Breast Enlargement Herbs- Results in 2nd and 3rd months.

Breast Enlargement Herbs- Results in 2nd and 3rd months.

Results in months 2 and 3These are letters from customers who have seen results from the breast enhancing herbs in the second and third month of use.

Tina at 4 weeks*

so far i've seen some good results from your products and i'm stillhoping for the best. i've only been on them for 4 weeks. i have toadmit, iwas initially a little dissappointed that i haven't gone va-va-voom!likesome of your testimonials indicate. in reality though, for most women,doesit take a few weeks for things to start?*

Answer: Most women don't explode with growth overnight but those that do tend to write us because they are so excited. Read on for more longer term success stories.*

Tammy at 5 weeks*

Thank you so much! I have been on the program for about 5 weeks now and have >seen incredible results! I was a 36C for some people this is a good size but >for me, my breasts were small for my height and weight. In the first 2weeks >I went from a 36C to a 36D and am so excited. I am already outgrowing the >36D's, they are getting snug. My husband is enjoyiing the chance and I can >not wait to get to my desired size of 36E!!! I have also noticed that my >endometriosis does not bother me, my mood swings are gone, and I have lost5 >pounds!!! I am SOOOO excited!! THANK YOU!!!!!!>>Tammy 29 and mother of 3*

Sharon at 8 weeks*

My right breast is now only 1/8 inch smaller, so using the herb/lotion in just that breast has helped slowly. I am very happy with the overall results, I started out as an AA-A cup, now I almost fill a B cup. I am 57 yrs. young, and breastfed 4 children, altho I was never very big, after breastfeeding, I looked like a pancake in that area. Other benefits are no more hot flashes or vaginal dryness and a sense of well being that I have never had before. I am glad I took the chance in trying your herbs.*

Inga at 5 weeks...*

Thankyou so much for the extra fenugreek! You really are a great company. You have confidence in your products and really believe in what you are selling, and it shows. It's so rare to find anything *genuine* these days! I really am amazed. I'm seeing some great results (no extra cup size yet but I'm getting there!) and I am just so relieved to discover a company that doesn't need false advertising and misleading marketing ploys to maintain business...just good quality products! I want to thank you for restoring my faith in humanity! hehe I know I'm going overboard, I'm just a little excited! The extra estrogen I'm getting could have something to do with it too! *grin*

I am telling absolutely everyone about Greenbush. I do hope you are doing well, because you deserve to.*

Thankyou!! Inga*

Inga at 8 weeks*

It's been a while. I just thought I'd let you know....I've outgrown my bras!! LOL I almost fill a B cup...maybe not terribly impressive to you, but going from an AAA it's quite an improvement!! I love you I love you I love you!! *laughs* Say in touch, Inga*

Jennifer at 9 weeks*

I didn't like all the capsules and tea at first but I'm glad that I stuck with it. I'm out growing my bras and feeling better than ever. Thanks so much!*

Toni at 7 weeks*

Thanks a lot okay, I just got out of week 7 now going into week 8 and I have gained another 1/4 inch so I am very optimistic. At the rate I am going I am gaining a full inch every three weeks. So i am hopeful that it will continue that way. so if things go well then i would have gained two inches in two months. so that is pretty good don't you think? i believe now that my body is use to taking the herbs that in my third month of taking them the growth should be more visible. right now my breast feel firmer, and they appear to be growing, however its not noticeable yet for my boyfriend to tell just by looking. he doesn't know that i am taking the herbs for the reason that i am i just told him its for my hormonal imbalance. when he sees the results then he will be buying them for me cause i will threaten to stop taking them. (ha, ha, ha) No I'm just playing i am really taking them for myself he doesn't care regardless, he fell in love with me when they weren't so perky. If there is anything else I can do to increase the speed just let me know so I can do it. I have been completely dedicated to my program. thanks. Toni*


i am using your breast enhance herbs and they are wonderful, i haveseen incredible change in my breast i now full out a B cup somethingi've never been able to do unless i was pregnant.i am very excited thati found your site. i was also interested in your sexual herbs and aphrodisiac, can they be taken along with the breast herbs ? i had ahysterectomy 5 yrs. ago and have had problems getting in the mood. so if the sex herbs work like the breast herbs iíll be set. thank you cathy*

