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Our alcohol-free Greenbush Desire for Women Formula is an extract that is great for women looking to naturally increase their sexual desire and are dissatisfied with the current synthetic, alcohol-based, or expensive formulated extracts and supplements available to them. Unlike other supplements and multi-herb formulas available in the market, our Greenbush Desire for Women Formula is a natural extract without fillers or additives that is carefully crafted to deliver a proprietary blend of just a few herbs recommended to stimulate sexual hormone production and increase oxygen as well as blood flow in the body resulting in both increased desire and sexual response.

No fillers or additives. No “kitchen sink” multi-herb formulas with as many as 20 ingredients. No nonsense.

Just pure and potent herbs delivered in a concentrated, alcohol-free extract since 1997.

This formula was designed for effectiveness. It contains the herbs most often recommended by herbal experts for increased sexual desire, including the herbs recommended by Dr. James Duke in his chapter on “Inhibited Sexual Desire in Women”. The herbs in this formula work by stimulating sexual hormone production and increasing oxygen and blood flow resulting in both increased desire and sexual response.

Proprietary blend of Dong-quai, Fenugreek, and Muira Puama:

The Herbs in the Formula Dong-quai is sometimes referred to as “female ginseng” due to its use in Chinese herbal medicine for fatigue, regulating the menstrual cycle pain management, vitality and hormone balance. It is considered a blood tonic and contains contains vitamin B 12, folic acid, folinic acid, nicotinic acid, biotin and cobalt which can improve hemoglobin content.

Fenugreek – This age-old medicinal herb is primarily known for hormone balance, improved digestion, breast health and enhancement and improving milk flow in nursing mothers. But the added effects of the nutrients in the herb contribute to an improved libido and sexual response in both men and women as well as increased energy and stamina.

Muira Puama – Also known as Amazon potency wood, this bark of a South American tree has been used as a sexual stimulant for thousands of years. Though most research has focused on male sexual dysfunction, improvement in libido and sexual response in women have been reported as well. A study in France utilized Muira puama, giving it to over 200 women complaining of low libido. 66% of the subjects reported increased sexual desire, higher frequency of orgasm and increased intensity of orgasm.

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64 reviews for Desire for Women Formula – Concentrated Extract – Increase Sexual Performance – Alcohol-Free

  1. Marilyn R

    I want to give a review. I was very skeptical and waited almost a month because I wanted to make sure this product indeed works.
    I bought desire for women about a month ago. Honestly I have tried quite a few other products without any benefits and paid even more than this product cost me. With that being said, I have to tell you this product is amazing! I am 46 years old and as we all know what happens to our hormones, yep I am going through that but miraculously came across this amazing product and I highly recommend.

  2. Beth W.

    Shipping is extremely punctual! I ordered a few liquid extracts and the quality and piotency were very good. They even gave me a free gift of some lemon ginger tea.Would buy again.

  3. Kelsey M.

    They did everything they said they would and kept a good agreement Plus the products work well.

  4. Stephen B.

    Excellent service. Excellent products. Great online store.

  5. Cougar Z.

    the interaction was pretty immediate to any questions, and the items were recieved quickly, I feel if you have any questions,, they will most likely be answered the same day..via email. so I would definately recommend them. and if the products I purchased actually do what they claim–well you will see my comments on their site.

  6. Gary O.

    I was very satisfied with the service I was provided with at Greenbush. I had some specific requests and they went out of there way to fulfill them. And at no exta costs to me. I was promptly confirmed via E-mail of my shipment, Joel granted my requests and it arrived very well packaged and on time as they promised. I look forward to continued service. Thank You to all involved at Greenbush natural products.

  7. Paula C.

    I got my order so quickly – it was amazing!

  8. Yvonne W.

    Your products has worked wonders!! Thanks!!! We plan on being frequent customers.

  9. Cheyenne B.

    Greenbush Natural Products make it easy to purchase their quality items. the items arrived within 2-3 days from date of purchase. I ordered the immune system boost, the breast enhancement, and desire for women. These products are wonderful! Since taking these 3 products I’ve stopped coughing, feel better overall, and have noticed a slight increase in breast size and am more “turned on” when with my husband. I always recomend Greenbush whenever someone is looking for a healthy herbal alternative. Thanks Greenbush!

  10. Cherry S.

    as allways the order gets here super fast so you can start using the product right away!

  11. Cougar Z.

    always excellent speed. communication and service this is my??4th order,, so they are consistent as well in all they do. I would highly recommend them–to anyone,, looking for herbal supplements.

  12. Kevin C.


  13. S.M.

    We have been ordering from Greenbush for years. The products are consistently good. There is always helpful information for choosing and using the herbs. I don’t have any problems receiving the products in good condition, not always easy considering they are frequently sending glass. The package arrives quickly, best service I have experienced. My husband now uses the herbs as well and has become a believer. Top-notch, reliable company.

