More Testimonials!

More Testimonials!Our breast enhancement herb testimonials have been piling up for some time now. We have had many requsts for new testimonials from those who have read all of the others and have debated the best way of adding them. We did not want to delete the other testimonials as many of them are informative and encouraging. So we are simply adding another page. This is long and may take a minute to load but it should keep everyone busy until we have time to organize and post more. We hope that you enjoy reading them and thank you for all of your letters.

>Tips n'Tools: >Hi, my name is Amanda and I have been taking the Breast Enlargement Kit for >a month.I am a graduate student and was a little skeptical in the >beginning.Like many women,I always felt inferior about my chest(a small 34 >A).I never wanted huge breasts,but larger than I have.It's true.Measure with >a tape measure before you begin because you won't believe it!In one month I >have grown two inches!Put the powder herbs in Tuperware salt/pepper shakers >and put them on everything!It really can be easy and convenient.The Fennel >Seed goes good with spicier foods that hide the flavor(i.e. >salsa,salads,spagetti sauces,even butter pecan frozen yogert- trust me on >this).Use Fenugreek Seed on cereals,deli sandwiches,milder foods).Drink lots >of tea.Why "brew" the powder before using it?You get much more herbs if you >stir in 1/2 tablespoon of each powder into a cup of hot water. Stir. Then >add your tea bag and sweetner(Equal works great).One more good tip:use a >tablespoon of Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion to every 1/2 tablespoon of powder. >It's a thick lotion w/ vitamin E that absorbs & smoothes the powder for >massage.Greenbush want to hire me? I could write a book on tips.Two inches >in four weeks,wow! Thanks a million!*

>I've been using the breast enlargement kit for exactly 7 days now and >I can't believe my results. I told myself I would only measure once a >week and today was my first measuring day. Before I started the pills I >was a 34B, and today I measured and I am happy to say that I have gained >a full 1 inch! I was so surprised-- I had hoped for maybe a 1/4 inch >increase at the most. I was in shock and had to remeasure about 5 >different times. I follow all the directions, taking 2 capsules of each >of the herbs 3 times a day, I do the massages twice a day with the herbs >mixed in baby oil, and I make the herbs into tea which I drink twice a >day. After telling my mom about my results, she begged for me to let >her "try" a week supply of the pills, even though she had yelled at me >for several days when I first told her that I was ordering the system. >She told me I was wasting my money, but I have no regrets, and even >though it's a time consuming process, it's completely worth it. >Hopefully I will keep on growing and will keep you posted on my >results. Feel free to include this on your testimonial page. Greenbush >is a great product, thanks a million.*

Your products are what you say they are. Thank you!!! I also received the products within three days of my order. I know I will be a lifetime customer. *

Hey its working,now I believe !and its not even 3 weeks yet.*

> I started taking the four herbs during the Thanksgiving holidays and > it's now December 14th. It's been about 3 weeks and I initially > measured my bustling and it was 34". As of last week, I measured at 35 > 1/2 and this week I am 36 1/2. My bras fit snug, but I haven't noticed > obvious changes yet. I also drink soy milk and take soy isoflavones. I > am a 36C and for a lot of people this is enough. I just started taking > the herbs to see if I could become larger. I know that when I purchased > herbs from herbal stores, I did not see any results. I know that > Frontier herbs are potent and that I only wasted my money when I bought > the first group of herbs. I was skeptical about ordering over the > internet, but now I love that! The herbs come quickly in the mail and I > have noticed that I have no more ovarian cyst pain. For those who are > questioning ordering, I want to tell you that it's worth it and please > be patient. I was about to quit when taking the first group, but > These herbs are potent and they work! Don't give up! You'll save a > lot on money when you buy the kit and I can't wait to try the extracts! > I am so glad that I found this web site! I've also told a friend and I > hope that she orders from you soon. My goal is a 36 or a 38D.*

> I have been taking the herbs for breast enlargement for 3 months now and > I am very > pleased. In the first couple of weeks I grew 1/2" and now I have > enlarged a total > of 2 1/2 " . After nursing 4 babies, ages now, 9 1/2, 7 1/2, 31/2, and > 20 months, I had > lost a lot of "meat" in my breasts. My 32D bra was somewhat loose in the > cups. > Now I am starting to fill it back up again. My breasts are "perky" ALL > the time. I am > almost to the point where I can go braless and feel great about it. They > are so much > fuller, and stand up much better. My monthly is a lot easier now as > well. The flow is less > and the cramping is to a minimum. My bow movements are more regular as > well, which > makes my back feel better. I am so glad my friend told me about your > products. I feel so > much better about myself. I love the tea with the powders. It makes it > easier to drink. > I have a friend that just got a "boob job", it cost her $4,000. I am > greatful for an alternative > to surgery. > Thanks again, I forgot to mention, the herbs make you have a greater sex drive as > well. That's Great.*

we are so impressed with you people and your product. we are spreading the word to our select friends. we are interested in the cellulite removal products also but right now money is very tight. have a wonderful holiday*

I have always had small, saggy breasts. After two children, I still couldn't fill out a 34B. I had $3500 saved toward dangerous implants. I heard about ISIS who wanted $700 for some familiar herbs. I hadn't tried herbs before because I didn't know how much to take or how to take them and I certainly wasn't paying $700 for them when they might not work. Luckily, I came across Greenbush with more of the same herbs for much less. After a week I was a bit discouraged with my results. Then I read the testimonials at 2 and 3 months. I began taking 3 of each pill a day, drinking tea, and applying the paste. It takes vitamins at least a month to absorb into your system, so I am going to be patient. After taking your herbs for 3 weeks, I have taken all the extra "stuffing" out of my 34B bra. My bras had so much stuffing they looked like pillows. That may not seem like much, but I know the herbs are working. I'm going to stick with it. I'd like to be a 36B or a 34C. But if I could really fill a regular 34B with no padding at all, I would be overjoyed. I'd take my husband (who loves me either way) on a vacation with the implant money the herbs will have saved. I'll keep you posted. This stuff actually works. This is so much better than having a costly, dangerous surgery. Thank you!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I came across you and didn't blow my money on ISIS. Also, the Stash Cinnamon tea was delicious.*