Note: We have had excellent results with the sexual herbs also and should have a testimonial section for those herbs soon.*

Robin at 12 weeks*

I used Erdic for a couple of months without seeing any results. And it cost me $250 a month! After using your herbs for two months I will be able to hold up my bikini this summer. Thanks for answering all my crazy questions.*


I just wanted some shape back after childbirth and menopause. I have gotten that and more. And no more hot flashes! Thank you!*

Renee and friends.*

Myself and 2 friends have been taking the pills and all of us have noticed changes which we are very excited about.*


As I've said before I love your sight and your products are wonderful. I started with breast enlargement in mind, which has worked beautifully, I've gained 1 1/2 cup sizes and they're much firmer, and they're still growing. Childbirth had left them very unsightly, not anymore. Then I also discovered the other beneficial herbs and they have made such a positive change in my life. Thanks again and keep up the good work.*

Ginny at 7 weeks*

It's hard to believe at times, but the herbs I ordered (Kit #2) have been working! I started out at 34 1/2 inches and barely an A cup and now I am 36 inches as of this morning. I started taking the herbs on February 8th, 2000. So seven weeks I almost fill out a B cup (not quite, yet!). I noticed changes right away, but the growth slowed when I was not making tea or using the powders in lotion everyday. I started back being serious about the EVERYDAY-ness that seems necessary to keep results coming, and that is when I jumped to the 36" after lingering at 35.5 for quite awhile, even though I continued with all the pills. How much tea should I be drinking a day? I have been drinking one to two cups a day each with a teaspoon of fennel and fenugreek brewed in each cup. I have found that Good Earth herbal tea has a wonderful flavor that requires no sweetening and effectively drowns out the fennel taste.*

I am looking forward to more results, needless to say. If anyone asks, the Good Earth tea is called "Sweet and Spicy" and there are two kinds, original and caffeine free. The "Goodnight" blend is mostly chamomile and mint and DOES NOT mask the fennel taste. The sweet and spicy blend has lots of cinnamon in it and is very strong, but much better than that fennel taste. I can't remember if I told you, but what I do is put a teaspoon of each bulk powder in a coffee filter and tie it up tightly closed with the string from the teabag (ripping off the little paper tag at the end of the teabag) and throw the whole thing--teabag and tied up herbs--into boiling water. If I am at home, I simmer it for 10 minutes, covered. At work I just let it sit in the cup covered for 5 to 10 minutes. Feel free to edit in the instructions into my original letter if you feel it will help. I have also done this in large batches and put the tea in a container in the fridge at work. Mandie*

Bulk powders going just fine, jellies so refreshing after>the gym. Also in small quantities in afternoon tea and almost any drink>over ice, even Virgin Vodka last night.!>>Wonderful news, two months to the day - IT HAS >BEGUN................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>Sincere and grateful thanks, indeed. >(HUGE smile)>Kind regards,>Mandie.*


I had my wife use this herb and we had to buy new bras for her within a few days. Taken over time, your breasts will be growing more cells. This growth is caused by the elevated levels of estrogen in your body, so the results will be lasting and will not go away. I think if you are looking for quick results, from a safe alternative to breast implants, fenugreek is your herb. If you or anyone else tries this herb and likes it please post your results and pass on the word to your friends. You might just help someone avoid dangerous implant surgery and save a life or two.*


Wow, things have been going splendid for your company I take it. In browsing through a, what do you call them... "message board" page on an herbal website, I noticed that almost every entry pertaining to breast enlargement mentioned your herbs! And most with success stories. I am impressed! And your website is fantastic, I think it is wonderful that you put so much effort into updating it, especially because women really do have a lot of questions about this topic. And you cover most of the questions quite well. Bravo! I have a lot of respect for the way you do business. You take a very personal approach and I think that is great. It is much needed nowadays.*


