Even More Testimonials!

Even More Testimonials!You asked for them and here they are; more testimonials concerning the breast enlargement herbs.

Below is my testimonial that you can use for your website. Please only use my initials, LG. I will be placing another order very soon! Thanx!

Good Morning, Okay, I originally ordered the New Enhancement Blend Kit well over a year and a half ago. I started the program but had to stop because I became pregnant. Now after breast feeding my 3rd of 5 children, I was depressed because my breasts had definitely taken a beating. Not only are they small, but they have begun to flatten out as well. :( I've always been self concious about my small breasts and now at 35 years old, I'm confident that I can do something about this.*

Starting this year I determined that I was going to give this product a fair try and remain consistent at it since I did spend my money. In order to remain and guarantee my consistency, I added this program as part of my new workout program. I started by taking my measurements so that I will be able to tell if the enhancement program is working or not for me; my bust measured at 35 inches and I'm currently wearing a size 34A. I will tell you, I started the New Enhancement Blend program I developed on January 3 and as of today, Friday, January 14 (JUST TWO WEEKS) when I measured my breasts I realized that I gained a half an inch. This may not be exciting news or enough news for some, but for me it's an effective progress in the making.*

I had to kind of tweek how I went about the program to make it work for me. Also, I put a few pumps of my cocoa butter lotion into a small tupperware bowl and mixed two droppers of extract into my cocoa butter lotion to mask the heavy maple syrup smell (from the extract) that my boyfriend can't stand. He made me promise not to ever use the extract ever again, but I secretly mixed it in my lotion and he hasn't complained not one time! ;) My daily regimen consists of the following: 8oz of water at 5AM while working out, 3 pills & 1 dropper full of extract under my tongue. After showering, I massage my cocoa butter lotion mixed with the extract into my breasts for about 5 minutes on each side (I only do 5 minutes because of time constraints-children what can I say ;))*

After showering, I massage my cocoa butter lotion mixed with the extract into my breasts for about 5 minutes on each side. I drink alot of water to keep my body hydrated, to allow the herbs to be effectively distributed through my system and for healthy skin, hair & nails. I have healthy (not perfect) eating habits as well. I eat a daily diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables (I love them thanx to my mom). I'm not big on sweets and I keep my fried & fast foods to a minimum (yeah I know I shouldn't eat them, but....) I'm confident that with this regimen I will increase my bust size by at least another inch by the end of this month. I'm going to buy a heating pad so that I can add that to my massage at night before I go to bed. By adding the heating pad to my regimen I pray and am confident that my results will speed up. I plan to be wearing and fully filling out at 34B cup bra by the end of April. I promise to keep everyone updated on my progress.*

I hope this testimonial really encourages other women out there who may be skeptical about natural breast enhancement. This is an excellent alternative and with time, patience, the power of belief and a regimen that works for you, you too can have beautiful, healthy looking breasts. Everything you want starts with YOU! If you believe it you willlllllllll receive. Think positive and you will reap positive!*

Iím a Greenbush customer who hasnít purchased your products in a long time due to economic reasons. However, I do love them and have recommended them to a lot of friends and family members. I saw tremendous changes while using your enhancement blend and other related/associated individual herbs. Since using your products, I have gone from a size 34B to an undeniable 34DD, unbelievable!

i love you guys! i have been on this program 6 weeks and already seeing and feeling results.! thank you!*

Hey there! I've been using your product for a little over a week now (Breast Enhancement Kit #3 and the Desire for Women extract) and I am loving the results! I haven't seen much in the enlarging of my breasts yet but they are much more firm and full. I read a lot of the testimonials and have tried just about every way to utilize the herbs. I put them on just about everthing. So far my favorites are salad with italian dressing, V8 vegetable juice, and newly discovered grilled cheese sandwitches. Delicious! The tea is also very good with soy milk and honey and I don't even like tea!! I do the massages every morning and night with cocoa butter, fenugreek and fennel herbs, and a dab of the Desire for Women. I find that really makes a huge difference. Right now, I'm up to two capsles of each herb three times a day. It's really been wonderful. I have a lot more energy too. Even if my breasts don't get any larger I am really glad I purchased your products!*

