Breast Enhancement Kit #2 – Concentrated Extract, Capsules, and Bust Tea

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A Natural Way to Enhance the Size, Health, and Look of your Breasts

The Greenbush Breast Enhancement Kit #2 contains the best herbs used for breast enlargement in an easy to use kit that combines a the benefits of a liquid extract, blended capsules, and our popular Bust Tea.

It is for anyone looking to naturally enhance the size, health, and look of their breasts and are dissatisfied with the current synthetic, alcohol-based, or expensive supplements available to them.

The Greenbush Breast Enhancement Kit #2 has everything you need for a complete, healthy breast enhancement program:

  • Our potent and easy to use blended extract,
  • Our blended capsules,
  • The Greenbush Guide to Natural Breast Enhancement, and
  • Our Self Care Log to help you along your journey.
Natural Breast Enhancement

What's In The Greenbush Breast Enhancement Blended Extract and Capsules?

Unlike the other supplements and multi-herb formulas available on the market, our Greenbush Breast Enhancement Blend extract and capsules are natural supplements without fillers or additives that are made of pure Fenugreek, Wild Yam and Saw Palmetto – the most effective herbs for breast enhancement – in a blended form for convenience and ease of use.

Read more about each herb in the formula:

Fenugreek Seed:

Fenugreek seeds contain compounds that increase healthy breast tissue. Since the seeds contain diosgenin and other plant phyto-estrogens, Fenugreek provides a mastogenic effect resulting in enhanced breast size.

Saw Palmetto Berries:

Saw palmetto is now a popular and effective treatment for prostate enlargement in men but has it’s origins in natural medicine as a breast enlarger and is still recommended today by naturopathic physicians for increasing breast size. It’s breast enhancing effects stem from phyto-nutrients that stimulate breast tissue, increasing health and size.

Wild Yam Root:

Wild Yam is widely used as a breast enlarger and a sexual stimulant and is recommended by herbalist Susan Weed author of “Breast Cancer? Breast Health!” for healthy breast tissue. The phytonutrients in wild yam are a good compliment to the nutrients in fenugreek for stimulating breast size increases.

What's In The Greenbush Bust Tea!

This special blend of loose leaf tea consists of organically grown fenugreek, licorice root, fennel, caraway seed, dill, basil, lemongrass, anise, and marjoram. This blend was formulated for effectiveness, flavor, and to promote general health. Enjoy it for its soothing flavor.

What's Greenbush Natural Products?

Greenbush Natural Products is your source for pure, organic, and wildcrafted herbal capsules and concentrated strength, alcohol-free liquid extracts.

Founded in 1997 our mission is to take the nonsense out of herbal supplements:

No fillers or additives,

No “kitchen sink” formulas with as many as 20 ingredients,

Just pure and potent herbs delivered to you.

How Do I Use It? First, Be Prepared For Taking An Herbal Extract

The taste of a concentrated extracts can be powerful.

If you aren’t used to taking them yet, then it is recommended to mix the extract into our blend of Bust Tea! or your favorite tea, juice, or water to make the experience more enjoyable.

Remember, natural herbs are a commitment to your health over time and not an overnight silver bullet. What matters most is to take enough of the herb, and to take it consistently.

Step 1: Initial Usage Instructions

Taking the Extract:

Start by taking a half milliliter (1/2ml or roughly 15 drops) of the Greenbush Breast Enhancement Blend extract three times daily, or as instructed, for a total dosage of one and a half milliliters (1-1/2ml or 45 drops) per day.

Using the Extract for Massage:

Use one milliliter (1ml) of extract mixed in lotion once per day massaged on to your breasts. Cocoa butter or aloe vera lotions work well.

Add a hot towel or heating pad for a few minutes after massage when possible. Do the massage twice per day if you have the time. Once is sufficient.

Taking the Capsules:

Take three (3) capsules three (3) times daily, or as instructed, for a total of nine (9) capsules a day.

Taking the Tea:

Add two (2) tea spoons of tea to 12oz of hot water (180-220 degrees F) and allow to brew for six to eight (6-8) minutes. Enjoy two to three (2-3) times per day. Add honey or cinnamon to taste.

Step 2: Initial Measurements

Success comes from consistency and keeping track. Recording your measurements at the beginning of taking the herbs and as you continue allows you to see progress in real-time.

Here’s How to get accurate measurements:

Bust Size

Wrap around your fullest part of your breasts to find your bust size (Example: 41″)

Band Size

Wrap a tape measure around your ribs, beneath your bust. This is your band size (Example: 38″)

Cup Size

Subtract your band size from your bust size to find your cup size in the chart provided. (Example: 41″ – 38″ = 3″ = C Cup)

Step 3: Logging Progress and Increasing Dosages

The Guide to Herbal Breast Enhancement and the Self Care Usage Log, which are sent to you digitally upon your purchase, will help you succeed. Familiarize yourself with the herbs and log your dosage as you progress to make sure you are getting the best results.

To Track your consistency, mark the usage chart with a checkbox next to your dosage amount per week.

This is also where you will log your measurements each week.

And don’t forget: Check in with yourself at the end of each week to see how you are feeling!

  • If you are feeling good, then go ahead and increase dosages for the next week.
  • If you are feeling so-so, proceed, but listen to your body. You may be getting close to your threshold for the herbs.
  • If you feel bad, lower your dosage amount by a 1/2ml and stay there for a while until your body has become accustomed to the herbs.

What to Expect In The First Week?

Most women will start developing breast cells in three to six weeks. But your breasts should look and feel fuller in as little as seven to ten days.

Optimal results are achieved in six to nine months. This is why tracking and consistency are so vital to success. It will help you stay motivated and keep moving towards your health goals.

Once taking your product(s) becomes part of your normal daily routine, results are sure to follow.

You can do this!

Natural Breast Enhancement

Why Should I Buy From Greenbush?

Aside from providing Pure and Potent Herbs, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to lessen the risk of trying our products. We believe in what we sell and believe you will too once you have had the opportunity to give them a consistent and honest try.

We offer many ways to contact us for Customer Service, including Live Phone Support, where our team can help you with any of your ordering and account needs.

Thank you for considering us when shopping for your herbal needs. We hope to earn your business today and for many years to come.

997 reviews for Breast Enhancement Kit #2 – Concentrated Extract, Capsules, and Bust Tea

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    Ordering Greenbush products on-line was a much better experience compared to other web-sites. It was user-friendly and had a lot of useful information. Everything was easy to access with no long delays from a page to page. Also, the customer service was great. I had questions later, which I e-mailed, and got answers back the same day!

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    I recieved the products from greenbush promptly. For the first month my fiancee and I kept debating on if they were working or not. Then for about a month I didn’t pay any attetion and boom. They were much larger. I can’t believe how well it works. Thanks

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    This is my first order with Greenbush Natural Products. My package arrived promptly and the contents in good condition. I have been taking the herbs for 3 weeks now and am still waiting to see some results, however, I understand that it may take a while and I will continue to keep up the routine. I trust that I will be successful!

  56. Barbara V.

    The information sent with the product was very helpful to me in understanding the use of the products. To many times you receive herbs and such through the mail with no instructions what-so-ever. I can’t thank you enough! The products also seem to be doing their job and I have no side effect as I have in the past with some “natural” products. I will order from you again. Once again, thank you. Honesty goes a long way in my decisions to deal with internet copanies!

  57. Jeremiah S.

    after placing the order…for my wife of course…we had a few very detailed questions that we needed answers. within just a day or so, each question was answered fully. the website had just about everything you would ever need about their product, and their order arrived on-time, missing nothing and the product is holding up to it’s claim.

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  62. Adriana M.

    I recieved order confirmation via email almost right away and I recieved my shipment in about 5 days. I have been most impressed with the prompt and detailed responses to my inquiries (via email). I think it would be nice to have a number to be able to call as well. So far the herbs( I am using tinctures) seem of high quality . I have only been using them for a week, so I am not yet able to speak of their effectiveness. Overall I have been very pleased, especially with the customer service.

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  69. Debra K.

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  76. Katie H.

    This product came so fast! I started it right away, and now, 4 weeks later, I have grown from 32 to 33 3/4!!!!!!! my initial goal was to get to 34 inches, but now that I see how well it really really honestly works, I want to go bigger. hehe. =). I will definitely keep an update on my progress, because I cant even believe how REAL it is. It seriously is like a dream! =)

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  81. Phuong T.

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  87. Joe B.

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    Very satisfied with this merchant and their product. I definately WILL buy again!

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  156. Walter P.


  157. Diane P.


  158. Laura G.

    Greenbush is easily the best company I have found for herbal products. They deliver everything they promise and for the best prices I have seen in shopping around.

  159. William B.

    The fastest shipping of any Co. Ive dealt with.

  160. Crystal E.

    Fast delivery; informative website.

  161. Jacqueline B.

    I was very pleased that my order arrived in three days. I have been using the breast enhancement kit #1 for 10 days and I have already increased by one inch. These are great products that work.

  162. Edward H.

    When I had questions about a coupon code I’d entered incorrectly during a recent purchase, Greenbush honored the code immediately, no questions asked! Joel, in Customer Service, is an incredibly helpful resource. He deserves a hefty raise.

  163. L. Paone

    Greenbush provided prompt follow-up and personalized customer service, ensuring that my order got to me in a timely manner.

  164. Holly B.


  165. Janna B.


  166. Krystal P.

    Very prompt, I received my product in 5 days just like they said and in good condition.

  167. Shannon S.

    They were very prompt, helpfull, informative and offered quality products at reasonable prices. I am very happy with the business I’ve done with them thus far.

  168. Yuki T.

    Very fast shipment and good products! thanks!

  169. Maura H.


  170. Yvonne D.

    My order arrived in plain shipping box.I was impressed with how soon I recieved my product.They are always willing to answer any question I have .

  171. Jennifer A.


  172. Ruqya D.


  173. Jennifer P.

    I live all the way in Hawaii and things usually take a week or longer to get here. I was completely amazed that it got here in 3 days.

  174. Janelle H.

    I couldn’t believe how quickly the order was shipped. I ordered online late at night. Two days later, I had the products and was able to get started! The packaging was discreet which was a plus. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience. I will write again to let you know my results.

  175. Mary K.

    I ordered my products a few days after I placed another online order and I received the Greenbush stuff a full week earlier. They were very prompt and answered my emails.

  176. Dawn G.

    I was extremely impressed by their outstanding customer service…I emailed a question and received a personal reply within 24 hours — with an apology for not getting back sooner!! The answer was very informative. I was also very pleased with the speed with which I receieved my order…within three days. I have already recommended this site to several friends. Thank you for asking!

  177. Jennifer K.

    I still haven’t seen any results but they seem to be a great company.

  178. Mary L.


  179. Stephanie P.


  180. Rachel W.


  181. Lori L.


  182. Diana P.


  183. Bobbie S.

    My order arrived just 3 days after I placed my order. I was expecting it to take longer, as I ordered over a weekend.

  184. Renee S.

    I have just had a complete hysterectomy(including ovaries). Does the surgery affect the usage of this product? If so, or if I should not try it for any reason, please cancel this order. I am 51 and in good health. I would appreciate your honest answer to this question, as I may consider purchasing other products from you.

  185. Lori A.

    The products are great.I have had a scence of well emotional state has emproved.My boyfreind has noticed the difference in the way i do things,more calmly.But as far as the breast inhancement goes.Nothing different.I must admit the powders are awful.I put some apple/greentea tea,with a splash of orange juice.I’m waiting to see the breast improve.I read on some of the vitamins,they are to induce the milk flow in the breast.I haven’t read anything on the breast growing it self.Could you refine this for me.I really would like to know.I have read the testimonials,but i also worked at a job,where we were to write testimonals to give the products,I’m not saying everyone does this.But anyways the emotional balance,has been far superb .Thank You for the produvts.

  186. Kathy G.


  187. Siripunt V.

    if the company could add some shipment tracking, if they use DHL or UPS or FEDEX. then there service we would be excellent.