I have hope now! Better results so far versus Health4Her products*

Informative Web site -- the list of frequently asked questions and answers were very helpful when I decided whether to try the product. The information provided was detailed and straightfoward -- no hype of miraculous results for everyone. Once ordered, the product was shipped in 3 days as promised.*

>I've been taking your Breast Enlargement Herbs for 3 months now. I first >ordered them because after having my baby and nursing him for a full year, >they were a little, um, flattened and saggy. This didn't really bother me, >too much since having my baby and nursing him was well worth the slightly new >shape. But I was curious to see what was out there. I stumbled across your >web site and began to read about the herbs you used. What sold me on buying >the herbs was all the other health benefits that were possible.*

They are absolutely wonderful products. The ease of ordering and the value of the products, along with the customer service is by far unsurpassed!!!* > > I have always been shaped a little like a carrot. A little bigger on the >top than on the bottom, but not enough to make much of a difference. I have >always gained weight in my stomach first. My hips were always last in the >wieght gain. (Maybe now you may have a little clearer of a picture.) After >taking your herbs for the three months, I not only noticed that my breasts, >although not much difference in size, but definately fuller, but (and I >realize that this may sound crazy) the rest of me seemed to alter much more >easier with excercise as well. I actually have some very flattering curves >elsewhere in my figure as well. My hips are slightly larger but my waist is >slightly smaller. I don't look as much like a carrot anymore and I love >that.*

I ordered products on 3 different occasions from Greenbush, and the products arrived within 2-3 days. Everything works as advertised. There is one more thing that I have noticed that is the most important >effect of all. After taking your herbs, I feel much more balanced, less >tired and bloated during my menstral cycle, and overall healthier. And, to >tell you the truth, I am happy with the shape that is emerging, but it's >really just a perk compared to the healthiness I feel from taking these >herbs. I really don't know how I got along without them! Thank you!*

Hi there! I have been on you're breast program now going on 7 weeks. I have been very consistent, and now starting to see results! Its been slow for me... Besides the Fenugreek bulk, capsules, the Wild Yam root capsules, Saw Palmetto,& Fennel seed bulk, I decided to add the Red Clover & Black Cohosh. As well of course as the massage and tea. But I have also discovered mixing the bulk herbs with the "V8" tropical blend splash fruit drink it seriously reduces the taste of these herbs! Its the perfect way to "sock it back"! Has anyone reported "breast soreness" while growing? I haven't noticed that in any of you're other testimonials. I am not compaining! LOL! I was just wondering if anyone else has?*

(We do have some reports of tenderness and tingling. This generally subsides fairly quickly. But it is usually a good sign.)*

Its wonderful after having arthritis for 5 yrs and having constant bloating, from being constipated to being normal! I had to start wearing "loose" clothes as I was embarassed for anyone to see my stomach! I was just waiting for someone to ask me if I was pregnant! I think I will have to take you're herbs forever now! LOL!*

your products actually work. I am very happy with the service and responses I have received on my concerns and questions.*

Hello. I have purchased some of the breast enhancer herbs. I have had two things happen while taking them since this past Monday (5 days now). On the second day my level of sexual interest was incredible! All day long I was feeling so "excited." I told my husband that if this how men feel the majority of the time, I don't know how they get anything done! Would this have something to do with these herbs? The strange thing is that this is the week before my period, when I'm usually the most crabby, and the least interested in sex. Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening? NOT that I'm complaining! FYI, I'm taking Fenugreek, Wild Yam, and Saw Palmetto, (2 each, 3 times a day). I did not buy the Fenugreek in bulk for the massage, but I am opening up a capsule and mixing the powder in my lotion. I put one capsule per every 2 tablespoons of lotion.*

(We have comments on increased sexual interest with these herbs. As the herbs balance your hormone levels the deficiencies that may have been responsible for lack of desire are restored. Another great herb for increasing sexual desire is dong-quai which can be taken along with the breast herbs.)*

My husband said he can tell a difference in the size and firmness of my breast already.*

>Thank you for such a wonderful product!!! I have been using your product >since June. I have had an increase of about 1 1/2 inches, however, I >have not seen any increase over that. Is this normal? I have been using the >capsules, oil/herb massages, and teas, although I have not been doing this >religiously. Is there a possibility that I am limited to this amount of >growth or will I continue to grow if I continue with these products? Is >there any thing else I can do to promote growth that I am not doing now? >Thank you for your help. Even if I don't grow any more than I have I will be >happy that I got back some of the firmness I had lost from nursing three >children.*

(It is hard to predict on an individual basis how much larger you can get. We have had women report increasing results for 12 months and longer.)*

: I didn't really expect results from just all natural herbs, but I am getting them. Thanks.*

Please feel free to use this in you're testimonial's! >Well when I first tried it I didnt get much bigger but I noticed my health >was much better and my monthly period was not painful like usually,so I >ordered again and My chest got firmer and I grew one inch now I am growing >and I feel great so I am glad I never gave up that easy cause it reallyworks >and it is so worth the extra benefits. I take 6 pills 3 times a day and >massage at night and slam down 2 glasses of the powdered herbs brewed in a >coffee pot every day it seems like alot but its a good habit to get into >to.Thanks so much for putting this stuff together it is awesome.You can use >my testimony anytime you want!!!*

