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Easy Returns

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Our alcohol-free Greenbush Fenugreek extract is great for anyone looking to naturally improve their overall vision of health and are dissatisfied with the current synthetic, alcohol-based, or expensive formulated extracts and supplements available to them.

Unlike other supplements and multi-herb formulas available in the market, our Greenbush Fenugreek extract is a natural, single-herb supplement without fillers or additives that is carefully extracted to deliver as much of the active herb, Trigonella Foenum-graecum, as possible.

No fillers or additives. No “kitchen sink” multi-herb formulas with as many as 20 ingredients. No nonsense. Just pure and potent herbs delivered in a concentrated, alcohol-free extract since 1997.

Fenugreek has a long history as a breast enhancer. It contains diosgenin and other plant elements that have been found to invigorate the breast tissue and promote an increase in the size and fullness of the breasts. Of all the herbs used for breast enlargement fenugreek has the highest concentrations of the effective plant compounds. It can be used for both oral doses and topically for massage.

Recommended Uses

Cognitive function, breast enhancement, breast health, breastfeeding, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea and digestive problems, fever, high cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood sugar, inflammation and lung disorders, sexual response in men and women. From “Prescription for Natural Healing” Balch and Balch, “The Green Pharmacy” Dr. James Duke, “Natural Health Bible” Bratman and Kroll.

Recommendations and Research*

Fenugreek contains mucilage which acts as soluble fiber soothing and lubricating the digestive tract and lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It soothes mucus membranes and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Studies have shown that fenugreek can be helpful in improving overall blood sugar control as well as blood sugar response to meals. Fenugreek is high in lecithin and choline, and contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and D. It’s particularly rich in iron and vitamins A and D. Choline and lecithin help to improve liver function and mental ability.

Fenugreek contains diosgenin and other nutrients that promote breast health and enhancement as well as improving milk flow in breastfeeding mothers. This mastogenic effect of the herb has been noted in herbal annals dating back hundreds of years. It was most recently noted in the book “The Green Pharmacy” by Dr. James Duke.

Safety Issues: Fenugreek, a commonly eaten food, has been found safe in doses up to 100 grams. It should not be consumed in high doses by pregnant women or those using medication for blood sugar control.

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290 reviews for Fenugreek Concentrated Extract – Breast health – Alcohol-Free

  1. Melinda M.

    Excellent service, GREAT information, fine products.

  2. Erin C.


  3. Phyllis F.

    I was very satified with their products and service.

  4. M. Maryon

    Greenbush are extremely speedy, efficient and quick to deal with every query on a daily basis. They are the best company I have ever dealt with to date. I cannot praise them enough. Even if there is a hiccup in the order, it’s dealt with so quickly, you really feel you matter. Obviously a great co-ordinated team.

  5. Mary K.

    I was particularly pleased that they batched two orders I sent within a few hours of each other, saving me a shipping charge. I am delighted with the quality of their service. Best of all, the products really work – I did have some scepticism about them because the reported benefits of the fenugreek etc. were a bit on the “too good to true”, but at such a low cost, I figured what’s there to lose but a relative small sum. These products work!

  6. Peggy C.


  7. Celeste B.

    Easy to order from and order received quickly–overall a good shopping experience!

  8. Joanie R.

    I’ve ordered from Greenbush twice, now. Both times, my orders have arrived very quickly, and without errors. The second time, they threw in a freebie bar of soap, which was a pleasant surprise. Also, I received a quick, friendly reply to an inquiry I emailed. It’s difficult for me to judge the quality of the products I’ve purchased due to lack of prior experience with the items, but, I sense that quality is as good as they claim.

  9. Kamisha W.

    I am very pleased with the fast delivery and privacy that I received from Greenbush Natural Products. I will order more products from them soon!!

  10. Barbara P.

    I received my order in two day! Everything I order was delivered on the same day and included all the instructions they promissed. I have told several of my friends about Greenbush and I will order from them again.

  11. Mary K.

    I am always pleased to do business with Greenbush. The order arrives promptly, the products work well.

  12. Linda O.

    Happy with service, very professional response from order stage, surprised at the speed of delivery of my order, will use your service again, Many thanks, Linda

  13. Dee D.

    Ordering from Greenbush Natural Products was a pleasant experience. I not only received my oder, in Singapore, in a week from the day I made the order, they also gave me a complementary Ginseng soap. When I e-mailed them for information on shipping charges for two different set of products, they replied almost immediately with all the information that I required. I must say that Greenbush Natural Products offesr excellent service.

  14. Diana W.

    Excellent products and prices; quick shipping.

  15. Lorna K.

    one of the best online stores ive had the pleasure to do business with and very fast!!!!!!!!

  16. Meta K.

    Your service was easy and speedy. I never thought I would get my order so quickly. I appreciated the e-mail letting me know that my order had been shipped out completely.