  14. Rena C.


  15. Victoria C.

    Excellent customer service, Thank you for your timely response!

  16. Karen H.

    As ever, top line performance!

  17. Sandra S.

    Excellent customer service!!!! They always reply to my e-mails and my questions are always answered. Thanks!

  18. Ruth M.

    Greenbrush has been very responsive and timely. I have had excellent service and am very pleased with their product.

  19. Jodi M.

    Greenbush is wonderful! They ship very high quality products and provide lots of information as well as prompt customer support. They also ship via USPS-my order arrived in 2 days! Thank you!

  20. Brian S.

    Ive been buying and using Greenbush products for about three years now: the delivery, customer service and product quality has always been second to none.

  21. Veronique B.

    Been looking for so long for a place like this on the internet. Thank you so much Greenbush, for being a real source for real herbs.

  22. Terry F.

    Speedy delivery. Every product that Ive tried has done exactly what was promised. An excellent company to buy from. One to add to your Favorites!

  23. Cougar Z.

    2nd order–feel secure with these people,, they are friendly and responsive,,the products seem reasonably priced–I even put a link to them on my personal web page

  24. Carolyn C.

    The prouducts are amazingly efficient and of the highest calibur. They send very informative information in email and printed and sent with the items you order. You may also email them with any questions. Everything is all natural and bio chelated with no added fillers. The products are fantastic.

  25. William B.

    Fastest shipping of any company Ive dealt with!

  26. Gretchen H.

    Absolute best customer service on the web. I am a loyal Greenbush fan.

  27. Jerry R.

    My order was received promptly. In addition, I email the company for information concerning the product such as storage and expiration. The company promtly email me the answers to my questions and informed me to contact them if I had any further questions. I have not had a chance to try the product however, if it works I will definitely order from them again.

  28. Shaunah Z


  29. Julie S.

    I was a little confused when looking at the choices,so I emailed Greenbush & they responded quickly over the weekend. I received my order in Fla on Weds.So they had to have jumped through hoops to get it here, or be very organized, either way I was glad to get the products so quickly. I would not hesitate to order from them again.

  30. William B.


  31. Lynette Z.

    My products came promptly as expected, and the free samples are great. Thanks.

  32. Althea R.


  33. Hannah S.


  34. J. Nira


  35. Suzette H.


  36. Melissa C.


  37. Jan G.


  38. Scott S.


  39. Althea R.


  40. Ed C.


  41. Western V.

    Great service and easy to use website from start to finish

  42. Candace W.


  43. Dorothy W.

    very pleased with this product. very easy to order and did not have to wait very long. dottie

  44. Diann T.


  45. Aurora F.

    Excellent merchant. Very reliable, speedy responses to inquiries, and speedy shipping. Thank you for your incredible website.

  46. Dusty W.

    I have ordered several times from Greenbush. I am always happy with my purchases and even happier when they get here so quickly. Usually within two days of ordering I receive my order. Yay!!

  47. Cheryle S.

    Good company to deal with. Never had any problems with them at all.

  48. Jerry C.


  49. William W.

    I am new to online shopping , but greenbush is the easiest website i have ever ordered from .. everything is placed nice and easy . very user friendly . great website . thanks greenbush

  50. L. Richards


  51. William B.


  52. Michelle D.


  53. William B.


  54. William B.


  55. Cheryle S.

    Excellent products and excellent service.

  56. Billy B.


  57. Anthena S.

    These comments are not based only on my 5 Aug. purchase. I’ve ordered from Greenbush before and i love it. There was a slight problem with my recent order but Greenbush is a customer service oriented company and fixed it with no problems or arguement.

  58. Anthena S.

    These comments are not based only on my 5 Aug. purchase. I’ve ordered from Greenbush before and i love it. There was a slight problem with my recent order but Greenbush is a customer service oriented company and fixed it with no problems or arguement.

  59. Heather R.


  60. Clarice S.


  61. Kelise M.

    The order came extremely fast, and they added a couple of nice freebies too. I will definately order from them again. This was hassle free shopping !!

  62. Barbara H.

    I was very happy with the fast service I received from Greenbush. My order was at my door within 2 days. Though my second order was delayed due to low stock, I received a prompt explanation, plus free gifts included in my order when it did come, which was still pretty fast.

  63. Lee R.

    Everything went very well. My order was placed, product delivered within the specified time. Very pleased. Minor comment: lack of personal touch, the “human” touch makes the business rather impersonal. This is to be expected but still saddens a bit. Shopping at the local Health Food store has its’ advantages, I can see them smile. 🙂

  64. Fred N.

    I realize the web site contains information on their products. However, I think it would be good to send info along with the products ordered.

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