  188. Laura C.

    My package arrived very quickly. Thank you.

  189. Rachel F.

    Based on the shared experiences of previous customers I anticipated that Greenbush would ship the products I ordered in a timely manner. The company met my expectations and I would recommend them to others.

  190. Joyce C.

    Prompt delivery and very reasonable price

  191. Madeline L.

    I was so shocked to receive my products so quickly!! I received my products in the same week that I ordered them. Totally Awesome!!!! Thanks A whole bunch!

  192. Karen S.


  193. Shirlene B.

    I am always impressed with Greenbush. They deliver quality products in a fast amount of time, faster than any other merchant I’ve dealt with. They always include some sort of free gift which is also another benefit and a pleasing surprise. Sometimes I find myself looking for the gift instead of the products I originally ordered.

  194. Margaret G.


  195. Soncerarae J.

    As always, Greenbush Natural Products stand behind their word and their service. They continue to give and maintain high standards of customer service and this goes beyond excellence. Recently, I had a concern and it was handled so professionally and in such a timely manner that I was made to feel that I was their most important customer. I can never say enough about the excellence of Greenbush Natural Products. They (at Greenbush) do whatever they feel is necessary to put their customers first in more ways than fulfilling the orders. They provide helpful information and support…continuously! And their products do exactly as they describe them. They will continue to have my patronage. P.S. “Joel” (at Greenbush) if you are reading this, I send you my very best regards and blessings to you, your family and to all at Greenbush. I sincerely appreciate all that you’ve done to help ‘enhance’ my life in more ways than what your products promise. You have treated me with so much respect and trust, that I value you and your team. God bless all of you.

  196. Claire A.


  197. Sally B.


  198. Dana S.

    It was incredibly easy to order. It arrived very quickly. I will definitely order from them again.

  199. Leslie C.


  200. Beth L.

    The delivery was prompt. It was the postal service that smashed the box (they put a sticker on it saying they did) and our mail person that left the package on the front porch while we were home and did not even knock. That would have been fine, but our 3 month old puppy was out there and started chewing on the box. Everything was fine (I think, it was my first order and not sure what all was supposed to be in the box).

  201. Darlene P.


  202. Joyce W.


  203. Rachel N.


  204. David M.

    Graet place to do business. My emails were answered promptly and some good recommendations were made in regard to using the products we have been reordering to get the most benefit from them. Delivery was within 10 days of actually ordering. Still waiting to see results from the herbs after 90 days of use but look forward to the next 90 days. Will let you know how it goes.

  205. Jane J.


  206. Cheyenne J.

    I recieved my order the next day!!! I was amazed at the promptness of Greenbush. They show get some type of award for their efforts and customer satifaction!!!

  207. Missy M.

    The order was prompt and the packaging was top of the line. 🙂

  208. Susan S.


  209. Kristi B.


  210. Linda C.

    I’m very satisfied with the service received, everything arrived very quickly as promised and was packaged very well.

  211. Jeffrey H.


  212. Cathy O.

    A Wonderful place to shop and is full of helpful information. And a great Staff to help with what ever is on your mind. My favorite on the Net. Shipping was so fast and correct!

  213. Yuki S.


  214. Lisa W.


  215. Peggy B.


  216. Diane T.

    I got my products in no time at all! Thanks so much!!

  217. Cheyenne J.

    I didn’t expect to get my order on monday the 8. I figured it would be tues. or wed. at the latest, since I ordered on a friday. Keep up the good work!!! Oh, by the way I’ve started taking the breat hearbs as soon as I got them and noticed a difference right away. I’ve been taking 2 of each herb 3x’s a day for 11days today(7-19-02). Although ther is no noticable change to the ouside world, I have noticed my breasts feel fuller and firmer than they used to. I haven’t gotten out of a 34A yet, but I’m well on my way. (I am having trouble with the pills and the bulk herd so my next order will be your kit#3 liquid extracts) Keep up the great work!!! And again I was very pleased/thrilled my order came so quickly. Wonderful!!!!!! 🙂

  218. Leanne W.


  219. Kelly B.

    This company is amazing, I couldn’t be happier.

  220. Ruth P.

    Products arrived in less than a week – I live in a very rural area, so this was amazing! There customer service responded to my email within an hour – thanks Joel.

  221. Lawrence S.

    Extremely fast order processing and shipping. I would highly recommend Greenbush.

  222. Denise G.

    The order was processed promptly and correctly and included a bonus blend of tea to try. Thank you.

  223. Pamela K.

    their customer service is very helpful and accomodating. they get products out to you very promptly.

  224. Heather R.


  225. Monica D.


  226. Cindy L.


  227. Cindy L.


  228. Leilani M.

    I live in Hawaii and expected my shipment to arrive in a much longer time due to it being a overseas shipment, but it arrived in 7 days!

  229. Regina B.

    My order was carefully packaged, on time, and even had a free package of peppermint tea. I appreciate the high quality or Greenbush’s customer service.

  230. Anne C.

    very fast and efficient service, reeived orders in 2 days,. and all emails answered within 24 hours, a couple within one hour, well done and keep it up!!

  231. Cindy G.

    Greenbush is really great!! I received my products within 3 days, well-packaged, with plenty of information to answer all my questions. Their prices are good and they really get it – great customer satisfaction sells more product! I’ll definitely order again.

  232. Elaine M.

    Product was delivered very quickly! Seems to be am honest site!

  233. Soncerarae J.

    I was very impressed that Greenbush sends out their orders so promptly (within 2-3 days from ordering). Not only that, their products really work. I am literally experiencing the results that their products promised beyond my expectations. They give adequate information regarding their products and simple instructions, very easy to follow. All one has to do is follow them for the results they state. I am very pleased with this company and I am also happy that they are a part of Yahoo ordering. Not just for the shopping points, but because I trust Yahoo and their selections of merchants. Have a wonderful day and thank you for asking for my feedback.

  234. Bev J.


  235. Ingrid S.

    I received the product on time and in good shape but was apprehensive of the fact that there was no receipt inside the package listing the contents and value of the goods. I am from Canada and I used a US Postal Box to receive the goods instead of a Canadian address because you no longer accept foreign orders. In crossing the border, I declared the value of the goods verbally which made things more complicated but fortunately I wasn’t hassled by the personable customs officers I encountered. Not all customs officers are personable! I would hesitate to cross the border without a receipt a second time, so I will likely wait to order from you (Greenbush) unless a receipt is included with my next order. I have a suggestion that would make it easier for foreign orders using US addresses: Perhaps in the order form you could offer the option of including a receipt individually listing the $ value of each item ordered. That way larger orders could be broken down into smaller amounts, enabling customers to cross the border with smaller orders more frequently thereby saving on double foreign taxes. I was charged Prov. sales tax, Govt. sales tax and if I hadn’t protested, they would have charged me tax on the shipping charges as well. Another suggestion would be to offer a discount (of the shipping charge from the previous order) on the next order the customer places. My favorite option would be to have a distributor here in Canada, if possible.

  236. Mihchyn K.


  237. K. Ensing

    Excellent packaging, very prompt delivery as promised. Excellent service.

  238. Don F.


  239. S. Gautier

    Very dependable service and any questions or concerns were promptly answered via email on several occasions. Highly reccomended for their customer service!

  240. William K.

    Great service. They are prompt wit responses to questions. I received my product earlier than expected.

  241. Kori C.

    One of the bags of herbs had a hole in it so the order was fairly messy. It wasn’t bad enough that I felt like sending it back for a new one.

  242. Antonieta P.

    The shipment arrived as expected. they were true to their word. I also emailed customer service and i got prompt response….keep up the good work…. thank you!!!!

  243. Robert W.

    The product came in 3 days from the time I placed the order – right on time. The product is also fresh. THANKS!

  244. Tammy L.

    Greenbush has the best customer service I have ever experienced.

  245. Lilly C.


  246. Tiffany R.


  247. Lori T.


  248. Jennifer M.

    I have had no problems with the products I have ordered. It seems like I have noticed a difference in my size, but I need to relax on the caffeine. I think it might be preventing the herbs from working properly???

  249. Wing K.


  250. Leslie B.

    I have used the capsules of the breast enlargement before. I just started on the extracts and I find that they are giving me better results. The capsules are great too, but I’ve been having better results with the extracts. I mix all three Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam into an 8oz. size glass with a fruit juice and mix it, I find that you don’t really have the real extract taste when you do that – it taste pretty good. I have increased to about an inch. I’ve been using the products for about 4 months now. I really recommend the products and the company. I have a question why does the extracts seem to work better?

  251. Uzma F.

    Greenbush is a great store.I placed my order on Thursday night and my order was here on Mondy morning.I was surprised.I start taking my Herbs on Monday one by one.I can see the difference in fullness and firmness.I start feeling that growing pain hopefully it will work.anyway so far i m happy with the Green bush.and i m ready for my second order.I will let u know soon about my progress.Please don,t use my name only intials.

  252. Gina A.


  253. Barbara K.


  254. Denise K.

    Arrived on time and the delivery personal were excellent. Item ordered was exactly as described

  255. Krishna H.


  256. Sharon L.

    I received the products I order in 4 days. I appreciate the expediency! So many companies take way too long to send merchandise.

  257. Dianne D.

    There should be a way to check the status of the order. I would have liked to know when it was shipped.

  258. Gabriele S.

    I appreciate being given realistic estimates regarding processing and delivery times.

  259. Angela S.


  260. Michael D.


  261. Marion S.


  262. Sandra B.

    Great product & service!!!!!!

  263. Hui K.

    Expedient delivery, order came earlier than expected! Now, we’ll just have to see whether their products actually work.

  264. Cynthia M.

    I like getting email notification about my order process, which I did from Greenbush Natural Products. The products arrived sooner than expected and my shopping experience on their web site was easy and efficient.

  265. Diane T.

    My order arrived very quickly, and the products were great!

  266. Janet G.


  267. Frank U.

    The customer service was so good from the start that I was very excited about my order. Now that I have recieved it I am constantly encouraged by the quick responses to questions and offers of help that I know I won’t be disapointed. After all, if their products didn’t work they wouldn’t keep in touch. Their confidence gives me mine.

  268. Melan P.

    I received my package in less than 3 days and their customer service was quick to respond to any of my questions.

  269. Renee M.


  270. Melissa R.


  271. P. Cline

    I was very happy with their service. My order arrived very quickly as promised, and my questions regarding the use of the product were responded to quickly and satisfactorily. I will definitely tell people what a great company Greenbush seems to be.

  272. Carol J.

    The product shipped out immediately and I received it within 3 days as promised. Also when I sent an e-mail, it was responded too within 24 hours, I liked that because so many times you e-mail a company and never hear back from them.

  273. D. Brockett


  274. Christine B.

    I recieved my package quickly. The website was very informative. I am using the products and waiting for results.

  275. Betty L.


  276. Karen B.


  277. Kathleen M.

    I don’t believe I have ever received quicker service. Everything arrived sooner than I had expected and I’m very happy with my shopping experience.

  278. Wendy H.


  279. Carla N.


  280. Dara H.

    I placed my order over the weekend, and actually received a personal reply (saying they’d make a note of my future e-mail address change) that very day! The product arrived the following Monday. Now THAT’S responsive — and fast!

  281. Sidni M.

    The free gift was nice. Very fast delivery.

  282. Jennifer K.


  283. Bonnie R.


  284. Julie S.

    I was a little confused when looking at the choices,so I emailed Greenbush & they responded quickly over the weekend. I received my order in Fla on Weds.So they had to have jumped through hoops to get it here, or be very organized, either way I was glad to get the products so quickly. I would not hesitate to order from them again.

  285. Victoria H.

    Order got here fast and customer service is quick to respond to any questions regarding their products.

  286. Christie W.

    They are VERY HELPFUL!! Whenever I have had a question, I just email them my question, and within 5 hours, I have an answer!! I placed my order on Saturday, and received the product the following Thursday, which I felt was a quick turn around! The product is packed VERY DISCREETLY!! They include very specific and easy to understand instructions on how to use their products! They are WONDERFUL!! I would purchase from them again!