  17. James W.

    This was our 2nd re-order from Greenbush…We enjoyed prompt delivery, and again the special treat of Bee & Flower soap. Please forward a method of ordering the soap as it is not in your web site!!! thanks. Now , on to our purchased product. My wife recently joined a health club and was being measured for comparison to future measurements. The girl who was taking her measurements commented on “How Lucky” my wife was to have a 40″ bustline!! (we started at 38 B in some bras or 38 C in some others we are now tight in 38 C and snug in 40 C !!) this is after about 6 months with just the Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek , and Fennel ,she takes two ea. in the A.M and in the P.M. I thought she was fine before we started but I now really enjoy her appearance and shape. But most importantly she feels more “Womanly” and attractive. Thank you for a reasonably priced product that in fact works and has exceeded our expectations.

  18. Claire T.

    They were very friendly and reassuring. Also very speedy in their replies, which is great. I can’t tell you if the products work becuase ‘ve only been using it a few days, but the service was really good.

  19. Cynthia H.


  20. Jennifer Z.

    I’m was just really surprised to receive my products in less than 2 days. That calls for excellent survice. Thanks Greenbush!

  21. Katy B.

    I can’t really say much about he products themselves, since I probably need to wait to see results a little longer but I would like to add that the customer service is excellent! The reply time it took and care in answering my emailed question was fast and accurate. Please keep it up!

  22. Susan C.


  23. John M.


  24. James W.

    good site … easy to navigate… lots of info on product… prompt delivery…always a pleasant gift with your order… my last gift was bee & flower ginseng soap.. a very refreshing gift that i will order in the future…

  25. Cynthia S.

    The package arrived much faster than I thought was possible! I believe their site said the package would arrive in 3-5 days and it came in 2! Same good products I’ve received the past few months.

  26. Erin C.


  27. Melissa H.


  28. Annie N.


  29. Lisa S.

    I recieved my order quickly and also recieved an unexpected bonus gift, which I thought was very nice.

  30. Kristin S.


  31. Doris L.

    Prior to ordering from Greenbush,I’ve had some questions that needed answers. I had e-mail them and to my surprise the turn around time on the response was quick. Compliments goes to Joel who replied my e-mail questions. Couple days later, my package was delivered to me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I will definitely refer you to all my friends.

  32. Lucinda B.


  33. Terri S.


  34. Gisela C


  35. Florence M.

    I gave a three for customer service because if you have any questions or concerns you can’t speak to anyone. Outside of that I think they are excellent.

  36. Kristi B.


  37. Terry D.


  38. Philip M.

    Knowledgeable, fast, efficient, cost effective herbal product company. A pleasure to do business with Greenbush.

  39. Ella A.

    Greenbush proves with every order I receive that they are truly No. 1 in quality of products, customer service, and response to customer needs. I’ll always purchase my herbal products from Greenbush!

  40. Jolene K.

    Short and sweet. A wonderful company. Will order from them again. Thank you!

  41. Stephanie W.

    Product arrived very quickly. I am extremely pleased.

  42. Juli B.

    Good quality products & awesome customer service!!

  43. Florence M.

    One of a few companies left who actually sell great products that work extremely well. Love them.

  44. Pam W.


  45. John R.

    Outstanding customer service, rapid shipping.

  46. John A.


  47. Roger D.


  48. Sarah J.


  49. Veronique B.


  50. John R.

    Satisfied repeat customer — their excellent service is the reason I am in that category.

  51. Krystal W.

    I’m very happy with my order.It came on time!!! very pleased customer

  52. Marcia M.

    Everything about this company is excellent, from their products to their customer service to thier prices.

  53. Fred C.


  54. Valerie K.


  55. Philip H.

    What more can I say? Quality from the beginning through the end. Will always consider future purchases. “Thank you kindly”.

  56. John R.

    Outstanding service, quality merchandise and fast shipping. A triple-play merchant! Very satisfied.

  57. Ella A.

    Greenbush Natural Products provides excellent customer service: speedy delivery, up-to-date information, helpful tips, customer comments and suggestions, coupon offerings, newsletters, and quick responses to all inquiries. Their customer service enhances and supports the excellent quality and effectiveness of their products. I highly recommend this company and their products! Without a doubt, Greenbush Natural Products is the best company I have ever dealt with on the Net!!!!!!!!! Thank you Greenbush Natural Products!

