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About Greenbush

Greenbush Natural Products is your source for pure, organic and wildcrafted herbs and medicinal strength alcohol-free liquid extracts. Founded in 1997 our mission is to take the nonsense out of herbal supplements: no fillers or additives, no "kitchen sink" formulas with as many as 20 ingredients, just pure and potent herbs that work. We're here to help you get started on a healthier lifestyle today.

Greenbush Natural Products and Our Partners

We use several of the highest quality suppliers in the U.S. to source our products. They are produced in FDA inspected plants under GMP guidelines. The herbs are pure, fully tested, and are organic whenever possible. They are always thoroughly tested for purity and strength. Quality is of paramount importance in making sure that herbal medicines will perform well. And in many cases we are able to provide the herbs to you at prices equal to or below the lower quality products in the national chains. So you can have the best of both worlds; the highest quality at a very good price.

At Greenbush we promote the use of single herbs rather than expensive and complicated formulas. With single herbs you can be assured of getting an amount sufficient to be effective. Most herbal formulas were created for profit rather than effectiveness and many contain only small quantities of herbal medicines. These companies would like you to think that they have a "secret" formula. They don't. As they recently said in Prevention magazine;

"These are the "kitchen sink" supplements, products that have as many as 20 herbs in a tablet or capsule. It's hard enough to get an active does of one herb into a single tablet or capsule, much less 20 active doses of 20 different herbs. Bottom line: They just don't work."

So save your money and use pure and potent herbs that can help you to reach your health and beauty goals.


Five Star Customer Service

Greenbush has earned a 5 Star Customer Service Rating at Yahoo! Shopping for twenty years in a row. Please contact us at any time. We are always here to help. Just click this link: greenbushherbs@gmail.com

To read what our happy customers have to say about us visit our rating page by clicking here: 5 Star Yahoo! Merchant Rating!

Shipping Information

Shipping is free for any size order anywhere in the U.S. by USPS (3 day delivery). For international orders please contact us at info@greenbush.net for a shipping quote.

For your privacy orders are shipped in plain boxes with no references to the contents. We ship nearly all orders the day they are received and you should receive your herbs in 3-5 days through USPS.

Privacy statement: We do not sell or provide customer information to anyone. (We didn't even need a lawyer to write that).

Return Policy.

30 day return policy: We accept unopened packages in good condition, (15% restocking fee applies). Actual shipping costs, in excess of $5.95, will be deducted on returns and are not refundable. We fully guarantee the quality and purity of the herbs and we take care of any shipping problems. If there is a problem with your product take these simple steps:

1. Notify us of the problem by e-mailing us at info@greenbush.net. We may be able to take care of it right away. Include your order number or approximate date of purchase so we can verify your purchase.

2. If it is necessary to return your products pack them securely in their original containers. Send us a note describing the problem and be sure to include your name, address and date of purchase or order number. let us know if you want a credit or replacement. Ship them to:

Greenbush Natural Products
6207 E. Rose Circle Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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About Us