  287. Julie H.


  288. Leslie B.

    Their information on the internet is very informative. I really liked reading the testimonials. I did e-mail them with a question and recieved an e-mail back promptly. They have really good service and I would order from them again. I really would like them to keep on adding on more testimonials about their products because it really helps out if you are considering ordering the products. Their products are good quality. Shipping was fast too.

  289. Rochelle D.

    Sometimes when purchasing speciality products there is a little confusion. I emailed my question & received a very timely, professional & detailed explaination. They even overlooked my oversight to satisfy me. It may sound strange in this day & age, but I felt they really cared about my concerns. I am very satisfied & will continue to do business w/ Greenbush. My order was received promptly.

  290. Aliceson B.


  291. Ginger M.

    better than expected since I live in Turkey and it takes about 2-3 weeks to get things here

  292. Camille S.


  293. Loretta C.


  294. Vickie L.

    Service was good, no complaints here!

  295. Tammie R.


  296. Autumn F.

    My order came promtly and well contained. Everything was in order. I even recieved a complementary package of tea bags that tasted great.

  297. Diane L.

    We shop A LOT on line. This order was processed just fine

  298. Josie R.


  299. Kristyn Y.

    Shippingwas fast, now we just have to wait and see if the products work.

  300. Patricia A.


  301. Anna S.


  302. Andrea J.


  303. Cefrenne A.


  304. Yvonne W.

    Your products has worked wonders!! Thanks!!! We plan on being frequent customers.

  305. Annie L.


  306. Jennifer M.

    Not only did I receive my products quickly and accurately, they threw in some extras!!! They always respond to email questions also. Thanks!

  307. Pamela L.


  308. Michael W.


  309. Tammy L.

    Greenbush is fantastic! My order was shipped fast and I was billed for a lot less shipping than what it cost Greenbush. I received almost immediate replies to my questions and was treated with the best customer service.

  310. Sidney C.

    Timely, friendly, and honest!! Good old American customer service… we’ve already placed and received our 2nd order.

  311. Lisa S.

    I was quite surprised at the speed at which I received my products. Everything was explained to me, I do have a few questions, but I am reassured by the paperwork and emails I ‘ve received that my questions will be answered promptly, Looking forward to ordering other products from them soon.

  312. Louise H.

    I ordered the product on a Saturday and received it the following Thursday.

  313. Rachel S.

    Quite frankly, I’m amazed with the quality of the herbs. Fast delivery… Superior AAA customer service! Representative very helpful. Website very informative. I can’t wait to see the results… Thank you for everything.

  314. Lynn E.

    I couldn’t believe how quickly my order arrived. Even though my order was placed on Friday evening, it arrived on Monday. I expected longer with the weekend!

  315. Tammy D.


  316. Kristin J.


  317. William D.


  318. Melisa H.

    Fast shipping,well packed,great produdt.Thanks!!!

  319. Janet P.


  320. Lori C.

    The items I ordered arrived very promptly.

  321. Lynda A.

    I haven’t had the product long enough to give it a rating.

  322. Michelle M.


  323. Ann B.


  324. Dorene D.

    They were very prompt in answering any questions I had before placing my order. My order came priority mail on the seventh day after I ordered it. I was very pleased.

  325. Pamela L.

    Very fast and friendly service! Fresh products!

  326. Jocelyn M.


  327. Layne T.


  328. Shannon R.

    My order was complete and in my mailbox a day ahead of schedule. I was thrilled with the promptness of my order and willorder from them again.

  329. Alicia F.


  330. Jennifer S.


  331. Lizbeth R.

    My wife’s overall health improved incredibly. She no longer has mood swings or headaches. She lost a good amount of weight. Her overall skin tone is healthier. Her menstrual period became regular. She is very happy with the way she looks and feels. Also, her breast went from a 32B to a 36C or 38B. She says she is not were she wants to be yet, but she will get there. She is also lifting weights (I am surprised!!!) and started a routine exercise program. I will keep you posted on the overall results. I thank you for your support.

  332. Diane K.


  333. Jay W.

    You guys did a wonderful job, and the products are great abd are already working.

  334. Tona P.

    I was really sceptical ordering over the net but sence you have made my first order such a pleasent one I will order again

  335. Marvel K.

    I have been impressed with the Customer Service, so far the products have not been an issue. They seem to be of good quality. I received my order in a very reasonable time. The price was right. I can appreciate their packaging, it’s plain, it’s effective, and it keeps the cost down for everyone. Their web site is put together for the Customer. It is very user friendly. They seem to have thought of everything. I am very impressed overall. Thank you for your wonderful and integral work! Keep it up!

  336. Pamela L.

    I am hoping that your product does well for me. I will tell all my friends about you!! Thank You for such good and prompt service!

  337. Emmy N.

    Greenbush products are of the highest quality! My package was shipped quickly and packed efficanty. Thank you, Greenbush!

  338. Sally W.


  339. Sue F.

    I was very happy with my experience with Greenbush Natural Products. My order arrived when promised, and their customer service is excellent. I emailed them several questions and received prompt, helpful replies each time.

  340. Donna O.


  341. Rebecca P.

    I was somewhat worried about the tinctures being warm from sitting in the mailbox. I have had better experience with products being sent through UPS. It would be nice if you could offer the option of UPS in addition to priority mail, especially during the summer months. Everything else went perfectly. I would definetely buy products from you in the future.

  342. Emilie M.

    The products I recieved were exactly as I had expected them to be. They were delivered on the exact day I expected them to be and everything I ordered was in the package….Greenbush Natural Products delivered accurately and timely. I also like the website they have because I can refer back to it when I have questions.

  343. Michelle A.


  344. Beverly G.

    Received the product 3 days after ordering. I have e-mailed then with questions and they have responded that same day.

  345. Adelita T.

    I received the order, promptly, just as they promised. Included with my order were product information and how to use instructions and a tea sample. I’m pleased with the product and service!

  346. Karen B.


  347. Ruth D.

    The product came in a very timely fashion-2 days! When I had a question,my e-mail was answered within a few hours.

  348. Alison G.


  349. Rebecca T.

    Ordering and questions are all handled quickly and accurately.

  350. Robin I.

    i was amazed at the honesty, prices, and quality or their products! thanx

  351. Mar P.

    Easy order change via email – well done!

  352. Christine B.

    Speedy delivery of a great product. Product is fresh and potent. More companies should follow your way of customer service. A =)

  353. John M.


  354. Iva P.


  355. Lynne B.


  356. Laura C.

    Actually, it wasn’t better than I expected. I expected them to be just as terrific this order as they were the last one; and they were! They are always helpful and fast, and send exactly what I order, even when I change it at the last minute – Thanks Guys 🙂 They could have charged me extra shipping for the additional product but they didn’t. Greenbush is GREAT!

  357. Julie K.

    Super fast delivery and great product!

  358. Kristin M.


  359. Kate B.

    The time in which the products I ordered were deliverd was impressive and the invoice they emailed to me made it easy for me to keep up my records.

  360. Karen Z.


  361. Janette W.


  362. Catherine K.


  363. Linda P.


  364. Dana O.

    The service was outstanding. The customer service was beyond excellent, they answered all my questions, no matter how stupid they were. The shipping was lightning fast! I have been taking their products for 2 weeks now and I am pleased with the results. They are an Honest, Dependable, and Reliable Company. I have recommened their company website to many friends. I also plan on ordering more of their products. It seems I have developed a taste for the Fenugreek seeds I have been sprouting! In fact I will be placing my second order this week :)So far no real noticeable changes, but I’m not a quitter and I have faith. I have noticed some firmness, and will continue sprouting my fresh herbs from Greenbush!

  365. Bianca S.

    I got the package just a few days after ordering. It was very private. Thank you very much for the quick delivery.

  366. Judy S.

    Wonderful, speedy service. Greenbush is to be commended for such quick delivery!!!!! Thanks so much, Judy

  367. Senga C.


  368. Janet P.

    It would be easier if you had phone lines.. and I would appreciate more detailed messages or answers.. ex; I didn’t receive instructions like I was supposed to.. so I emailed to make sure how to store the herbs properly (do I refridgerate them, do I keep them out of the light??).. she said to keep them dry in their baggies but didn’t tell me if they were affected by light or anything else… The messages are always very short and sweet.. Which, mind you, is much better than no answer at all..:) But I was generalyy satisfied with my merchants service and “advice” since I come from Canada..

  369. Donna E.

    Fast shipping!

  370. Tanya B.

    not only was my order shipped quickly and discreetly, but the email I sent to them was responded to personally [no form emails!] in less than 12 hours…! I’m thrilled w/the products, the service, the prices; everything about Greenbush is top-drawer quality! 🙂

  371. Rebecca T.

    They are extremely prompt and helpful in answering customer questions!

  372. Namju L.


  373. Laura U.


  374. Carolyn B.

    Greenbush is the BEST company I’ve EVER done business with!! Other businesses from airlines to retailers would greatly benefit by following their example – personal, caring, informational, prompt, and very professional!!

  375. Nancy S.


  376. Sarai Z.


  377. Laura C.

    Ordering was easy. Products came VERY promptly and in good condition. They are a terrific company.

  378. Carol W.


  379. Patricia W.

    I enjoyed visiting the Greenbush site. It offered a lot of useful information,products, and great suggestions. I would highly recommend this site and merchant. They are awesome, I emailed them a question and within an hour they emailed me back with some info. When I placed my order it said I would receive it in three days, I was doubtful…. but it was there on my doorstep 3 days later. Very user friendly site and nice people running it. It was wonderful doing business with them. They’ve earned my trust and business!! Thanks!!

  380. Sarah R.

    Very pleased with how quickly you shipped, thanks for the free tea too!

  381. Terra H.

    I received my product on time just like they told me I would.

  382. Emily S.

    The description on the internet doesn’t make it clear that all the pills come in bulk sized packaging–they don’t come in bottles. It is a little inconvenient.

  383. Jody D.

    I’ve only been using the products one week ago as of last night. I am doing the full regimen right now, massage, tea, and 2 caplets each 3 times a day. Feeling more fullness and am feeling as though things are about to happen. A little naseau at first, but doing fine now! Check again in 6 weeks and then I should have more to say!

  384. Barbara C.

    Products were delivered very quickly! Email questions answered within 24 hours. Great service.

  385. Michael S.

    Great Service! The products arrived quickly with no problems. Thanks!

  386. Scott B.

    i’ve been using the herbs for about 2 months now…i just ordered the extracts and i have seen much improvement in size and firmness since i have started…i will keep you updated! thanks for the service!

  387. Nikki S.


  388. Annette C.

    Greenbush natural products were very accessable and the process in which to order your specific items was simplistic yet effective. (Worry free!) The time in which you recieve your products is just what they guarentee to you. I feel very confident to do business with Greenbush natural products again.

  389. Teresa R.

    The product came in the amount of time specified on their website. I was impressed with the quatity of the product and their extensive instructions. I have not been using their product long enough to see the results of them. I will report back as soon as I do.

  390. Christine K.

    Im excited to get my second shipment! I ordered one month already, and it’s actually working!!! I hope that the next 3 months produce the same effects. Do things slow down, the longer you take them? It was kind of a slow start, but it’s only been 4 weeks, so Im not complaining. Any improvement at this point is exciting!! ;0)

  391. Cathy S.


  392. Linda S.


  393. Genny S.

    Wonderful company with wonderful products-

  394. Nicole M.


  395. Heather O.


  396. Sheila L.

    I received my order in a very timely matter.Thank you Greenbush. SLL in IN

  397. Angie V.


  398. Kelly D.


  399. Mason T.


  400. Cheryl W.


  401. Elizabeth H.

    I found the web site to be very informative and interactive. Ordering process was very clear and did not leave me to question purchasing any of the products or how to use them. I did not believe the products would arrive as they had indicated but they did! However, the box the products were sent in was opened/damaged. After evaluating the packages inside it did not appear that I needed to send anything back. I would not hesitate to purchase from their web site again.