  58. Melanie H.


  59. Myrna O.

    I purchased the Fenugreek seed capsules & powder to see if it can assist me to enhance my breasts.at age 45 & have had 3children you know the body changes a lot I am a large size cup 42D but I would like to go back to my 42DD from the past,There not full as they use to be & I am not comfortable wearing underwire bras just to get that affect when wearing a special occassion gown. so far I take the capsuals 3x a day & drink soymilk with the Fenugreek powder 2x a day the flavor is nice,& I can tell theses 2 products are so fresh & strong I its been 1 week ofcourse there isnt any difference yet, like everything else that is natural it will take time maybe 3 to 4 months, will see I will let you know, One thing for sure 100% true I can swear to the “Bladderwrack” I have been buying & using it faihfully for 2 Years now,I will continue to do so till my ideal weight has reached its goal. so far I have noticed I have lost a lot of weight I was 295 lbs when I first started to take the bladderwrack I had a hormonal inbalance & excessive fluids(swollen feet,hands it was unbearable, boarderline dietbetic,& No Dr’s percribed medication has helped me in the past with these problems, now in 2 years taking this Bladderwrack 3x a day I have lost 102 lbs. Now I weigh 192 lbs with out excercising extensively I no longer have a hormonal inbalance I get my regular menstral cycle, I eat healthier & I eat only when I’m hungry & stop eating when I’m full I dont over eat any more I notice my meals are smaller & I am not on any diet I eat what I want I just stay away from diet foods that are filled with Aspartame & lowfat products. I eat the real thing not cardboard or chemicals. my skin is flawless & I want to reach my ideal weight at 130 lbs. I also feel more motivated to walk 20 min. 2x a week when I walk my 2 dogs I feel lighter & healthier I find that I love to eat seedweed products,My favorite is miso soup, suchi & Udon soup with a lot of seasoned dry seaweed its so delious & most important my self-esteem has returned to me & I have a more positive outlook in life with family & I love myself again! the bladderwrack is a womens best friend in my opinion especially for women that are over 40 or overweight its been my life saver. My freinds ask me how did you loose all that weight? & they noticed that I looked younger too? I felt great when I told them they were amazed & those who aren’t open minded to try new things dont believe me, they say seedweed yuk! but its thier choice & thier loss I know they will try this once they see I continue to loose more weight & look great in more trendy fashions & for my open minded friends they too are trying this product & they noticed a big difference in thier appearance & thier health is better. Thank You! GreenBush for your great products & sincerity bless your organic fields to give you in abundance 4 many generations to come. Your Customer: Myrna from California, USA

  60. Suzanne C.


  61. Maria C.

    Service was great as always. Thank you Joel!!

  62. Limin C.


  63. Phillip G.

    Greenbush provides products of the highest quality. Their communications with customers is outstanding and the speed of delivery borders on the unbelievable. I have never dealt with a company that gives better customer service.

  64. Limin C.


  65. Jessica K.

    I’ve been ordering from Greenbush for 5 months and I have never had any problems. I really appreciate the customer service. I haven’t seen the intended results quite yet, but with Joel’s help I’m trying out different combinations of herbs to get it right. The other health benefits have been excellent.

  66. Michael H.

    It has been approximately 2 weeks since i started taking the products we ordered. So far i have not seen or felt much of a difference. However, i know someyimes products work a little differently per the individual. I will give the products another week or 2 and see if i still have little results.

  67. Syreeta R.

    I was a bit leary and hardly ever purchase online without speaking to an actual customer service rep. After reading all the great responses from satisfied customers, I had to try their products. This company has not let me down. I recieved all of my products (already on my 2nd order) as promised. Thanks Greenbush!

  68. Sha T.


  69. Allison W.


  70. Ema L.

    I like the quality/purity of their products, the prices were right. I bought some of the extracts for breast enhancement and for the cold I’ve got. They are honest about how the erbs can help, and also they sent my the explanations with the order. I’ll go with them for the rest of the treatment. Wish they would have some of the baby products too. They are my favourite. Serena, CA

  71. Debra W.

    This was my first time ordering from Greenbush and I am very happy with the promptness of the ordering & delivery process. Their herbal supplements are very high quality and I am pleased to be doing business with a company that places quality of product first and also doing business with American herb farms. I will be doing business with them again.

  72. Mary H.

    Great place to shop. Service is excellent. I placed an order and was notified immediately for verification. The order was shipped out the very next day. I received my merchandise within 3-4 days. Prices are very reasonable too.

  73. Nathaniel H.

    quick shipping, good products that work…would buy from again if it wasn’t cheaper to buy bulk herbs and make my own capsules, the free bar soap is a nice gesture as well! A company that takes care of its customers will be around a long time. Thanks

  74. Robert P.

    Great products, quick delivery, cheap shipping, great customer service.. What else could you ask for! R.Price

  75. Steve H.

    Greenbush provided excellent customer service by answering my questions thoroughly in posthaste fashion. I highly recommend their products and service to all who desire an excellent product combined with excellent customer service.

  76. Jack C.

    well satisfied

  77. Bennie A.

    Greenbush rules! Not only are their prices reasonable, but Ive also received a speedy delivery on all my orders. The Greenbush websites detailed product information is also impressive… Now, I feel like Ive learned a lot about herbs.! Thanks, Ill be back… again, and again.

  78. Tom D.


  79. Tom D.


  80. Mark W.


  81. Leslie B.


  82. Winnae W.

    Wonderful company. Excellent products. Have ordered from them before and will continue to do so in the future.

  83. Kayla F.

    When I had a question about the product I bought, I emailed the company and someone emailed me back the next day.

  84. Jody H.


  85. Marguerite G.

    i always enjoy shopping with Greenbush natural products because the products work and i get my order in three days.

  86. Tom D.


  87. Keehoon C.


  88. Iraida G.


  89. Iraida G.


  90. Amanda G.

    Super great company! Always on time with their quality products!

  91. Winnae W.

    Excellent delivery timing. The US address I shipped to received it the very next day. I do, however, have a problem with their not shipping internationally. They may be turning away a whole lot of business based on that alone . . . I find that many US based business do not give their customers the option of international shipping. If they did, they will find their business head and tails ahead of others. They are limiting their customer base by marketing only to people in the USA. Theres a whole world out there you know.

  92. Dick H.


  93. Jody H.

    Love your products.