As for the Desire for Women, wow! I noticed the effects almost immediately. I had already been taking the fenugreek and everything before so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it but I am more than pleased! I don't know why but my sex drive has been nearly dead for the past few months. It was hard as I love my boyfriend a lot and he REALLY loves me. ; ) Now that I've added your amazing products to my daily regement my sex drive is through the roof!! I feel sexy and happier than I felt in a while! Thank you sooooo much for your spectacular products and your perfect customer service! I will keep you posted! Please! Post this for other women to read! I'd love for them to know that this is one of the best investments I've ever made!! Sincerely, Jasmine H.*

I started the program diligently upon receiving your email. It's been 3+ weeks and I'm happy to let you know that I have some results already. I am trying to level the uneven sizes of my breasts (right side is smaller) and am seeing that my right breast is filling up the bra cup better though some more room to go. I followed the advice about balancing breast size and massage only my right breast daily and using a hot towel on it after massage. My left breast has also become fuller. In all, my bust size increased about 1 inch in the 3 wks. I'm amazed and wished I knew about this program earlier, when I was in my 20s!! (am now in my late 30s)*

I have hit my 3 week mark and I am finally seeing results after trying another herbal program for 2 mths. Thank You Greenbush (and Joel). :)*

Thank you for all your help, I wanted to share with you an update on my nbe program. I just completed the 16 weeks of the Breast Enlargement Without Surgery program and I've grown an inch and a half, almost 2 inches. I started at 37 inches (bust), 30 inches (underbust) and this morning I measured at 39 inches (bust) and 30 inches (underbust). I'm still using the EB liquid in my massage as well as wearing my Brava for 30 minutes to a few hours a day. My husband had no idea what I've been up to and on Sunday he finally said 3 or 4 times that he could swear that my breasts had gotten bigger. I couldn't keep it a secret any longer! He was surprised, but understood why I didn't tell him, that if he noticed size difference, everything was really working! He told me to keep doing it! And, I haven't even started the drinking the Bustea yet. Its been really hot here and its hard to drink a hot liquid when its so hot outside. Needless to say, I'm thrilled with my results and I'm starting another 16 weeks of the Breast Enlargement program and will keep doing everything else. I now can probably wear 34D bras! Thanks for all you help and wonderful products! Amanda*

I am enjoying taking the alcohol free version of herbs from Greenbush. Having worked with herbs most of my life, I can tell they are potent, and I find the liquids easier to absorb and therefore more effective. Alcohol tends to make some bitter, medicinal flavors of some herbs much more unpleasant to take, but the glycerin version helps soften and hide those flavors. The strong flavors show the potency which is obviously important. I also receive free tea bags with every purchase - a kind, personal and friendly touch!*

Hi first off I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have gone from having next to nothing breast to them feeling and looking fuller. I also have gained one inch in my size! And this has all happen with in a week's time! I seen a difference in the fullness the very first night I did the massage (which btw was the very first time), I was thinking I must of been seeing things! But than the very next day I know I could see a difference and my boyfriend could tell too! By day 4 I was just amazed by how much fuller and firmer it was making my breast not only feel but look! I can fit my under tops I wear so so much better! Put it this way I was so small I didn't have to wear a bra but now I know as time goes on soon I will have to! I'm so so so happy can't wait for more to come! I'm shooting for a B maybe C cup! I recommend this company products to anyone! I love you guys! Will keep you updated! Rachael*

Thank you so much! I am anxious to try it!. I really appreciate your amazing customer service and products. I feel so amazing! When I get some time I will write a testomonial on your page. I have grown 1 cup size in 2 months and I have no PMS!!! Best, Tracy*

I LOVE these enhancement herbs, guys!! after children...well, I thought about augmentation...heard about these & decided to try'em. After just 5-6 weeks and my first 3 bottles of the liquid,(I can't swallow pills) I am a size fuller! I havent even been able to do the "massage it in" part yet,(because of the smell & social situations) so I am excited! they also helped level out the night sweats & mood swings! ;-) Of course, the bustea may have helped! But that is why I am back... THEY WORK!!! YEAH!! Thanks! Cindy*

Well its been 3 weeks and one day Ive went from barley being to big for a 34b to completely filling a 34c I hope to reach a 34d Ill let u guys know THKU!!:-)*

