Breast Enlargement Herbs- Results in the first month.

Breast Enlargement Testimonials- First Month Results

Early ResultsThese are comments from customers that have seen results in the first month of use of the herbs for breast enlargement. While it may seem that most women see results in this period, in reality most take a little longer. So don't worry if you don't see what some of these women are experiencing. To see comments from those seeing results in two months or longer click "back" or go to the links below the letters.


Hello! Today is May 10 and I have been using the breast enlargement herbs since April 23. I went and got measured at Victoria's Secret yesterday andI am a 34B!!!! Let me tell you why this is so exciting. First of all, I just got over two pregnancies and nursing two babies in the last 2 years. My pre-pregnancy size was a 34A. And when I stopped nursing my son in March,my breasts were the flattest they'd ever been! They are not a full B yet, but they are a B, and the amazing thing is that they are very firm, almost as firm as lactating breasts. What is really impressive is that I have seen a major improvement in just the last week.> This is why I think I am getting really good results now. I had been using store-bought herbal capsules which I purchased prior to receiving your herbs. As they ran out, I began to use the herbs, and I think they are much more potent and fresher. Secondly, I have started using the massage cream twice a day instead of only once. Third, I have finally figured out how to make a potent form of the tea. That took two weeks of trial and error but now I have figured out how to make it without making a mess or getting only a slight amount of herb into the concoction.> I am going to keep you updated on my progress and you may use my "story"for your testimonials, but please only use my initials.*


I just thought I'd write to tell you how amazed I am with the products I've purchased to date! I started using the breast enhancement products (daily capsules and nightly massages) on July 7th and I have already noticed the difference in the firmness and fullness of my breasts; not to mention the fun of having my husbands increased desire to help "massage" the fenugreek oil mixture in at night! I didn't initially measure, thinking I wouldn't really see results, but I can feel the difference and see it in the way my bras fit. I have now measured and will let you know the "true" numbers in a few more weeks. I am so excited about this product and can't wait to see what the final results will be. Thanks "Greenbush" for making this type of enhancement available to the skeptical! Those of us who wouldn't dream of surgery or spending hundreds of dollars just for a little more OOMPH on top! (Haven't tried the tea but am adding small quantities of the fenugreek powder to fruit smoothies!)*

Alecia at 3 weeks*

If you keep taking these herbs do your breasts continue to grow or is there a limit for the growth? I have been taking the herbs for three weeks and I have already grown half a cup size. It has been amazing!!!!!! I also have noticed the my PMS symptoms have decreased, and I have more energy. I am so glad I found you on the internet because I almost Invested $700 for the ISIS program. I appreciate your honesty and quick service. I have already recommended your service to three people but I still haven't called my sister yet! Both of us have always wanted what I'am starting to get.*

Answer: Thank you for your letter. There are limits to increases determined by diet, genetics, etc., but we have had many women report continuing results for 9 months and longer- and they are feeling better all the time.*

Laura at 8 days*

I am following your instructions exactly and in 8 days increased my bust one inch. I had lost breast tissue from a respiratory illness and this is helping me to reclaim what little I did have. The key for me seems to be to do all the steps. The tea is easier for me because I am used to herbal concoctions but I can recommend for people not used to it to pre-package the coffee filter tea bags so they are right there to put into water and to add honey or another type of herbal tea that diminishes that "oh so organic" taste. The massage is also working. I feel healthier and more aware of my femaleness. I will continue to use them faithfully and will keep you posted on my journey from an AAA cup to cleavage without an enhancement bra that is itchy and expensive! My husband thinks I am doing this to balance my hormones but he has been more attentive since I began this process.*

Toni at 3 weeks*

Well, its been three weeks, and I'm very optimistic about your breast enlargement kit. In the first week I experienced tightness, and firmness. By the second week I gained 1inch, and this week so far I have gained another 3/4inches. I plan on sticking with the program until I reach my goal. My goal is three cup sizes, and I do believe I will get there. I'm already tightly fitted in my 34B, I have chosen to go bra-less until I have reached my goal, as to not constrict the blood flow in my breast. I have been taking the capsules, in kit and the fenugreek powder in tea, and also I have mixed the fenugreek powder in my baby oil for twice a day 15 minute massages. I will continue to update you on my progress, I know its early but I just was so excited I had to tell someone.*