  94. Stelli D.

    I still can not believe how fast my Greenbush order got here—— NOW if Greenbush carried the other items I ordered from co x ,that was ordered the same time ,that showed up allmost a week later. Even with the price differnce I would use Greenbush for all my herbs & vitamins.

  95. Aurora F.

    I have shopped at this merchant for several years. Always top quality products at fare prices and excellent shipping and customer service. Thank you.

  96. Allison G.

    Always prompt and efficient.

  97. Rana K.


  98. David A.


  99. Stelli D.

    I placed my order with Green bush and another company at the same time— Greenbush got here 5 days ahead of the other company—- but the prices seem a little high– Perhaps their quality is better ?? but the price was almost double on some items. For sure I will use them when it is time to order again–

  100. Donna F.


  101. Kimberly W.

    Very helpfull if and when needed. Web site contains great information on products and useage, customer service is quick with responses. I must admit that the company puts the quality back into whats missing with customer service, and kudos to the company also. Your employees wouldnt be good if they were not treated good (somthing alot of companies loose site of).

  102. Alma S.

    I am very happy with the quailty of the products at Greenbush.

  103. Basel A.


  104. Sherri M.

    GreenBush Natural products has a little of everything it seems and they have high quality stuff and shipping is no problem,many options. As for customer service they are a-ok,Joel has an answer for everything it seems. I am sure he has heard some strange or wierd questions but he will get back to you right away and that cant be beat. Bottom line is you cant go wrong here. I have used them for more than a year and problem free.

  105. Alan P.


  106. Sarita R.


  107. Sir M.


  108. Jo Ann B.

    Since becoming a customer of Greenbush Natural Products, I have had nothing but good experiences. Their products are what I expect them to be and more; I have used Greenbushs products for weight loss, breast health, hair growth, and overall health. I have even recommended Greenbush Natural Products to my friends and family. I have even e-mailed my questions and received prompt and freindly responses. And my packages come so quickly! I plan to be a lifetime customer of Greenbush Natural Products.

  109. Donald R.


  110. Alan B.


  111. James P.


  112. Lisa R.

    Great product, price, and service!

  113. Stephanie J.


  114. Jennifer K.

    The delivery was very prompt, the tea bags are delicious and convenient, and I enjoyed reading the packet/newletter. The tea powders were so much finer than I had expected, and they dont have zippers to close em 🙁 but everything else was great!!

  115. Sonja B.


  116. Yennywati G.


  117. Lori D.

    I used Greenbush to order some herbs. Website was very informative and ordering was simple. I received my package very quickly. I will use this company again.

  118. Donna T.

    When I ordered from Greenbush, I immediately received an e-mail confirmation with an order number. That always makes me feel good because I always worry about buying online. I also was advised when my order was shipped. I received my order in good shape and received exactly what was offered and what I expected. I will buy from this vendor again in the near future.

  119. Paul D.

    As with prior orders, Greenbush has handled my order in a quick and efficient manner. Got what I ordered, got it quick, great quality products, and with an informative newsletter to boot. Im very satisfied with Greenbush.

  120. Felicia D.

    Fast shipping. Good selection of products. Shipping could be cheaper. It makes ordering a small quantity too expensive.

  121. Rena C.


  122. Carol D.


  123. Tamiraa G.


  124. Richard B.


  125. Cheryl P.


  126. Iris S.


  127. Paul D.

    I recently purchased a number of items from Greenbush Natural Products and was very pleased with the quick shipment time, the low prices, and the high level of quality products I received. I will most certainly be spending more money at Greenbush in the future, and put this company at the top of the chart for customer satisfaction. Hassle free shopping, prompt shipping, low prices, and high quality products. What more can a customer ask for?

  128. Mariana J.


  129. Ann H.

    I will be ordering from this company again… Ann

  130. Reena D.

    Greenbush has been very quick to respond to my orders. I have also received anything I ordered from Greenbush in 3 to 5 days. They have excellent service. I will definitely be using them again for my herbal purchases. Thank you Gteenbush.

  131. Tifphany H.


  132. Nancy F.

    This is an excellent Company. I placed my order on a Wednesday morning and I received it on Friday afternoon. I am also pleased to see that the product is sealed properly, is fresh, and is not close to the expiration date. Other companies sometimes send products that are not sealed properly or are due to expire before you have a chance to use it all. I order many natural products in bulk so I need an expiration date a couple of years away because I take herbs only when needed. Greenbush did not send me old products almost ready to expire. Their fresh products give me the freedom to use up the entire product. I will definitely order from Greenbush again.

  133. Genevieve M.

    Greenbush always delivers their goods very quickly. I get it within 3 days. I also get confirmation immediately after Ive ordered it online. The goods are always packages well. Im very satisfied with them. They have excellent service.

  134. Sy S.

    i love greenbush products! i use the enhancement products. before i bought with them, i looked through the website and there were so many happy customers. plus, the customer service is excellent. they answer your questions between 24-48 hours of emailing them. the answers are always complete, thorough and honest. the shipping came 3 days after i placed the order. i will definately do business with them again.