I am so impressed with your product but most of all your customer service. Through numerous emails with many questions, your company has responded quickly and I truly feel like your company cares about their customers. My first two orders arrived within 2 days of my order! Amazing. Also, the herbs are working for me. I am 44 years old, nursed two children 2 years each (many years ago!). Needless to say, my breasts were pretty deflated. I tried not to let this bother me as a woman, but the truth is, it did bother me. My physical and emotional energy levels have been becoming more erratic. I finally decided to do someting about it. I started your herbal extract, capsules, Bustea and massage - within two weeks, I grew 1". My breasts have filled out beautifully (to me!)and my energy levels have leveled off. I feel stable and not so manic! Thank you so much.*

You guys are great! Thank you! I believe this is the best customer service I have ever received from any where!*

Things are going really well. I love your products. I have noticed some changes, and I am pleased with the intended results. But what I really notice when I use the kit #2 products consistently is... I FEEL BETTER! After having my child over six years ago, I have noticed a lot of hormonal fluctuations that leave me feeling awful for 2-3 weeks out of every month--lethargic, bloated, with a lot of emotional lability--but when I use the herbs everything evens out. Now using the herbs has worked its way into my daily routine. I even like the bulk herbs when brewed with some Stash Licorice Spice tea (hot and iced). It's really good! I also just sprinkled some dry bulk herbs into some chocolate pudding, and that was pretty good. I usually add some to yogurt, too. It adds a bit of crunchiness and the flavor isn't bad. Thanks again. I appreciate your service and products SO MUCH!*

I love the herbs for breast enhancement. The most striking thing about them is the increase in sex drive! My husband thanks you!*

> I always thought that I was unlucky in everything. So, when I ordered your breast enhancement herbs I expected it would be a huge disappointment. One month later I have experienced a 1 inch increase in my bust size. I could feel the herbs working almost immediately. My chest was hot and felt sore after I took my pills and drank my tea. It tastes yucky, but when I saw the tape measure, it starting tasting a whole lot better. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next four months-4 inches?! One word: I am religous about my program. 18 pills 2 tablespoons of the powder and a 5 minute breast message EVERY DAY. If it can work for me it can work for anyone.*

I have had good luck with them, much to my surprise, the enhancement herbs made my stretch marks noticeably fade, this is something I didn't even know about. One day I just realized they were almost half as bad as they used to be. Thank You!*

When you are cooking rice mix in a good helping of fenugreek seeds inwith it > and cook it all together...the seeds swell up and it mingles really nicely > with the rice and tastes so nice with curry!...also we soaked them in boiling > water until they swelled and then let them cool down and had it as a side > dish with our salad with a liberal helping of salad dressing. We are going > to try all sorts of things like this...probably add mushrooms and peppers > too. Mmmm its making me hungry now!*

> Oh and last night we tried the fenugreek seeds (Swollen in boiling water > first) mixed with fried mushrooms and salad dressing and had that as a side > dish with chicken and chips...oh my goodness - it is SO yummy!!! :o)*

> It is really weird - I decided to try your advice to improve my breasts (I > hated them!) and already within 2 weeks I can actually stand the sight of > them again!! > The trouble is that if I enjoy the fenugreek seeds so much I will end up a GG > cup before I am 40!! * > > Yours buxomly ;o)

> By the way, in 5 days I increased my bust size 1", and after taking the > pills for 25 days > it has increased a total of 2 inches.*

> Hi! I purchased your breast enlargment herbs, and started them between > February 9 and by the 12th I was on all 3. I used to be a C cup till > having my children and before starting these I was barely an A cup. Now, > my husband can tell that I have at least firmed up and am a little more > full, although I have yet to gain a cup size. However, just knowing that > I have filled out a little and become a more full A cup is VERY > reassuring. I do try and drink 1 cup of fenugreek tea per day, and do > the massages. Also, prior to starting the herbs my husband and I both > would've said I hated sex. Since having my 2 children, I have been less > willing. But now, I feel my drive growing more and more. So, even if it > does nothing more for my breasts I will continue it for the increased > sexual drive I have! Thanks so much for making a wonderful product!*

