Feb06Why Are Greenbush Customers So Loyal?

People who order from Greenbush are amazed at the fast shipping, the quick responses to questions and the very obvious freshness and quality of the herbs. But the real reason they come back is because of the effectiveness of the programs. People are tired of being taken by companies hyping the latest "miracle formula." They are tired of getting weak and ineffective herbs with fillers and low potencies at discount stores. The stuff just doesn't work. When they find a company committed to helping people to use potent herbal medicines effectively, they stick with them. And you should too.

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Free Love Tea. Last Chance!

Thank you for all of the great comments on the Love Tea and other sensual herbs. We hope they improved your Valentines Day.

Just because Valentines Day has passed doesn't mean that you have to give up romance. There is still time to get your free bag of Love Tea using the coupon code below with any order.

Love Tea is an aromatic blend with a wonderfully stimulating flavor and bouquet, a delightful prelude to a romantic evening. It is a favorite because of the flavor and aroma, but the real value is in the carefully selected aphrodesiac herbs; Damiana, Muira puama, Sarsaparillo, Eluethero, along with flavorful Ginger, Rosemary, Blackberry and Rose.

Love tea is a great introduction to sexual herbs, the first step down the road to an improved sex life and a happier and healthier relationship. So use the coupon and tell your friends. Anyone can use the coupon with any order.

Free Love Tea Coupon Code

Simply use this coupon code while placing your order: lovetea. Just shop for your items as you normally would. When you hit the "check out" button there will be a box for the coupon code. Enter lovetea and your free tea will be included with your order. (This appears as a 1 cent discount on the order). More information at the link below.

Ends February 28th. Use it now and send this newsletter to a friend! Everyone loves this aromatic, stimulating herbal tea. Read the comments below...

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Sexual Rejuvenation with Herbs

At Greenbush we have been researching sexual herbs and aphrodisiacs for years in an effort to find the most effective herbs for our customers. We have found that there are quite a number of herbs that can have a dramatic effect on enhancing the sexual experience. They can also be very useful in treating impotence in men and inhibited sexual desire in women. But the herbs are not always well understood.

Many of the sexual herbs need to be used for a month or so for full effect. And they need to be used in a pure and powerful form. Sexual herbal formulas that you see advertised containing little bits of as many as twenty herbs are worthless.

Read on for user comments on our various herbs for sexual enhancement and rejeuvenation.

Love Tea:

"Wow! Wow! We never had problems. We just tried the tea for fun. What a kick!"

"We love the LOve tea. We're back for more. Now just the smell of it gets things going."

"I use your Desire formula and got my husband the Male Vitality and they are both working great. Thanks so much for an effective natural product. We recommend Greenbush to everyone. We drink the love tea too!"

"My girlfriend and I share a cup of Love tea before bed. It is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Thanks for a great tasting tea."

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know again how much I appreciate your herbs! My husband and I have tried the Yerba Mate tea and love it. The taste is great and it really seems to be of benefit to us. I have been using the enhancement blend for a while now and am enjoying the benefits. The Love tea is the best! Don't ever stop making it! We will be customers forever."

Love Potion Recipe from Margee posted on a message board...

Here ya go -- good luck with it. I got the herbs from www.greenbush.net.

Flibuster Orgasmic

2 bottles of white rum (750ml each)
2/3 liter (or 1 fifth) dry white wine
1 cup triple sec
juice of 10 oranges
juice of 6 lemons
20-oz. can of pineapple chunks, drained
1 cup sugar
2 vanilla beans, split
2 nutmegs, ground
2 oz. Greenbush muira puama tincture
1-2 oz. Greenbush damiana tincture
2 whole oranges studded with cloves
a handful of fresh or dried rose petals

Place all but last 2 ingredients in a large punch bowl and stir well until sugar is dissolved. Carefully float clove-studded oranges in the punch. Sprinkle with rose petals immediately before serving.

Fenugreek: It isn't just for Breast Enhancement.

For years now women who have been using fenugreek for breast enhancement have reported increases in sexual desire- often dramatic increases. The hormone balancing effect of the herb is responsible. Low libido is often the result of hormone fluctuations in women. Here is a comment from a husband who's wife has had a revival with fenugreek...

"Jen, is 40 yo and is taking two Fenugreek capsules three times per day plus a half pint of soya milk topped up with two cups per day of Fenugreek tea ( a teaspoonful of powder added to ordinary tea ) for the purpose of breast enlargement, but she began to notice some unexpected changes. After only four days there was a huge increase in libido and vaginal wetness, and within the first month her erogenous zones became more sensitive to stimulation including her nipples, ( which had never been particularly sensitive before ) and was able to become aroused and wet just by having them stimulated, she was also able to reach orgasm much more easily than before and orgasms were more intense, she did not fatigue easily and could reach orgasm every day and no longer suffered from pain before or after intercourse as she did before. Vaginal internal "plumpness" and "openness" improved, periods became regular without any "spotting" in between. Finally after four months her breasts feel and look fuller but with all those other benificial effects we considered that a bonus! I hope this letter is'nt thought to be too graphic or explicit but we wanted to share this information. My wife was feeling 20 years younger, what more can I say! Regards, John,,,,,,"

Assorted Other Sexual Herbs

"Thanks for the bottle of Male Vitality. I think I'm set for a little while now. What I have found is that it makes me feel much younger (I'm 54) and like I might be ready for some spontaneous action at some point. However, right now, my experience is that I can combine it with a very small amount of Viagra or Levitra and voila, everything works perfectly and, a nice plus, no headache. Even if this doesn't allow me to completely replace the above drugs, it's still accomplished my biggest need--no headache afterward."

"I hope you are well. I have been on the penis enlargement program and I'll give you a quick update. I am doing well, but took time off from the herbs to try a product called "E-long-ate" for 90 days. I continued the exercises, but went to every other day. After gaining about 1" in length and some girth using the Greenbush herbs, I saw no further results from the E-long-ate. I have been back on the herbs for a couple of months, without the exercises, and just started the exercises back up in the last couple of days. I'm thinking 2-3 more months and I'll stop it there, although I would like to add one more inch and some additional girth if it's possible. So we'll see. Thanks for your help and advice."

"I have always used Greenbush Yohimbe and Avena Sativa, a dropper of each, with great success. I recently changed to the Vitality formula. Even better. Keep up the good work!"