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March 07 -Free Ginger Coupon
-Ginger on Discovery Channel's Myth Busters!
-All About Ginger Root
-Elderberry Extract and Warts
-10 Things You Need to Know About Herbal Breast Enhancement.

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For the next two weeks we are offering a free bottle of one of our favorite herbs: ginger root. If ginger had been invented by a pharmaceuticl company it would be considered the wonder drug of the century. You will be amazed at what research on ginger is showing. It is worth having a bottle around just for the motion sickness cure. See the "Myth Busters" article below.

Also, don't miss our new article, "10 Things You Need to Know About Herbal Breast Enhancement."

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Free Ginger Coupon

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Ginger Root: As Seen On TV....

We were watching the Discovery Channel the other day when an interesting show called "The Myth Busters" came on. And they were doing a piece on seasickness remedies, including wrist straps, magnets, pressure points, pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and ginger root.

The guys on the show rigged up a seasickness chair that rotated and bounced, causing motion sickness, not our idea of a good time, but they are well paid for their shenaigans. We watched as they applied various motion sickness devices and spun around until they got sick. We watched with particular interest as they tested the ginger root. They spun and spun and finally stopped, feeling fine. In fact, at the end of the show, the team concluded that ginger was the only viable choice. The drugs and worked as well, but left them feeling, well, drugged. The ginger had not side effects.

We have known about the ginger cure for motion sickness for a long time. We have used it ourselves many times. But it was still nice to see it validated on a national television show.

Ginger Root Extract: The Research, Health Benefits and Greenbush Quality.

Benefits of Ginger Root*: Immune system boost, anitoxidant activity, chronic fatigue, cough, cold or flu, bacterial infections, dizziness, nausea, motion sickness, arthritis, depression, morning sickness, infertility, swelling, anti-inflammatory, kidney stones, virul infections, tonsilitis, Raynauds disease, menstrual cramps, sciatica, seborrhea, ulcers, swelling and worms. *From "The Green Pharmacy" by Dr. James Duke.

Ginger Root reseach and Medical Uses:

New Research!: Ginger root was recently the subject of a startling new research report presented at The American Association for Cancer research conference in Phoenix. In the study, ginger actually suppressed cancer cells suggesting that the herb was able to fuel apoptosis or the death of the cancer cells. Ginger has been shown to work against skin, ovarian, colon and breast cancer. But it had not been shown to halt the progression of cancer until now.

Ginger is one of the most interesting and useful herbal health tonics, and one of the easiest to use. It is a great flavoring for many foods including ginger ale and ginger snaps, and is used throughout the world. Scientists have isolated several compounds in Ginger that have specific effects against the most common family of cold viruses. It is anti-inflammatory, improving arthritis, and it is commonly used in Asia to prevent migrains and vertigo.

Ginger is a general health tonic that improves circulation, aids with digestive problems and has anti-inflammatory properties possibly more powerful than over the counter pain relievers without the side effects. It is helpful in the treatment of anything from angina and fatigue, to depression and tendinitus.

For more information on ginger root and its plethora of benefits click here: Ginger Root: As Seen On TV....

Elderberry: Excellent Extract for Warts....

We read the other day a very interesting story in the local paper concerning the use of Elderberry extract for wart removal. A reader wrote in to an herbal tip colume that, after years of trying to get rid of pesky warts with all manner of prescription and over-the-counter preparations, a friend remarked that hers had disappeared after a couple weeks of use of Elderberry extract. The reader had tried it out of desperation and, low and behold, the warts were gone in several weeks.

This may have sounded odd to those not familiar with herbs, but to us it made perfect sense. Elderberry contains a number of anti-viral compounds and immune system boosters, allowing the body to rid itself of the difficult little virus. So if you know someone with this problem, let them know about Elderberry.

Click here for more information on the many benefits of Elderberry: Elderberry: Excellent Extract for Warts....

Ten Things You Should Know About Herbal Breast Enhancement

1. The “Breast Enhancement Revues”, “Product Comparison” and “Breast Pill Ratings” sites are run by the companies that sell the products. They are actually rating their own products at the #1 position. Very clever. Don’t be fooled.