> I've been using your Kit Breast Herbs for eight days and I've already > grown 1/2 inch! I used Wonder Cream's expensive ($250!) program for 120 days > and did not see any results at all. I am a 17 year old AA and I really had > no hope of getting any bigger because all the women in my family are this > size. Now I can already see myself in a C, seriously! I can't wait! I will > keep you updated. You have an incredible company with quality products, > unbelievable prices, and great service. Feel free to publish this letter in > any way you like! (excluding my name)*

> I meant every word I wrote...you guy's are great.* > > As far as my experiences so far.... > The fenugreek tea isn't bad at all. I make a big pot of it every couple of > days and keep it in a pitcher in the refrig. I use 6-tablespoons of the > powder, about 9-10 cups of water and 6 tea bags of apple/cinnamon tea. Then > I add a little honey while it's still hot and I'm all set. I bring it to > work everyday and have it at night. I must admit, I wasn't too sure about > doing the tea, but it tastes pretty good. I haven't tried it plain and > don't think I ever will. I mixed it with lotion and do that every night. I > just got my 3-month order and I'll be experimenting with the fennel in the > tea soon.* > > I still have those other pills I need to finish up with before I start on > the herbs I bought. But I am taking the fenugreek capsules every day, since > that isn't in the pills I'm taking. > > As far as any "new" developments...it's been 3-1/2 weeks and my breasts are > getting fuller*

Greenbush-This is a second order. So far, so good. After a week I doubled up for faster results. Soreness and itching seems to be the results of some visible fullness!wow! I don't think I've had a size increase, but they are fuller than they have been since breastfeeding the last of my four children. My husband can't believe it and is encouraging me not to forget my capsules and to massage.Funny! At least it's progress and I'm seeing it through! My goal is to have what I had when I was breastfeeding without an operation!*

I am on a diet and am seeing some great results, however I almost stopped because of the loss of tissue/fat in my breasts. I ordered kit #1 and am very pleased. The herbs have stopped the fat loss in all the right places and now I am back on the diet. Thank you for offering a safe alternative to breast surgery for us wimps that would never actually do it but would complain for the rest of our lives :-).*

I am thrilled with your product, I was skeptical at first, but it has more than proved itself in just two weeks of use. I have always been very small on top and am thrilled to go from an A to some bras size B being too tight. It definitely feels like a miracle to me. I do have a question though. My daughter is going to be 17 in May. She is also very small on top and is already talking about having surgery to correct "the problem", as she calls it. Is it safe for her to use these herbs at her age? She is also on birth control pills right now to help ease the severity of symptoms that come with her period. I can't say thank-you enough for offering your product at such a reasonable price, all the information you provide on your site and the way I received my order so that no one else knew what I was ordering. My sister, whom I work with, told me today (I told her about it the day I started) to send her the web site so that she can order, because she can see the results and is jealous of my new shape. Thank-you so much again!!!!!!! (Note: The herbs are safe and beneficial for any age. We ask that anyone under 18 discuss the use of the herbs with parents or guardian and we are always happy to answer any questions that they may have.)*

i have had good response fron kit number two increasing from an A cup to a full C cup thanks*

> hello, i was just looking through different websites and spotted this > company who seems to be mimicking the heck out of you guys! it should > be against the law, u know?* > > http://smallbreastsolutions.com/index.html> > you guys may already know about it, if not that's the website. be ready > to bow your heads in pity for them. (Note: there are quite a number of breast enlargement "formula" companies out there who have stolen their information from our web site.)*

> I was very skeptical when I ordered the breast enhancing herbs, but I figured I would give them a try, it sure was alot less expensive than the others, I started to use them on Feb. 10 and within two weeks I had gone from a 33/34B to a full 36B. You cant imagine how surprised and happy that this had made me, and my husband as well, thank you Greenbush for making my dreams of a fuller bust come true.*



