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Weight-loss Testimonials

Follow a sensible diet and mild exercise program, add in our proven weight loss herbs and finally experience the steady, healthy, long-term weight loss that you are looking for. The success stories are pouring in. Read through these letters and send in your own comments. Others would love to hear your story!

  • JT writes: I have been using the yerba mate tea for three months. I haven't been doing anything else as far as dieting. And I have lost 15 pounds! I drink one cup one half hour before each meal. I eat less and have more energy. Thank you!*
  • JB writes: 3 cups a day and I am losing 4 pounds per week without doing anything else.*
  • Helen writes: I have placed many orders ith Greenbush and will continue to do so. Their delivery time is excellent and everything they say about their products is true. I finally decided to add Yerba Mate tea to my routine and am I glad. It tastes great! I will be placing another of many orders shortly and am sure once again it will be prompt delivery. I also enjoy reading the inserts and product descriptions they send with each order. I have compared ingredients to other all natural products just to see and each and every time the other products contain fillers that Greenbush products do not. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!*
  • Lisa writes: I notice a huge difference in energy levels between days when I have a cup of two of yerba mate and when I don't. It is really amazing. I am so much more energetic and mentally alert with the yerba mate. I have already lost my weight but use the tea for energy and to keep from putting back the pounds. *
  • Sarah writes: I just wanted to take a minute to let you know again how much I appreciate your herbs! My husband and I have tried the Yerba Mate tea and love it. The taste is great and it really seems to be of benefit to us. I have been using the enhancement blend for a while now and am enjoying the benefits. The Love tea is the best! Don't ever stop making it! We will be customers forever. *
  • J writes: Another order from me -- I think this makes 5 or so? Honestly, your products work. I'm really amazed by them, and am continually impressed by your customer service and obvious integrity as a company.*
  • Rebecca writes: I also started using your new weightloss kit. Used it for almost 2 weeks and have already lost 9 pounds (from 198 to 189). It really helps curb the cravings for sweets. You can feel it working too. I take everything a half hour before I eat. About a five minutes before then, I start to feel warm in my belly and chest. Thats how I know its working. No jitters. Just warmth and I feel like I can take more time with my food and enjoy it. Rather than just eating to eat.*
  • Michelle writes: Thank you for the weight loss tea. In a 10 day period I dropped 4 of the 10 pounds I need to loss. While drinking the tea I was amazed that I didn't crave the things I normally due. Chocolate, chips ect. I really wanted tuna & greens & things of that nature.*
  • Amy writes: I just wanted to let you know that I've re-ordered the weight-loss kit. I ordered a one month supply and have since lost 8 lbs (I have another 15 to go). I really enjoy the yerba mate tea--it was an easy transition from drinking coffee. I also love that this is a natural way to lose my extra pregnancy pounds. I have more energy, I'm exercising more, and I am feeling much better about looking at myself in the mirror! Thank you for helping me be a healthier mom for my 7 mo old (and a sexier wife for my husband!).*
  • Luis writes: dear greenbush the mate that you send me is fantastic*
  • LG writes: 6/9/04 25lbs and counting!*
  • LG writes: 9/1/04 36lbs and counting!*
  • M writes: This is my second order. The tea is by-far more pleasant tasting than any other yerba mate I've had. It lacks any bitter tinge or after taste. What a pleasant and effective way to try to control eating. Just as important, I have no caffine jitters or after-effects from drinking the tea........this is extremely important to me. Thank your for your wonderful tea and I might add, your wonderful pricing!*
  • JB writes: 3 cups a day and I am losing 4 pounds per week without doing anything else. *
  • SD writes: Greenbush Natural Products is exceptional. The customer service is fast and so friendly, I trust them. Oh, and the most important thing: the herbs they sell are the best! They work, too. It must be because they are fresh or not mixed with fillers or something, but Im losing weight with the Chickweed and Yerba Mate I bought! And you can tell the quality because the capsules and liquid smell good. I think they do, anyway! Probably the best thing I can write is Ill be back!*
  • Sandi writes: I can't believe it! After 12 days I have lost five pounds! And lots of energy too!*
  • Lyssa writes: Hey guys i love all what you do i have even begun to resell your yerba mate tea because it works!*
  • Norma writes: I would like to say that I love the liquid green tea that I ordered. I have lost 11 lbs.*
  • Sara writes: So far, I really think this product is helping my family, husband, 2 brothers, sister-in-law, mother, niece, my co-workers and myself. *
  • LS writes: I am really happy I finally found something to move the scales in a different direction. The taste is not bitter as one I had tried. Thanks for such a great product. The tea has replaced my coffee.*
  • Luis writes: dear greenbush the mate that you send me is fantastic,i bought some mate from another site to try it it was from argentina. not as good,too your mate from argentina,paraguay,uruguay or southern brazil .ps you guys are a great company ,ill do businnes with you all the time. i like the little gifts. gratefully luis & diana*
  • Tammy writes: I'm wondering at the differences in Yerba Mate' teas. I ordered several bags (w/50 tea-bags ea.) of tea from you folks (great service!) and was very pleasantly surprised at how 'tea-like' it smelled and tasted. Obviously, it has it's own flavor, but my point is, it was very pleasant and I like it very much. And, I think it's helping me. I used to drink a lot of coffee and it was beginning to have negative affect on me. Anyway, on to my point: I went to a local herb store to see if there was a local supply that was competitive in price and to see if they carried bulk yerba mate. I wanted to try a small quantity of bulk to see if it was worth the hassle, etc. I was told they had two kinds: 'regular' and the "Primo Stuff." I recognized the brand name on the primo and it said it was the genuine product. I bought a little of each to try. I brewed it the same way I brew Nativa, except I used a tea ball. It tasted like it had been filtered through a very used GYM SOCK! It wasn't even close to what I have quickly grown accustomed to. I'm very new at alternatives. Even though there where quite a few stems in the "tea," the taste was awful. Is there that much difference between the various yerba mate brands? Was this stuff super stale? Do you have any idea why it would taste so different? I'm very glad I tried you product first!*

(Editors Note: The difference is really in the freshness, purity and processing. For both flavor and effectiveness, there is no substitute for quality.)*

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