  135. Chrystal D.


  136. Kimberly W.


  137. Kimberly M.


  138. Kimberly W.

    I was really impressed at how quick I received the merchandise I ordered. I put in the order on a Friday night and received on Monday. Thanks Greenbush! I will be orderin from you again.

  139. Richard T.


  140. Tonya F.


  141. Amy D.

    Very quick and helpful response to my email question. Order arrived very quickly.

  142. Evelyn J.

    The product line is high quality and very reasonably priced. I have yet to find a better price on any comparable item (especially when you take actual dosage into consideration, not just number of tablets!). Greenbush is always extremely prompt with their shipments, answers inquiries within a few hours and will go out of their way to make your transaction easy. If they dont normally stock something, they will find it for you without gouging you on price. I have ordered from them MANY times. Only once have I encountered a mistake. They shipped an item I didnt order and shorted my order (the items had similar names). The item I was lacking was shipped IMMEDIATELY–within an hour–upon notification and they didnt bother me with returning the mistakenly shipped item. I would recommend them to anyone interested in herbal products.

  143. Catherine L.


  144. Richard T.


  145. Maria M.


  146. Leslie B.

    Always great service and fast shipping.

  147. Margaret B.


  148. Amy N.


  149. Lisa M.

    The products were very affordable which made a great difference. I got my order just a few days after I placed it. Ive been using the products now for a little over a week. Hopefully it will work good enough to place a testimonial soon! Thanks!

  150. Mary H.

    Do not send any personal information about me. No profanity. Do not pass on any information about me to anyonel. Great Service

  151. Nakia D.


  152. Susan M.


  153. Jaime L.

    This is my second purchase from Greenbush. Great service. Prompt shipment and careful packaging to ensure products arrive in good condition. Ive asked a couple of questions after my purchases (both this and the previous) and always received a prompt response. My only comment with the website is when I continue shopping, items added to my basket disappears when I click the continued shopping button; using the back button took care of that. Overall, I would still rate this merchant excellent.

  154. Latoya T.

    Greenbush is an excellent source for natural herbs! Ordering was a snap and I recieved it righton time. The herbs came in discreet shipping and I loved the free gift! Thanks! i started on the herbs right away and only two weeks later, I saw a huge difference!!! Ill be re-ordering soon! I just love your products and the way you conduct your business! just think, in a few more weeks, Ill have Breast!!!!!

  155. Maria C.

    Greenbush is always great. I placed my order on a Friday afternoon and it was delivered on Monday!! I live in Vermont. I expected to get it on Tuesday maybe, but not that soon!! I love their products and service they provide!! They are the best. A lot of other companies out there need to be like Greenbush. Thanks again Greenbush!!

  156. Eunice A.


  157. Kimberly H.

    Greenbush is fantastic and I will continue to purchase their products – I cannot believe how quickly I received my order this last time! Their website and the printed literature and info they send with their products are helpful, honest and direct – no mumbo-jumbo claims or vague language like you get with a lot of similar companies. Thank you to the folks at Greenbush – keep up the great work!!

  158. Pamela B.


  159. Cara D.


  160. Susan M.


  161. Patty S.


  162. Cynthia G.

    The products that you sell are rich with the needed herbs nothing extra which cost more and take longer to recieve results. I am very pleased with the potency of the products. I am also pleased with the time of delivery, the products are sent within one to two days after order is placed, that was very impressive to me. And last the customer service could be improved by giving the customer a telephone number to call because I almost did not buy anything from the company. I felt as if the company was hiding something suspicious even, it also felt impersonal and if the company did not care enough about what they were selling to give a garantee through word of mouth using live customer service. I did not know if it was a fraud trying to rip peoples off or what. Another thing, I was not happy with the first reponse I got through e-mail, the comment made by one of your representive stating that I was a little defensive kind of rubbed me wrong. I really was being defensive I was just being careful. The second time I expressed a problem/concern through e-mail, the experience was a little better, I did get a quick response and good customer service at that point I begain to feel better about doing business with the company. I was displeased because I did not get my free product using the coupon given and because I did not have a customer service telephone number. My free gift was sent and I did eventually got a telephone number from my bank to whom the company recieved payment from to call. I have not call so I do not know if it works or is it a fax maching. I wished that company would care enough about their products and customers to give a customer service number. Some people prefer talking to a person if they plan to spend a lot of money, it just feels more personal, a since of trust is developed. I guess Im trying to say that not having a customer service number almost cost you a good customer. Please reconsider about given a customer service number to those customers who feel a need to have it. Thanks for your time and attention.

  163. Kris S.

    I have just placed my 3rd order within a month from this company and I have NOTHING but high praise for my experience. Ordering is a breeze, delivery has been faster than I have expected (I havent said that much about any company, ever), and the follow up by the company to my questions has been phenominal. I actually feel like Im dealing with real people – instead of my usual feeling of dealing with massive companies who just dont care. I will definitely continue my customer relationship with Greenbush Natural Products – bypass the companies that claim cheeper — because cheeper isnt always better! – K J S

  164. Mike M.

    Herbs arrived quickly. Thank you!

  165. Kimberly H.

    Excellent products, reasonable prices and an easy to use web site with lots of relevant information – what a nice online experience! I received my order much faster than I expected and it was both complete and correct! I will absolutely continue to do purchase from this company and will recommend them to friends, too. Thank you, Greenbush!

