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Newsletter February 2 2011
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  Quality and Value Since 1997

We pride ourselves on customer service and it shows. Award winning customer service, fast shipping and quality products at low prices have helped us to build a loyal base of satisfied customers. We would like to thank those that took the time to help us achieve a "Top Service" rating with Yahoo! stores 10 years in a row. Scroll through the comments to see how our herbs and information might help you. Thank you for your support!
           Our popular Love Tea blend is a unique combination of sexual enhancing herbs designed to be shared by couples. Aromatic and delicious, this particular blend in tea form will stimulate all the right places. So share a cup tonight and put some tingle back in your romance.  Ingredients: Blackberry Leaf, Sarsaparilla Root, White Oak Bark, Rose Flower, Eleuthero Root, Muira Puama, Elecampane, Dong Quai Root, Marjoram, Licorice Root, Echinacea, Ginger, Damiana and natural flavor. 
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Love Tea

Avoid Complicated Formulas.  “These are the "kitchen sink" supplements, products that have as many as 20 herbs in a tablet or capsule. It''''''''''''''''s hard enough to get an active does of one herb into a single tablet or capsule, much less 20 active doses of 20 different herbs. Bottom line: They just don''''''''''''''''t work.

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Greenbush Quality

Greenbush Bio-Chelated Extracts: Full medicinal strength in an alcohol-free extract. Until Bio-Chelation there was simply no good way to make a potent alcohol-free extract. Greenbush alcohol free extracts begin with organic alcohol regardless of whether the final product contains alcohol or not. After finishing the first step in the plant extraction, an additional step is performed to remove the alcohol. This is done by utilizing a proprietary cold extraction process called Bio-Chelation Bio-Chelation describes the cold process vacuum distillation method, which removes all the alcohol initially used to obtain the good herbal extract.

Holistically Balanced Herbal Extracts: It is important to note that a cold extraction process, as opposed to a heat extraction process, helps maintain the full spectrum, or Holistic BalanceTM of the plant''''''''''''''''s constituents in the final product. The end-result is an alcohol-free extract containing the essential properties of the complete herb in a base of vegetable glycerin and water. (Vegetable glycerin is used because it can help to bind certain plant constituents, is natural to the body, easily absorbed, tastes sweet without affecting blood sugar levels, and acts as a good solvent and carrier for the plant constituents).

Free Desire for Women, or Male Vitality Formulas. 
     Heat up your Valentine's Day with one of our popular sensual formulas:  Desire for Women, or Male Vitality free with any order.   ($12.95 Value.  $30 minimum order please).   These are not just samples.  They are 60ml bottles with 120 doses, enough to enjoy the health benefits of an active love life before Valentine's Day.  Use one of the coupon codes below. 

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Greenbush Desire for Women and Male Vitality formulas are pure, alcohol-free, Bio-Chelated*, holistically balanced and full medicinal potency: 1:1 strength (1ml=1000mg).

Free Desire or Male Vitality Coupon Codes:
For Desire for Women use code:  desire
For Male Vitality use code:  vitality
To get your free bottle simply use one of these codes per order: desire  or  vitalty    Just shop for your items as you normally would. When you hit the "check out" button there will be a box for the coupon code. Enter the code and your free bottle will be included with your order. (This appears as a 1 cent discount on the order).  If you have any problems with the code you can always simply put a note in the comment box and we will take care of it for you. 

This 2 ounce bottle contains 60 1ml doses.
Ends February 15th. Use it now and send this newsletter to a friend! Anyone can benefit from these stimulating formulas.

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Vitality for Men
This easy to use formula is a combination of the best herbs for male sexual function in a pure alcohol free liquid extract.   Extracts are more easily absorbed making this formula fast acting and effective.  To get started with this formula simply take 1ml of the extract 2 to 3 times per day.   This dose can be gradually increased if needed. 
Vitality for Men contains the following herbs; 

Pure Saw Palmetto Extract... For healthy sexual function and testosterone.

Wild Oat Extract (Avena Sativa)... An effective sexual stimulant.

Pure Ginkgo Biloba Extract... Naturally increases blood flow.

Pure Muira Puama Extract ... The "Viagra" of the Amazon

Pure Damiana Extract ... Brings oxygen to the genitals.

Desire for Women
           This easy to use formula is a combination of the best herbs for female  sexual function in a pure alcohol free liquid extract.   Extracts are more easily absorbed making this formula fast acting and effective.  To get started with this formula simply take 1/2 ml of the extract 2 to 3 times per day.   This dose can be gradually increased to a total of 1ml three times per day to increase the effects.    This formula was designed for effectiveness. It contains the herbs most often recommended by herbal experts for increased sexual desire, including the herbs recommended by Dr. James Duke in his chapter on "Inhibited Sexual Desire in Women".  The herbs in this formula work by stimulating sexual hormone production and increasing oxygen and blood flow resulting in both increased desire and sexual response.  Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Damiana, Dong-quai, Fenugreek, Fennel, Avena Sativa, Ginkgo biloba and Muira puama. 

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Other Sexual Herbs
Herbs for sexual enhancement and for combating impotence have become increasingly popular natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical drugs. They are used to improve sexual response and treat impotence in men as well as to improve sexual desire and libido in women. They have been found to be quite effective for both sexes, raising testosterone levels and stamina.
     Researchers in a Stanford University study investigated Yohimbe's long time reputation as an aphrodisiac. This study had subjects experiencing a 90% increase in sexual desire, in less than one hour. Yohimbe is now the only herb listed in the ³The Physicans² Desk Reference Book as a natural ³aphrodisiac for both men and women. Yohimbe has long been known to help impotent men to achieve and maintain erections. Dr. Christian Barnard, the famous heart transplant surgeon, has reported that three out of four heart transplant patients who used Yohimbe experienced the immediate return of sexual potency.

     In the South Pacific today kava is served as a beverage, usually consumed at dusk before the evening meal because islanders feel a full stomach can inhibit its effects. After drinking, people typically eat smaller amounts of food because kava tends to decrease the appetite. And while some islanders have described the taste of kava as cool and refreshing, most who have tasted it find it has a bitter flavor with a temporary numbing effect on the tongue and inside of the mouth. Many have compared the kava drink to a western cocktail and today Pacific island residents often visit their local kava bar.  The relaxing, euphoric effect of the herb makes it one of the world's foremost sexual enhancers. 
Cinnamon is one of the world's most common and popular spices but until recent surprising research few people considered it a medicinal herb. However, delving into the history of the herb reveals that its use as a medicine ranges from ancient Egypt through the Bubonic Plague. Even the modern research was prompted by reports of people controlling diabetes, cutting cholesterol levels in half, and wiping out belly fat. Further research indicates the herb improves brain function and is a sexual stimulant. What's not to like? Much like ginger root and turmeric, we seem to have another common herb that would deserve wonder drug status if it were made by a drug company. The popularity of cinnamon as a health supplement is soaring as the research pours in supporting the claims.

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February Newsletter