I have just received my second order from Greenbush (the orders arrive within just a few days)and I am extremely happy with both their products and service. They are quick to answer questions by E-mail and do so in a very informative way...some companies never bother to reply once a sale is made. I personally find their supplements to perform as promised and am thankful I found their sight on the internet.*

Very professional and down to earth people to deal with. I will remain a customer for life!*

> Just wanted to keep you informedof the process...I started taking the herbs > 12/22/00, it's been a little over 4 weeks and I am very excited because I am > seeing fullness like I only had when I was pregnant, they are taking shape. > although, I did remember that my right side was always smaller than the other, > I will just massage more on that side right?? remind you I started out > at a 30 1/2...I haven't remeasured yet, I hope I grow to b or c cup...My > husband, actually noticed the change while peeking at me one night, He was > like"WOW !!" with a BIIG smile on his face...I really hope by the summer I > will be big enough to wear bikini tops :)...Thanks so much, I am telling a lot > of people and now I have 3 friends who will be ordering from you!!!!*

(We have had many women even out breast size by massaging only the smaller breast while using the herbs. It takes a little time but works well.)*

I am one who is always skeptical of whether something is going to hold up to the reviews or not. HOWEVER, WOW!!!! I am amazed! During my very first week of taking the Breast Enlargement Kit #1 (just one capsule three times a day), my breasts became fuller and firmer. I'm now up to two capsules three times a day, along with an occassional cup of the herbal tea. I've grown 1/4 inch in just two weeks! Also, they have alrady helped my menstral cycle to not be nearly as heavy or as painful. Thanks for the wonderful products! Can't wait to see what happens as I continue!*

Greenbush company, Gee, what can I say that everyone else hasn't said already. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I actually look in the mirror and say- "Delia, you look pretty darn good." Being 5'2", 33 and 2 kids, it's a struggle just to keep my shape in a decent way, but to have to worry about small breasts too!. Whew! You can imagine. Anyway, I want to say I have tried "Erdic", Natural Contours and Grobust. Not to knock the other products- (except for Grobust)- The other products did work. But they cost a heck of a lot more and didn't work as fast as your products did. Any of you out there that can't decide if you should or shouldn't order. Take a chance- Please- They work- and you save so much money. Yes it is a little time consuming but not after you get used to it. It all comes as 2nd nature after a while like shaving your legs and taking vitamins or putting on makeup. In fact, I also have to thank you for the fenugreek tea idea> in the mornings I have a big cup full instead of coffee and I 'm used to it not that I don't drink much coffee anymore. Thanks! I really needed that. My husband is just as happy as I am. Not so much because my breasts are bigger- but because Im' so happy with the way they look now. He gets to see them more because I am always flaunting them to him. Thank you so much for the self esteem booster too!! I can actually wear tank tops and strapless things and believe it or not I have to wear a strpless bra!. YESSS!!! Oh gee, I forgot to tell you the main thing you want to hear_ barely a 34 B to a bustor out of a 36B!. Your company is wonderful. Thank you for everything! Delia *

I will recommend Greenbush to anyone who will listen. So far, 2 people have taken my advice and ordered from them and are just as satisfied as I am*

> Dear Greenbush, > I wish to thank you for such a wonderful and informative site. I was > researching the herbal product "bloussant", which I am sure that you are > familiar with, and I was appalled to find that they were charging $189 per > bottle. I just happened to look it up using my MS search engine and > happened upon your site. I spent over an hour reading the herbal breakdown > you had listed for breast enhancement, and then another hour going to every > "miracle breast pill" site I could find to see if they contain the four main > herb you said they would. I was soo tickled that you were right, and even > more excited now that I knew what to buy and I could get it anywhere I > could. I read a lot of your testimonials about the quality of Frontier > herbs and compared them to sites that sold other cheaper brands, and found > that you already had the best products on the web and wouldn't dare to go > elsewhere.*

These products are great!! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have gotten all I wanted and more!*

This is Lisa from the UK. I have been using your herbs for breast enlargement for 5 weeks now. I have to say that for the first few weeks I didn't see much improvement but followed your guidelines with the tea, capsules and massage. I am now happy to say that my bust is well on the way to pre-pregnancy size I have gone from a 32B to a just about 32D. My bust is much firmer and just needs a little more filling out. I have already ordered my next 90 day supply and am glad that I don't have to consider surgery. Thankyou soo much, I am now going to recommend you to all my freinds. I have been lucky that an aunt in Indiana has been able to send the goods on to me in the Uk and hope that in the future you will consider sending goods overseas, I am more than sure there is a good market here, as herbal enlargement is just becoming more known, Edric seems to be the only known herbal treatment on the market here, and a lot of people are discouraged by the price £250 a for a months supply. Will keep you informed*

Just wanted to thank you for the constant encouragement and answering allof >my questions. I started seeing results about 3 weeks ago! I am so glad I >stuck with the program. It took nearly 10 weeks of me using the 3 of each >herb capsules, plus 2 cups of fenugreek tea and a nightly massage to begin >to see results. I've since increased the tea to 3 cups per day and 4 of >each herb capsule per day. I've also been drinking soy milk in my cereal >every day for at least a month, and have fenugreek sprouts in salads. It's >hard to say if it's these changes, or just time that is helping with >results. My bras are definitely tighter. I can't wait to have to buy new >ones. This may end up being a long process for me, but it sure beats >surgery any day!*

> I've been on the fenugreek, fennel, and saw palmetto > for a little over three months now and I think I'm > beginning to see results. I think buying the fenugreek > extract has made a big difference since it was so much > easier to do the massages, I've been much more regular > about them, sometimes even doing them three times a > day. > Also, for future reference I was wondering which one > of the three herbs could be attributed to my better > health. In particular I was wondering about the easier > periods, regularity of bowel movements, increased > energy, and ease on the throat. I would like to > continue whichever herb(s) did all this once this > whole process is over. > Thank you for all your assistance*

