Wild Yam Concentrated Extract – 4oz – Women’s Reproductive Health – Alcohol-Free

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Our alcohol-free Greenbush Wild Yam extract is great for women looking to naturally support their overall hormone balance and reproductive health issues but are dissatisfied with the current synthetic, alcohol-based, or expensive formulated extracts and supplements available to them.

Unlike other supplements and multi-herb formulas available in the market, our Greenbush Wild Yam extract is a natural, single-herb supplement without fillers or additives that is carefully extracted to deliver as much of the active herb, Dioscorea villosa, as possible.

No fillers or additives. No “kitchen sink” multi-herb formulas with as many as 20 ingredients. No nonsense. Just pure and potent herbs delivered in a concentrated, alcohol-free extract since 1997.

Wild Yam Extract

Often used as a natural alternative to estrogen therapy, wild yam extract may help provide hormone balance to regulate and provide support/relief for common female issues.


This herb extract supplement can help with various women’s reproductive health issues, including pain management of cramps, vaginal dryness, and some symptoms of menopause like hot flashes.


This root extract is a versatile herbal treatment that is a non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free formula, making it suitable for most people with dietary restrictions.

Pure Extract

This highly concentrated, 4:1 ratio pure extract is raw, contains no additives, and is alcohol-free. Cold-extraction liquid supplements are more easily absorbed than capsules.


Greenbush Natural Products has been producing pure, unprocessed, and potent herbal extracts since 1997. Our quality supplements have no fillers or additives and are never irradiated or sprayed with pesticides.

Wild yam root, or Mexican yam, is one of the most widely used herbs in the world and can be found in cream, cosmetic, tea, or herbal formulas. Wild yam, also known by its botanical name Dioscorea villosa, contains alkaloids, steroidal saponins, tannins, and phytosterols, all of which provide various health advantages. The saponins in wild yam are particularly valued for their antispasmodic properties. They may provide hormone balance for women, helping with menstrual and muscle cramps as well as many functions of the digestive system. These saponins also support healthy cholesterol, circulation, and blood sugar levels, which can support healthy liver function by reducing stress on the liver and improving overall cardiovascular health. This supplement can even help improve urinary tract health. The diosgenin in wild yam further supports the female reproductive system and breast health in particular, and it is often used in herbal breast enhancement treatments.

Add a dose of this liquid extract to your morning coffee, juice, tea, smoothie, or any other beverage using the calibrated dropper with measurement markings. We use a cold-extraction process for our liquid supplements instead of the heat-extraction processes used for most traditional extracts. This unique process helps maintain the plant’s natural properties in the final product. All Greenbush extracts are produced following good manufacturing practice guidelines and are alcohol-free, concentrated strength, and manufactured in the U.S. Try Greenbush’s extensive line of high-quality, fast-absorbing supplements.


67 reviews for Wild Yam Concentrated Extract – 4oz – Women’s Reproductive Health – Alcohol-Free

  1. Lisa M.

    So far so good. In the 3 months that I have been taking the herbs my breast size has increased by 1 1/2 inches. I have no idea if this increase is going to be temporary or not. So far no problems.

  2. Candace C.

    I have just received my second order from Greenbush (the orders arrive within just a few days)and I am extremely happy with both their products and service. They are quick to answer questions by E-mail and do so in a very informative way…some companies never bother to reply once a sale is made. I personally find their supplements to perform as promised and am thankful I found their sight on the internet.

  3. Kris T.

    I received my order in three days, every time I ordered. All my questions were answered via email within a day! I have never had better service from any company.

  4. Fred S.

    the products arrived in the time frame that Greenbush had promised. the products was securily wrapped and shipped accurately

  5. Latoya T.

    Greenbush is an excellent source for natural herbs! Ordering was a snap and I recieved it righton time. The herbs came in discreet shipping and I loved the free gift! Thanks! i started on the herbs right away and only two weeks later, I saw a huge difference!!! Ill be re-ordering soon! I just love your products and the way you conduct your business! just think, in a few more weeks, Ill have Breast!!!!!

  6. James W.

    good site … easy to navigate… lots of info on product… prompt delivery…always a pleasant gift with your order… my last gift was bee & flower ginseng soap.. a very refreshing gift that i will order in the future…

  7. Joan M.

    Great customer service regarding prompt, courteous replies and EXTREMELY FAST shipping. I have never been treated so well by a company before. Hope Greenbush keeps up the great work and super employess. This is a rare company — obviously with a very “together” management team. I always believe that you’re only as good as top management!