Kathleen at 19 days.*

Well today I notice a difference, surprising since I started the breast enlargement program on the 13th of May, and today is the 31st... 19 days! I put on a bra that I haven't worn in a while, one that was very loose fitting and comfortable, and it feels like a rubber band now! In fact, the fullness feels great!*

I checked the website after 2 weeks and it said that it was safe to take up to 6 capsules daily, which I started then. 3 of each in the morning and at night. I use the powders mixed with baby oil on my breasts at night. I haven't ingested the powders yet as I will start that next week. I have a very fragile system and was worried about the effect and thought it best to wait.*

Another good effect it has had is I have noticed regularity with BM's.*

The other thing I did notice was my period was 3 days early though not a problem, just that I have it every 25 days for as long as I can remember...has anyone mentioned that?*

Thought I'd let you know these things and I will keep you posted with upcoming changes of any kind.*

Can I blend the powders with milk or shakes? Or does it have to be teas? Dumb question or what?

Answer:(You should be able to use the powders in many different ways. Fenugreek is actually used to make maple flavoring so it should be good in shakes. If you come up with a good recipe let us know. The regualrity in BM's is from the mucilage in the fenugreek. It is very soothing to the intestinal tracts. Fenugreek is also known to regulate menstuation, calm the symptoms of PMS, and regulate blood sugar levels. You should feel better. Also note that several of the studies of feugreek are using up to 4 ounces per day of the herb. This is the equivalent of over 200 capsules. It would be difficult to take too much fenugreek, though we still advise starting slowly and gradually increasing your use of the herb.)*

L. at 3 weeks.*

I am presently using the kit for breast growth, (about 3 weeks now) and I definitely see growth taking place in the one breast that was considerably smaller than the other. I am following your suggestion to massage only the smaller one. Being that the difference was a full cup size (and even a little over that), this is such a miracle to me. Indeed, the herbs have helped!*

Suzanne at 3 weeks.*

I wanted to let you know that my breast size has increased again. Yeah!! I started taking the pills on June 22, tomorrow is July 13. So, in less than three weeks my breasts have grown almost two full inches. I am so happy! These herbs are wonderful! I'm very glad that I am one of the women who decided to look up breast enlargement and found you guys. All of the other companies that offered breast enlargement pills were and still are such a rip off! Greenbush is definitely the way to go if your like me and hate your small breasts and just want to get those nice big, full breasts like all of the beautiful women on TV. I am very satisfied with the results so far, the only question that I have is, how many inches are there in one full cup size? Everyone that I ask that question to has no idea. Feel free to put this letter in your testimonials, I want the world to know how happy I am and that these pills really do work! Thank you so much for everything and I am sure you will hear from me soon!*


I finally got my kit...about 2 days ago and it's already working!! On my honor, I am not hallucinating or anything! I thought it took at least a month to start working!! At this rate I'm gonna need a cart to tote these things around!! (no, just kidding, they aren't growing quite THAT fast) But this is just great!! I don't know why it's working so fast...I guess I'm just lucky!! Love, Jennifer (the flake...heeheehee) Last night I slept with that powder stuff on and this morning...WHOA!! I just can't believe this...I have CLEAVAGE!!!! This is so great. I am pretty short (5'2) and pretty skinny (about 100 lbs) so maybe that's why...*

Arien at 1 week.*

I am currently taking the breast enlargement herbs and I have definitely noticed a difference, and it has only been one week. I was just wondering if you could explain to me exactly how they work. What is making them grow like this? What does it effect in the breasts to make them grow? Please give me as much information as possible! Thank you for everything! I'm so happy that I am seeing a difference in my breast size. Will the size remain after I stop taking the herbs? Thank You again! If you want to put me in your testimonials, that would be fine. I have grown one full inch in seven days.*

Barb at 2 weeks*

This is Barb. I'm fifty four, and have had three children, the youngest is twenty eight. I've always been on the small side, and maxed out at 34 1/4" a few years ago. I started the program exactly two weeks ago and today I'm at 35" I'm very impressed to say the least. I just re ordered the 180 day supply and intend to see just how far this thing can go. Thanks again for a great product.* Barb

