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-Iced Yerba Mate for Energy and Weight-loss

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Too Hot for Yerba Mate Tea? Ice It!

Having a hot cup of tea on a hot summer day can be a bit much, but the solution is simple. Try some of the Iced Yerba Mate recipes below and enjoy that refreshing burst of energy without the heat.

Basic Yerba Mate iced tea starts with double strength hot tea. Pour 8 to 10 ounces boiling water over two bags of our Yerba Mate tea. Steep for 5 minutes, then pour over ice.

Try the following variations:

Mate dulce "sweet mate" Same as above except that honey is added after the hot water is poured over the top. This is a typical way of drinking mate in all parts of Argentina.

Mate with orange rind Same as above.... except with the addition of a twist of citrus or orange rind for flavor.

Mate con café With the additon of roasted coffee beans or grounds, or try adding another flavored tea.

Mate Sun Tea A sun tea can be made by simply adding 10 bags of yerba to a gallon jar of water and leave it to heat in the sun for an afternoon. Cool it down in the refrigerator and you will have an excellent icy refreshment.

Yerba Mate is an antiphiritic--which means it helps to cool the body down when temperatures rise. Variations on the recipes are endless; crushed mint can be added or mix with your favorite ice-cold juice or ginger ale. Keeping cool was never more refreshing or energizing.

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July 06 2