  402. Victoria P.

    I received my product earlier than I expected and am very satisfied with it. I will be ordering again.

  403. Christina W.


  404. Ronda B.

    The pills made me really moody. I had to quit taking them about 5 days after starting. Considering I bought the 80 something dollar package I’m really disapointed that I wasted my money. They really should tell you more about the side effects. The positive side of my order was I received it in just a couple of days. And some people may not have these same side effects.

  405. Diem L.

    I was very pleased with the service provided to me by Greenbush Natural Products. Everything I ordered arrived as promised. I am now on my scheduled program of using the product and so far I have been fairly satisfied with the results. Thanks a lot! I look forward to continuing business with Greenbush Natural Products and hope to see good results from the product I ordered and paid for.

  406. Lori M.


  407. Allan H.


  408. Emily R.


  409. Robin S.


  410. Elle H.


  411. Derri V.

    I was very excited about my purchase and expected to have to wait patiently but to my surprise it came much sooner than I had anticipated. I am very pleased that I made a purchase from Greenbush, they are very prompt.

  412. John W.

    It was great. I got my stuff in two days. Was really surprised. I didn’t expected it that fast. Joel was great. He returned my e-mail within two hours. Great job

  413. Jennifer M.

    I do so appreciate the informative information that the Greenbush website furnishes, as well as the encouragement to e-mail any customer product concerns or questions. In this age where westerb medicine still is the front runner in the US in comparison to alternative health care which herbs contribute such an important element, I am grateful for the wonderful benefits I am receiving physically and mentally from my order. I have been sharing their wonderful benefits with my girlfreinds who are frustrated with the non-responsiveness from their doctors concerning the delicate concerns women are undergoing in this stressful society. Keep up the good work Greenbush, I am so thankful to have found your website!

  414. Tani S.

    The service was great and the delivery was very prompt. Inexpensive and I’ve only been using it about 2 weeks and already notice increased firmness and slight growth!! I’m impressed.

  415. Brian H.

    Greenbush processed my order fast and efficiently – the order arrived three days earlier then I expected! Packaging was first quality, herbs were very fresh. Very helpful staff answered questions and even recommended quality sources for some items they didn’t sell. This is the kind of customer service I treasure!

  416. Billie J.

    The compant was very quick to respond to an e-mail with questions about the product. It was also shipped in record time.

  417. Catherine V.

    I received my products within a week. I thought the products were packaged very professionally and the herbs were top quality. Though it has been only three weeks since I have been taking these organic and high quality herbs, I am noticing that my breasts are fuller and firmer. I also smell like maple syrup. Not a bad scent for body odor.

  418. Hannah N.

    I was very impressed with the quick service that Greenbush has provided to me such as mailing out my order and replying my email with good info. This credit is giving to the person named Joel. However, I found the same product I purchased at Greenbust at with almost half price of what Greenbush has. I love the good service but the price is importnat too.

  419. Barbara H.

    Prompt service and speedy delivery.

  420. Barbara H.

    Prompt service and speedy delivery.

  421. Allen B.


  422. Shelley C.

    Great info along with my order. I liked the info explaning the herbs and the history of the herbs. I only wish the instructions for taking the dosage was a little easier to understand. But other than that I am quite happy with my order and how quickly it arrived. Thank You I will definitely order from them again

  423. Jesy C.

    I was really glad that the ordering process online was a breeze and I received my package in 5 business days which was great. I wish everything on the internet was this easy.

  424. Mia A.

    The customer service is great!

  425. Tisha W.


  426. Shannon H.

    After submitting my order, I promptly received a confirmation via email letting me know my order should arrive in 3-5 days. The ordered arrived in just a few days as promised.

  427. Hoang Lam

    Excellent service, I received my order within 3 days. Thanks a bunch, HL

  428. Alisa C.

    Good experience with the business. The only complaint I had were that the instructions in the kits were not specific in the amounts of the herbs to use. I like that you are prompt in responding to questions I have had in the past. Thanks

  429. Jamia S.

    I emailed the company with a question before placing an order and got an answer within a few hours! My order arrived in 3 days as promised without having to pay express shipping charges. I will definately continue to order from this company.

  430. Cathy C.

    Since the products I ordered take time to see results,I’m still in anticipation.However,my experience with the Greenbush order dept.was excellant.I received what I ordered quickly.Everything was well wrapped,and I’ m very satisfied so far.

  431. Lin A.


  432. Preble M.

    Product arrived in a timely manner, exactly as they stated it would.

  433. Yumiko I.


  434. Pearl M.

    Delivery was prompt as promised.

  435. Peggy C.


  436. Destiny A.


  437. Ellie H.

    very prompt! order complete!

  438. Kim B.

    Greenbush Natural Products has excellent information available on their website as well as prompt service. I would recomend this company to everyone!

  439. Deborah V.


  440. Deborah D.

    The ordering process was easy and the products arrived in a speedy manner. When I emailed them with a question prior to ordering, their response was quick. The products arrived in excellent condition and were well packaged. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

  441. Renee K.

    They did exactly what they said they would. I placed my order on a Monday afternoon, and received it on Thursday afternoon! Their prompt service is unbelievable! I would definitely deal with Greenbush in the future.

  442. Jennifer P.

    And they gave an information packet about the herbs I received and included their web address for any questions. Quite thorough.

  443. Jill B.

    I placed my order late on a Friday night and was amazed when it arrived on my doorstep early Monday morning!! What great service!!!!!!!!!

  444. Suzanne Z.

    I have rarely been so impressed! Excellent service, including an answer to an e-mail alost immediately. Also the products are super fresh and everything I was promised. I wish all companies operated this way!

  445. Wendy B.

    The product is working even better and sooner than I had expected. Thanks!!

  446. Ashley A.


  447. Erdene G.


  448. Judy S.

    Wonderful prompt service, and exceptional products!!!! A will be a lifelong customer!

  449. Terra F.

    I have been using Greenbush products for about a month now, and I see no significant results. However, there does appear to be maybe a minimal difference. I will admit that I have not been putting the ground herbs in my food regularly at all. These ground herbs taste awful. The taste is well masked in chocolate pudding, but I will not eat pudding every day. I also do not put the ground herbs mixed with lotion on my breasts at night. That conconction is incredable sticky and smells awful. I personally cannot tolerate it, however, I believe anti wrinkle (pleasant smelling) firming cream is equally effective. I do not drink tea, nor do I have the time to drink tea. Overall, I would not bash the products totally, but would not (at this time) recommend them either.

  450. Dina L.

    I found the Greenbush Natural Products site to be extremely informative. The information was helpful and honest. The site was fast loading, making it one of the easiest and fastest orders I’ve placed online. And the order arrived in just a few days. I was extremely pleased.

  451. Kiyomi M.

    Quick confirmation of the order, fast delivery, discrete packaging. They’re GOOD!!

  452. Allison W.


  453. Nanette C.

    I am having a great experience with the herbs I purchased and am already seeing results! Thanks again!

  454. L. Nix

    My order arrived a day earlier than I expected, as I had placed the order late in the afternoon. I’m very pleased, thank you GreenBush

  455. Aurora F.

    Thank you for your promptness.

  456. Sonia Z.

    Shipping was extremely fast. Packaging was excellent. Shopping online at Greebush was easy, informative, and money wise. I will be shopping at Greenbush for all my herbal needs.

  457. Khanh N.


  458. Shelley G.

    I am a very satisfied customer, with my order. It was delivered fast and on time just as they said they would. They reponded promptly and in a friendly professional manner. 🙂 A BIG THANKYOU TO GREENBUSH!!! From a very satisfied customer 🙂

  459. Robin J.

    Shipping was fast and ordering easy. The only complaint would be that the directions on the packages and those given on the website are not the same. That lead to some confusion as to how to use the product.

  460. Erroline M.

    Delivery was excellent. However, I’ve yet to see any signs or results from the product I ordered and am using deligently at the same time everyday.

  461. Sheila L.

    I hope I start seeing results soon…because the last product I purchased cost me almost $300 and did not work at all..I have only been on this for one week, though.The shipping went great…took thre days to get.

  462. Kelli K.

    The information posted on the web about their products and their customer service policies is what led me to buy from them. I received my order two days after I placed it, which was much faster than I expected! I’m very happy with the service, and look forward being able to say I am also happy with the product.

  463. Patti B.


  464. Leanne C.

    My questions via email were anwered within a couple of hours. The products are of great quality and I will be ordering from them again soon.

  465. Michelle M.


  466. Angela M.

    My order got to me the day after I ordered it. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. As for the products themselves, I have yet to see results as it has only been 12 days now, but I’ll let everyone know! 🙂

  467. Jessica M.


  468. Timothy H.

    They were extremely fast, and delivered just as expected. Great service guys!

  469. Judy T.

    Excellent service; excellent communication witn respect to e-mails.

  470. Samuel C.

    Great fast service!!!

  471. Cindy D.


  472. Amy S.

    Extra fast shipping and EXCELLENT products. Highly recommend.

  473. Pam D.

    I was impressed with how quickly I received my order. I will let you know how I am doing. Thanks also for your quick response to all my questions.I will definitley order again. Thanks

  474. Leigh M.

    It was a smooth process. I placed my order on Monday and received it on Thursday, very prompt. Also Joel is very responsive to my questions and concerns. I would order again.

  475. Nina K.


  476. Victoria C.

    Excellent customer service, Thank you for your timely response!

  477. Debra R.


  478. Susan R.


  479. Karen D.


  480. Cheryl L.

    I was told I would get my product in 3-4 days and it was at the shipping address at that date. I had it shipped to a family address as I am in Canada. They traced the product to be sure it had been received at the address when I had not recieved it yet. It was customs that took there time getting it to me, not Greenbush. They were very helpful.

  481. Brenda P.

    Greenbush is very prompt with their shipments and their responses to e-mail questions. I am pleased with the quality of the products/herbs I have ordered and very glad to find such purity and high standard in the product.

  482. Laura F.

    Received order in just two days!

  483. Nancy K.

    The ordering experience was better than most of the other on-line stores that I have ordered from. My package was at my house promptly and it wasn’t damaged! (too many times I order something and I receive damaged goods) Now if the product works as good as the shipping and receiving, I will be completely sold on Greenbush.

  484. Edward K.


  485. LaShelle L.

    The website answered all my questions (and there were many), my order arrived quickly and discreetly, and Greenbush included a free gift of tea- a nice surprise!

  486. Cynthia M.

    I was very pleased with all of the information I found on the site. I was very happy with the prompt service, I received my product in 4 days in a plain white box, not identified with what I had ordered. I would recommend this site to anyone.

  487. Amy L.


  488. Tiffany S.

    I gave an excellent rating based on my dealings with Greenbush so far, not on the product itself. I have only been using the herbs for one week, so it is too soon to judge their effectiveness. My order arrived in only 6 days — i live in eastern Europe, so this is something of a small miracle here! The product arrived in airtight foil packets and was in great condition. I had a lot of questions before and after i ordered, and Greenbush (Joel, to be specific) was always very prompt with emailing an answer to me. If their product is as good as their service, i will be absolutely thrilled.

  489. Joanne R.

    The product came in five days after ordering. The order was just fine. I will probably order from Greenbush Natural Products again.

  490. Presh D.

    The package came discreetly and quickly. My second order made it in only two days. That’s awesome. Ordering was easy, which was good because it was my first on-line order.

  491. Irma D.


  492. Jessica L.

    I was very impressed by their service. I received my package in a couple days and my emails were answered promptly. Joel was very informative and was a big help in answering all my questions. I will definately order form them again

  493. Amy S.

    We could not believe how quickly we received our items. We didn’t even request expedieted delivery, but we received the items within a few days for a very low shipping cost. I have paid for next day delivery at other sites and did not receive my merchandise as fast, and I paid nearly $20 in shipping fees. Great products at a great price!