  8. Doris L.

    Prior to ordering from Greenbush,I’ve had some questions that needed answers. I had e-mail them and to my surprise the turn around time on the response was quick. Compliments goes to Joel who replied my e-mail questions. Couple days later, my package was delivered to me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I will definitely refer you to all my friends.

  9. Patricia W.

    I enjoyed visiting the Greenbush site. It offered a lot of useful information,products, and great suggestions. I would highly recommend this site and merchant. They are awesome, I emailed them a question and within an hour they emailed me back with some info. When I placed my order it said I would receive it in three days, I was doubtful…. but it was there on my doorstep 3 days later. Very user friendly site and nice people running it. It was wonderful doing business with them. They’ve earned my trust and business!! Thanks!!

  10. William B.


  11. Bernadine H.

    The service was speedy and accurate each time I ordered.They also send a little sample of some unexpected item. This has also been fun. My only complaint is that I don’t know where to order the new stuff I sampled. Theywere that good,not some garbage throw-aways.GREENBUSH IS NUMBER ONE

  12. Richard T.


  13. Charlotte B.

    This was my second order from greenbush and they were very helpful and very quick service once again.

  14. Claire T.

    They were very friendly and reassuring. Also very speedy in their replies, which is great. I can’t tell you if the products work becuase ‘ve only been using it a few days, but the service was really good.

  15. Kimberly H.

    Greenbush is fantastic and I will continue to purchase their products – I cannot believe how quickly I received my order this last time! Their website and the printed literature and info they send with their products are helpful, honest and direct – no mumbo-jumbo claims or vague language like you get with a lot of similar companies. Thank you to the folks at Greenbush – keep up the great work!!

  16. Cynthia H.


  17. Gwen I.

    This is my second Greenbush order. This company not only has a site with detailed information but delivers its product as promised and they confirm your order by email immediately. This is the most efficient ordering experience I have encountered over the web. Way to go Greenbush!!!!

  18. Tracey G.


  19. Belia C.


  20. Melissa G.

    They are absolutely wonderful products. The ease of ordering and the value of the products, along with the customer service is by far unsurpassed!!!

  21. Namju L.


  22. Heather R.


  23. Kristin G.


  24. JACK N

    large selection of products plus many articles about the products they sell

  25. Nakia D.


  26. Karen C.


  27. Gina K.


  28. John M.


  29. Suzanne N.


  30. Cynthia G.

    The products that you sell are rich with the needed herbs nothing extra which cost more and take longer to recieve results. I am very pleased with the potency of the products. I am also pleased with the time of delivery, the products are sent within one to two days after order is placed, that was very impressive to me. And last the customer service could be improved by giving the customer a telephone number to call because I almost did not buy anything from the company. I felt as if the company was hiding something suspicious even, it also felt impersonal and if the company did not care enough about what they were selling to give a garantee through word of mouth using live customer service. I did not know if it was a fraud trying to rip peoples off or what. Another thing, I was not happy with the first reponse I got through e-mail, the comment made by one of your representive stating that I was a little defensive kind of rubbed me wrong. I really was being defensive I was just being careful. The second time I expressed a problem/concern through e-mail, the experience was a little better, I did get a quick response and good customer service at that point I begain to feel better about doing business with the company. I was displeased because I did not get my free product using the coupon given and because I did not have a customer service telephone number. My free gift was sent and I did eventually got a telephone number from my bank to whom the company recieved payment from to call. I have not call so I do not know if it works or is it a fax maching. I wished that company would care enough about their products and customers to give a customer service number. Some people prefer talking to a person if they plan to spend a lot of money, it just feels more personal, a since of trust is developed. I guess Im trying to say that not having a customer service number almost cost you a good customer. Please reconsider about given a customer service number to those customers who feel a need to have it. Thanks for your time and attention.

  31. Susan C.


  32. Cindy L.


  33. Philip M.

    Knowledgeable, fast, efficient, cost effective herbal product company. A pleasure to do business with Greenbush.

  34. D. Price

    Greenbush is one of the best companies, I’ve ever done business with. Thier delivery time is excellent and the products are outstanding.

  35. Owen S.


  36. John A.


  37. Karen M.

    I would like to be able to TALK to a person on the phone instead of only through email. It would make it much easier to get information I need. I would gladly use a regular phone number to be able to do this (not an 800 number that would cost the company money).

