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December 08 Newsletter

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We pride ourselves on customer service and it shows. Award winning customer service, fast shipping and quality products at low prices have helped us to build a loyal base of satisfied customers. We would like to thank those that took the time to help us achieve a "Top Service" rating with Yahoo! stores 10 years in a row. Scroll through the comments to see how our herbs and information might help you. Thank you for your support!
Beat Diabetes and Lower Cholesterol with this Sweet Little Spice!  
     Cinnamon has been shown in clinical studies to control blood sugar, lower cholesterol (actually raising the good HDL), and lower triglycerides.   No pharmaceutical drug can do that without side effects. 
     The most important new information on cinnamon suggests that it may actually help to prevent diabetes.  If you are diabetic you should monitor your blood sugar while using cinnamon.  
      Even more interesting, cinnamon appears to boost brain activity and reduce belly fat.  Click here to read more:  Cinnamon

Avoid Complicated Formulas.  “These are the "kitchen sink" supplements, products that have as many as 20 herbs in a tablet or capsule. It''''''''''''''''s hard enough to get an active does of one herb into a single tablet or capsule, much less 20 active doses of 20 different herbs. Bottom line: They just don''''''''''''''''t work.”

Prevention Magazine

Greenbush Quality

Greenbush Bio-Chelated Extracts: Full medicinal strength in an alcohol-free extract. Until Bio-Chelation there was simply no good way to make a potent alcohol-free extract. Greenbush alcohol free extracts begin with organic alcohol regardless of whether the final product contains alcohol or not. After finishing the first step in the plant extraction, an additional step is performed to remove the alcohol. This is done by utilizing a proprietary cold extraction process called Bio-Chelation Bio-Chelation describes the cold process vacuum distillation method, which removes all the alcohol initially used to obtain the good herbal extract.

Holistically Balanced Herbal Extracts: It is important to note that a cold extraction process, as opposed to a heat extraction process, helps maintain the full spectrum, or Holistic BalanceTM of the plant''''''''''''''''s constituents in the final product. The end-result is an alcohol-free extract containing the essential properties of the complete herb in a base of vegetable glycerin and water. (Vegetable glycerin is used because it can help to bind certain plant constituents, is natural to the body, easily absorbed, tastes sweet without affecting blood sugar levels, and acts as a good solvent and carrier for the plant constituents).

The Problem with Drug Companies
      There are some amazing, life saving pharmaceutical drugs on the market and we would hate to have to try to live without them.  Unfortunately the drug companies make money by promoting some very questionable drugs as well.  The problem is that there is big money in it. 
      There are over 100,000 drug company sales reps in the U.S. That is one for every four doctors.  These drug reps are primarily responsible for a doctor's continuing education after medical school.  And these reps make money by selling expensive new drugs. 
      A prime example: a recent government-sponsored study of hypertension medications, using 42,000 patients, showed that an old fashioned, inexpensive water pill called chlorthalidone outperformed the expensive new medications such as Norvasc and Zestril.  Yet, while Norvasc was prescribed over 30 millions times last year at more than $1.50 per pill, chlorthalidone was not even in the top 300 list of prescribed drugs.  Why?  At 15 cents a pill the drug companies don't make any money on it, so they push the new drugs on doctors.  

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Turmeric Beats Psoriasis, Leg Cramps and Heals Burns
  In addition to the incredible research regarding turmeric and arthritis relief, cancer and stroke prevention, this amazing herb is known to stop even severe psoriasis, instantly halt leg cramps and even help burns heal quickly.  The secret, according to researchers may be in the anti-inflammatory properties of the curcumin in the herb.  Read on for stories from actual users.  
"Now... I have no psoriasis..."
       "I suffered from psoriasis for 25 years, having it over half my body.  I've seen many physicians and tried every medication and ultraviolet treatment.  The cost has been enormous, matched only by my disappointment with the failures. 
        When I read that turmeric had anti-inflammatory action, I wondered if it could help me.  I immediately bought some... After 10 days the awful itching and bleeding has ceased... Now, 5 months later, I have no psoriasis..."*   
"My daughter's psoriasis" 
        "Nothing ever worked to clear up my 8 year old daughter's psoriasis, but after three weeks of using turmeric it is gone.  Her doctor can't believe it." 
Editors Note:  I had psoriasis myself off and on for years.  This was before we carried turmeric, but I cured it with ginger root.  Ginger root is in the same plant family as turmeric.  It may be extra helpful to use both.  -Joel 

Leg Cramps and Treating Burns. 
         While there has never been a study of this, yellow mustard is a very standard old folk remedy for leg cramps.  It is believed that turmeric, which gives mustard its yellow color, is the reason.  Again it may be the anti-inflammatory properties of the herb, though the reports are that it works almost instantaneously.  Most leg cramps occur at night so it is important to get instant relief.  If you don't want to slurp down a couple of tablespoons of mustard in the middle of the night just keep a few turmeric capsules handy. 
          For treating burns, yellow mustard itself may be the best option.  Spread the mustard on the burn as soon as possible and leave it on if you can.  According to various folk remedy sources the mustard can actually prevent some of the skin damage if used fast enough, and it speeds up the healing process of the skin that is damaged, again probably due to the anti-inflammatory nature of the turmeric.   