  494. Shannon S.


  495. Gerald O.


  496. Nana H.

    I was disappointed when they were out of one of my products. But I was impressed with how they told me straight up and sent my stuff as soon as they got some in stock!

  497. Donna P.


  498. Cindy L.


  499. Billie B.

    I’m not seeing the results I would have liked, but I’ve seen other effects from the herbs that are good. Like regularity, calmness and so on. I think I’ll take them regardless if I see results or not. However, I really hope to see results since that is the reason I began taking them.

  500. Jenny H.


  501. Kirsten W.


  502. Kim A.


  503. Debbie G.


  504. Ronay R.

    Service was excellent, will order again in the near future

  505. LaurilLynn C.


  506. J. Hillis


  507. J. Hillis


  508. Lynn H.

    I’m axiously awaiting results from my products! The ordering and delivery process was extremely efficient! Thanks!

  509. Candy M.


  510. Marilyn M.

    you were out of the 8 ounce bottle of Fenugreek so you replaced it with a 1 ounce bottle for free and then when the 8 ounce bottle came in you promptly sent that to me. thanks

  511. Florinda S.


  512. Sonja R.


  513. Christina T.


  514. Sabine F.


  515. Jenne H.


  516. Valerie S.

    I LOVE the Greenbush Products! They’re GREAT! And I intedn to stay on them! Thanks for everything Greenbush!

  517. LaurieLynn C.


  518. Craig H.

    Shipping was prompt and package content was acurate. I was very pleased with the service that I recieved and would definately recommend GreenBush to others!

  519. Shelley D.


  520. Susan T.


  521. Kim O.

    The site was easy to use and the product arrived sooner than expected.

  522. Stephanie R.


  523. Lyla S.

    I ordered on Thursday night and received them on Monday by mail, 3 day delivery as expected. The products are great, the herbs don’t upset my stomache like other herbal pills do, because of course there are NO fillers (like sand or antifreeze). I ordered the Breast Enlargement herbs, Kit #2 plus and extra package of Fenugreek powder and Fenugreek seeds to eat the sprouts (I haven’t done the sprouts yet because I tend to kill plants and want to make sure I do everything right) and boost the hormone levels even more. I have used the fenugreek in tea, lotion massage and I am taking all the capsules. I felt it working in the first week – although resolutes are not quite visible yet. However, I believe that the loose skin that I was showing due to weight loss in the breasts have now gone away after the first week and I believe the outsides of my breasts are filling in so the change is happening. And I can feel it, tingling in the first week and sore like when I was breast feeding (2 children, 7 and 3 now) and the milk was coming – however that feeling has long since subsided. I really believe that this is the stuff, I did some research before I just jumped in an purchased and found that some of the other products don’t even contain Fenugreek – however, everything I had read said that it was the best herb for the job. No more pancake style breasts for me – try it and feel the change. I am and will keep greenbush updated.

  524. Laura R.


  525. Danna B.

    Received the order promptly. Very prompt. Will probably do business with them again.

  526. Gwen L.


  527. Sheila D.

    still awaiting results but everything arrived very quick and very fresh

  528. Cheryl E.


  529. Elle H.

    as always, fast and correct. thank you for the extra tea as well!!

  530. Elisabeth H.


  531. Richard L.

    I received the product three days after ordering it. The herbs smell and look very fresh. I have noticed a slight physical change, although I hoped to notice more by now.

  532. Martha P.


  533. Gloria N.


  534. Lanita G.


  535. Shannon S.


  536. Beverly S.

    Everything arrived right on time and in a basically plain wrapper. Everything was sealed, and appeared to be very fresh.

  537. Maureen S.

    I can only say that the order came within 2 days, but it’s only been 2 weeks so I haven’t seen any results just yet. I will comment again in the near future.

  538. Deborah F.

    Top notch products and service.

  539. Angie V.


  540. Marie F.


  541. Beth L.


  542. Naja H.


  543. Susan C.


  544. Sonja R.


  545. Wayne F.


  546. Cyndee A.


  547. Diana L.


  548. Janice B.

    Service was very good, I e-mailed a question about my order and they responded immediately. I hope the products are as good as the service.

  549. Lisa B.


  550. Karen W.


  551. Julie B.

    Products arrived quickly, with helpful information included with all of the products I ordered.

  552. Alison W.


  553. Leann W.


  554. Oki J.


  555. Mary H.


  556. Alysha H.

    I have not yet received my product yet? Is there a delay in the shipping?

  557. Kirsten M.

    Got everything I ordered and they even sent an unadvertized bonus gift. Very nice touch. And it only took two weeks, which is good considering I live in China! They had shipped the order the day after I placed it.

  558. Veronica H.

    Email contact with Joel in customer service was excellent. His replies were prompt and very helpful. My package was shipped within a day of my order; my order was placed on a Tues. morning and I received it the following Mon. morning. Package contents were in fine shape. I have been taking the herbal products for about a week and a half now, and I am beginning to see a little improvement already!

  559. Danielle B.


  560. Shari P.


  561. Tamara T.


  562. Moraima N.

    The delivery was quick and everything was just as promised.

  563. E. Wahlig


  564. Elaine W.

    Wonderful people. Right on op of their stuff!

  565. Allison L.

    Greenbush has been excellent in the Customer Service area. I haven’t been on the herbs long enough to give an evaluation of the herbs themselves. But I can tell you they are extremely fresh! They ship extremely quick! and are very friendly and helpful anytime you need it! Unlike some other’s!!! Would recommend to everyone!

  566. Laura C.


  567. Gloria M.


  568. A. Doan

    I have hope now! Better results so far versus Health4Her products!

  569. Raquelle T.


  570. Michelle M.


  571. Randall J.


  572. Hannah C.

    Discrete packaging just as described, very fast shipment and excellent projects!

  573. Julie D.

    Very fast shipping and great quality. Pretty good prices on the herbs, too.

  574. Kris T.

    I received my order in three days, every time I ordered. All my questions were answered via email within a day! I have never had better service from any company.

  575. Dawn S.


  576. Carol J.


  577. Elizabeth S.


  578. Joyce A.

    Still waiting for results of the products after using faithfully for 4 weeks. I know it may take longer.

  579. Lori R.

    i haven’t had any results yet but i hope to see some soon. my order came very fast. the service was great.

  580. Heather W.

    got my products in 5 days considering i ordered on a friday night and monday was a holiday. i was very pleased. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  581. Jennifer R.

    Very fast 🙂 I had the product sent to a friend directly and she told me no problems on the shipping 🙂 thank you 🙂

  582. Wendy S.


  583. Tracey G.


  584. Deborah D.


  585. David L.


  586. David C.


  587. Janet M.


  588. Barbara M.

    My order was received within two days. Customer service answered my question via E-mail the next day. Great online store!

  589. Sylvia A.


  590. Cynthia O.

    I ordered products on 3 different occasions from Greenbush, and the products arrived within 2-3 days. Everything works as advertised.

  591. Ursula C.


  592. Dale N.

    I only wish that the 8 oz extracts came with small vials for transporting & ease of getting it out of the big bottle.

  593. Debi R.

    This is my second order. They are lightening fast with delivery. Everything came in perfect condition.

  594. Cindy N.


  595. Vicki S.


  596. Phyllis H.


  597. Opal H.

    Can’t wait to see if/how the herbs work for me – we think there is already some change.

  598. Yvonne K.

    I orderd late on a Saturday night and the product was at my house by early Monday morning. I don’t know how they did it, but there it was.

  599. Jeffrey S.

    I will definately order from Greenbush Natural Products again, they are a wonderful store and I received their product quickly. Thank you Greenbush.

  600. Donald F.


  601. Kristi G.


  602. Monica B.

    I get fast service, my order is always correct, AND a free gift. What could be better!

  603. Lori I.


  604. Nicole T.


  605. Heidi P.

    It was quick and easy…Thanks!

  606. Zenda B.


  607. Courtney S.

    I appreciate that the package did not advertise what its product was on the outside. The pamphlet inside was very helpful. It would be neat if a bigger pamphlet could be made that would have in it everything on the B.Enlargement website. But if that would make the order more expensive, nevermind! I also appreciated that my questions were answered promptly.

  608. Terry F.

    I didn’t really expect results from just all natural herbs, but I am getting them. Thanks.

  609. Catherine M.

    I’ve ben taking the pills for about a week and a half and I have been experiencing an upset stomach. I also think the powder should come in a premixed cream ans the tea in tea bags. I am still using the products and they seem to be working but I am concerned that they I may be experiencing side effects. I hope that I will be able to continue using them for 3 months.

  610. Heather R.

    It’s only been a week but I feel good about the products I purchased.

  611. Christine M.

    Greenbush was very prompt and the package was delivered within the 3-5days they promised. I found the customer service to be very helpful via email so far. My only complaint is that I am a Canadian customer and Greenbush does not ship to Canada or anywhere outside the USA. This is quite a “pain in the butt” since I have to go to some significant expense to have the product forwarded to me. It was explained to me why they do this, because of cusomters blaming them for shipping problems beyond their control. Even still I wish there was some way to support their Canadian or International customers. Maybe a Canadian distributor???

  612. Kan T.

    The product does not work for me so far

  613. Elizabeth H.


  614. Moira M.


  615. Shvonne T.


  616. Heather R.


  617. Debra G.


  618. Rosemary B.


  619. Kristina W.

    The product arrived very fast and was everything and more than I had expected

  620. Louis M.


  621. Charlotte B.

    This was my first experience at online shopping and it went absolutely perfect. Greenbush Natural Products delivered quickly and was quick to answer any questions that I had.

  622. Cassandra A.

    It’s not just anywhere that you can find quality, organic, non-irradiated products!

  623. Lynn P.

    No gimmicks.

  624. Lanita G.

    I am one who is always skeptical of whether something is going to hold up to the reviews or not. HOWEVER, WOW!!!! I am amazed! During my very first week of taking the Breast Enlargement Kit #1 (just one capsule three times a day), my breasts became fuller and firmer. I’m now up to two capsules three times a day, along with an occassional cup of the herbal tea. I’ve grown 1/4 inch in just two weeks! Also, they have alrady helped my menstral cycle to not be nearly as heavy or as painful. Thanks for the wonderful products! Can’t wait to see what happens as I continue!

  625. Antonia M.

    The site was unbelievably informative, easy to navigate, and I received my shipment in just 2 days!

  626. Tammy G.

    The service I got was EXCELLENT! I got my order in only 2 DAYS! There are 3 of us in my family that ordered from Greenbush and we would never order from anyone else again! GREAT products!

  627. Kimberly T.

    I received my products within 4 days with an unexpected extra!

  628. Stephanie L.


  629. Tressy S.

    They are very helpful and informative. I was surprised at the service and attentivness. The product is wonderful and very good quality.

  630. Piper E.

    I could not believe how fast my order came. Packaged nicely. Great instructions. Thank you so much!

  631. Lisa C.


  632. Cherie T.


  633. Michele D.

    I hope the products work as well as the service!

  634. Keri R.

    The delivery was prompt and the products were terrific! I couldn’t say anything better about Greenbush!

  635. Elsa R.

    this guys were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanx to joel who personally took care of all my questions (God Knows I asked alot of questions)…lets just hope this thing works 🙂

  636. Rachel M.


  637. Theresa C.


  638. Heidi H.


  639. Diana S.


  640. Andrei L.


  641. Carin M.


  642. Michelle P.


  643. Wati M.

    My shippment didn’t arrive within 3-5 days as anticepated, but overall I am happy with their service. :o)

  644. Mildred F.

    I received my order in only 2 days.

  645. Sally D.

    Seems like a very good product. Did not receive any literature in the package with the capsules, so I felt a little lost! Had to look on the web site for directions on how to take them, etc. I’m sure this was just a one-time mistake, because I also just received another order: a bag of fenugreek seeds that did have literature included in the package. I had to email one time with a question and received a very quick reply. I’m sure I will order again and will also recommend this company to others.