  38. John R.

    Satisfied repeat customer — their excellent service is the reason I am in that category.

  39. D. Price

    I really like Greenbush and the products are excellent. I recommend them to everyone I know.

  40. Melanie H.


  41. Michael M.

    Awesome company, Awesome product line… I recommend Greenbush Natural Products as their product and service are WAY above par!

  42. Limin C.


  43. Michael H.

    It has been approximately 2 weeks since i started taking the products we ordered. So far i have not seen or felt much of a difference. However, i know someyimes products work a little differently per the individual. I will give the products another week or 2 and see if i still have little results.

  44. Michelle C.

    I love Greenbush Natural Products, this is my second time ordering from them. I have no complaints about their products! They work for me. Their website is a bit difficult to navigate, and I would love to see them carry a wider selection of herbs, but the herbs they do carry are awesome.

  45. Allison W.


  46. Ema L.

    I like the quality/purity of their products, the prices were right. I bought some of the extracts for breast enhancement and for the cold I’ve got. They are honest about how the erbs can help, and also they sent my the explanations with the order. I’ll go with them for the rest of the treatment. Wish they would have some of the baby products too. They are my favourite. Serena, CA

  47. Debra W.

    This was my first time ordering from Greenbush and I am very happy with the promptness of the ordering & delivery process. Their herbal supplements are very high quality and I am pleased to be doing business with a company that places quality of product first and also doing business with American herb farms. I will be doing business with them again.

  48. Mary H.

    Great place to shop. Service is excellent. I placed an order and was notified immediately for verification. The order was shipped out the very next day. I received my merchandise within 3-4 days. Prices are very reasonable too.

  49. Nathaniel H.

    quick shipping, good products that work…would buy from again if it wasn’t cheaper to buy bulk herbs and make my own capsules, the free bar soap is a nice gesture as well! A company that takes care of its customers will be around a long time. Thanks

  50. Dixie K.

    My orders are always shipped very quickly and customer service is very helpful.

  51. S. Faveo


  52. Mary B.

    very fast. and over very easy all to do businness t with. thanks. mary

  53. William W.


  54. David A.


  55. Stelli D.

    I placed my order with Green bush and another company at the same time— Greenbush got here 5 days ahead of the other company—- but the prices seem a little high– Perhaps their quality is better ?? but the price was almost double on some items. For sure I will use them when it is time to order again–

  56. Kristin O.

    Greenbush is fantastic! Great service, great products.

  57. Jo Ann B.

    Since becoming a customer of Greenbush Natural Products, I have had nothing but good experiences. Their products are what I expect them to be and more; I have used Greenbushs products for weight loss, breast health, hair growth, and overall health. I have even recommended Greenbush Natural Products to my friends and family. I have even e-mailed my questions and received prompt and freindly responses. And my packages come so quickly! I plan to be a lifetime customer of Greenbush Natural Products.

  58. James P.


  59. Renee C.


  60. Yennywati G.


  61. Tammy R.

    I recived my order 3 days after I ordered it. Though a little pricey with s/h, the free tea made the order worth it. Thanks, Greenbush was a pleasant site to order from.

  62. Paul D.

    I recently purchased a number of items from Greenbush Natural Products and was very pleased with the quick shipment time, the low prices, and the high level of quality products I received. I will most certainly be spending more money at Greenbush in the future, and put this company at the top of the chart for customer satisfaction. Hassle free shopping, prompt shipping, low prices, and high quality products. What more can a customer ask for?

  63. Chrystal D.


  64. Kimberly W.


  65. Richard T.


  66. Debbie M.

    I love the fact that all items are discribed in each catagory that may offer any type of results. I love the fact there are so many options on how to order products from single capsules to multi capsules. I used the breast enhansment kit because it offered all of the items I needed for the menoposal symptoms I was experiencing. Yes, was. It worked for me and I even brough some for a friend who was leaving the area as a goiing away present. After I used the products (they lasted a very long time because I did not need to take as many as stated per day) I received maximum results. Oh yea, I did not notice my breast getting any larger because it was gradual but I definately notice them getting smaller after not having the breast enhansment kit for a few weeks and I did not even use the massage method beause I wanted the other products to help my menopausl symptoms. The price is excellent and seem pure and very fresh. To close I would like to say the free gifts included in each order is like a little bit of Christmas!

  67. Rosa R.


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