  202. Nora R.

    Everything went well. great products.

  203. Michael V.

    Wonderful company and outstanding service.

  204. Geenie L.

    I love shopping with them. They answer all your questions promptly through email.It is always so easy to place an order and receive products in a timely manner.

  205. Jacqueline H.

    I have had great service and product satisfaction with this company. Shipping is prompt and customer service is wonderful. The web page is easy to use and has helpful information on hand for reading. I am very pleased!

  206. Theresa H.


  207. Wing. K.


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