(the fenugreek is primarily responsible for the health improvements but the other herbs help with certain things also)*

> Happy New Year! > I wanted to wrtie a testimony about what these breast enhancement herbs have > done for me over the past three months,-------First I just wanted to say > thankyou for making available a healthy, safe, and affordable breast > enhancement system!! Also, your customer service is excellent( thankyou Joel) > , and I have not been sorry one time since I decided to use your system over > anyone else's. Here is my testimony----I was a 34 A three months ago when I > started the program, for 2 and 1/2 months I started the program using the > regular dosage of herbs----2 cups of tea a day, and one capsule of each herb > three times a day. My breasts did increase in fullness and firmness quite > noticibly, but they did not increase much at all for about another month and > a half after that. So in the last half of the third month I have been on > these herbs I have started using the tea occasionally and upped my dose to 2 capsules of each herb three times a day. I am now a 34 B, and I am in the first week of month four. I will keep you posted on what happens in the up coming months*

I am so pleased at your quick response to any questions or comments I >may have! I feel like I've purchased my products from people who care! I >am writing to let you know how things are going with my breast >enhancing herbs and to ask you about a product before using it. > >A little bit about me: >I am 29. I've had 3 children. My starting chest size is a loose fit 34B. >And ever since my tubule legation, almost 4 years ago, I have been >experiencing escalating pms symptoms. Not really pain as much as pain in >the neck for everyone around me, if you get my drift. I even know when I >am ovulating, as this is a slightly painful day for me and I get tired >and agitated easily. I am a waitress on a casino boat in Cape >Canaveral, Fl, so I get plenty of exercise, but I don't always eat as >well as I should. I do try though. > >I was searching the web to find herbal solutions for my pms and my >husband was on his computer looking up interests of his own for me. Once >I started looking at the pages he so kindly sent to me, I noticed that >we could both get double satisfaction from the herbs offered for breast >enhancement. Jackpot! I looked at many different sites and a lot of them >were supporting Grobust and other products of their family. Still >exploring all my options and feeling everything out, I came across > I read the testimonials and found grammar & spelling >mistakes. "Real talk" from your customers. That meant a lot to me, >because all the other testimonials I read sounded too web master like. I >liked all the information you give on your products and your prices are great.*

>I have been taking my herbs since September 21st. Tomorrow will be 2 >weeks. Of course I am seeing a difference, but I'm not sure if it's real >or just the fact that I have never paid so much attention to my breasts >before. I still measure 34 in. It does, however, look like I am filling >out on the top & side parts of my chest. Time to do some exercises! I >don't feel any firming yet, but my husband said they feel firmer to him. >Inside, I have noticed a difference. I'm not as fatigued as before, and >I have more patience with those around me. A general happy felling. > >I started by taking one each of the herbs 3 times a day. On the eighth >day I began taking 2 capsules 3 times a day. I was easily agitated that >day, but it could have been because I was probably ovulating. Not sure >if it was the doubling of the herbs or that. I have been doing the 5 >minute massage once a day before bedtime. (Using Fenugreek & lotion) And >every day for the first 10 days I drank a glass of cold Fenugreek tea >mixture. I made a gallon up of Fenugreek, chai tea, 1/2 of a Kool Aid >packet, and some sugar for taste. Interesting. I brewed the Fenugreek >with the tea and added the other stuff along with the water. Two times I >have had Fenugreek in oatmeal for breakfast. I thought the oatmeal would >be a good "support" food. I tried the Fen. in scrambled eggs...yuk! >Mashed potatoes is ok. Not much else. I'm really going to start trying >to keep up on the Fen powder more regularly. >I am going to continue to take 2 capsules 3 times a day of each herb. >Today I am starting 2 massages a day, and I am going to use more powder. >I hope this e-mail isn't too long. I am thinking about supplementing >this program with a work out shake my husband used. It's called Isopure. >If you know about it, please let me know if you think it will help. It >looks like it would be pretty healthy to take anyway! (Lots of vitamins) >But I don't want to overdo it. I already take One a Day for women.*

(The Isopure is fine. Making sure that you don't have any vitamin deficiencies will help. You may not need the One a Day in addition to this.)*

Hi, I thought I would write up a summary of my progress because I am always >looking to see if there are new testimonials up. I am at week 8. I amabout >1 1/2 inches bigger than when I started.> >At the first week, I noticed more fullness, then nothing for a couple week >and I thought they were not working. At the time I was injesting 6 each of >fenugreek, saw palmetto, and wild yam. Then at week 4, I increased the >fenugreek to 24 capsules and added 6 capsules of fennel, because I wasn't >drinking any tea at all and I thought this would make up for the tea. Isaw >a slight increase then. I am now at week 8 and have just added 6 capsulesof >red clover. So I am now taking 12 fenugreek, and 6 each of fennel, saw >palmetto, wild yam, and red clover, but no tea and no massaging. (I found >the powders too messy). I am going to keep taking them and will let youknow >my further progress. (note: if you can't use the tea try the extracts. The massage and tea have really helped in boosting results.)*

>I just wanted to give you some feedback. I bought a ninety day supply, >took it for three weeks and then stopped for a few weeks. I then >started back up and have been religiously taking it for several weeks. >Unfortunately, I didn't actually take a measurement when I first started >so it's hard to get an accurate starting point. But two weeks ago I did >measure and I just measured tonight and - voila' I have gained over a >1/2" (not bad for a sporadic start)! I'm not even halfway through my >first 90 day supply. I'm enjoying the new fullness so much - I even >threw away a huge bag of foam/gel breast enhancement products I've >collected over the years.> >The herb lotion is pretty weird to get used to. But I found that if I >really plaster it on and then wear a tube top under my nightgown - it >keeps everything in place until morning (it gets pretty crumbly when it >dries - and can make a big crummy mess in the bed if you don't wear the >tube top)>>Also - I have come up with something that almost tastes good for the >fenugreek tea. I boiled it and strained it the way you recommend. The >best way I have discovered to camoflage the flavor of the herb is to mix >the tea concoction with Country Time Lemonade powdered drink mix. It's >actually pretty good! If you mix up a big batch and keep it in a >pitcher in the fridge - it's very convenient to have several glasses >during the day.> >So - thanks for this product and your informative site. I'll keep you >posted on my progress - I'm really motivated to carry this through 6-9 >months - we'll see how it goes!*

