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Muira Puama Concentrated Extract - Libido Enhancement - Alcohol-Free

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Our alcohol-free Greenbush Muira Puama extract is great for anyone looking to naturally improve their libido and overall sexual health and are dissatisfied with the current synthetic, alcohol-based, or expensive formulated extracts and supplements available to them.

Unlike other supplements and multi-herb formulas available in the market, our Greenbush Muira Puama extract is a natural, single-herb supplement without fillers or additives that is carefully extracted to deliver as much of the active herb, Vaccinium myrtillus, as possible.

No fillers or additives. No "kitchen sink" multi-herb formulas with as many as 20 ingredients. No nonsense. Just pure and potent herbs delivered in a concentrated, alcohol-free extract since 1997.

Muira puama comes from the roots of a tree native to the Amazon rain forest. It has been a well known sexual stimulant in this area of the world for centuries. Some natives refer to it as "potent wood" and drink it in teas and herbal mixtures. The roots of this little known Amazonian tree are quite popular in the South American regions where it grows. It is used by both men and women.

Muira Puama Benefits

Aphrodisiac and libido promoter, adaptogen; tones, balances, strengthens, male hair loss and balding, central nervous system tonic and mood elevator.

Muira Puama Research:

Early studies indicated that muira puama was effective in treating disorders of the nervous system and sexual dysfunction. Researchers noted "permanent effect is produced in locomotor ataxia, neuralgias of long standing, chronic rheumatism, and partial paralysis." Experiments conducted in France by Dr. Rebourgeon confirmed the efficacy of the plant for "gastrointestinal and circulatory asthenia and impotency of the genital organs."

More recent research indicates that 62% of men with dysfunction reported that muira puama had a dynamic effect, 85% reported enhanced libido, 90% reported improvement in erection and 100% reported increased frequency of intercourse.

Though most research has focused on male sexual dysfunction, improvement in libido and sexual response in women have been reported as well. A study in France utilized Muira puama, giving it to over 200 women complaining of low libido. 66% of the subjects reported increased sexual desire, higher frequency of orgasm and increased intensity of orgasm.

Other studies have shown muira puama to be helpful with hair-loss, weight-loss, and improvements in cholesterol, energy and heart function, all typical results for an adaptogenic herb.


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