Male Enlargement Formula – Concentrated Extract – Alcohol-Free

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Male Enlargement Formula

Our alcohol-free Greenbush Male Enlargement Formula is a blended extract that is for men looking to naturally increase the size, performance, and strength of their erection but are dissatisfied with the current synthetic, alcohol-based, or expensive formulated extracts and supplements available to them.

Unlike other supplements and multi-herb formulas available in the market, our Greenbush Male Enlargement Formula is a natural extract without fillers or additives that is carefully crafted to deliver a proprietary blend of just a few herbs recommended to stimulate blood flow, improve libido, and stamina.

What is in the Formula?

Male Enlargement Formula

A proprietary blend of the following concentrated, pure, alcohol-free, herbal extracts: Ginkgo Biloba, Pausinystalia Yohimba (Yohimbe), Muira Puama Bark (South American Potency Wood), and Avena Sativa (Wild Oats)

How Do I Use It?

Take a half milliliter (1/2ml) three times daily, or as instructed by your physician, for a total dosage of one and a half milliliters (1-1/2ml) per day.

(A 1/2ml dose is roughly 15 drops and is shown in the picture.)

What Are Some Reasonable Expectations?

The internet is crowded with very convincing web sites exclaiming “Increase Penis Size Up to 4 Inches In Weeks!” They sell a formula containing little bits of various herbs for $60.00 a bottle. Or they sell a manual containing penis enlargement exercises for $49.95.

Let us start by saying that it is unlikely that anyone is going to increase their penis size by 4 inches. Nor is it likely that there will be an appreciable increase in size in the first few weeks. And we would add that none of the penis enlargement formulas that you see advertised contain enough of any of the herbs to have much effect, particularly not in a few weeks.

That having been said, the use of a combination of exercises and a few of the herbs in pure and powerful form can result in increases in size and performance as well as strength of the erection.

What Else Comes With The Formula?

Guide to Natural Penis Enlargement

Our Guide to Natural Penis Exercise Instruction Guide Includes techniques for warm up, Jelqing (wet and dry) and Kegels. Discreetly packaged. The same exercises that cost over $50 other places are included for free in a simple and easy to use form! The guide will cover all of the exercises and techniques that contribute to a successful program.

What Should I Expect?

The taste of a concentrated extract can be powerful.

If you aren’t used to taking them yet, then it is recommended to mix the extract into your favorite tea, juice, or even water to make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Remember, natural herbs are a commitment to your health over time and not an overnight silver bullet. What matters most is to take enough of the herb, and to take it consistently.

Who Are Greenbush Natural Products?

Greenbush Natural Products is your source for pure, organic, and wildcrafted herbal capsules and concentrated strength, alcohol-free liquid extracts.

Founded in 1997 our mission is to take the nonsense out of herbal supplements:

No fillers or additives,

No “kitchen sink” formulas with as many as 20 ingredients,

Just pure and potent herbs delivered to you.

Why Should I Buy From Greenbush?

Aside from providing Pure and Potent Herbs, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to lessen the risk of trying our products. We believe in what we sell and believe you will too once you have had the opportunity to give them a consistent and honest try.

We offer many ways to contact us for Customer Service, including Live Phone Support, where our team can help you with any of your ordering and account needs.

Thank you for considering us when shopping for your herbal needs. We hope to earn your business today and for many years to come.

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52 reviews for Male Enlargement Formula – Concentrated Extract – Alcohol-Free

  1. Michael D

    This is exactly what I needed.
    Good value and quality.
    I especially like no alcohol in the blend.
    Very pleasant tasting straight into my mouth dosage.

  2. Kelsey M.

    They did everything they said they would and kept a good agreement Plus the products work well.

  3. David M.

    Greenbush Natural Products lived up to its claims. The ordering process was easy. The prices seemed to be very reasonable. I received an e-mail order confirmation that included a link to see my order. My order arrived 2 days after I placed it. It was neatly and securely packaged. My order was delivered in a standard USPS box with no indication as to its contents.I was impressed and very satisfied with my entire Greenbush experience. I will shop at their site again.

  4. Aaron C.


  5. Stephen G.

    Excellent transaction and products. I received my order very fast, and it was every thing I needed. Would recommend them to anyone.

  6. Miguel V.

    Received the products I ordered very quickly. The prices were great!! I would order again, the transaction went very smoothly. Great Company!!

  7. C. Chase

    Keep up the great service….

  8. Ernesto T

    I am repeat customer and I so far have experienced nothing but high quality products that are exactly what they advertise. I have extreme satisfaction with all of the products that I purchase from greenbush. Nothing is a disappointment except that I didn’t find the vendor sooner. If so I would have enjoyed the benefit of enhancing my overall health and quality of life and performance on various aspects and facets of my daily life. This is a treasure of health products that I jealously keep to myself and hope that high standards in production and quality this company never diminish or fall by the wayside to compromise quality over profits, as they have rightfully earned a loyal customer with me.