Thank you so much for providing not only these herbs, but all your information regarding them. They have really helped me regain my lost tissue. I was a heavy C before I became pregnant, a heavy D during breast feeding, and a small B when I stopped. I have about 2 1/2 cup sizes of empty skin (or had) to fill up. I have been taking the kit 2 for 3 weeks now and have grown an inch in that time. They are firmer, fuller, and much prettier already. I am grateful to you for giving me an inexpensive way to regain not only my breast size, but also my self confidence. I look forward to reading up on your other herbal medicines as well.*

hello. i would just like to let you guys in on a recipe that i use with my powdered fenugreek herb. i'm a vegetarian who loves tofu and would often make tofu yogurt. i use a block of soft tofu, tablespoon of honey, very small dash of vanilla, couple pieces of strawberries, bananas ( or whatever fruit you desire). then i would add my powdered fenugreek herb. if the fenugreek makes the yogurt too thick, i add a dash of soy milk. this way i get the beneits of soy and fenugreek in one recipe!*

I absolutely cannot believe it, but, my breast enhancement herbs are TRULY >working!!! I've been taking them for 3 weeks - I started as a small B, now >I'm almost out of my B's and hoping to move to a C and stop there. Threeof >my friends were waiting for a "progress" report from me before ordering,and >now will being doing so!> >Thought some of your potential customers, or "skeptical" customers, mightbe >thrilled to hear another testimonial. As far as how I'm feeling - I feel >the same - GREAT!>>P.S. my husband has definitely noticed as well!!!*

If there is one piece of advice that I can give women trying this product, it's "don't give up!" I used the capsules and the powder for massage. (I couldn't do the tea). And I saw results within the first two weeks, (and I was very excited). But then I hit a plateau. I was upset because my breasts hadn't quite reached the desired size, but I decided to keep going anyway. Finally, after two months of diligent massaging and herb taking I have reached my goal of a FOUR INCH INCREASE! Thank you.*

I was amazed at how quickly my order was received-I ordered Monday and received my package Wednesday! I was really skeptical about whether or not the company's claims could really be true, but it's only been a week and a half, and I'm actually noticing a difference in how my bras fit!! I couldn't be happier with my experience.*

Greenbush Natural Products not only have great products THAT WORK and are of high quality, they are also very inexpensive. Their delivery service is prompt as they promise, and their customer service is also prompt, courteous, informative and caring. A most excellent company as a whole.*

Shalom, Greenbush Natural Products met and surpassed all my expections, even down to the packaging and speed of the delivery. A wonderful first experiance. Thanks.*

I, thus far, have been very pleased with my purchase from Greenbush Natural Products. I ordered the Breast Enlargement program and it arrived in just 3 short days! I have been using the product faithfully for 10 days now and have already noticed improvements in firmness and a small increase in size. In addition conversations with my physician and pharmacist have both confirmed the viability and safeness of such an herbal regiment. I intend to continue until I reach my optimal 1&1/2 cup size increase. I am keeping a photo journal of my progress and am enthusiastically expecting success. THANKS GREENBUSH!!!!*

I must say, your products have done more than expected. I started taking the Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek Seed and Wild Yam herbs on Thursday, January 27. I measured my bust size and it was 34". I have taken the herbs (2 capsules 3 times a day) and also mixed the Fenugreek Seed powder with lotion and massaged it in every night and last night Monday February 7, I measured my bust size again and I am now 36" - I've increased 2" in less than 2 full weeks and my breasts are very firm now. Needless to say, my husband and I are very pleased with the product. I have always been a AA-A and I went out and bought my first B cup bra! Thanks for making this product available to the public at a reasonable cost. (Please use first name only if you publish these remarks)*

Your products are what you say they are. Thank you!!! I also received the products within three days of my order. I know I will be a lifetime customer.*

Such prompt delivery, and when I emailed them questions, they were also prompt about replying. They were straightforward about not being able to guarantee results, which is completely understandable and much more realistic since everyone responds to herbal treatments differently. BUT, I had no doubts about trying because of the massive amounts of testimonials on the website, as well as the age-old reputation of herbal remedies.*

>Thank you so much! I think that when I have to buy a new supply, I willtry >the extracts as they seem much easier to use. Actually though, I am not >having any problems with the herbs I have now. I feel like my grandmother >sometimes taking so many pills but I actually enjoy the teas! I don't know >if many would like it but I use lime juice in the tea mixed with honey anda >peppermint tea bag when its brewing. It tastes great to me! Still, the >extracts seem like less work and yes, my lifestyle is very busy being a >single mom. Hey its working,now I believe !and its not even 3 weeks yet.*

