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Greenbush Natural
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    We swear by the Super Immune boost around here and we recommend it often as the best added defense against illness. Our customers agree:  
Immune Boost Testimonials:
-Thank you for the Immune boost, it arrived just in time, I had a sore throat and slight fever and started taking it on Monday, two days later and I feel much better and feel sure it will not become a full blown cold. -Val

-I am a school teacher so I am exposed to every virus that comes along. I couldn't live without your immune formulas. Rather than half a dozen illnesses a year, it is unusual for me to even feel an illness coming on. And when I do, I just use some of the boost formula. Thank you for an excellent product. Barb.

I have never written a company before to tell them how much I liked or disliked their product regardless of how strongly I felt about them. But, because of recent experiences of mine, I felt compelled to write to you  - Sambusol Super Immune Boost
"Back in February my wife and I returned from a trip exhausted.  That night I woke up with a scratchy throat, etc., and immediately got up and took a good dose of Super Immune boost.  I took another the next morning and afternoon and finally felt fine.  My wife did not get started right away and came down with the flu.  We got her going on the formula and it reduced the time of her illness but she could have avoided it entirely like I did.  This formula really does work well."-Joel  

I am a contract engineer and I get no paid time off - if I miss a day of work, I don't get paid. So when this year's cold and flu season started taking off and people all around me in the office were starting to spread the germs around, I became more than a little concerned. A close friend of mine told me about your product - Sambusol Super Immune Boost
Anyway, coworkers in the office began getting sick and I felt it coming on. Well, to make a long story shorter, I took the Immune Boost and I woke up the next day actually feeling good!! I had no sore throat after only taking the Immune Boost for one day! I continued to use the Immune Boost for a little while longer.  It's been at least 3 months through the worst of the cold and flu season and I haven't gotten sick again. Now I know why my friend swears by this stuff!

Thanks for creating some fantastic products!!

TP Miller (Arizona)

We pride ourselves on customer service and it shows. Award winning customer service, fast shipping and quality products at low prices have helped us to build a loyal base of satisfied customers. We would like to thank those that took the time to help us achieve a "Top Service" rating with Yahoo! stores 10 years in a row. Scroll through the comments to see how our herbs and information might help you. Thank you for your support!
More Flu Tips from the Center for Disease Control:
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.*
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread this way.
  • Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
  • If you are sick with flu-like illness, CDC recommends that you stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone except to get medical care or for other necessities. (Your fever should be gone without the use of a fever-reducing medicine.)
  • While sick, limit contact with others as much as possible to keep from infecting them.
  • Follow public health advice regarding school closures, avoiding crowds and other measures to keep our distance from each other to lessen the spread of flu.

Five Herbs for Swine Flu
1. Super Immune Boost.    This is by far the most effective treatment at the onset of the flu.  If you are already coming down with the flu this is your bet for stopping it in its tracks.  Most adults already have some immune memory of this virus due to exposure to similar strains in the past.  The Super Immune Boost will kick this immune response into full gear.  Read more about this formula below. 
2. Astragalus.    If you have not already contacted the virus Astragalus is your herb.  Astragalus is the most favored immune system herb of Dr. Andrew Weil, head of the Department of Integrated Medicine at the University of Arizona Medical School. It increases and activates immune cells in bone marrow and the lymphatic system. It helps the body absorb nutrients, improves heart function and lowers blood pressure. And it is used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in cancer patients. It is used to build immune system strength before illness.  Stop using astragalus and switch to the Super Immune Boost if you start to come down with the flu.  Click here for ordering information: Astragalus.
3. Elderberry Extract.  The immune and anti-viral effects of Elderberry are quite well established.  Sambucol is one of the most popular over the counter cold medicines in the world.  It is simply Elderberry syrup.  Greenbush Elderberry extract is three times the potency of Sambucol without the added sugar, carbs and calories.  While there is Elderberry in the Super Immune Boost it never hurts to add a little more.  It is also a popular treatment for the virus that causes warts.  Read the research information below and click here to order:  Elderberry.
4. Lemon Balm.   Another anti-viral herb that is often used to treat the herpes virus.  Because of its many other uses Lemon Balm is not often mentioned for fighting colds and flu.  Recent research has focused on the herb's ability to improve mental clarity and concentration, treat anxiety and headaches, and help with insomnia.  But it is one of the strongest anti-viral herbs on the planet.  Use it to ward off the flu viruses and get the other benefits as an added bonus.  See full research and information here:   Lemon Balm
5. Ginger Root.  Ahhh, our favorite herb.  We recommend Ginger Root for everything and believe that everyone should be using the herb on a daily basis.  It is possibly the best herb in the world for general health with research showing its ability to prevent cancer, treat arthritis pain, and treat vertigo, migrains and motion sickness.   Improving your general health and energy would be enough to recommend it for flu season, but it has also been shown to have compounds that are very effective in combating the most common cold and flu viruses.  Click here for full information:  Ginger Root.   
Other Immune Herbs:  
Echinacea:  Both varieties are already included in the Super Immune Boost formula but you can add some extra to your efforts.  We have pure and potent Echinacea capsules with no fillers or additives.  Click here for information and ordering:  Echinacea. 
Garlic. Garlic performs better as a natural antibiotic against bacterial infections than it does against viral infections such as colds and flu.  But who needs a bacterial infection when you are already fighting the flu?  With many other health benefits as well, Garlic is a worthy addition.  Garlic.  
Ginseng and Ashwaganda.  These two herbs are very similar and are used as adaptogens: herbs that build strength and increase the body's resistance to stress and fatigue.  These are generally considered useful for restoring youthfulness in anyone over forty.  More information:                    Ginseng                                                                                      Ashwaganda