  646. Amanda M.

    The products were wonderful!

  647. Tammy B.

    Although the kit I ordered said it was “90 days” supply, the instructions say to take one tablet 3X a day for the first week then take two tablet 3x a day thereafter. 300 tablets would not last 90 days at that rate. Unless I misunderstood the instructions. Other than that everything was and is great. Thank you.

  648. Gina F.

    My order came as promised, on time and in plain packaging. I am diligently following the instructions and see some slight, but very positive and promising results! All in all, a very good experience thus far and I would highly recommend this company! g.r. albuquerque, nm

  649. Suzie W.

    I was VERY impressed!!! I WILL order from them again!!!!

  650. Stephanie C.


  651. Kim V.


  652. Lara K.

    my order was delivered promply and was confirmed in a personalized manner. i am still waiting to reap the benefits greenbush states it’s products will provide.

  653. Laura A.

    Quick service! I got exactly what I ordered in just a couple of days. The site was easy to navigate and find what I wanted, ordering was just as easy! I will follow the program and wait for results…so far, so good!

  654. Dinah C.


  655. Mandy W.


  656. Jennifer B.

    dont know quite how well the product i ordered is going to work, because i just started, but ordering and delivery went just fine!

  657. Suzan S.


  658. Cougar Z.

    always excellent speed. communication and service this is my??4th order,, so they are consistent as well in all they do. I would highly recommend them–to anyone,, looking for herbal supplements.

  659. Chereece H.


  660. Gina G.

    I haven’t noticed any change. I’m going to give it the 90 days. I’m not experiencing any changes or benefits.

  661. H. Crossland


  662. Lorrin S.


  663. Alison M.

    My order arrived very quickly, and I love the free gift! Thank you!

  664. Kathryn N.


  665. Juanita S.


  666. Katherine H.

    betweenn good and excellent: prompt merchant response when I had a question – order arrived in six days; everything was intact.

  667. S. Benkley

    No problem placing or receiving the order, but the product does not work as advertised.

  668. Frederick D.

    Fast. Efficient. Delivered on time. Excellent buying experience.

  669. Kristin J.

    I recieved everything on time. The herbs that I ordered have not done anything physically yet but it has only been 3 weeks. The site was very helpful!

  670. Sue D.


  671. Kim B.

    It was so easy to order & my products arrived in 1/2 the expected time. Great experience!

  672. Emily M.


  673. Elle H.

    Thank you for such prompt service, and I’d also like to thank you for the free Chai Tea. I happen to love it and it makes the Fenugreek and Fennel tea so much easier to drink! Thanks again!

  674. Kathleen C.


  675. Linda G.

    the order went fine-and the arrival of my products was received very quickly

  676. Evangeline B.


  677. Scarlett S.

    These products are great!! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have gotten all I wanted and more!

  678. Nikole A.

    OK-Bad. I don’t think they accurately described their product. I ordered an herbal supplement, expecting a 90 day supply of capsules. I received a mix of products including bulky foil bags of ground powder, which I doubt I will ever use.

  679. Susan A.

    I am satisfied so far…i will let you know after 3 months if the product is working.

  680. Nancy V.

    Awesome service!

  681. Kudirat F.

    very impressed,keep up the good work!

  682. Kristin T.

    I was especially impressed w/ their online response to questions in such a timely manner

  683. Colette B.

    I received the order within 2 days. The only complaint I would have is that it shows that you receive the product in jars when you actually receive them in foil packages. I have no problem with the packaging, however, it does show otherwise. If they would state that it would not be a problem. Very satisfied! I will order from them again. I think this follow-up to the orders is great. That makes me want to order from Yahoo more often! Thanks.

  684. Karen S.

    Ordering was quick and easy. The products came quicker than I expected. My ordering experience went great. The only problem I had is that the product makes me feel very nauseated.

  685. Steve S.


  686. Janine Z.

    Excellent, although, It’s still to early to tell if the products deserve such a high rating. If they do what they say then you can be sure I’ll be telling all my friends.

  687. Michelle C.

    Very Easy and Quick Delivery.

  688. Michelle C.

    I started on July 6th and it’s only been a little over a week. I know that I have some enhancement already.

  689. R. Omuro

    At no fault of Greenbush, the box my order arrived in was badly damaged. However, the contents were o.k.

  690. Christina G.


  691. Annette K.

    product came quickly even though I ordered close to a weekend and holiday. Many thanks, great products.

  692. Christine T.


  693. Alice L.

    Informative Web site — the list of frequently asked questions and answers were very helpful when I decided whether to try the product. The information provided was detailed and straightfoward — no hype of miraculous results for everyone. Once ordered, the product was shipped in 3 days as promised.

  694. Tabatha B.

    I received my order very proptly. I thought it would be awhile before I received my order, but it only took a few days. Will reorder again from them.

  695. A. Duke

    quick delivery, quick response to e-mail questions.

  696. Cymthia S.

    This is my 3rd order from Greenbush, and they are very consistent in their prompt delivery. They have an excellent staff who is always willing to help me with any questions I have through e-mail and they always respond to my e-mail within 24-hours.

  697. Erika W.


  698. Theresa B.


  699. Rohana C.

    The products came in a timely manner (they arrived when Greenbush said they would); the web site is fabulous — very informative and user friendly; and the customer service is fast and knowledgeable. A very pleasant experience — like!

  700. Holly L.


  701. Carin M.

    Clear…fast…everything as described

  702. Natalie H.

    My order arrived within 3 business days, as promised, and I am getting the results from their products that I expected. Excellent!

  703. Gina J.


  704. Loretta R.


  705. Idalia S.


  706. Wendy B.

    Great service! My products arrived quickly, I was very satisfied.

  707. Natasha G.

    I recieved my order within four days of placing the order which was a relief. I felt more assured that the product might actually deliver.

  708. Diana H.

    There was a small problem with one of the products arriving damaged (in shipment). It would have been nice if the postage had been prepaid, but the response was prompt and courteous. The products are terrific! The delivery was very quick… I will definitely order from Greenbush again. In fact, I have told several friends about the site and the company.

  709. Janet M.


  710. V. Eastwood

    Now i just need to see if the product works.

  711. Paula S.

    I placed my order on a Monday and received it on Friday, how fast! And the customer service has been quick to respond to all of my many questions since beginning the program. Excellent service!

  712. Michelle K.


  713. Stephanie R.


  714. Sunnie M.


  715. Nancy W.


  716. Cindy G.

    products came thbree days later as promised. however i still have not noticed a difference by using them. i understand it is still early.

  717. J. Tran


  718. Elizabeth S.

    Dear Greenbush Natural Products, Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I received my order in three days as promised. I am pleased with the professionalism of your company and will order again if the product is as good as the service! Sincerely, E.S.

  719. Margarita M.


  720. Kathleen H.


  721. Arlene T.

    Liquid Saw Palmetto Berry extract I ordered in an 8 pz. bottle exp 9-2000. Did not smell right and had floating things in it. Reported this. Matter was promptly answered by Joel. Returned bottled as asked. Joel repiled on 6-6-00 that my return was recieved and it would be replaced. Also requested a free sample of Red Clover extract in exchange for return postage. Request was granted. Joel seems to be a very consumer caring and a company person. Prices seem reasonable, if results are good it would be a pleasure to do future business.

  722. Suzanne E.


  723. Jennifer W.


  724. Cyndi R.


  725. Erin C.

    I was very impressed with the service I recieved from Greenbush Natural Products!I just ordered from another company and have not even heard from them reguarding the order I placed a week ago. Greenbush kept me informed with information about when my package would arrive and how to track it. They kept thier word about all delivery promises. Whether or not the product will be effective I cant say, but I can safely say that thier service was excellent!

  726. Christina K.


  727. Samantha R.


  728. Dian P.

    Hey its working,now I believe !and its not even 3 weeks yet.

  729. Karen H.

    I think I’m happy with the products….but I haven’t seen many results yet. I’m clinging to the testimonials for hope. Thank you for your fast service. I am patiently awaiting results from the herbs. Will they work??

  730. Jacqui W.

    I haven’t seen as much change as the testimonies have proclaimed. Maybe in a little while…

  731. Janet T.

    They were prompt in their delivery and I received exactly what I had ordered in a timely manner.

  732. Stacy P.


  733. Lindy D.


  734. Tamara F.


  735. Alicia T.


  736. Beth N.

    I had several inquiries and received almost immediate response every time. Very good customer service!

  737. Charlotte S.

    Their delivery, customer service and prices are great. I have only had the product for a week so evaluating it at this point would be premature.

  738. Virginia H.


  739. Marsha B.

    Products arrived quickly and seem to be of very good quality. I will shop with them again.

  740. Lori T.


  741. Leilani G.

    Again my order had cometo me in 3 days. That is the fastest I ever had an order sent to me so fast. That way I can use my order in a quick matter. Thank you again……Leilani(carol)

  742. Terri C.


  743. Jill L.


  744. Lisa D.

    The ordering part of it was great. I am still waiting for results from product though. I will keep using the product until it is gone. I better see some results by then. The company really has my hopes high.

  745. Brenda D.


  746. Erika C.


  747. Kimberly M.

    I Haven’t really noticed a big change maybe a little fuller. But, It is still very early to tell i have been taking all 3 pills 3 times a day and using the poweder in cream and massaging every night I hope it does work for me. I will reorder when I am out… Thank you very much for your prompt service Greenbush

  748. Paula W.


  749. Barbara P.

    I received my order in two day! Everything I order was delivered on the same day and included all the instructions they promissed. I have told several of my friends about Greenbush and I will order from them again.

  750. Kristie P.

    It was the first time I had shopped on the net and it was a lot more user friendly than I expected.

  751. Tomoko K.

    I’ve read other people’s comments about Greenbush Natural Products that how fast they deliver after ordering and I wasn’t too sure about it until I got it myself. Now I know they were telling the truth!! I’d love to do business with them again 🙂

  752. Stephanie S.

    Not sure yet if their product will do what they say it will, however, there service is great and there site is very easy to use.

  753. Melissa O.


  754. Stacy G.

    It has been good. A lot to take each day. I know that other companies have less to take but I also know that the Greenbush product contains less of the non-essentials (a lot of the other companies added other things) so I continue to believe in Greenbush.

  755. Sarah L.

    Such prompt delivery, and when I emailed them questions, they were also prompt about replying. They were straightforward about not being able to guarantee results, which is completely understandable and much more realistic since everyone responds to herbal treatments differently. BUT, I had no doubts about trying because of the massive amounts of testimonials on the website, as well as the age-old reputation of herbal remedies.

  756. Emma C.

    I couldn’t find the site very easily. Would it be possible to make it more accessible? i.e. easier to find than say the Erdic site, which, gven its expense and fillers, is far inferior.

  757. Julie D.

    I was happy with the quick delivery of my products.

  758. Mrs. Stuckey


  759. Heather R.


  760. Karla C.

    I am still waiting for results with my product, but i am not losing hope!!!! I loved the express delivery, my shipment came in exactly 3 days.

  761. Marcos H.


  762. Shanalee V.

    They were very prompt in their delivery and the products seem to be excellent.

  763. Marta M.


  764. Caitlin K.


  765. Cynthia B.


  766. Ashley A.

    I have not begun to see any results yet, but it’s only been a couple of weeks, I hope to see results sometime soon.

  767. Doria R.


  768. Scott C.

    I was very happy with my dealings with Green Bush. My transaction went right by the numvers. My order arrived before I antisipated.

  769. Reem A.


  770. Joyce T.

    I had so many questions about what I needed and its usage. Joel emailed back quickly and always was so pleasant to me. I will purchase all my products from Greenbush and will refer friends to the site.

  771. Diane B.


  772. Cynthia S.

    Very fast service. Hope the products work as well as the delivery! Still anxiously awaiting results, but I’ve only been taking them for one week.

  773. Suzanne P.

    Great packaging and faster than expected delivery. Very thorough instructions. Really good product, too.