I just thought I'd write to tell you how amazed I am with the products I've purchased to date! I started using the breast enhancement products (daily capsules and nightly massages) on July 7th and I have already noticed the difference in the firmness and fullness of my breasts; not to mention the fun of having my husbands increased desire to help "massage" the fenugreek oil mixture in at night! I didn't initially measure, thinking I wouldn't really see results, but I can feel the difference and see it in the way my bras fit. I have now measured and will let you know the "true" numbers in a few more weeks. I am so excited about this product and can't wait to see what the final results will be. Thanks "Greenbush" for making this type of enhancement available to the skeptical! Those of us who wouldn't dream of surgery or spending hundreds of dollars just for a little more OOMPH on top! (Haven't tried the tea but am adding small quantities of the fenugreek powder to fruit smoothies!)*

Dawn at 4 weeks*

Thank you so much! And that is just what I will do. I have been on the saw palmetto & fenugreek capsules for about a month now. I also drink the tea when the mood strikes me. And I've noticed a slight increase since inception, however just 2 days ago I started applying the paste of olive oil and fenugreek powder to my breasts and the difference is definitely visible! I'm very happy with the service I've been getting from you there at Greenbush. I will happily recommend you to anyone interested in herbal products Thank you again for your swift response. :) Sincerely, Dawn*

More testimonials for two to three months use.*

just have to tell you i bought the breast enlargement from you in july 22 and just cant believe how it has worked for me i went from a 34a to 36a in less then two months i just wanted to thank you for the great service i have received from you and for my new breast i wasn't really sure at first but i stuck with the teas message and pills i have even talk my sister in to tryig it thank you so much i know this sounds like someone payed me to write this but i just cant belive my own eyes thank you you may use this to if you like.*

Hi again, the usual, excellent service, great website. Keep up the good work. The products are outstanding. Thanks, for the increase in my breast size due to your detailed herbal notes, I felt secure in ordering. And the gotu and ginko have also helped tremendously. Another note the breast enlargement herbs have also regulated my pre-menopausal hormones, what a plus.*

I have been using the breast enlargement herbs since 9/20 am having very noticeable success with them I suspect they would be working even faster if I didn't work out 2 - 3 hours a day 4 - 5 days a week but if I didn't my breasts wouldn't be the only part of me expanding and I don't want the rest of me expanding.*

All I can say is WOW! Your products Really Do Work!! Thanks SOOOOO much!*

This is my 2nd order the stuff is the bomb. I could not even tell I had my period this month I can breath better I love it thank you greenbush!!!!!!!*

I found your products to be very helpful. They have helped me with my menopausal problems and also with cramps when I get my period. They worked wonders for me. So far so good. Keep up the good work with all of your products. I will be ordering more soon. THANK YOU so much.*

Hi,I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your quick response to my>questions. I have increased the number of capsules by 2 each per day and>also am drinking 4 cups of tea instead of 2-3. I am seeing and feeling a>fullnes occur, my bras have become a bit snug in the last 3 days. The>changes became evident after adding the extra herbs to my daily routine.I will keep you informed. I am very happy with the new changes. Thank you, Emily*

I just had to keep my promise and keep you updated on how I have been >progressing. As you know, I am only using the Fenugreek herb in capsule >and powder form. I have been on this herb now for 9wks and am quite >proud to say that I have gained a full inch in that short time. I still >have a big supply of the herb on hand and will definately stick it out >till the end to see what good achievements I can reach. I haven't >noticed any 'bigger' but certainly do have a lot 'fuller' and nicer >looking breasts. It's a slow process and some hard work involved, but >the result as your advert said, is well worth the effort!>>Once again, thanks for a great product.*

Thank you for the info! My boobs are getting bigger too!! WHOO HOO!*

you really should emphasize to all the people who suffer from sinus problems the health benefits of fenugreek-a wise alternative to over the counter medications which have unwanted side effects.*

I am using the breast enlargement kit. Could it be possible, or am I just imagining it, that my unwanted facial hair is disapearing?!?! We are very happy with the results so far!*

I bought the herbs to make my chest grow and I got them in a timely manner. They came very discretly, which I liked that idea. They seem to be working too! So I would say I'm very happy with them and their products.*

Results in months 2 and 3