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FAQ - Extract Info

Here are some of the most common questions regarding our extracts:

How should I store my extract?

Unless a product specifically states “Refrigerate After Opening,” we suggest you do not refrigerate. Keep at room temperature: 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C) and away from direct sunlight.

How long are the extracts good for?

All of our products have a specific best by date or manufactured on date imprinted on the bottom of each bottle. As long as they remain unopened, herbal extracts generally remain fully potent for 2 years after date of manufacturing.

However, for its best-intended purposes, we recommend using any product before its expiration date.

Why does my extract look different than the last one I have received?

It is common for batches of a particular herb to differ slightly in appearance and uniformity of color due to the nature of the herb itself, as herbs are plants/plant parts.

Depending on the geographic region and time of the season an herb is harvested, it is not unusual for different batches of the same herb to differ slightly in their physical appearance and characteristics including color, aroma, texture, etc.

Herbs are natural. Just as color and physical characteristics may vary in nature, so does the appearance in the finished herbal/botanical supplement.

What is the glycerin in the extract made from?

The glycerin in our products is derived from palm, is of USP grade, and derived from RSPO certified palm oil. It is not irradiated nor is it treated with ETO or sewage sludge.

ave Other Questions?

Contact us for any questions not listed here.

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