I recently bought you combo pack of breast > enlargement products. When I ordered I did so reluctantly. I was hoping, > but already had the idea in my head that if nothing else they would be > really nice vitamins. I was told that I had to increase my fiber by my > doctor. I kept having ovarian cysts. He had said the increase in fiber > would help subside my abdomen cramping from having two c-sections. Well I > had heard of other products and was researching those and I stumbled onto > your website. I ordered my kit while my husband was away on business. I > had not even told him about it. One evening after he returned we were > getting intimate he mentioned that he thought I had lost a few pounds and > that my bust was bigger. I said to him yheah right. He said he was being > serious. Lets just say that after that night I have kept my head held > higher. We are going to Florida in a few weeks so I tried on a few of my > old swimsuits. It will be nice to wear a bikini looking well proportioned > without the need for foam inserts. No I am not pulling anyone's leg about > my results. These results happened just by using the capsules. > Thankyou for giving me the happiness I always wanted without a risky > procedure that I couldn't afford anyways.*

I received my Enlargement Kit last week. I have been taking the herbs for 5 days. My husband is able to tell a difference in the way my breasts feel today! I am so excited. Even if I don't have results I hope for, I will continue taking these herbs. I feel GREAT!! I am amazed at the difference in my energy level. I was a bit surprised that the introduction of these herbs into my body triggered my period, but I've still felt great even on my period. That is very unusual for me. What a wonderful product. I hope everyone learn the benefits of herbs. (Note: the herbs will sometimes adjust the cycle during the first month. The cycle then generally becomes very regular and problem-free.)*

> I wanted to wait until I had been taking them for a couple of weeks to let > you know how I was doing and well I am doing really well. I started taking > them on March 23rd and I have already grown 1 inch . I am very excited about > it. I hope to keep growing. I will let you know. Thanks so much.*

> I have been using the herbs for almost a month now. I experienced extreme > tenderness for one week and then the pain was gone. I measured myself after > the pain had diminished and realized that I grew one inch! I was amazed! I > really didn't think a few pills and a massage a night could actually produce > any visible results. Well, your herbs proved me wrong. I'm wondering though > if these are the end of my results. I don't feel much of anything since I > last measured myself. I will be patient though. If you have any suggestions > please let me know. Thanks again Joel and the team at greenbush! (Note: Some women report tenderness in the breasts at first. This generally subsides quickly and the results continue for many months.)*

I have been taking the herbs from the breast enhancement kit for over a month now. As for increased breast health, I must say they look better than they have since I had my children! Also, since taking the herbs my hotflashes have ceased, no more cramps and my day to day moods no longer resemble a roller coaster ride. For that my husband thanks you very much. {hehehe} I had never thought of an herb as an alternative to prescribed medicines from a physician. I do now. I am grateful to your company for putting a product out there that actually benefits the needs of women such as myself. Oh and another thing...I received my first order in 3 days and was very pleased. The packaging was excellent and and the timing was amazing! Great work!*

This will be the second 90 day supply I have bought! I have seen growth-not as much as I wanted, but I'm happy. I have gone up 1 cup size from when I started and I'm not completely done with my first 90 day order! Thanks!*

> Just wanted to let you know that I am very exciting. Here is why, I have increased one > inch in about 10 days. I have to re-measured it 3 times in 3 days for sure. I can see the > fullness and even my husband can see/feel it too. > > I am very happy with the progress and will give you the update and just wanted to let you know > that it works. I will goto post it to other web site this good news also. (We appreciate the women who take time to post their experiences on message boards. Hopefully this will help more women to avoid implant surgery).*

> Feel free to post my result, I have increased 1 inch within less than 2 weeks and am very please > with this result. For the first week, I felt tenderness and stimulate of tissues around chest area soon > as I took the extract herbs or massaged it. Not many women report this but I have told this is a > good sign and yes it's.* > > I am new to this program and has ordered kit #3 and found the liquid is very convenience to use. I > mix 1 1/2ml of each herbs to a 24 oz of orange juice container, and drink 8 oz in morning, lunch and > dinner, the taste is good. I also mix 3 extract liquid herbs with lotion in a small container and massage > it once a day at night and with the amount I mixed it usually last for 4,5 days, I found with lotion the herb > appears to stay on the skin better and makes skin more smoother. I am a very busy women with a > full time job and 2 small children so anything that convenience is helping me out a lot ^) > I drink a lot of water and one 8oz of soy mild a day. I feel great and found that the liquid is very > easy to use and the smell of herb isn't bad.*

I am using this kit to assist me with menopause (and its symptoms) as well as hoping for breast increase. I am able (with doctor's permission) to try living my life with herbs and without HRT. Your product came to me as quickly and reliably as last time. I knew the package would arrive quickly (it did the first time). I wonder if you and your company realize how reassuring that is, prompt delivery and a wholesome product with no lies or hard sell.*