2. Chat sites and forums on herbal breast enhancement are rife with people selling their own products. These are just sales pitches often from affiliate sellers. There is also a lot of misleading information on the forums.

3. “100% Money Back Guarantees” are bogus. If you read the fine print no one qualifies for them. This has been going on for years. Many of the more highly hyped companies have been fined by the FTC for not fulfilling the guarantees. They just go out of business and come back as another brand. Remember “Isis”, “Bloussant”, “Curves for Women”? Think about it for a minute. Why would a company guarantee results when they have no control over how you use the product and no way of verifying whether you had results or not?

4. “Kitchen Sink” formulas. Many of the breast enhancement formula companies apparently feel that the more ingredients they put in their capsule, the more scientific it will seem to people. And they may be right, that it seems more scientific. But more ingredients only weakens the dose of the nutrients that you need. Prevention Magazine, who coined the phrase, put it this way: "These are the "kitchen sink" supplements, products that have as many as 20 herbs in a tablet or capsule. It's hard enough to get an active does of one herb into a single tablet or capsule, much less 20 active doses of 20 different herbs. Bottom line: They just don't work."

5. These herbs are common foods and spices not drugs. Exact dosing is not necessary and it is difficult to take too much of the herbs. Obsessing about exact milligrams or milliliters is not productive. And the herbs are actually quite good for you, not some dangerous experiment on your body. Just make sure that you are getting enough of the herbs into your system.

6. Searching the globe for a magic bullet herb. Diosgenin and assorted other phytoestrogens in fenugreek, fennel and wild yam, and the sapponins in saw palmetto are all that you really need. There are thousands of herbs that contain these things, but in smaller concentrations. We simply use those that contain the highest concentrations. There is no need to go searching for some exotic new herb about which there is little or no research or track record of safety. See “The Green Pharmacy” by Dr. James Duke for more information.

7. Diligence is more important than timing. We often hear from women fretting about the exact time, daily or monthly, that the herbs should be taken, whether they need “on and off” schedules, whether the herbs should be taken with food or without. None of these things make any particular difference in effectiveness. What does matter is taking the herbs consistently every day, and using massage in your program.

8. Avoiding caffeine, carbonated beverages and chocolate? We have never been clear on why so many of those formula companies make these statements. Our theory is that one of them posted this rule and the rest of them copied it. Caffeine is fine in moderation, though it can contribute to breast tenderness, so limit it if this is a problem for you. Carbonated beverages have no effect on the program, though there are better things for your diet. And chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains flavenoids that can actually be helpful.

9. Herbal quality. You really aren’t doing yourself a favor by getting cheap herbs at a discount store. Read the ingredients. There are fillers and additives, the herbs are often irradiated to kill bacteria, and potency varies widely. The only ingredients that you need are the herbs, in a potent form.

10. No one can tell you exactly how this will work for you or how long it will take. In our eight years of experience with the herbs we have found that about half the women who use the program see results within two to six weeks. Another 30 percent have to work a little harder or wait a little longer, increasing doses, etc. The other twenty percent will generally see results with a diligent effort. We never give up since we have seen women have difficulties for long periods and then suddenly start to see improvements. There are a few things that will give you a clue however.

A. You can get some idea of your size limit by looking at other women in your gene pool. You may be able to match or exceed the larger breasted women in your family, but generally no one is going to become a DD in a family of B’s.

B. Women of all ages can see improvements, but we have noticed that the period just before menopause, mid to late forties, can hamper things a bit. Women in this age group have slowing hormone production and often need higher doses of the herbs than normal. On the bright side, the herbs often lessen or eliminate menopausal symptoms making the transition easier.

C. Women with high metabolism and low body fat, or with very strenuous exercise programs often need higher doses of the herbs and seem to take longer to see good results.

D. Poor diet and smoking can slow results. Your body needs a well balanced diet to promote healthy breast tissue. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are very helpful.

For more information on herbal breast enhancement click here: Breast Enlargement Herb Index....

March 07