>I have been on the herbs since 24th December... have to admit I am feeling >great... ok, part of it may be psychological.. but I am sure they are >helping immensely. This weekend was the first weekend in ages (well >eternity) that I haven't needed to have a quick cat nap... as I am full of >energy.. and that is before the dreaded monthlys (Im sure you wanted toknow >that)... but instead of feeling wiped out this time of the month I feel >great... moods etc much better... Ive tried medication in the past >(something I hate doing) which hasn't worked... but these herbs seem to be >working wonders... Slight shrinkage again but just 2 days before 'monthly' >instead of a week... so hopefully that will eventually faze out. I amdoing >the full monty... eg. 2 of each herb 3 times a day... the powder in drinks, >a concoction I have made up with Olive oil (lovely.. not!) which I put into >porride... also drink the stuff from fenugreek seeds and also massage with >olive oil... a bit spotty! but hopefully this will clear... I do read the >message boards on the internet... but haven't participated... what I have >noticed is a lot of women dont stick to the programme.. if they haven't had >results within a couple of months they appear to give up and move onto >another brand! As the saying goes: All good things come to those that >wait... Prior to finding your site.. I had been on Erdic for 8 >fact Im finishing off my supply as I take your herbs... it will be >interesting to see when I stop the Erdic how your herbs will react...better >or worse... anyway, sorry got sidetracked... Erdic is expensive and for me >took a long time... but there were results... I will not be purchasing any >more tablets from Erdic but will stick to yours... I anticipate that I will >be on yours for about a year before I reach my goal... and then will >probably stay on the herbs as I feel so well on them... What I am saying is >all your testimonials show the woman that have had instant results!Perhaps >you should also include women where the results have taken time, but worth >it in the end.... having done some research on implants and the horrorsthat >can happen... I would rather take your herbs and progress is slow but sure >and also feel healthy....*

i am using your breast enhance herbs and they are wonderful, i have seen incredible change in my breast i now full out a B cup something i've never been able to do unless i was pregnant.i am very excited that i found your site. i was also interested in your sexual herbs and aphrodisiac, can they be taken along with the breast herbs ? i had a hysterectomy 5 yrs. ago and have had problems getting in the mood. so if the sex herbs work like the breast herbs i be set.*

>WOW! I grew 1/4" already in only 4 days!!!!!!! It isn't much yet, but now >I'm sure this stuff works. I'll keep you updated.*

I just had a few questions about the herbs that I ordered for breast enhancement. Although I have only been taking them for just over a month and have not had any increase in breast size, I have noticed other things. Do other women report any weight loss? At the start, I weighed 118 lbs. I now weigh 111 lbs. Also, I always had a small bloated look (below the waist area) after having children. That had completely disappered and does not return even before menses as it used to, and absolutely no cramps at all. I used to have terrible cramps that were so bad I could hardly walk. Additionally, my skin is clearer. I never break out anymore. Do any women ever report any of these things to you? Thank you for any answers that you have for my questions, and if I experience any breast size increase, I will write back to let you know.*

>Not that you guys need any tips but I thought I would let you know a pretty >tasty way I found for the Fenugreek and fennel tea!> >I do as you say and boil two tablespoons of fenugreek (I also add one >tablespoon of fennel) for 10 min along with a cinnamon apple herbal tea bag >(in two cups of water) and pour in a cup with some honey and it is actually >good!*

>Thank you so much! I have been on the program for about 5 weeks now andhave >seen incredible results! I was a 36C for some people this is a good sizebut >for me, my breasts were small for my height and weight. In the first 2weeks >I went from a 36C to a 36D and am so excited. I am already outgrowing the >36D's, they are getting snug. My husband is enjoyiing the chance and I can >not wait to get to my desired size of 36E!!! I have also noticed that my >endometriosis does not bother me, my mood swings are gone, and I have lost5 >pounds!!! I am SOOOO excited!! THANK YOU!!!!!!>>Tammy 29 and mother of 3*

Great news some growth has finally begun went and bought a B bra here the >other day. >I've doubled my tea to make it a stronger amount I just drink it and not >worry about the taste. >I think that really made a difference. So I'm on my 9th week and so farwent >from a A cup to a B cup. Maybe I'll keep growing and actually make it to ac >cup which would be really cool. >Does the growth typically keep going at the same rate as you continue or >does it slow up. >Cause it seems out of no where I went from a A to a B overnight.*

>I wanted to write you about the bulk herb and some wonderful ways to take >it!! I am juicing 3 times a day and add it to an orange juice or an >apple/lemon juice and it is wonderful. Also, the bulk herbs are excellent >with the Ruby Mist Tea, a gift from you guys.*

>This morning I prepared the tea. I put 4 teaspoons of powder in a coffee >filter, tied it with a string, and boiled in 16 oz water for 10 >minutes. Is that ok? I was scared to taste just like that >!! (smile) Anyway, I added a cup of herbal tea and some sugar, and then >some orange juice!! ( I know, I know it's weird :)).. Anyway, that stuff >didn't taste bad at all!!! It was actually GOOD!!!!*

I have been taking the breast enhancement pills for approximately 2 weeks and I have seen some difference- in fullness, and in how I feel. I've been in a better mood since I started taking them especially during my period- I wasn't near as crabby!! :) I have been taking the pills and using the powder w/lotion but I haven't started drinking tea yet. I'm going to start trying different things w/the powders- using them w/tea and also trying it with applesauce like the brochure said. I'm definitely looking forward to the end result- even to see what I look like at the end of this month! >I was very excited to learn about these pills as an alternative to surgery. I've gone back and forth about getting implants and this seems like the perfect solution!*

>It's truly amazing that something I have tried in the past few years >actually works. I have gained 1-1/2 inches in my breast size in the >past 4 months. I have tried so many things to try to lose weight but >never had luck. I wish there was something out there that could now >help me with my weight. I don't look too big but am at the point of >being over weight for my body build and age. I blame it mostly on my >thyroid problem that is not allowing me to lose weight...but if I can't >have that at least I can have larger breasts.*

I have been using herbs from kit since Aug. 3 and have grown 2 inches in that time.*