  166. Donna F.


  167. Kimberleigh M.

    Wow…you dont find excellent service like this anymore! The website is great, the products are of excellent quality, and the customer service is nothing short of phenomenal. Joel is fabulous and so helpful and quick to respond to questions and inquiries. Every time I have ordered I have received my herbs very quickly and in excellent condition. If I have a question, it is answered very quickly and with warmth and a friendly and helpful attitude. This is so nice! Great informaiton is sent with each order. It is a pleasure to conduct business with Greenbush and I will be a customer for life. THANK YOU!

  168. Kristin O.

    I have been very pleased with Greenbush.They have fair prices and excellent customer service. I emailed with some questions and got a reply the same day, which was surprising, and I really appreciated it. One suggestion I would offer would be to update their product testimonials every couple of months if possible. For those of us who dont have immediate response to the Enhancement herbs, it would be nice to be able to read more from other women who have been longer-term users with good results. Overall, the company is great!

  169. Elizabeth S.

    and very high quality products. From now on, Ill always prefer dealing with Greenbush to GNC! The prices are very good. Thanks 🙂

  170. Diane B.


  171. Andrea H.

    great overall experience. everything shipped in 3 days, as stated.

  172. Sharon S.

    As always, the products were delivered promptly, and are meeting expectations. Greenbush always has and always will be the greatest vendor on the web.

  173. Maura H.


  174. Kyung P.

    As always, incredibly quick shipping. Thank you for your extraordinary customer service and great products!

  175. Susan D.


  176. Thomas C.

    Fast delivery, good quality products, even answer email quickly, and quite friendly.

  177. William B.


  178. Phyllis P.

    I’m a devoted shopper, recommend to everyone to shop here first. Better service and info.

  179. Shanne K.


  180. Barbara Z.

    Excellent products & customer service! I wish everyone were this good.

  181. Christine A.

    I’ve ordered from Greenbush Natural Products twice, and always have experienced prompt shipment and excellent customer service… I highly recommend them!!

  182. L. Abrams


  183. Kristin G.


  184. Monica D.


  185. Devin S.

    There are few companies that you can go to and get personal assistance, let a lone online companies that offer such help. But Greenbush did just that. They were beyond incredibly helpful in answering any and ALL questions. I will be a regular customer with them and have already told friends and family about there great customer assistance and speedy delivery (at a very low cost).

  186. Mike G.

    I was very pleased with my ordering experience. Due to a US Post Office error, my order was returned to Greenbush as undeliverable. Greenbush contacted me immediately, told me what happened and asked me to verify my address. I corrected MY problem with the Post Office, and Greenbush re-shipped that day, and then checked to see I got it. I will definitely order again from Greenbush Natural Products again.

  187. Gabriele S.

    This is one of many orders placed with Greenbush Natural Products and I have never been disappointed. Everything arrives on time, intact, and with specific notations if necessary. Customer service is the best.

  188. Josephine B.


  189. Timothy C.


  190. Kelly B.

    This company is an amazing, wonderful, super, company!!!!! I love them and would recommend them to everyone I know!!!

  191. Terry S.

    Joel at Greenbush was very helpful. Quick to respond to questions that I had. My products arrived 4 days after I placed my order.

  192. Joan M.

    Great customer service regarding prompt, courteous replies and EXTREMELY FAST shipping. I have never been treated so well by a company before. Hope Greenbush keeps up the great work and super employess. This is a rare company — obviously with a very “together” management team. I always believe that you’re only as good as top management!

  193. Sharon G.

    Extremely professional. Great products! Will be a faithful customer.

  194. Cathy O.

    A Wonderful place to shop and is full of helpful information. And a great Staff to help with what ever is on your mind. My favorite on the Net. Shipping was so fast and correct!

  195. Jennifer S.

    Fastest shipping I have seen! Emails were responded to personally and speedily. This appears to be a well organized company with whom I have no hesitation about doing business with in the future. They even enclused free tea bags to help me use my herbs more effectively! What a bonus. Thanks to all at Greenbush for wonderful service. I wish all my internet purchases went as well.

  196. Sharla L.


  197. Elbert T.


  198. Leslie B.

    This was my second order that I received from Greenbush. My order was sent to me within 3 days. I will order again from Greenbush because I’ve used their products before and they are quality products. They have a very informative website, and you can always email them with any questions and they do answer you promptly. I have used their breast enlargement kit and have had great results. Keep up the good work!

  199. Julie S.

    I was a little confused when looking at the choices,so I emailed Greenbush & they responded quickly over the weekend. I received my order in Fla on Weds.So they had to have jumped through hoops to get it here, or be very organized, either way I was glad to get the products so quickly. I would not hesitate to order from them again.

  200. Trisha G.

    I have ordered three times from Greenbush now, and each time, I have received wonderful service from them. They always ship your order promptly and it arrives quickly and correctly. My orders have always been correct the first time. I have never had any problems whatsoever. It’s been really great, and I keep ordering from them because it is so easy.

  201. Steven M.

    Prices are reasonable. Delivery was faster than expected both times have ordered. The quality and packaging is very good. I just wish larger than 300 count quanties were available.

