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Outside the US?

Outside the US? For international orders, please visit our website

If you have a military address or APO address, or live in any U.S. territory we can ship to you directly by USPS through our website.

International Shipping Facts:

-It is very important that you watch for your tracking email. This is sent out automatically when your order is shipped, usually the same day the order was placed. If you don't see it check your spam filter and mark it "not spam" if it is in there.

-Shipping an average order outside the US takes 7 to 10 days depending on your local customs office.

-We urge you to review your local customs restrictions to make sure you can receive our products. We generally have no problems though several countries in northern Europe classify some herbs as medicines and have some restrictions.

-We use Priority Mail International. This is the least expensive trackable air delivery available. But the base rates can be high for small orders. We recommend reviewing all or your herbal needs so that you can order everything that you need in one shipment. The rates are more efficient this way.

Do not accept damaged packages. We have been packing these orders for many years and we are good at it. But the post office occasionally breaks one. If they try to deliver it anyway, just refuse it. They will ship it back to us and we will replace it. We don't want you to have to deal with the mess.

Package overdue for delivery? In nearly every case the package is at your post office. They may not have known where to put it. They may have left a notice that you didn't see. Ask your mail carrier or stop at your post office and inquire. Give them the tracking number from your tracking email. If they can't produce the package, contact us.

Award Winning Customer Service.

We are always here to help. Joel has been faithfully answering your herbal questions for years and will quickly get back to you on any questions you have. We have maintained a 5 Star rating for 14 years.

Simply email us at or

or click this link:

Phone We don't use phone operators. It is impossible to train them to answer herbal questions accurately and we want you to get accurate information. Don't worry. We will get back to you quickly. If you don't hear from us something went wrong. Check the email and send it again.

Frequently Asked Questions We always appreciate it if you take a minute to look at the most common questions.

Coupons and Promotions

How do I get coupons? Sign up for our newsletter. This is where the promotions come from. If you place an order we will send you a welcome newsletter asking if you want to be on the list.

My coupon doesn't work. Shipping and discount coupons work well in the Yahoo! Shopping system. Sometimes we offer a free product. When we do this there can be a little confusion. You don't have to order the product. Just enter your order and the coupon code. It will show up as a 1 cent discount and your free product will be included. If you have any doubts just put the code in the comment box and we'll take care of it. We are easy to get along with.

I'm not getting the newsletter promotions. The promotions change every few weeks. If you are on the newsletter mailing list you are being sent the newsletter, but your spam filter is taking it out. Add our email, or to your address book if that is the case.

General Ordering Questions

Credit Card Statements Some internet statements will list both the "reserve of funds" and the actual transaction. We really wish they wouldn't do that. It makes people think that they have been charged twice. It is impossible in the Yahoo! system for us to charge you twice. The "reserve of funds" will drop off your statement.

Double Orders If you inadvertently click the "place order" button twice, you may have entered two orders. Just contact us and we'll cancel the duplicate. We always check on double identical orders.

Did I actually place my order? If you did not get all the way to the page with your order number and confirmation, you probably didn't finish the order. You will also get an automatic email order confirmation immediately. If you don't have these, just go back into the web site and finish checking out.

My credit card was rejected. Our credit card system is run by Wells Fargo and First Data. If it rejects your card you need to contact your credit card company to see what the problem might be.

Outside the US?