>I went into early menopause at 23 years of age. I have been on estrogen >replacement for about 10 years. I wear between a 34 B to 32 C. I have been >ordering the herbs and take them 3 times a day for 3 weeks now. I already can >see and feel fullness and firmer results. >I ordered the Breast Enlargement Kit #2 and received them in three days. I was very>impressed with the prompt service. I have always been very self-consiousabout my >breast size. I am 25 years old and after having two kids my breasts are no longer. I>measured 32 1/4 inches around my chest before taking the herbs (my measurement>under my breasts is 32 inches, this shows you how small my breasts are). Istarted >taking the herbs on March 22. Today is April 11 and my chest measures>34 inches. That is almost 2 full inches in 21 days. They don't appearany bigger but i >know they are. I take 3 of each herb in the morning and 3 in the evening. I mixed some >cream with the funugreek powder and put that on faithfully every night before bed. I also >drink tea, I boil water and put a chamomile tea bag along with a coffee filter tied and >filled with fenugreek and fennell seed powder. I put some maple flavoring in it and put it >in the fridge. I make about 2 quarts every 2-3 days. I don't fit into an A cup yet but >hopefully soon. I would like to get into a B cup nice and snug, I still have a ways before>that happens.*

Feb. 28th I ordered your breast enlargement kit and it is working great for my breasts. I have gone from a 31 to a 33 and I was between a A cup and B cup and I am almost filling a B cup up now. I am getting fuller in the bottom of the breasts however the top of them are not getting fuller yet. I am sure with time they will.*

my question to you is: Which one of those herbs is it that has raised the hormone level so that I am not having to take my hormones? I have had a hyst. and was taking hormones and now I do not need them. I would like to know which or if it is a combination or what, so that I can continue to take them for my hormone level, after I reach the breast size that I want to be. Of course I will continue to order them from you because of the wonderful assistant and care that you give.*

I would like to let you know that I am so excited about the >possibility of ordering your product. Two days ago, I called the Isis >people about getting the breast enlargement herbs. My whole life I have >wanted to look "normal" in a low cut dress and swimsuit. I don't think I >have ever looked sexy in a dress because I don't even have enough "up top" >to form cleavage. So, I was very excited about Isis and I wanted to order >right away. However, because the price was so high, I had to wait and >consult my husband first. Needless to say, he was not for spending so much >on a product that might not even work on me. Although I understood wherehe >was coming from, I was totally devastated. I had never heard of any other >herbal treatment and I wasn't about to EVER undergo surgery. My dream of >looking "normal" was completely shattered. Then I got on the net to see >what other people said about Isis. During the search, I came across your >site. I couldn't believe your prices as compared to Isis, and that I was >almost suckered in by them! It was wonderful the way your product was >compared to others, too. After reading your comparison to Isis, I was >amazed and so happy that I listened to my husband. >This may sound crazy, but the other night I was very upset about not being >able to afford Isis, so I decided to pray for some kind of solution. Theway >I stumbled across your sight with the low prices and the possibility to >increase my breast size, I feel I got answered.*

>WOW!! I can hardly believe it!! I have been taking these herbs since >February 6th and it is now May 2nd. I had to go bra shopping (out >growing my 36D & DD's) and when I tried on a medium 38E and it fitloose(not >too big)! I purchased a 38DD(that fits) and the owner of the shop was >amazed. I have been coming to her for years wearing a 36C. Imagine her >surprise(and mine)!! I am confidant that before my 30th birthday( inAugust) >I will be into a 38E! Is is possible for my hips to grow as well? I am >currently into a size 11/12 from my previously 9/10. I know that is not a >drastic change, but will this continue? ( I have not changed my eatinghabits >or my excercise routine.) Thank You again for changing my life. I am more >confidant and I look a lot better in my clothes. My husband is verypleased >and excited, too!!>>Tammy, 29 and Mother of 3> >P.S. my periods have gone from very painful( I have severe Endometriosesand >was on the verge of a hysterectomy) and lasting from 7-10 days(heavy) to no >pain or discomfort at all, medium/light and lasting 3-4 days. I can notthank >you enough!>(No hysterectomy now!)*

>Greetings,> >I have been using the herbs in breast enlargement kit for exactly oneweek >now and I am already feeling results. My mother had noticed the changestoo. >I started as a 34A (or B, depending on the manufacturer) and now I think it >is safe to say I have outgrown the 34A and I am quickly filling up the B. I >am happy to have discovered your site and I would have never considered >purchasing the products offered on the other sites. If this works for me my >mother is going to purchase a supply of the herbs for herself.> >I had been ingesting one of each capsule three times a day for the pastweek >and using the bulk herbs for massage every night. I use 1 tbsp of bulkherbs >in 1 quart of water and I drink that every day, including the pulp. That's >just me, but I realize that most women probably dislike the taste of the >herbs. I like the fennel-water mixed with fruit juices (I use orange orapple >juice). I like to sprinkle the fenugreek powder in legumes andonion-flavored >foods (I tried it in lentil soup, and a corned-beef and onion macaronidish.) >The fennel is slightly minty and sweet while the fenugreek is bitter ifthat >helps anyone. Good luck to Greenbush and the women on this program.*

>I did not know where I was to officially write and let you know how >excited I am about your products!> >I began your breast enlargement herbs last Fall, but had to leave the >country for a few months on business so left them behind..not sure why! >I finally got around to beginning again this April and am pleased to >report that I have gone from a size AAA to size A. Not amazing to some >I am sure...but I am thrilled! It took two months but I have been >sticking with it, knowing I am not one of those miraculous cases. I >would love to get up to a B so I will be ordering more. Thank you so >much for offering these fine herbs at reasonable prices! Take care,*

