Ceylon Cinnamon Vegetarian Capsules – Digestive Health – 365mg per dose – 100 Count

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Our Greenbush Ceylon Cinnamon capsules are for anyone looking to naturally improve their general health by supporting their digestive system and blood sugar control and are dissatisfied with the current synthetic or expensive formulated supplements available to them. Unlike these supplements and multi-herb formulas available on the market, our Greenbush Ceylon Cinnamon capsules are a natural, single-herb supplement without fillers or additives that is created to deliver as much of the active herb, Cinnamon zeylanicum, as possible in each dose.

No fillers or additives. No “kitchen sink” multi-herb formulas with as many as 20 ingredients. No nonsense.

Just pure and potent herbs delivered in a vegetarian, Non-GMO capsule since 1997.

There are many types of cinnamon, but most contain high levels of coumarin which can be detrimental in high doses. Ceylon cinnamon (cinnamon zeylanicum) has very low levels of coumarin and can be consumed on a regular basis. Also see the Cinnamon and Honey Remedy and choose the right honey. Pure Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

What is cinnamon? Cinnamon is one of the world’s most common and popular spices but until recent surprising research few people considered it a medicinal herb. However, delving into the history of the herb reveals that its use as a medicine ranges from ancient Egypt through the Bubonic Plague. Even the modern research was prompted by reports of various health benefits from use of Ceylon cinnamon. Much like ginger root and turmeric, we seem to have another common herb in Ceylon cinnamon that would deserve wonder drug status if it were made by a drug company. The popularity of Ceylon cinnamon as a health supplement is soaring as people realize the potential benefits. Ceylon cinnamon is now our top selling herbal supplement.

Brain Function: Recent studies showed cinnamon improved memory and the ability to process information. Further studies are underway to confirm the use of the herb in improving mental function in the elderly as well as for anxiety.

Belly Fat: Abdominal fat has long been associated with high blood sugar since the digestive system tends to store excess glucose as fat there. Cinnamon allows the system to process the excess glucose and reduce belly fat possibly reducing the chances of developing blood sugar imbalances.

Blood Sugar Control: Researchers in a Maryland USDA center accidentally discovered that cinnamon, administered in apple pie of all things, reduced blood glucose levels as well as reducing cholesterol levels. Further studies confirmed the findings and much interest has developed in finding if cinnamon can help to control blood sugar.

Cholesterol: A 2003 study published in the Journal of Food Medicine showed that cinnamon improved overall cholesterol levels. The same study confirmed lower blood sugar and triglyceride levels as well. Urinary Tract and Infections: German studies indicate that cinnamon completely eliminates the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections as well as the fungus that causes infections.

Digestive Health: A Japanese study indicates that cinnamon soothes the digestive tract and helps to prevent stomach ailments.

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51 reviews for Ceylon Cinnamon Vegetarian Capsules – Digestive Health – 365mg per dose – 100 Count

  1. Debra J.


  2. Michael E.


  3. Marion K.

    Excellent products and quality products. Company replies to email questions and responds with information.

  4. Patricia M.

    As always Greenbush has excellent service & excellent prices. Happy holidays to you all!

  5. Curtis D.

    Received in 2 days! Super…

  6. Daniel R.

    Good products and service, but would be nice to get some consultation via voice.

  7. Vic M.

    My ratings say it all. This purchase was effortless and the shipping was very fast. When I need to resupply with this type of product, it will be through Greenbush.

  8. Karen M.

    I would like to be able to TALK to a person on the phone instead of only through email. It would make it much easier to get information I need. I would gladly use a regular phone number to be able to do this (not an 800 number that would cost the company money).

  9. Jeff W.


  10. Janice M.

    The items arrived in good order in a timely manner, I will not hesitate to order from this company again.

  11. John M.

    Very satisfied. Will order again.

  12. Jeanine S.

    fast and price good – PLUS NO EXCIPITENTS – the best part

  13. Ernest J.

    The speed of delivery was exceptional. The prices were good and overall a fine experience.

