Turmeric Vegetarian Capsules – 540mg per capsule – 100 Count

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Our Greenbush Turmeric capsules are for anyone looking to naturally boost their immune system and are dissatisfied with the current synthetic or expensive formulated supplements available to them. Unlike these supplements and multi-herb formulas available on the market, our Greenbush Turmeric capsules are a natural, single-herb supplement without fillers or additives that is created to deliver as much of the active herb, Curcuna longa, as possible in each dose.

No fillers or additives. No “kitchen sink” multi-herb formulas with as many as 20 ingredients. No nonsense. Just pure and potent herbs delivered in a vegetarian, Non-GMO capsule since 1997.

Health Benefits

Joint support and pain management, inflammation, blood sugar support, memory, brain function, and mental clarity.

Turmeric is the yellow spice used in curry and mustard and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a cleansing tonic and adaptogenic herb. This “cousin” of ginger root has recently gained widespread popularity in the U.S as more people become aware of its therapeutic values. Turmeric can be taken for management of occasional pain & stiffness and for the many other health benefits of the herbs. Adding pepper of any kind increases the properties of the herb. Many people add Cayenne capsules to their pain management program. Simply add one capsule to each of your three daily doses of turmeric. You can also add more black pepper to your daily diet.

We all know Turmeric as the colorful spice used to make mustard yellow. Some of us know it as one of the savory ingredients in curry dishes. Until recently, most of us didn’t know Turmeric is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a cleansing tonic and adaptogenic herb. This “cousin” of ginger root has recently gained widespread popularity in the U.S as more people become aware of its therapeutic values for pain support and cognitive support in the elderly.

There are now a thousand varieties of Turmeric supplements, some adding this or that to try to stand out. The fact is, what you really need is pure whole turmeric with no additives. As Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of Integrative Medicine at U of A Medical states, “My preference is for whole turmeric, rather than isolated curcumin, because I believe in the synergy of all active elements in botanical medicines.” So try the real thing for real results today. Through an explosion of research, it is becoming apparent that Turmeric can be effective against most forms of inflammation including the inflammation that accompanies brain plaques that lead to cognitive decline in the elderly. It should be part of the daily diet of anyone facing this in the aging process.

Areas of the world where Turmeric is consumed on a daily basis show lower rates of many serious illnesses. As new research emerges it becomes more and more apparent that Turmeric is an essential element in any diet aiming to slow the progression of the pain and illnesses of aging.


82 reviews for Turmeric Vegetarian Capsules – 540mg per capsule – 100 Count

  1. Marion K.

    Excellent products and quality products. Company replies to email questions and responds with information.

  2. Rhonda J.


  3. Holger L.

    Excellent source of herbs and meds.

  4. Ted H.

    recieved product the next day

  5. Yola A.

    I like this company and their honesty and their product.

  6. Thomas G.

    I’ve placed two orders with Greenbush to date and have no complaints.

  7. Thomas C.

    Great service. Super fast delivery as usual. Perfect.

  8. Curtis D.

    Very fast and helpful!

  9. shelly

    I have been purchasing for nearly 10 years! High quality, low cost herbs that work! thank You Greenbush

  10. Janet S.


  11. Larry M.

    as usual, quality products and very quick service…thanks.

  12. Thomas G.

    Overall, this company is serious about offering healthy products. We are well pleased with our order and will order this (and other items) again from Greenbush Natural Products.

  13. Karen J.

    I recently bought Enhancement Blend Capsules from Greenbush. The overall service was excellent. I was sent an email confirmation of the purchase I had ordered online. The total price was charged to my credit card and the product arrived in the mail on time and appropriately packaged. I am very pleased.

  14. Jeff W.

    So far, I’ve made two purchases from Greenbush Natural Products, and I could not be happier with their quality and timely service. I plan on a long term relationship with this company, from what they offer, and how they take care of you.

  15. Zoeanne D.

    I was very pleased with the service. It was easy to place an order and it arrived promptly. I would appreciate not receiving information sheets related to sex herbs. Some people want that I understand, but I don’t. I do intend to use their services again. Pure products are important to me as is price. Thank you Greenbush.

  16. Jose G.


  17. Donna F.

    I was very impressed with this Natural Products Co. (Greenbush) They were very helpful and I highly recommend them.

  18. Ernest J.

    The speed of delivery was exceptional. The prices were good and overall a fine experience.

  19. Artis C.


  20. Jose V.


  21. David S

    This company has QUALITY products. I have told many people and now they buy products from Greenbush. All of my friends that have bought are pleased with Greenbush and their products.

  22. Jose G.


  23. Curtis D.

    Received in 2 days! Super…

  24. Karen O.


  25. Lisa B.


  26. Robert L.

    Their product was as described and shipping was fast. I would order from them again.

  27. Lillian W.


  28. Sylvia T.

    Greenbush gave me a quick response to all my questions so that I could make the best decision on quantity and price. I received my package promptly. Thanks Greenbush!