More testimonials of early results.*

Greetings, I just wanted to write and say thanks. My wife and a friend of ours ordered the Fenugreek tablets a short while back and although we were rather skeptical as to how effective something like this could be, I am happy to say they are very effective. While I know that it may not always be the case, my wife started showing signs of filling out back towards her pre childbirth chest size within about a week of first starting the pills. She has been taking them according to the directions and we have been amazed at the results. Rest assured you will be receiving an order for a refill very shortly. Thank for a great product.*

Ok, I started these pills about 2 weeks ago and since then i have seen a change but i wasn't sure if it was my immagination. Just tonight my boyfriend who bought these for me because i was getting depressed about my breast size because i was losing weight said he even noticed a difference. I also measued them a couple of days ago but i didn't really know what size i was before. I am really excited and I can't wait to see results. I used to think i was a 32B but now I think I finally fillout the bra. Man my ideas were screwy. well thank you so much. How come you haven't updated your testimonials. I want to hear more about other peoples stories.*

I ordered your breast enlargement products. I am a thirty-eight year old woman that is at the beginning of menopause. I have not ever had childern, so I don't have the problems accocated with childbirth. But time alone is the major destoyer of our bodies. I just wanted to let someone know that this stuff really works. I started taking the program seriously the day the product arrived. This is now only day three. But last night when I went to bed I began to putt he lotion and fennel seed on as directed. And that is when I noticed the first of the miricals to come. My breasts within twentyfour hoursno longer sag. They are were they should be. Again thank you. I will keep you posted.*

Dear Greenbush: I just thought I'd let you know how the breast enhancement herbs are working. After childbirth and weight loss due to stress, my B cup had become an A. Even though I gained back most of the weight, my breasts never quite came back. After researching on the Net, I found your site and started taking your herbs in July. I noticed a change within a week. I have regained my B cup and my breasts are fuller and firmer than they have been in years. Another wonderful "side effect" for me has been that I just feel better all around. I have blood sugar that is on the low end of normal and I will fill ill if I do not eat regularly. Since taking the herbs, I have noticed that I have more energy and do not "crash" as hard if I am not able to eat "on schedule." Thanks for everything. I love the herbs and do not have to be embarrassed about taking them because no one can tell what they are for - an added advantage for women like me that want to improve their bustline but are embarrassed to admit it. Thanks again for the healthy alternative.*

I've been using the herbal kit #2 for exactly two weeks and one day now, and I sure am seeing and feeling the results. On the first couple of days I started using it, I already felt something happening. It was already starting to get tender, like the feeling I get around my time of the month when my breast swells. Reading the testimonials and just knowing that I feel something kept me motivated to sticking with it. I don't know exactly how to measure my breast to determine whether it grew or not, but my bras are definitely tighter on me than two weeks ago. My clothes are filling up better in the right area. I just had to e-mail this to you because I just have to let this out. The only people who knows I'm using these herbs are my sisters and my boyfriend. This secret is precious that I'm starting to feel a little selfish about sharing it. Just wanted you to know, I love your fast service, quick response with all the many little questions and concerns I have, and kept me sticking with it so I can realize it for myself that it really works! Can't wait til the end of this month!*

I have had to move up from a B cup to C cup in less than 4weeks.*

I am pleased that Greenbush not only respected my privacy as a customer by keeping the box devoid of any noticable company and/or product names, but that they rushed my order to me in 3 business days!! That is the way business should be conducted. I can appreciate all the steps that Greenbush has eliminated so they can provide their customer base with quality products instead of marketing hype, which tends to drive up costs to the consumer. I am excited about trying this product and look forward to writing future testamonials based on my results.*

>I am currently taking the breast enhancement kit. Is it better to take the >tablets (3 different types) 3 tablets each two times a day or 2tablets each >three times a day (for a total of 6 tablets each)? I have been seeing >incredible results and I can't thank you enough!*

Answer: The timing isn't terribly important. Some women take the days capsules with them and just take a couple whenever they have something to drink.*

I started the kit on Sept 9 and before I made it to two weeks mybust size increase one inch. I never really expected for these herbs towork this fast, so far I am very happy. I take two of each capsules threetimes per day, drink the tea most times and take baths about twice a week. thank you and I will keep you updated on my progress.*