  202. Shannon G.

    I appreciate that they provide all natural products, unlike so many other health/natural products which use toxic fillers. I also appreciate the freedom of being able to purchase a single herbal product in a capsule rather than having to take an herbal cocktail in a capsule. This lets me decide what works best for me. They are the first company I’ve found which does this. They are also affordable, fast delivery & excellent quality!

  203. Andrea P.

    I received my products faster than I would have expected. They always get my order right, and they get it to me fast. Also, when I had a question regarding a product, they replied promptly and intelligently. Their product line – excellent! Their service – superb! Greenbush is an excellent merchant.

  204. Pamela T.


  205. Cynthia M.

    It is great doing business with Greenbush. Their products really work and the service is great.

  206. Tony P.

    Thank you for another great ordering experiance. I now have the comfidence to order over the net so thankyou once again

  207. Sharon S.

    Not only does Greenbush always ship exactly what was ordered in the timeframe they promise, they encourage repeat business through their friendly service and the extra surprises in each package!

  208. Kimberley M.

    They were extremely knowledgeable about their products, very helpful. Shipping was great, price was excellent, responded to my questions within 24 hours. I will definitely use them again as well as recommend them to my friends!!

  209. Jia M.

    The best service I have ever had!!!!!!!

  210. Elizabeth F.

    FANTASTIC SERVICE with both prompt shipping AND immediate order confirmation via e-mail!!!

  211. Tina K.

    On line ordering was safe I had no problems. Shipping was very fast. Products are working and I would definetely order from them again,.

  212. Tammy H.


  213. Sharon S.

    As always, Greenbush shipped exactly the right product within the timeframe they set for themselves. All businesses should be run this well!!!

  214. Margaret D.


  215. Rebecca T.

    Ordering and questions are all handled quickly and accurately.

  216. Mar P.

    Easy order change via email – well done!

  217. Laura C.

    Actually, it wasn’t better than I expected. I expected them to be just as terrific this order as they were the last one; and they were! They are always helpful and fast, and send exactly what I order, even when I change it at the last minute – Thanks Guys 🙂 They could have charged me extra shipping for the additional product but they didn’t. Greenbush is GREAT!

  218. Melanie N.


  219. Shalene D.

    I am a new member of Greenbush products and at first I thought it was just another way for someone to make money. BUT!!! In 3 short days I recieved the items that I ordered. I figured, I ordered it so I may as well try it. I take two pills per day; one in the morning and one at night. In 3 to 4 days I started noticing my breasts beginning to get full. At first I thought it was my imagination but when my mother came home from work as I was putting on clothes, she had to ask me was I pregnant. “No! I’m just taking Fenugreek Pills from Greenbush Natural Products!!”

  220. Amanda A.

    I loved having my order shipped so quickly. I was afraid to order anything online because I thought it would cause a flood of junk e-mail to rush in, but that was not the case with Greenbush Natural Products. I would definatley refer friends and family to them. I was pleased in that not only did I receive my exact order, but they also sent a beauty bar as an extra free gift. I loved the customer service that I received.

  221. Suzanne N.


  222. Namju L.


  223. Andrea B.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the speedy service you guys provided. The products I order got to me on time. I’ve been taking them for two weeks now and I’m already seeing the results. Thanks a bunch!

  224. Gus G.


  225. Melissa J.

    Is there a discount for repeat orders?

  226. Heather R.


  227. Gwen I.

    This is my second Greenbush order. This company not only has a site with detailed information but delivers its product as promised and they confirm your order by email immediately. This is the most efficient ordering experience I have encountered over the web. Way to go Greenbush!!!!

  228. Bernadine H.

    The service was speedy and accurate each time I ordered.They also send a little sample of some unexpected item. This has also been fun. My only complaint is that I don’t know where to order the new stuff I sampled. Theywere that good,not some garbage throw-aways.GREENBUSH IS NUMBER ONE

  229. Cathy S.


  230. Tisha W.


  231. Joe B.


  232. Mary L.

    Everything was wonderful as usual. Order was complete and arrived in record time.

  233. Junko T.


  234. Erdene G.


  235. Elizabeth H.

    I can’t believe how fast I got my order!

  236. Kimberly B.

    Ordering was very easy and quick- shipping was also very quick!!

  237. Ann O.

    They are super fast in shipping and the products are great!

  238. Ann O.

    They are super fast in shipping and the products are great!

  239. Stanley P.

    The order was received in good time. But, when does the product start to work? My wife has some doubts about the product. Since starting the beginning of February, 2001, we thought there would be some noticeable changes. So far, the results are not as advertised. If we were asked to refer Greenbush products, we could not do it.

  240. Stanley P.

    The order was received in good time. But, when does the product start to work? My wife has some doubts about the product. Since starting the beginning of February, 2001, we thought there would be some noticeable changes. So far, the results are not as advertised. If we were asked to refer Greenbush products, we could not do it.

  241. Barbara S.


  242. Belia C.


  243. Shelley D.


  244. Paul S.


  245. Daphne M.

    Shipping was extremely fast, especially for an APO address. The small gifts they included were a great surprise! Excellent product!