  29. Carolyn C.


  30. Isabella C.


  31. Elizabeth M.

    Easy search and order process, prices are ok, shipping is very fast, usually 2 days delivery after order. Products are excellent, website could be a bit better organized, especially the first homepage – more options for direct jumping would be nice. I wish more merchants would be this easy to deal with. One wish: Since I order the same every 3 months I would like to have a quick order option like Repeat Last Order, so I don’t have to search around for the same products everytime. Any bonuses available for frequent buyers? Also a secure memory of my payment & shipping details would make life easier. Overall excellent in all aspects for years now!

  32. Jill R.

    Top Quality products, super fast shipping, wonderful customer service. I will be a life long customer!

  33. Jan A.


  34. Sharon C.


  35. Daniel F.


  36. Eva M.


  37. Can N.


  38. Keith M.

    Great products that work. Love the liquid concentrated Green Tea, the Tumeric and Curcumin, and garlic this stuff really works. Fast shipping and great service. I buy alot of stuff online -I highly reccomend these people.

  39. Doris P.


  40. Annette S.

    The product I ordered was very fairly priced and cost much less than I expected. My order arrived well packed and I was surprised that it was delivered so quickly. Prior to ordering I had emailed the company with questions. Joel’s reply arrived the same day and was polite and informative. I was a little unsure about ordering and was skeptical about the quality of the product based on the low price. Joel’s quick and courteous response reassured me and helped me make the decision. I’m so glad I found Greenbush and am already planning my next order to try other supplements. Thank you Greenbush!

  41. Mary S.


  42. David K.

    Excellent transaction, highly recommend.

  43. Sheila F.

    The best prices I have found on the purest herbs on the web.speedy delivery and big variety of items from which to choose.my order arrived within two days of ordering them.i was very pleased with all the items I ordered.

  44. David K.

    Excellent transaction. Great products. Highly recommend!

  45. David K.

    Excellent transaction. Great products. Highly recommend!

  46. J. Nira


  47. Judy M.

    I wish there was a personal phone number that I could use to ask questions about a particular product.

  48. Theresa Z.

    Perfect service

  49. Donna D.


  50. Gladys A.


  51. Jimmy S.


  52. J. Nira


  53. Kathleen M.


  54. Nancy H.

    This purchase was so easy and nice compared to things I have ordered from other sites. Thank you for your products and amazing service. I WILL purchase again!

  55. Dessa W.


  56. Rebekah F.

    I don’t ever write reviews but the quality of the Supplements I ordered is amazing, so I knew I had to write one. I have noticed a real difference in the way I feel since I started the Licorice, Ginger Root and Turmeric Supplements and that is saying a lot for me, so thank you.

  57. J. Nira


  58. Barbara B.


  59. Robert F.


  60. Barbara B.


  61. Clifford M.

    The Gold standard in internet shopping. The website is non cluttered, simple to navigate. Takes me 2-3 minutes from start to finish. The shipping is THE BEST!!!; not only with the options, but PRICE and delivery. I have told other companies, specifically a camera store that uses a state in its name, to go and learn from Greenbush. They wanted to charge $125 for something that Greenbush charges $5.95. This company is GREAT!!!-

  62. Patricia M.

    As always Greenbush has excellent service & excellent prices. Happy holidays to you all!

  63. Marion K.

    I’m so glad that I found Greenbush online. It’s a first rate company with wonderful products that work!

  64. Daniel R.

    Good products and service, but would be nice to get some consultation via voice.

  65. Lisa O.

    I’m very happy with my purchase. I will return to re-order more products in the future.

  66. Randolph O.


  67. Louis M.


  68. Nancy F.

    The products are terrific! I use them everyday, and already am feeling better. They were delivered faster than I thought they would be. Everything about the process was excellent. Thank you very much.

  69. Marion K.

    Top shelf merchant.

  70. Sandra B.

    Speedy delivery and well packed. Someone was caring and thoughtful to include little bags of wonderful tea. Extremely pleased with their products.

  71. Chushan H.

    Excellent Service.

  72. Daniel L.

    Really happy with the quality. Won’t be buying my herbs anywhere else.

  73. Thomas W.


  74. James T.

    These folks are great. A rare find in this market.

  75. Janine R.


  76. Diane T.

    I am very pleased with Greenbush products and their literature which details their products. I am happy as can be that I found them on the Internet and decided to see what they were all about. I give them high marks and have no problems whatsoever recommending the store to my friends and coworkers and family members. Their products do the job they are meant to do and no one can be more pleased than I am with the high quality of the products available through Greenbush Natural Products.

  77. Chau D.

    It was for me an easy transaction with timely delivery. Thank you.

  78. Michael N.


  79. Yolanda S.

    I love Greenbush Natural Products, I have always been completely satisfied with this product!

  80. Linda M.

    I have been ordering from GB for many years now, and no matter when I order they have the fastest order processing and shipping than anyone! I have never had a problem with an order. Also the quality of their products can not be beat for the price. Thank you GB for quality products with great service.

  81. Doris P.


  82. Bonita M.

    I don’t remember products coming in liquid, rather than capsules. It would be more convenient to administer liquids if directions indicated how many drops, since bottle top is a dropper, RATHER THAN HAVING TO FIND OR BUY A 1/8 TSP MEASURE SPOON! (CAPS UNINTENDED)

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