 Immune System Help: Super Immune Boost
    Our Sambusol Super Immune Boost formula is designed specifically for a fast boost in immune system strength to fight off a cold or flu that is just getting started. It contains both forms of Echinacea, angustofolia and purpurea, as well as Elderberry (sambuca), Ginger and Miatake mushroom extracts, the most powerful immune boosting herbs.
The Formula and the Research:  Serving size: 2ml, 3x daily at the first sign of a cold, flu or other illness. Each serving contains: 2,000mg of Extract of Echinacea angustifolia (1:1), Echinacea purpurea (1:1), Elderberry (sambuca) (1:1), Maitake mushroom fruiting body (1:1), Ginger Root (1:1), Osha root (1:1) Wild Indigo root (1:1) and Thuja leaf (1:1).

Synergistic Blend

One of the basic principles of herbal medicine, stemming particularly from traditional Chinese herbal medicine, is that certain combinations of herbs develop a "synergy" or increased effectiveness. What this means is that they work better in combination than taken seperately. This formula is a perfect example. The combination of both forms of Echinacea along with the Elderberry, Ginger root, Miatake mushroom and other herbs produces a formula that supports all aspects of the immune system, stimulating and strengthening in different ways.

Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of Echinacea and Miatake mushrooms as potent activators of the various components of the immune system. Japanese studies have recently added evidence of the effectiveness of Miatake for immune disorders, cancer and other tumors.

Elderberry and Ginger aid in the immune response as well as having positive effects on any symptoms of the illnesses. Elderberry anthocyanins enhance immune function by boosting the production of cytokines. These unique proteins act as messengers in the immune system to help regulate immune response, thus helping to defend the body against disease. Ginger is well known for its ability to aid the body in fighting disease and fighting inflammation and is particularly effective in fighting the rhinoviruses that cause the common cold.

The remaining herbs, Osha, Wild Indigo and Thuja help to cleanse the blood and soothe the upper respiratory tract concentrating the power of the formula in the ears, nose and throat where most viruses and bacteria enter your body.
Sambusol Super Immune Boost Formula...

 Elderberry Extract
    Elderberry and Sambucol:

Sambucol, made by Israeli company Razai Bar, is one of the world's most popular immune system medicines. And with good reason: it is simply elderberry syrup and research has shown elderberry to be one of nature's most powerful virus fighters. It can quickly reduce the severity and duration of the flu, knock out the virus that causes warts, stop colds, bacterial infections and tonsilitis, and boost immune system response. It also contains anti-oxidants that can improve vision, heart health and lower cholesterol. What''''''''s not to like?

Sambucol is a great product but it actually is a syrup. It contains elderberry extract, but also has glucose syrup, honey and flavorings. Our elderberry is just that: elderberry extract, about three times as potent as Sambucol and without the added sugars, carbs and calories.

Greenbush Elderberry Extract is pure, alcohol-free, Bio-Chelated*, holistically balanced and full medicinal potency: 1:1 strength (1ml=1000mg).

Elderberry Facts and Research

Benefits of Elderberry*: Immune system boost, anitoxidant activity, anthocyanins, cough, cold, flu, bacterial infections, viral infections, tonsilitis, HIV, lower cholesterol, improved vision, heart health. *From "The Green Pharmacy" by Dr. James Duke.

Elderberry reseach and Medical Uses:

Immune Boost: In Karlsruhe, Germany, at the Bundesforschungsanstalt research center for food, scientists conduct studies on dietary agents containing nutrients believed to be beneficial to health. The research on Elderberry is led by the center''''''''s director, Dr. Gerhard Rechkemmer. Rechkemmer''''''''s investigations show that elderberry anthocyanins enhance immune function by boosting the production of cytokines. These unique proteins act as messengers in the immune system to help regulate immune response, thus helping to defend the body against disease. Dr. Rechkemmer says that he believes the further research on elderberry will reveal additional health benefits.

Antioxidant activity: In further research led by Dr. Gerhard Rechkemmer, anthocyanins found in elderberries possess appreciably more antioxidant capacity than either vitamin E or vitamin C.

Studies at Austria''''''''s University of Graz found that elderberry extract reduces oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Oxidation of LDL cholesterol is implicated in atherogenesis, thus contributing to cardiovascular disease.

Sambucol Study: Sambucol® was shown to reduce hemagglutination and inhibited replication of human influenza virus type A, type B and animal strains from swine and turkeys in cell cultures. A double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted during an outbreak of influenza B Panama. A significant improvement of the symptoms, including fever, was seen in 93.3% of the cases in the Sambucol® treated group within 2 days. A complete cure was achieved within 2 to 3 days in nearly 90% of the Sambucol® treated group and within at least 6 days in the placebo group. "Inhibition of Several Strains of Influenza Virus in Vitro and Reduction of Symptoms by an Elderberry Extract (Sambucus nigra L) during an Outbreak of Influenza B Panama", Z. Zakay-Rones et al. J. Alt Compl Med 1995;1:361-369.

Sambucol Study 2: In a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study conducted in Norway, Sambucol® was shown to significantly reduce the duration of the flu by approximately four days. The use of rescue medication (pain relievers, etc.) was significantly less in the group receiving Sambucol® than in the placebo group. "Randomized study on the efficacy and safety of an oral elderberry extract in the treatment of influenza A and B virus infections" Thom Erling & Therje Wollan, J. Int. Med. Res., 2004;32(2):132-140.

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