  774. Tina A.


  775. Gloria B.

    their response time is very quick and joel is so personable with me. Very nice!!! I have been only using 2 weeks.

  776. Theresa B.


  777. Roberta W.


  778. Nora N.

    I was happy with how fast the order was delivered. I hope the actual products work as good and as quickly as Greenbush does.

  779. Michele B.


  780. Katherine N.


  781. Laura S.

    The products are wonderful and thank you for the present of the teas. It is working!!

  782. Vicki Z.

    Came sooner than expected.

  783. Neil H.

    Got a bit held up in U.K. customs this time (damn TAX man)I’ll order a bit early next time. Thanks Greenbush

  784. Jamie S.

    In ordering this product I have had good expreiences. Greenbush answer my question promptly and I received my product in 3 days. I’ve been using the product since I recieved it, and no results yet… I am hoping in time this will change.

  785. Michelle M.


  786. Monna B.


  787. Andrea S.


  788. Cheryl P.

    So far so good! I’m very pleased so far, some actual results. Thanks

  789. Patricia T.


  790. Victoria N.


  791. Lynette T.


  792. Miranda J.


  793. Jennifer H.

    It’s difficult for me to rate the quality of the products-as I’ve only been using them for a couple weeks and haven’t noticed a difference. As far as ordering-it was easy and I received my product timely.

  794. Kris R.

    Ordering was quick and easy. Everything arrived in a timely manner. No complaints whatsoever…….

  795. Kristi W.

    The only reason I chose “ok” is because I cannot stand the taste of the powders. I have tried mixing with several things and can’t seem to get it down it taste so bad! I have quit using the powder all together and just take the vitamins and everything seems fine. I hope I still get good results!

  796. Donna R.


  797. Ronett R.

    The service Greenbush has provided so far has been great. More order was received very quickly and they have responded to all of my questions timely. They seem to offer great products at a very resonable price. Thank-you. Ronett R.

  798. Amy C.

    The delivery was excellent however I haven’t seen any results with the product as of yet. I am disappointed in that.

  799. James W.

    to whom it may concern, I’m using the kit and i was woundring if it would hurt to take a dietary supplement, with the kit. its called ripped fuel . p.s. i started taking the pills, an the powder stuff, its working all ready i’m impressed.i will keep in touch. thank you christine.

  800. Lori M.


  801. Jennifer N.


  802. Elizabeth A.

    So far, everything has been wonderful. I appreciated their comprehensive website, complete with customer feedback, before I decided to order. My order was delivered quickly, and the products are high-quality.

  803. Kathleen A.

    I didn’t have any problems with ordering products from greenbush. I received my order within the expected time frame. I will be ordering from greenbush again. Thank you!

  804. Lisa W.


  805. Alexia D.


  806. Khesha A.

    I, thus far, have been very pleased with my purchase from Greenbush Natural Products. I ordered the Breast Enlargement program and it arrived in just 3 short days! I have been using the product faithfully for 10 days now and have already noticed improvements in firmness and a small increase in size. In addition conversations with my physician and pharmacist have both confirmed the viability and safeness of such an herbal regiment. I intend to continue until I reach my optimal 1&1/2 cup size increase. I am keeping a photo journal of my progress and am enthusiastically expecting success. THANKS GREENBUSH!!!!

  807. Katharine H.


  808. Sharon R.


  809. Melanie H.

    I placed my order on-line on a Saturday afternoon and had the product on Monday- without being charged extra.

  810. J. Taylor


  811. R. Janeway

    I received the products in a timely manner. The product itself is questionable.

  812. Kendra K.

    The odering process went well for me. I haven’t seen much difference in my breast size. I’ve only been using the product for 2 weeks. So, I’ll stick with the program for at least 45 days. If no improvement I’ll just discontinue use.

  813. Daphne N.


  814. Terri R.

    I found it didn’t work as good as I thought it would.

  815. Toni Y.

    I must say, your products have done more than expected. I started taking the Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek Seed and Wild Yam herbs on Thursday, January 27. I measured my bust size and it was 34″. I have taken the herbs (2 capsules 3 times a day) and also mixed the Fenugreek Seed powder with lotion and massaged it in every night and last night Monday February 7, I measured my bust size again and I am now 36″ – I’ve increased 2″ in less than 2 full weeks and my breasts are very firm now. Needless to say, my husband and I are very pleased with the product. I have always been a AA-A and I went out and bought my first B cup bra! Thanks for making this product available to the public at a reasonable cost. (Please use first name only if you publish these remarks)

  816. Danna L.


  817. Susan P.


  818. Christine S.

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know about my experience with Greenbush and their products. First the quickness at which my products were received was great. I was so excited to get started on them that I wanted them immediately and they came in only three days. I haven’t seen any results from the herbs yet but it’s only been 10 days. Your writeup said some people see results in 7 to 10 days, some in 4 to 6 weeks and some in 90 days. So, hopefully it will be 4 weeks. I’m not giving up hope. I am definitely going to reorder for the 60-90 day kit. I am taking the pills, doing the teas ( I make the powder in my coffee pot then throw an herbal tea bag in at the end), and the massage at night. I expect to see results soon. I had some trouble with the tea at first but then I started making it in my coffee machine and it’s been great since then. Thanks for all of the information you sent. And all of the information on your web site. That helped make my decision to buy the products. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  819. Thomas T.

    Products arrived in a most timly, and discrete manner as described with no follow-up letters to the shipping address. A major plus, one of which they should certainly make greater mention, is that their capsules are vegetarian and kosher. This was not known at the time of order, but was discovered upon arrival–a plus. Contents have performed as described (Yeah). Greenbush sale prices are good, although not necessarily competative. Greenbush, nonetheless, deserves high marks for personalized customer service and quality. Be green.

  820. Cougar Z.

    the interaction was pretty immediate to any questions, and the items were recieved quickly, I feel if you have any questions,, they will most likely be answered the same day..via email. so I would definately recommend them. and if the products I purchased actually do what they claim–well you will see my comments on their site.

  821. Mary B.

    Only time will tell if the products I ordered work. But I was very impressed with the site and the professionalism in how it was put together. No problems at all in ordering or receiving the products. I will order again and recommend the site to my friends.

  822. Michele L.


  823. Laurie G.


  824. Dana G.

    I was thrilled with the service I recieved . I thought long and hard about ordering off the internet with the company, but they did everything they said they would do and more. I am very happy with the selection of herbs I ordered. They are already working and I am one happy woman! Alot of thanks to Joel who answered all my questions and was always on the ball. Thank you for your great products and service.

  825. Marcy K.

    Package was delivered three days after the order was placed! Excellent products – will reorder as needed.

  826. Edna M.


  827. Ute A.

    The product arrived five days after I ordered. The box itself was in a pretty bad shape. The mail lady handed the soaking wet box to me and said: “That’s how I got it from the office. Hope everything is okay?!”. I was just a little upset about the situation and told her to check it out with me. I opened the box and out came some foil wrapped bags. Water proof packages! Great idea! Looks like Greenbush was prepared for our post office! Thanks!

  828. Tony K.


  829. Bernadette A.

    I was amazed at how fast the shipment came and in such discreet packaging. The system has started to work and I have only been on them for a week. I will definitely order from Greenbush again!

  830. Sara M.

    The delivery was very quick, and everything I ordered was in the box. So, that went very well. I ordered the breast enlargement kit #2, and I’ve been using it for a week now. I haven’t seen any improvements yet, but it’s still early. I hope so much that their product works for me!

  831. Carrie S.

    I think this is a wonderful company. They provided more than enough information on thier sight to make an educated choice to use thier products. My shipment arrived withing the expected timeframe which is a plus with online ordering. I also had questions and recieved a response within 24 hours to my e-mail! They are wonderful!

  832. William C.

    I feel the user’s comments on the store page are a little misleading. If this stuff works I think it is going to be very gradual. The user’s comments really get you hiped up.

  833. Danielle V.


  834. Jennifer C.

    The order was shipped promptly. Excellent service. The product, however, doesn’t seem to be effective. Maybe it’s too soon to tell, but there’s no effect whatsoever.

  835. Brooke O.


  836. Sheri V.

    I started taking your product January 18th, so I think it is too soon to make a proper evaluation of your product. I did notice that it cause me to have stomach aches the first few days, but that has not happened for 2 or 3 days. I have not noticed an increase in breast size as yet, but like I said, it’s only been a week. Please send me this evaluation report again in 2-4 weeks and then I will be able to make a better evaluation.

  837. N. Harvey

    Service was excellent and quick considering the distance between myself and Greenbush. Well done

  838. Missy T.

    product arrived in just two days. and was great thanks.

  839. Gwen D.


  840. Maria D.

    Since this was my first experience placing an internet order (using credit card), I was really hesitant. However, the integrity that Greenbush has demonstrated thus far is Excellent. I rec’d my products within 3-4 days, and the products were packaged well in terms of maintaining their quality. I already recommended them to 5 friends.

  841. Melissa K.

    My questions by email were answered within just 1-2 hours of sending them. They were very helpful.

  842. Sharon S.


  843. Andreina A.


  844. Todd S.

    Excellent. Will buy from again !!!

  845. Melinda H.

    I was very impressed with how fast my package was delivered. The products are wonderful.

  846. Paula C.

    I got my order so quickly – it was amazing!

  847. Rhonda N.


  848. Joan C.

    This company was prompt in sending my order and also in answering my question. I would be happy to continue ordering from them!

  849. Dwyn R.

    I have purchased from Greenbush 3 times. Quick to get order to me each time and e-mail communicated transaction process. I ordered last on 12/14 and had my order on 12/18 which is great for this time of year. Highly recommend. The first time I ordered I had a question after I got the order so I e-mailed…response was within a few hours and questions were answered to my satisfaction.

  850. Sarah S.

    My delivery took a little longer than expected, but I’m assuming that it was because of the X-mas season and mail taking longer than usual. I just received my package and I am very excited to see the results. Thankyou

  851. Cynthia A.


  852. Susan R.

    I thought that the service was first class and the product one step above that!

  853. Amy L.

    Greenbush provides fast and quick services and responses. The product I ordered works worked a miracle on me. Greenbush will most definitely continue hearing from me in the future. Great overall service Greenbush.

  854. A. Malpass


  855. Melissa S.

    Everything was great.I have ordered twice from them and got my shipment within 3 days,WOW!!!And when i write to them with questions they are quick with response, like that same day or the very next day. Thank you so much.And you guys are GREAT!!

  856. Karen C.

    Have you thought about mixing the powder with secented lotion or body oil and sell it. My own mixing was troublely since the lumps of powder are hard to disolve into the lotion. Another thing was, the (feungreek) powder was extremly bitter, which I was not aware of at the time of ordering. I believe other customers as well may found it very difficult to drink unless lots of sweeteners are added. That seemed to be a bit troubly as well. Perhaps you can come up with tea bags that has already pre-mix everything, so it is more conveniet for customers. Honestly, I did not even drink feungreek tea. It did not taste very good! Other than that, I hope to see some improvements soon. But it seem to be okay so far.

  857. Mary V.

    very prompt and reliable service, would order from them again and also refer friends to them.

  858. Dianne H.

    I was very pleased with their quick response to my order, my email and I am very pleased with the products I ordered. Keep up the great work. It’s nice to know you can have find quality natural products.

  859. Michelle G.

    I used my product as directed and it did not work!!

  860. Anthony G.

    Only complaint was the length of time it took to receive order.

  861. Shannon M.

    The only problem was that my package arrived damaged and I think that wass a post office issue. Otherwise, they are quick to respond to my emails and seem like a good company. I like the fact that they belong to the Better Business Bureau and state it on their site.

  862. Ellen B.

    I found your products to be very helpful. They have helped me with my menopausal problems and also with cramps when I get my period. They worked wonders for me. So far so good. Keep up the good work with all of your products. I will be ordering more soon. THANK YOU so much.

  863. Diane P.

    I recieved my order in just a few days, and was very happy with the information included on the dosage and suggestions for usage of the product.