Super Immune Boost Testimonial Letters
     It's cold and flu season again and we have one of the best answers available, our Super Immune Boost Formula.  Designed with elements from Chinese herbal medicine and the recommendations of herbal experts, this formula can knock out a cold or flu in a hurry.  Read on for user's stories. 
    Thank you for the Immune boost, it arrived just in time, I had a sore throat and slight fever and started taking it on Monday, two days later and I feel much better and feel sure it will not become a full blown cold. -Val

     I am a school teacher so I am exposed to every virus that comes along. I couldn''''t live without your immune formulas. Rather than half a dozen illnesses a year, it is unusual for me to even feel an illness coming on. And when I do, I just use some of the boost formula. Thank you for an excellent product. Barb.

     I have never written a company before to tell them how much I liked or disliked their product regardless of how strongly I felt about them. But, because of recent experiences of mine, I felt compelled to write to you regarding 2 of your products - Sambusol Super Immune Boost and Super Immune Tonic.

I am a contract engineer and I get no paid time off - if I miss a day of work, I don''''t get paid. So when this year''''s cold and flu season started taking off and people all around me in the office were starting to spread the germs around, I became more than a little concerned. A close friend of mine told me about your two products - Sambusol Super Immune Boost and Super Immune Tonic - and swears by them.

He gave me a bottle of each as a gift and told me, "Trust me on this. Start taking the Tonic now, before you get sick and you probably won''''t get sick. But if you do start to feel lousy, immediately switch off and use the Immune Boost. You''''ll be amazed at how much quicker you''''ll feel better than with any other drug or remedy you''''ve ever tried." As is my nature, I thanked him and put them on the shelf in the medicine cabinet - where they stayed. You see, I am more than a little bit skeptical about a lot of things in life but one of my top things is medical stuff (my mother was a nurse for years and we lived by the standard belief that Doctor''''s know what''''s best for you).

Anyway, coworkers in the office began getting sick and taking many days off - not just one or two - with this year''''s cold and flu bugs. To make matters worse, my wife - who is a teacher''''s aide in a Kindergarten - came home feeling bad one day and started to tell me about how many kids were getting sick and not coming to school - again for many days at a time. She became sick and then, finally (I guess it was inevitable), I started getting sick. I woke up one morning with a really bad sore throat. I absolutely had to go to work because, as I said, if I don''''t go in, I don''''t get paid. I was just hoping that I could last long enough to make it to the weekend before it got too bad. I went to the medicine cabinet to see what I could take to get me through the day. We have the usual things in there - Cough Drops, Throat Lozenges, Sudafed, Robitussin, Tylenol, Advil, etc., etc. I immediately reached for the throat lozenges and Tylenol. As I pulled down these things, my eyes settled on your herbal extracts that my friend gave me. Going against my "better sense" I figured, "What the heck?" and opened the Sambusol Super Immune Boost. Am I ever glad that I did! I mixed the recommended amount in a little water and expected a horrible testing thing but was pleasantly surprised to find out that it really didn''''t taste that bad - it sure beats the flavor of Robitussin! Since the bottle was small enough, I just tossed it in with my lunch so I could take it throughout the day (as recommended). Well, to make what''''s become a long story shorter, I woke up the next day actually feeling good!! I had no sore throat after only taking the Immune Boost for one day! I continued to use the Immune Boost for a little while longer and began taking the Tonic. It''''s been at least 3 months through the worst of the cold and flu season and I haven''''t gotten sick again. Now I know why my friend swears by this stuff!

It wasn''''t long after this that my oldest daughter started to get sick and become very run down and I made her take your Immune Boost formula, too. She made the usual teenager faces at me but I still made her start to take it. When she woke up the next day, she seemed to me to be somewhat better. When I asked her about it, she told me that although she still had some head congestion (probably from allergies which she has), she felt much better. I''''m convinced that your products have made a great difference in our lives and am recommending these formulas to everyone we know!

Thanks for creating some fantastic products!!

TP Miller (Arizona)

Greenbush Natural Products
E-mail: greenbushherbs@gmail.com

December 08 Newsletter