FAQ - Product Issues

We aim to provide high quality products free of defects or issues. However we understand that from time to time, problems occur. Here are some of the more common questions we get regarding product issues:

Our extracts are using a new dropper designed to be as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.

The droppers have both a Child Resistant feature as well as an internal safety seal.

Due to this, the first time you open your bottle, you may have to use a little more force than you are used to. Simply, push down on the top of the dropper and twist counter-clockwise to crack the safety seal. It may take two or three full turns to fully crack the seal and open the bottle.

If you do not use downward force on the top of the dropper, then the dropper will not engage the safety seal or the grooves on the neck to release the closure from the bottle.

Closing the dropper on the bottle is as easy as turning clockwise until the closure engages with the grooved neck of the bottle.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our extract bottles use an internal safety seal which is the tamper evident feature for our liquid products.

If you receive your bottle and there is a thin, black ring separated from the closure and resting on the very bottom of the neck of the bottle separate from the cap/enclosure, then this is your signal that the bottle has been opened prior to you receiving it. Do not open the bottle and contact us if this is the case.

Our capsules have a plastic shrink wrap safety seal around the cap of the bottle. If you receive a capsule bottle that does not have a plastic shrink wrap sleeve fitted to the top of the bottle over the cap, then this is your signal that the bottle may have been tampered with.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

From time to time, quality issues come up, and we are sorry to hear that one may have affected your experience with us.

We want to know about it right away so that we can make it right. Please contact us with the details of the issue, as well as the LOT code, date of purchase, and a photo of the issue.

We’ll research the issue and come to a resolution for you. Remember, if something feels off to you, trust your intuition and don’t use the product.

In short, no!

If you receive an extract and the dropper has been compromised by being broken or chipped, do not take the product. We do not want you to risk ingesting any broken glass.

Instead please take pictures and contact us for an exchange.

Unless a product specifically states “Refrigerate After Opening,” we suggest you do not refrigerate. Keep at room temperature: 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C).

All of our products have a specific best by date or manufactured on date imprinted on the bottom of each bottle. As long as they remain unopened, herbal extracts generally remain fully potent for 2 years after date of manufacturing. Capsules remain fully potent for 5 years after the date of manufacturing.

However, for its best-intended purposes, we recommend using any product before its expiration date.

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