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Dr. Oz on Lemon Balm, Plus Free Shipping Code.

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Greenbush Natural December 2012
Thanks, Dr. Oz.  
Lemon Balm is back in stock.  After being featured on The Dr. Oz Show  we had a run on Lemon Balm and couldn't get production ramped up fast enough to keep up.  But the new production is finished and it is back in stock. Click here:  Lemon Balm...
This is what Dr. Oz said about the herb, "For Crankiness: Lemon Balm
One of the biggest causes of crankiness is being over tired. Lemon balm is used for controlling anxiety and – thanks to its mild sedative effect – it also helps improve sleep, helping to prevent sleep deprivation-related crankiness. Take about 60 drops added to water before bed."   
We have other uses for the herb as well.  See complete information below.  
Shipping is on us until December 31st
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Lemon Balm Extract: The Research, Health Benefits and Greenbush Quality.

Benefits of Lemon Balm*: Amenhorrhea, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cold sores, Graves' disease, headaches, Herpes virus, hypothyroidism, insomnia, mental clarity and concentration, relaxation, shingles and viral infections. *From "The Green Pharmacy" by Dr. James Duke. 

Lemon Balm reseach and Medical Uses:

Mental Clarity, Concentration and Relaxation: Lemon balm is widely used to treat anxiety and insomnia in Europe. It reduces anxiety and stress and eases sleep disorders. Recently it produced an unexpected result in a research study: it greatly increased the ability to concentrate and perform word and picture tasks.

Helpful for Homework? In a study of lemon balm at Northumbria Univeristy in England students were tested for weeks while using either Lemon balm or a placebo. The students did significantly better on the tests after taking Lemon balm and continued to post improved scores for up to six hours after taking the herb. The students taking Lemon balm were noted to be calmer and less stressed during the tests. (From Prevention Magazine Sept. 2004)

Herpes and Anti-viral Properties: Lemon balm is commonly used in Europe to treat cold sores, herpes and shingles as well as other viral afflictions. Studies have shown a significant reduction in the duration and severity of herpes. Researchers also noted a "tremendous reduction" in the frequency of recurrence. Studies of Lemon balm and herpes have yielded more positive results than the use of the pharmaceutical drup Zovirax.

Insomnia/Anxiety: Several studies have used Lemon balm, and Lemon balm/Valerian combinations to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia. The studies have shown improved sleep patterns and reduced stress and anxiety. In one study a Lemon balm/Valerian combination was found to be as effective as the prescription drug Halcion.

Thyroid and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Lemon balm is used in Europe for treating thyroid problems and has shown an ability to regulate thyroid hormone production. This ability, along with the herbs anti-viral characteristics have made the herb useful in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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Dr. Oz on Lemon Balm, Plus Free Shipping Code.