I have had your herbs for a week now, and I am very pleased with them. I am seeing some unexpected benefits. Nine years ago I had to have oneovary removed and part of the second. Shortly after that I noticed that Iwas not hormonally balanced. After numerous tests, the doctor claimed that Iwas fine; I was within "normal ranges". I felt and thought otherwise. Prior to the surgery, I did not experience these problems. Since taking theherbs, I had not had problems with vast emotional mood swings, extreme menstrualpain and hardened breasts during the first several days of my cycle. (Theyfelt like jagged rocks.) All of this is gone.*

I recommended your products to a friend of mine last night. When Itold her what was involved she said it sounds like they were made for people like me because I'm already vegan with a diet high in vegetables, whole grains and soy products and I take a variety of vitamin, mineral,herbal and other supplements such as essential fatty acids, CoQ10, etc. each day. I was already doing nightly self massages to relax myself and prepare for sleep each night. And the only things I normally drinkare water, soy milk and herbal teas. I also used to work in a health food store where we sold Frontier herbs so I was familiar with their quality. In fact, that for me was the deciding factor in orderingfrom Greenbush: the fact that the herbs were from Frontier. Because of my lifestyle, the capsules were easy for me to add to my existing supplements since I was already used to taking a lot of supplements each day (I don't take a multivitamin, I take everything separately so that I can control the amounts and type of each). Ijust added the powders to the vitamin E cream that I do my nightly massages with and that has worked out well. As to the teas, I have a cup whenI first wake up in the morning and then put some of the powder in a teaball to bring to work and have another cup of tea at work each morning. So it's been very easy for me to make this a part of my daily life. And I am already seeing results. I'm only 4'10" and 91 pounds (I can wear clothes made for 10 year old girls). When I started this on September 20th, I had a 29 inch bustline. Today, September 30th, I'm justslightly over 30 inches. I certainly can't complain about a whole inch in 10 days. I'm going to definitely keep going for a few months and see what happens.*

Im so excited about this fenugreek and it so great! I startedtaking them about a week ago and guess what? I have tolled you before that Ihaven't had my period in a year and the doctors didn't know what to with it. Well,it has started I could tell it was coming Im so excited about this product. Iam feeling some difference I think with my breast and all but I it isstill too soon for me to be seeing too much yet*

I, thus far, have been very pleased with my purchase from Greenbush Natural Products. I ordered the Breast Enlargement program and it arrived in just 3 short days! I have been using the product faithfully for 10 days now and have already noticed improvements in firmness and a small increase in size. In addition conversations with my physician and pharmacist have both confirmed the viability and safeness of such an herbal regiment. I intend to continue until I reach my optimal 1&1/2 cup size increase. I am keeping a photo journal of my progress and am enthusiastically expecting success. THANKS GREENBUSH!!!!*

They are growing and I have only been on it for 2 weeks my cramps from my >monthly were so bad before and I cant feel a thing this month I can hardly >believe it. I have been taking 2 pills three times a day I am so excited I >tell everybody thanks so much!!!!!!!! Jennifer*

>WOW! I grew 1/4" already in only 4 days!!!!!!! It isn't much yet, but now >I'm sure this stuff works. I'll keep you updated.>>Darlene*

Brenda- I went from a 34 C to a 38 C in just two weeks. In the first few days I noticed that they were becoming perkier. Even my husband noticed! He loves it!!!!! I couldn't be happier with the results so far. When I told my sister about them, she just had to order some for herself. She was skeptical, but when I flashed her she was surprised. She started screaming "they are so big." She imediately called her husband and told him then ordered them on-line. This is a great product and I'm a believer. P.S. Now my daughter wants some. Thanks. Brenda*

I must say, your products have done more than expected. I started taking the Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek Seed and Wild Yam herbs on Thursday, January 27. I measured my bust size and it was 34". I have taken the herbs (2 capsules 3 times a day) and also mixed the Fenugreek Seed powder with lotion and massaged it in every night and last night Monday February 7, I measured my bust size again and I am now 36" - I've increased 2" in less than 2 full weeks and my breasts are very firm now. Needless to say, my husband and I are very pleased with the product. I have always been a AA-A and I went out and bought my first B cup bra! Thanks for making this product available to the public at a reasonable cost.*

Early Results