>Just one question! As I mentioned earlier, I am up to an A now with the >breast herbs. What is the MAX amount of all the herbs you would >recommend taking, or have heard of people taking? Just >curious...results keep me going, you see.> >Also, I have found that I can actually brew the herbs in a coffee >machine (the drip kind) if I do not add too much of the herbs. I put in >8 cups water and add a heaping tablespoon from each of the two bulk >herbs and push the button! I find if I add more, the mucilagenic >"yuckiness" can clog the filter and you get a run-over and a mess. I >would recommend brewing this concoction twice rather than trying to brew >too much at once. Hope this may help someone else!*

It is late and I am so tired, but I had to drop you a line about the liquid >fenugreek I received today! It is fantastic! I snuck some into my bulkpowder >tea and it tasted fine. But the WONDERFUL benefit of the liquid herb is for >the breast massage. I mixed 1/2 ml. with about 1 tbsp. of Bath and BodyWorks >vanilla body cream, it instantly mixed in with the cream to provide aunique >consistency for a smooth and soothing massage, rather than a grainy powder >one. Also the smell is very mild, not offensive like the powdered herb. I >have to think the liquid absorbs into the skin with the lotion much better >than the powdered herb that just sits on the skin. Also, no nasty powder >mixture staining my sleep bras! I am also now taking 3 capules 3 times aday. >I know your literature states that 2 capsules 3 times a day is probably >sufficient, but I don't think upping the dose can hurt anything can it? Iam >very excited and feel optimistic again today! Just to let you know, I was >going to consider breast augmentation if I was not pleased with the herbal >results. But after finally sitting down to do some research, I have >determined that I will not undergo surgery no matter what. It's not amatter >of cost, but rather that I did not realize all the risks and negatives of >surgical augmentation. The results don't always look good, but moreimportant >than that, I did not realize the results are not permanent! Breast implant >patients can expect saline implants to last only 10-15 years at best, and >then there are always risks of rupture, assymmetry, dimpling, etc. Plus two >weeks of recovery time. No thanks!*

>Feel free to post my results and advice on brewing the bulk herbs. I am >taking each of three herbs as follows: three pills three times per day. I >also brew up to a potful of tea (a little at a time) and drink that. Ialso >grow the spouts and eat them in salad. And I try to massage herbs at nite >or during the see I do everything as long as it is comfortable to >do. And I am definitely an "A" now! It was fun to go out and buy new bras >and actually have something to 'fill' them with! I can easily see reaching >a B or C cup this way. I also like how the herbs help with other symptoms >to which I refer to as women's yin deficient symptoms...sore throat, well,I >won't go into them...but you know...women's complaints.*

I've been using the herbs for breast enhancement and have done all the steps >except the topical application in lotion. I've been taking three capsules >each daily of the Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, and Wild Yam. I drink two cups >(16oz each) daily of tea made from the ground fenugreek. >I've been doing this for about 5 weeks and have gained 1 inch in my >bustline. I have not gained any in the past 2 weeks. Is it possible to have >reached the point where I will not gain any more this early? Do you have any >research that indicates sporadic growth?*

(Ups and downs will occur sometimes along with your monthly cycle. This will even out after several cycles.)*

I have been using the breast enhancement kit for 11 days now and am quite pleased. My bustline has increased by almost 3/4 of an inch! My question is this, I want to buy the weight loss kit and start using those herbs, would this work with the herbs I am currently using? Should I wait a while? Please let me know soon, as I would like to get started on the weight loss herbs if it is advised as soon as possible. Thank you for your products, information and service.*

(It is fine to use the weight-loss herbs along with the breast herbs. When you are losing weight you will naturally lose some breast size but when taking the herbs this is minimized and you will be much closer to your breast size goals when you have reached your desired weight. What this really means is that the herbs are working but may not be as noticeable while you are losing weight. If you lose weight gradually, which is best anyway, you shouldn't notice a decrease in results.)*

>hello, i am as you know a Ts meaning transexual, man living and physically >becoming a woman, i have been using breast kit # 2 for now 18 days, taking >the herbs just as directed with the exception of making the message lotion, >just using the tea fenugreek and taking 2 of each pill three X's a day, and >have doubled my breast size in fullness, i am glad to say i am developing >quite well, not only have i noticed a difference, but my fiance had too, iam >very happy with the results, and if u wish you can post the good news, i >started out as a small unfull a cup, and now i am a half full b cup my >nipples and aereole, i think they call it the darker area around the nipple >have enlarged dramatically, and nipple have become more sensative to the >touch, so like i said before my breast and all details of them are become >alot more feminine, i will send another report in approximately 3 weeks, i >should expect the results to be the same, and by the way thank you forsaving >me, about $4920.00, that is what breast implants would have costed me, your >herbs costed me 80.00 bucks, so again thank you.*

I bought the Breast Enlargement Kit a while ago. I can see that it's >working. My breasts have a new shape and they're starting to grow. :-D I >have a bit of a problem though… I rubbed the herb cream more on my right >breast than the left breast. Now I have two different sized breasts. I >know it's my fault! I just wanted to suggest that you might want to put a >warning for people like me. I was being picky about both of my hands >smelling like herbs. I guess you can tell I'm right handed! X-) I'm solving >my problems. I'm only putting herb cream on the left breast. As for the >herb smell on my hands, I've bought disposable gloves. =) > >One more bit of a complaint and an idea. I made the fennel and fenugreek >water. I've put it in different drinks and I can't really stand either of >them. I got a cool idea though. I made jello with it. I can still taste a >little of the icky flavor after I swallow, but it helps me a lot!! Just an >idea for people that complain.*


To whom it may concern, I am a 54 yr old Tv from England and deeply desire to feminise..I do realise that you may think I have left it a little late in life but family commitments have supressed me up till now...*

I have been taking fenugreek capsules, Wild Yam capsules and Dong Quai capsules all 500mg in strength....Over the past 6 months, I have noticed a definite increas in by bust size and a healthy, although small, growth of breast tissue...It obviously stands to reason as one follows the other*

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