  246. Karen C.


  247. Colleen M.


  248. Lyla S.

    I ordered on Thursday night and received them on Monday by mail, 3 day delivery as expected. The products are great, the herbs don’t upset my stomache like other herbal pills do, because of course there are NO fillers (like sand or antifreeze). I ordered the Breast Enlargement herbs, Kit #2 plus and extra package of Fenugreek powder and Fenugreek seeds to eat the sprouts (I haven’t done the sprouts yet because I tend to kill plants and want to make sure I do everything right) and boost the hormone levels even more. I have used the fenugreek in tea, lotion massage and I am taking all the capsules. I felt it working in the first week – although resolutes are not quite visible yet. However, I believe that the loose skin that I was showing due to weight loss in the breasts have now gone away after the first week and I believe the outsides of my breasts are filling in so the change is happening. And I can feel it, tingling in the first week and sore like when I was breast feeding (2 children, 7 and 3 now) and the milk was coming – however that feeling has long since subsided. I really believe that this is the stuff, I did some research before I just jumped in an purchased and found that some of the other products don’t even contain Fenugreek – however, everything I had read said that it was the best herb for the job. No more pancake style breasts for me – try it and feel the change. I am and will keep greenbush updated.

  249. Elisabeth H.


  250. Leslie H.

    greenbush products are the best in the market and the prices are very competive

  251. Karen C.


  252. Karen J.

    I received my product within 2 days of placing my order. This is so much faster than all the other companies I have shopped with!

  253. Lisa M.

    So far so good. In the 3 months that I have been taking the herbs my breast size has increased by 1 1/2 inches. I have no idea if this increase is going to be temporary or not. So far no problems.

  254. Soo K.

    I had to change my shipping address, and they were friendly and helped me. I received exactly what I had ordered and the package was fine. They even sent me a gift. I would definitely order again.

  255. Linda R.

    My husband said he can tell a difference in the size and firmness of my breast already.

  256. Tracey G.


  257. Mary L.

    Very professional and down to earth people to deal with. I will remain a customer for life!

  258. Mary H.


  259. Belia C.


  260. Edward S.


  261. Tracey G.

    I have ordered twice and everything has been sent quickly and well packaged. The quality of the product is great!

  262. Melita D.


  263. Kris T.

    I received my order in three days, every time I ordered. All my questions were answered via email within a day! I have never had better service from any company.

  264. Jennifer W.

    The service was fine and delivery was timely. However, the product (herbal supplements to stimulate mamogenesis) did not work. I followed the regimen strickly for 3 months with no notable change in bust size. I was hoping for a much different outcome.

  265. Fred S.

    the products arrived in the time frame that Greenbush had promised. the products was securily wrapped and shipped accurately

  266. Amy R.

    So far I say excellent when it comes the service and I love the soaps they are the best!!- however, I am not continuing to have any results from the herbs- at first my breasts were firmer and I am quite small- 32 A to be exact. so the firmness helped and nopw I am 32 1/2 which is better but what can I do to get better results. I would love to be a “B” would love to be a “c-cup” but I know that is asking a lot. I need some tips on the whole Feugreek powder massaging into the breasts- can you help?? Overall- I love your service, prompt and very friendly!- which is a great experience and it is not even over the phone- amazing… Thank You!

  267. Melissa G.

    They are absolutely wonderful products. The ease of ordering and the value of the products, along with the customer service is by far unsurpassed!!!

  268. Charlotte B.

    This was my second order from greenbush and they were very helpful and very quick service once again.

  269. Jeff O.

    Wouldn’t let my credit card go threw for the order that I really wanted, even though there was plenty of money available.

  270. Gina K.


  271. Debi R.

    This is my second order. They are lightening fast with delivery. Everything came in perfect condition.

  272. Eileen O.

    Third time ordering.Order always arrives faster than I would think possible. Product is high quality, no complaints.

  273. J. Forbes


  274. Steven S.


  275. Catherine D.

    Every ordering experience has been a positive one. The products are of a very high quality. I will continue to order my herbal supplements from Greenbush!

  276. Stephanie G.

    nicely packaged thank you

  277. Leah W.


  278. Lindsey H.


  279. MaryAnn D.

    Products were shipped very quickly and I will order again from Greenbush. :0)

  280. Lynnette C.

    The website answered all my questions and questions I hadn’t thought of. My purchase arrived VERY discreetly in 3 days or less. The products seem to be working and I got a quick and courteous response to my questions when I contacted Greenbush. I had a very positive experience with Greenbush. This is my second order from Greenbush and I will order from them again.

  281. Hillary S.


  282. Linda L.


  283. Lindsay O.

    I got my shipment when they said I would and I could start taking the product within a few days of ordering it.

  284. Tina H.

    Super fast shipping and the packaging was great! All this on top of a great product!

  285. T. Cardoni


  286. Rebecca T.

    All the products came to me on time and in good condition, but I have yet to see any results. I have been taking it for two months now and nothing has changed!!

  287. Jane T.


  288. Gina K.


  289. John M.


  290. Teresa M.

    I still have not seen any changes yet. I hope to see some soon or I will probably loose hope. I am taking my pills, massages, and tea. Do you have any other suggestions?

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