  9. Llewellyn T.

    I was very pleased with the promptness of my order. And I think that the information provided with the order was good. I am praying that the product is effective for me. Because of my experience with them, I would purchase again. Thank you.

  10. Lucy B.

    I am a longtime customer of Greenbush Herbs. I appreciate their commitment to quality and customer service. Recently, I messed up the address on my order because I moved. Greenbush was very accommodating – they tracked my package, received it as a return by the USPS and immediately got it out to me at no additional charge. My husband and I use the sexual enhancement herbs with great results. It took about two weeks of daily use to build up effectiveness for us – we are in our late 40s. I am definitely more interested in sex (I have not yet started menopause) and his response as a male was decreasing until we started using Greenbush formulas. Now his performance is more like it was in his early 30s. This made a positive difference in our marriage and I am very grateful. I will continue to order from Greenbush.

  11. Andrew P.

    Its great to see an inexpensive enlargement product that actually WORKS. It took no time at all for it to arrive, and it was really easy to order. Good work!

  12. Rami R.

    I am a first time buyer of the Greenbush Natural Products, so far i have been using it for one week and have noticed a small diffrence in what I am trying to achieve. I will come back in 3 more weeks and give a definite answer if the product really works. The information they provide on natural enhancement is very detailed and the price is unbeatable.

  13. Gustavo S.


  14. Derrick L.


  15. Bonnie R.

    What can I say. They have been an all around good company. AND, their products work! Yahweh bless Greenbush Products, josette

  16. Virgil B.

    Fast, fast delivery. Product exactly as promised. Thanks.

  17. Greg M.


  18. Llewellyn T.


  19. Tammy H.

    I have always received my order within a very short time period. I recommend Greenbush Natural Products to all of my friends and family.

  20. Michael V.

    Great prices and fast service. Well done.

  21. C. Pulford


  22. Daniel B.


  23. Judith R.

    Awesome products!!! Not a long wait!!!! 2 days

  24. William L.


  25. Gregory M.

    I had a great experience ordering from this site. I had some questions, and emailed customer service, and had a response sooner than I expected, and my questions were fully answered. Good and quick customer service. I will be ordering from them again in the near future.

  26. Herbert T.


  27. Darryl H.


  28. Kevin M.


  29. William H.

    Quick and prompt shipping; excellent!

  30. Daniel B.


  31. Randall G.


  32. Cherry S.

    as always, fast depedable service

  33. Jerry C.


  34. Matthew G.


  35. Demetrius F.


  36. Mike M.

    I have always said it is hard to improve on perfection keep up the good work. PS I am looking for something in a multi erb or vitemine for daily use . I have arthritis really bad need something for pain and stiffness.

  37. Will S.

    Great as always!

  38. Troy G.

    I have been very pleased with Greenbush services so far. I have received my orders within three days each time I have ordered. The teas as well as the extracts taste great and my herb capsules are excellent as well. I have been using herbal products for the last two years. Therefore, I have searched the internet for reputable sites since then. I use two other companies; however, Greenbush products definitly measure up, if not better. I rated customer service a 3 because, I have not had a need to reference any concerns to them.

  39. Edward H.

    When I had questions about a coupon code I’d entered incorrectly during a recent purchase, Greenbush honored the code immediately, no questions asked! Joel, in Customer Service, is an incredibly helpful resource. He deserves a hefty raise.

  40. Brian A.

    I am very happy and satisfied with the quality of the products and overall customer service.

  41. John M.


  42. Gary O.

    I was very satisfied with the service I was provided with at Greenbush. I had some specific requests and they went out of there way to fulfill them. And at no exta costs to me. I was promptly confirmed via E-mail of my shipment, Joel granted my requests and it arrived very well packaged and on time as they promised. I look forward to continued service. Thank You to all involved at Greenbush natural products.

  43. Jack A.

    Website easy to navigate. Very informative. Pleasing to the eye. Fast shipment. Great Products.

  44. Cye G.

    Always a pleasure to deal with. Smooth transactions; products as advertised.

  45. Annamarie S.

    I had a shipping issue which was to do with my parcel sitting in the usa customs for several weeks. When the problem was bought to joels attention he & his team acted professionally & swiftly getting parcel to me in New Zealand within 6 working day. The other issue I had was I ordered straight from a coupon promotion and ended up in the usa site instead of the international. Joel & his team where able to sort out my mistake & still get my order to me within the advertised international delivery time. I am passionate about natural & holistic products. I am in love with quality, value & success. Thankyou Joel & your team for your service, patience & professionalism. Annamarie ~ New Zealand

  46. Brooke M.


  47. Paolo P.


  48. Rigsby J.

    While I haven’t had the products long enough to rate them, my purchasing experience was very good. Their site and product information was first class and well laid out. I will be buying from them again.

  49. Derrick L.


  50. Giles G.


  51. Ed C.


  52. Nereida K.

    Excellent prices and delivery time. Have sent two emails with no responses.

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