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Immune Boost Testimonials

  • Thank you for the Immune boost, it arrived just in time, I had a sore throat and slight fever and started taking it on Monday, two days later and I feel much better and feel sure it will not become a full blown cold. -Val
  • I am a school teacher so I am exposed to every virus that comes along. I couldn''''t live without your immune formulas. Rather than half a dozen illnesses a year, it is unusual for me to even feel an illness coming on. And when I do, I just use some of the boost formula. Thank you for an excellent product. Barb.
  • I just want to say that this formula is amazing. I've shared it with my adult children and it has already been effective (immediately) for all of us. We absolutely LOVE it and have shared the news with everyone we can. Thank you so much for making this available to us. Best regards, Catana
  • I have never written a company before to tell them how much I liked or disliked their product regardless of how strongly I felt about them. But, because of recent experiences of mine, I felt compelled to write to you regarding 2 of your products - Sambusol Super Immune Boost and Super Immune Tonic.
  • I am a contract engineer and I get no paid time off - if I miss a day of work, I don't get paid. So when this year's cold and flu season started taking off and people all around me in the office were starting to spread the germs around, I became more than a little concerned. A close friend of mine told me about your two products - Sambusol Super Immune Boost and Super Immune Tonic - and swears by them.
  • He gave me a bottle of each as a gift and told me, "Trust me on this. Start taking the Tonic now, before you get sick and you probably won't get sick. But if you do start to feel lousy, immediately switch off and use the Immune Boost. You'll be amazed at how much quicker you'll feel better than with any other drug or remedy you''''ve ever tried." As is my nature, I thanked him and put them on the shelf in the medicine cabinet - where they stayed. You see, I am more than a little bit skeptical about a lot of things in life but one of my top things is medical stuff (my mother was a nurse for years and we lived by the standard belief that Doctor's know what's best for you).
  • Anyway, coworkers in the office began getting sick and taking many days off - not just one or two - with this year's cold and flu bugs. To make matters worse, my wife - who is a teacher's aide in a Kindergarten - came home feeling bad one day and started to tell me about how many kids were getting sick and not coming to school - again for many days at a time. She became sick and then, finally (I guess it was inevitable), I started getting sick. I woke up one morning with a really bad sore throat. I absolutely had to go to work because, as I said, if I don't go in, I don't get paid. I was just hoping that I could last long enough to make it to the weekend before it got too bad. I went to the medicine cabinet to see what I could take to get me through the day. We have the usual things in there - Cough Drops, Throat Lozenges, Sudafed, Robitussin, Tylenol, Advil, etc., etc. I immediately reached for the throat lozenges and Tylenol. As I pulled down these things, my eyes settled on your herbal extracts that my friend gave me. Going against my "better sense" I figured, "What the heck?" and opened the Sambusol Super Immune Boost. Am I ever glad that I did! I mixed the recommended amount in a little water and expected a horrible testing thing but was pleasantly surprised to find out that it really didn't taste that bad - it sure beats the flavor of Robitussin! Since the bottle was small enough, I just tossed it in with my lunch so I could take it throughout the day (as recommended). Well, to make what's become a long story shorter, I woke up the next day actually feeling good!! I had no sore throat after only taking the Immune Boost for one day! I continued to use the Immune Boost for a little while longer and began taking the Tonic. It's been at least 3 months through the worst of the cold and flu season and I haven't gotten sick again. Now I know why my friend swears by this stuff!
  • It wasn't long after this that my oldest daughter started to get sick and become very run down and I made her take your Immune Boost formula, too. She made the usual teenager faces at me but I still made her start to take it. When she woke up the next day, she seemed to me to be somewhat better. When I asked her about it, she told me that although she still had some head congestion (probably from allergies which she has), she felt much better. I'm convinced that your products have made a great difference in our lives and am recommending these formulas to everyone we know!
  • Thanks for creating some fantastic products!! TP Miller (Arizona)
  • I love your Immune Boost formula. Amazing. What I like about your sight is it provides a lot of information and examples of how people are doing and that they are real testimonials. Your web sight isn't overly fancy, which tells me that you care about providing information and helping people. Your products are of a very good quality, in correct packaging, but again without all the added unnecessary decorative labels. You invest in the product and they speak for themselves. Your shipping time is always excellent and your pricing is very fair!
  • Greenbush Natural Products make it easy to purchase their quality items. the items arrived within 2-3 days from date of purchase. I ordered the immune system boost, the breast enhancement, and desire for women. These products are wonderful! Since taking these 3 products I've stopped coughing, feel better overall, and have noticed a slight increase in breast size and am more "turned on" when with my husband. I always recomend Greenbush whenever someone is looking for a healthy herbal alternative. Thanks Greenbush!
  • Thought I would say something about the massage oil - because it reduces water retension on legs I thought it might work under my eyes when they are puffy. It worked so well that I use it all the time plus the oils really add moisture. Also I have been taking the immune boost off and on during the flu /cold season - everyone around me is sick. Not a sniffle or cough from me. Great products!
  • They are awesome. Their products are great and they are surely being blessed! Case in point: My child was suffering with a fever and Greenbushs Ginger Root Extract dropped the fever. I gave him a half teaspoon, each of Sambusol and Ginger Root, every hour during the worst of his flu and his pain was nil and coughing and sneezing was mild. YAH bless Greenbush!
  • I only made a fuss because the Sambusol Immune Boost works so well, and I'm a teacher, so I need to always have some on hand for myself and my family. The Immune Tonic works very well for day-to-day protection also.
  • I also get amazing results from the Nettle capsules, and have recommended this to many friends. Cannot do without them in allergy season, which is almost year round in Florida.

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