Hello, Greenbush, thank you for such a terrific product! I ordered kit #2, I mean my boyfriend ordered it for me. I have been taking the products for 2 and 1/2 weeks. I was taking all three capsule 3 x a day, and started taking 2 capsules a day of each 3 x a day for the past 4 days. I drink one tablespoon of powder of Fenugreek at least once a day, mixed with juice. I haven't found anything to mix the Fennel with to make it palatable. (Mint tea is worth a try) I massage my R breast night and day with both powders mixed with baby oil. I noticed that bothe breasts appear fuller and that I have incresed in size at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Thanks for this great product, and of course, thank you Mother Earth! Thank you for posting it on the web, so that I, Jane Public, didn't invest in a product called called Bloussant, which is quite expensive and not as healthy. Thank you to my boyfriend who did the research to find this out!*

> Dear Greenbush,> > I've been on the herbs to make my breasts grow for about 9 weeks now. I'm > loving the results, and so is my husband. I've gone from a 36a to a 36b. > Another 1/2 inch and I'll be a c cup. I'm really noticing cleavage and a much fuller chest. My husband is on cloud nine all the time. > Walks up behind me and holds them all the time. It's a blast finally having > something there after all these years. Thanks for a great product. I can't believe I've found something that > works.*

At this stage of the game, when you're 38 yrs old, brain's overloaded with work, house, kids, husband, aging parents, and the body's falling apart, this is a major treat to be out of training bras! (now really filling out 34B's-amazing!)*

Hi Joel and Staff at Greenbush! I'd be happy to share the benefits I'm receiving from my herbs. I have less indigestion, something that was an unexpected from the herbs. I have been using the fennugreek/fennel seed in the peppermint tea, which you were so kind to include in my order--a "special touch" that I believe engenders one to keep coming back from the consumer stand-point. I am sure you'll agree the other companies don't include much of anything gratis these days. I'm noticing an increase in my bustline, nothing major yet, but some added definition that I can validate by the top of a new swimsuit I recently purchased. I have been using the fennugreed/fennel seed in a vitamin E based lotion, along with alternating with the wild yam and saw palmetto capsules. I have brewed the fennel/fennugreed powder as directed and chilled to have with V8 Splash juce (fruit medly and tropical blend). I am going to next introduce some into some vanilla Yoplait yogurt, to start. I wanted to know if it's alright to heat the brewed chilled herbal tea in a coffe cup in the micro-wave? Does the microwave reduce the integrity of the herbal tea? I've only done so once, and I am hesitant to do so before finding out whether it is good to so or not. (Note: this is fine- the microwave won't hurt the herbs) I am so impressed with the additional benefits I can gain for my cholesterol, thyroid, blood pressure and hormonal balance. I gave a friend who has trouble with hormonal imbalance and a thyroid condition your website, and encouraged her to strongly consider placing and order of kit #3, as well as sharing with her my package that arrived much more promptly than I had expected! Thank you all at Greenbush for the wonderful service you provide for over-all good heatly, and expecially for giving women an alternative to invasive, scary breast implant surgery!*

Hi everyone, Please bear with me-I'm a little giddy! Can't jump around here and be completely undignified so have to email you guys (I'm the boss here and at home I'm Mom). 8 weeks now. Only 1/2 inch growth but more fullness. I fit a snug 34C!!!! (from a small A that's big!) Hey! The PMS was nil this month! Stopping the spironolactone and St John's Wort did the trick. (Boy, was I skeptical this month too, b/c the last 2 had been even worse than usual). Thanks for your wonderful products and service!!! You are an exceptional company.*

My husband has > encouraged me to send me some pictures of myself in a push up bra before and > after. it is incredible when you see the difference. I'm so proud. Hee hee. Anyhow, if you'd like to see the before and after pics of me, let me know. I've been telling all of my friends they've got to try these herbs. I'm headed to Florida in a month, and I can't wait to dress in my tight, sexy tops down there to show off my new wares. Should be a blast. Thanks, greenbush. (Note: we do receive pictures from women and are considering posting them).*

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