Breast Enlargement Herbs - Results in 3 Months or Longer

Breast Enlargement Herbs - Results in 3 Months or Longer

Results in 3 months and longer.These are letters from women continuing to use the herbs and seeing results after a period of 3 months or longer. Though the herbs tend to work faster than the expensive formulas many women report continuing results for 3 to 6 months or longer along with continuing improvement in their general health.

Mary Beth at 3 1/2 months*

Things are going well with the breast-enhancement herbs. I'm one of the examples where patience and sticking to the program has paid off. I started the herbs just before Thanksgiving (it is now just after St. Patricks) and have gone from a 32-inch to a 34-inch bust. I did add the fennel/chamomile pills and the soy isoflavones.*

Slow, undramatic, but progress nonetheless. I'm out of the "training bra" sizes and, without being pregnant or nursing, into an A cup. I'm pleased by the appearance of my breasts, which before the program looked more like the depressing bosoms of post-menopausal women from a National Geographic. They are now quite full and youthful-looking, despite two pregnancies and nursing each baby for a year. I felt confident enough to buy a dress that actually displays my modest cleavage - with the help with of those bras we all know the name of but I never before had enough breast to mold. I plan to continue using the herbs as suggested for a full nine months, just to see what can happen.*

Additional side effects, which were much prompter in appearing, were a moderation of my periods - the flow is less heavy and of shorter duration, the cramps have lessened. I also think it has lessened some of the facial hair and body hair that seems to be appearing as I get older. Worth it just for those effects!*

I've also started using the Dong Quai and Wild Oats, which I think perk me up, despite a full-time job, kids, household, etc. My husband is pleased too. Mary Beth*

Bea at 6 months*

This was our 2nd re-order from Greenbush...We enjoyed prompt delivery, and again the special treat of Bee & Flower soap. Please forward a method of ordering the soap as it is not in your web site!!! thanks. Now , on to our purchased product. My wife recently joined a health club and was being measured for comparison to future measurements. The girl who was taking her measurements commented on "How Lucky" my wife was to have a 40" bustline!! (we started at 38 B in some bras or 38 C in some others we are now tight in 38 C and snug in 40 C !!) this is after about 6 months with just the Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek , and Fennel ,she takes two ea. in the A.M and in the P.M. I thought she was fine before we started but I now really enjoy her appearance and shape. But most importantly she feels more "Womanly" and attractive. Thank you for a reasonably priced product that in fact works and has exceeded our expectations.*

P. at 4 months*

Thanks so much for your product and sorry I haven't responded sooner. I >started taking you product Nov. 1 and in that time I havegone >from a size 34 A to a 36 C! I am very pleased with the results and so is my >husband, though he had no complaints before. My sister will be ordering soon, she's very envious of my results! >Again I am very pleased! Thank You ! P*

Inga at 4 months*

I am busting out of my B cup now...isn't it exciting?? *grin* I simply cannot believe it....I mean, it's not like these balloons just appeared on my chest or anything (as I'm sure I am making it sound sometimes! LOL) but going from an AA (often an AAA depending on what kind of bra) to a tight B really is incredible for me. My breasts aren't huge (God knows I'd look ridiculous with huge breasts because the rest of me is so petite!) but finally I have....well, I have "normal" breasts (although I hate to use that word!!), and they are in proportion to the rest of me. I love my breasts! *grins* Thankyou so very much!! (I could always grow a little more....but that's being greedy now! LOL If I were to stay at the size I am at right now, I should be very happy!!) -- Inga*

Ann at 5 months*

Today, I had gained another 1/4". (I told myself to wait a week before measuring again, but I just couldn't stand it - I had to know if I'd grown anymore). I started out at 31 1/2 and now I'm 32 1/2. (For anyone wondering, I'm 40, 5'7", 118 lbs, 24" waist, 31" hips) I'm really excited to finally get a bustline!*

Kathy at 4 months*

I recieved the products from greenbush promptly. For the first few months my fiancee and I kept debating on if they were working or not. Then for about a month I didn't pay any attetion and boom. They were much larger. I can't believe how well it works. Thanks*

Sarah at 3 months*

I just wanted some shape back after childbirth and menopause. I have gotten that and more. And no more hot flashes! The herbs took a while to work for me (3 months) but it was worth the wait. Thank you!*

Barb at 5 months*

This is Barb. Last year I purchased a 180 day supply ( I believe) of the >breast enlargement kit and I have had impressive results. I'm sure I could attribute the results to other things, like getting older but it would >certainly seem strange to me to think that my body, after doing nothing for >fifty-four years, would decide to add over two inches to my bust. I've>bought new bras, and some low cut things just for the old guy. My son'sboth>noticed the difference and made some awkward comments like: "Mom what's with>those boobs?" While I don't exactly know what to say, my husband justlooks>the boys, cracks up and say's, "Yeah! Ain't they great?" Thank you for a>great product!>>I seem to get the best results from the saw palmetto as does my husband for>prostate maintenance.*

Sharon at 5 months*

hi! i must tell you i am very happy with your company. you send packages and respond to my emails quickly. i have been using the fenugreek, fennel, wild yam, and saw palmetto and have had some good results. finally i took your advice and started religiously using the herbs. you were right - they've made a big difference. i've been on the program for 5 months.*


Cindy at 3 months*

>I am currently taking the breast enhancement kit. Is it better to take the >tablets (3 different types) 3 tablets each two times a day or 2tablets each >three times a day (for a total of 6 tablets each)? I have been seeing >incredible results and I can't thank you enough!*

(Answer: We haven't found that the timing is real important with the herbs. Many women just take the day's capsules with them and take a few whenever they have something to drink)*

>Sue at 4 months*

I just want to let you know what my progress has been with the herbs. I have been using them since the week of Thanksgiving. It's now Feb 1, and I have gained 2 1/2 inches in my bustline. My breasts are firmer than they have been in 20 years. Thank you for a great product. By the way, I'm 40 years old, and have two kids, 19 and 17.*

More long term testimonials*

Rating: Excellent Comments: I feel the user's comments on the store page are a little misleading. If this stuff works I think it is going to be very gradual. The user's comments really get you hiped up.*

(Answer: You're right. That is why we have rearranged the testimonial section to illustrate that the results can take some time to start and can continue for long periods.)*

My results have slowed after six months but my breasts are still firm and look better than they have in years.*

I didn't think I would ever see results but I kept on and it worked! I feel great. I have a body now! I am going to keep using them. How long can I use them?*

(Answer: There is no reason that you can't continue with the herbs long term. They have many benefits to your health and no side effects. If you are satified with the increases in breast size you can cut the dosage of all of the herbs or just continue with some fenugreek to balance hormonal swings, balance blood sugar and keep your breasts healthy and firm.)*

Thank you for bringing these herbs to the attention of women. I have been using them for nearly a year. My breasts are firm, I have no more hot flashes, and my facial hair is gone! I wish more women would find your site!*

My mom and I hve used your product for 6 months! Great stuff!*

Results in 3 months and longer.