  14. Rosalind W.


  15. Cory P

    My father preached about this product and this manufacturer… He passed away a few years back, found 5 bottles of Ceylon Cinnamon (Greenbush) was starting to have some sugar issues and thought “ok dad i’ll give it a try” this product does work. When Greenbush was temporarily out of stock I tried a different brand, was not happy at all with the quality.

  16. Bruce P.


  17. William B.


  18. Marion K.

    I’m so glad that I found Greenbush online. It’s a first rate company with wonderful products that work!

  19. Anthony F.

    I love the product, quality, ease of use, quickness, and plenty of information so that I can educate myself. Thank you for sharing your talents, your vision, and your dedication with us about the relationship of mother nature to our body. You are One of many who will guide the new age of health and wellness. Thank you for bringing us the future, today.

  20. Barbara B.

    Greenbush.net has understated the wonderful effects of every product that I’ve purchased so far. Their customer service goes above and beyond my best expectations. Thank you so much Greenbush! Your products are as much a household staple as milk and bread. I’m one happily satisfied Greenbush customer.

  21. Renata H.


  22. Clifford M.

    The Gold standard in internet shopping. The website is non cluttered, simple to navigate. Takes me 2-3 minutes from start to finish. The shipping is THE BEST!!!; not only with the options, but PRICE and delivery. I have told other companies, specifically a camera store that uses a state in its name, to go and learn from Greenbush. They wanted to charge $125 for something that Greenbush charges $5.95. This company is GREAT!!!-

  23. Katherine M.

    Surprised by quick delivery! User-friendly website. Thanks.

  24. Jolene K.

    Short and sweet. A wonderful company. Will order from them again. Thank you!

  25. Connie K.

    I found this company by chance and was very happy with the ease of ordering, quick shipment and information included with my purchase. The prices were excellent and I plan to order from them in the future.

  26. Monique D.

    Very quick delivery and nice free gift with my order. Thank you!!

  27. Rhonda J.


  28. Jean s

    Easy purchase, Excellent Customer Service

  29. Nancy F.

    The products are terrific! I use them everyday, and already am feeling better. They were delivered faster than I thought they would be. Everything about the process was excellent. Thank you very much.

  30. Velia P

    I have always been pleased with products I purchase from Greenbush. The products are of a higher quality then those purchased in a local store, And often are discounted. Delivery is always as promised.

  31. Ernesto T

    This is my first time purchasing with this company. The overall experience is great, the information provided is helpful when it comes to making decisions about which particular product to buy. The delivery was on time as it was promised, though there was no real time way to track the package. I am now using the product for about a week now now and I feel somewhat better than before I was taking it I will update on the further results later on. There is a wide variety of products and information available. I would hope the quality remains the same. I will buy other products from this company in the very near future.

  32. Dawn C.

    Website was easy to use, the products came fast and they are excellent quality. I love the present they give you. The product worked right away. Great job!

  33. Helen C.


  34. Caesar F

    Excellent Product

  35. Kurt K.


  36. Tom S.


  37. Janet K.

    Very happy with purchase of a supplement with Greenbush. Recommend them for their quality and fast delivery.

  38. Barbara B.


  39. Erwin H.

    These folks have always been great at getting things shipped in a timely manner and the pricing is always very good.

  40. Dinko P.


  41. Kevin A.


  42. Gregory M.

    I had a great experience ordering from this site. I had some questions, and emailed customer service, and had a response sooner than I expected, and my questions were fully answered. Good and quick customer service. I will be ordering from them again in the near future.

  43. Robin B.


  44. John J.


  45. Judy M.

    I wish there was a personal phone number that I could use to ask questions about a particular product.

  46. Dinko P.

    Pricing so-so, shipping not free, response to order extraordinary.

  47. Maria K.


  48. Shabtay E.

    Great price, good service and prompt delivery.

  49. Erwin H.

    Been using them for over a year now to get organic cinnamon. Great product and the service is one of the best.

  50. Patricia B.

    Very satisfied with my purchase. Will use your site again.

  51. Chuck V.

    Best customer service on the internet . will judge the products in time ….seem like they are very promising

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