  864. Kim C.


  865. Gail W.

    I am using the products faithfully.But as of yet nothing has happened.I am trying to stay optimistice and hope these produts deliver a little of what they promised.Thank you

  866. Billenda M.

    I bought the herbs to make my chest grow and I got them in a timely manner. They came very discretly, which I liked that idea. They seem to be working too. So I would say I’m very happy with them and their products.

  867. Danielle T.

    They sent producys sooner than I expected and answered any questions I had.

  868. Christi M.

    Greenbush is a great compny. I was impressed by the prompt delivery and good prices.

  869. Brenda I.

    Joel is always prompt in answering questions. The service is excellent and convenient!

  870. Jessica L.

    I just expected the herbal pills to come in a plastic container. I think you should mention the way it is sent on the web page. But the service was great and it arrived very quickly! 🙂 -thanks.

  871. Xue B.


  872. Amy H.


  873. Mary K.

    Pleased with the promptness of their deliveries. It arrived in 2 days. It also appears that their products perform as promised, something I was a mite sceptical about with herbs, but figured what’s the harm in trying the herbs for a few months.

  874. Stephanie V

    i haven’t seen any results yet, but i’m going to wait a little longer before i make up my mind. i’ve been using it for 1 month with no changes.

  875. Crystal D.


  876. Marcia K.

    I placed my order on November 16, late in the evening, my order was processed on the 17th, I received it priority mail 2 days later! What a pleasant surprise!

  877. Alicia C.

    My order arrived so quickly- I was amazed. I’ve had some real problems with ordering online, but this was not the case with Greenbush. I highly recommend these products.

  878. Lesli T.

    They were very prompt to answer my e-mail questions.

  879. Chloe S.

    Shipping was fast and they have answered all my questions.

  880. Shelly B.

    while service was excellent, I have been experiencing side effects such as diarrhea, break through bleeding and depression. So far no change in my breasts.

  881. Lori S.

    The responsiveness I have received from Greenbush cannot be surpassed. They are a role model for all e-commerce businesses to follow.

  882. Jill B.


  883. Jennifer S.


  884. Tweetie W.


  885. Sheng T.


  886. Heather R.


  887. Zahrah F.


  888. Brenda S.

    Their product was delivered as scheduled. Their e-mail response to my questions were answered with impressive turn around time.

  889. Dale T.

    We are still evaluating the effectiveness of the product, but the ordering and questions that we had went flawlessly. It is a little early for an evaluation of thier products, but again the customer service is very good.

  890. R. Lowry


  891. Jason P.

    very fast service

  892. Troy G.


  893. Erica R.


  894. Jan T.

    Shopping over the internet was fast and easy. I received excellent service and a confirmation was sent quickly. I received my order in a few days and am very happy. Thank you again.

  895. Gina N.


  896. Stephanie K.

    While I have yet to see any results from the product, as I’ve only been on them for a week, I received the product extremely fast, and when I e-mailed them about a question I had, I had a response just as quickly.

  897. Elaine S.

    Service is always quick and complete.

  898. Tracey H.


  899. Connie S.


  900. Teresa M.


  901. Nayda R.

    Just wished there were more intricate directions and more info included with the package about each herb and their many benefits – not just the intended uses – but all benefits.

  902. Shigeko N.


  903. Janice B.

    I have found the herbs easy to take in capsule form, but the dried herbs I have found to be nausiating in any form. Is it really necessary to take these this way- why not more capsules if nesessary? Please let me know how they work differently. Thank- you,

  904. Thomas F.


  905. Barbara N.

    Greenbush is one of the best sites I have visited, I am telling everyone I know about the site and products.

  906. Terrell F.

    Dear Sir, My husband ordered the Desire Collection for me in September.I was amazed at how wonderful your product’s were.You have testimonial’s on your Breast enlargement kit but nothing on the desire collection.I just want you to know it sure gave our 27 year marriage back the spark it was lacking.I was so impressed I ordered the Breast enlargement kit in October,I hope to have as good of result’s with it.Thank you!! Sincerly, Terri

  907. Pamela W.

    I was shocked at how fast the order arrived. Never had service this good before. Now I hope that I get the results that I am after.

  908. Susan Y.


  909. Jeannie S.

    I received my order quickly and in an unmarked box…..wonderful! Good information was included in the package without excess catalogs and “junk”. I enjoyed the bonus tea bags.

  910. Patty L.

    The products were delivered very quickly and I am 100% satisfied.

  911. Michelle M.

    My products were shipped as expected. I have been taking the products as suggested and I am looking forward to wonderful results.

  912. Kathy D.


  913. Ines F.


  914. Vera B.


  915. Cristin R.

    So far no noticable changes,but it has only been one month. I am hoping to get better results as far as size in the near future. I wont give up just yet. Keep in touch and I’ll keep you informed. Also if you have any advise I would love to hear it, or even anything encouraging. In any case I plan on staying optomistic for a while longer. Thanks…

  916. Denise F.

    i received the products i ordered quickly, however the only thing i was curious about, was why a different company name appeared on the individual packages of herbs and vitamins

  917. Toika G.

    Doesn’t seem to be working as quickly as the ads say, but I am hopeful.

  918. Danqing W.


  919. Deonna B.

    My results have leveled off right now. I’m hoping I will get another growth spell

  920. J. Todd


  921. Mary W.


  922. Karen P.

    ordering was easy and delivery was quick!!! I will shop there again.

  923. Maria M.


  924. Sharon S.

    Their customer support is great. I e-mailed Joel some questions I had and he responded immediately with and answer and even game me some helpful tips which was really above and beyond. So far I don’t know if these herbs will work, but I know they take time and I’ll let you know in 3 months.

  925. Jennifer A.


  926. Melissa L.

    Order came in VERY fast — and I didn’t pay for rush shipping! Everything packed nicely and sealed.

  927. Doreen P.

    I’m very, very satisfied. Delivery was fast, contained what was promised and I am having very good results with what I ordered.

  928. Christy S.

    Ordering from Greenbush was very easy. The product arrived quickly, just like they promised. I would like to see the instructions made clearer and more detailed (step by step instructions). I had some questions and they were very prompt to reply. Overall, it was a good experience. I have as yet to see results from the product I bought but it has only been 13 days of use.

  929. Susan C.


  930. Lea P.


  931. Pamela V.


  932. Leslie S.


  933. Kristina B.


  934. Tabatha E.


  935. Lynn H.

    Very good price and packaging, but more documentation would be helpful.

  936. R. Consignado

    The specific products I ordered did not deliver any results. However, ordering was easy and delivery was prompt.

  937. Candace M.

    I’ve not had enough time to determine the value of the product, but the service was great. The product was received a lot sooner than anticipated, and in excellent condition and packaging.

  938. Gillian N.

    I recieved my order very quickly. And my questions were also answered very quickly thanks to Joel. What a great way to run your business!

  939. Michele Z.

    fast shipping!!!

  940. Jennifer V.


  941. Cari J.

    I would like to have seen more information included with the kit I ordered. Maybe even more recipes for the herbs. If there is more information, I did not receive it. Otherwise, the herbs are great and I will recommend you to others.

  942. Gail H.

    I recieved my order promptly and when I e-mailed them with a question about the products instructions they were very quick with their response.

  943. Michele F.


  944. Wendy N.


  945. Julie G.

    I received the products quickly. I cannot rate the products yet because I have not used them long enough to see if they do what they are suppose to. Contact me in another month and I will let you know.

  946. Tammy G.

    delivery was very prompt.

  947. Deborah G.

    Fast delivery, Not enough information about products enclosed in the shipment. Packaging of product not convenient for customer.Results of product unknown at this time. Thank You

  948. Jennifer S.


  949. Angela E.


  950. Monica N.

    Very prompt and courteous. The products seem to be very good quality. Just started using them, so hard to tell the results just yet.

  951. Dorothy U.


  952. Carrie R.

    I am pleased that Greenbush not only respected my privacy as a customer by keeping the box devoid of any noticable company and/or product names, but that they rushed my order to me in 3 business days!! That is the way business should be conducted. I can appreciate all the steps that Greenbush has eliminated so they can provide their customer base with quality products instead of marketing hype, which tends to drive up costs to the consumer. I am excited about trying this product and look forward to writing future testamonials based on my results. Thank you.

  953. Christinia G.

    My order came within 3 days, which was great. As far as the product doing what it said it would…well no changes in my breast size at this time, which is rather disappointing.

  954. Suzanne P.

    I bought the breast enlargement kit and my breasts keep fluctuating in size. I’m about to go into my third month and I am still taking the pills, but I am concerned that they aren’t going to make my breast size increase.

  955. Bonnie B.


  956. Annie N.


  957. Stuart M.


  958. Suzanne W.

    I ordered online and in 3 days had my product! I measured my bust line on August 15th and by August 23rd my bust line had increased by 2 full inches! WOW! I’m glad I found you!

  959. Mary L.

    I am very pleased with the products that I have ordered from them. I intend to purchase products from them again in the near future. I found their website by accident and was very impressed, so I decided to order.

  960. Debra K.


  961. Patricia L.

    Hard to rate them…I still have not received my order…

  962. J. Rushin

    I ordered from England on 31st july,verified the shipping costs on Aug. 2nd, and today, 16th August received my order, thanks greenbush.

  963. Jana A.

    The only question I have at this point, is wether the herbs are doing what they are advertised to do!? So far, no change. That will be my deciding factor. 🙂

  964. Susan O.


  965. Suzanne H.


  966. K. Chambers

    My order got to me right away, however this is my second order of the breast enhancement kit #1 and I have not seen any changes at all. I`ve taken all the pills, teas, and adding in the bulk powder. I`m not sure if it`s my body that`s not working with it or if it just is not going to work. Overall, the company itself gave a good impression by getting my order out. Thanks so much.

  967. Cedar C.


  968. Angela H.

    Greenbush has great customer service. Everything arrived on time and in order.

  969. Todd M.


  970. Becky S.

    The service was just great! Thanks for the wonderful products!

  971. Annie N.


  972. Michele M.

    I’ve been using your products for 2wks. now and I see a little growth from my breast but I know I have 2 to 4 more wks. before I see the difference in the size. Thank you, Michele

  973. Charlotte M.

    There were no problems at all and shipment arrived when promised. Thanks for the free complimentary tea!

  974. Julianne T.


  975. Maria B.


  976. April F.

    The odering process went very smoothly–I received my merchandise in 3 days. As far as the product is concerned, I have been using them for 3 weeks and have not noticed any results yet. I will hang in there and hopefully notice a change soon.

  977. Sewkien M.


  978. Kerri A.


  979. Lori M.


  980. Tracie K.

    The products came very promptly. Too soon to know the effectiveness of the product.

  981. Andria S.


  982. Amber D.

    It would be helpful if there was an easily accessible question forum.

  983. Bettyann P.

    Everything was received quickly. Instructions were included and are easy to follow.

  984. Diane S.


  985. Nicole R.

    I have yet to see if the breast enlargement herbs work it’t only been a month and it supposedly can take up to 3 mos for results. so my experience could range from dissapointing to exellent depending…

  986. Carolyn W.

    Thanks for the prompt, friendly, and attentive customer service.

  987. Michelle G.

    I haven’t been using the product for very long, but it seems to be working!

  988. Lisa S.


  989. Peichun W.


  990. Cheryl R.


  991. Catherine W.


  992. Erin W.


  993. Chantaine R.

    They delivered very promptly and accurately

  994. Lailanie S.

    The productts came more quickly than I thought. However, I was wondering if Greenbush recommended a particular time to taking the herbs. The package provided directions, but they did not state which herb(s) to take in the morning or in the evening. Does it matter?

  995. Kathy D.


  996. Susan Y.

    I received the my order promptly, which was great. I have been using the herbs for about 2 weeks and so far, there’s not improvement yet but i’m willing to try the product until it runs out.

  997. J. Nisbeet

    Even though where out of a product they went out of their way to take care of it, to point of sending free sample products

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