The Cinnamon and Honey Remedy with Greenbush Ceylon Cinnamon

The Cinnamon and Honey RemedyYou have the right cinnamon.

There is nothing better than our certified organic true Ceylon cinnamon in vegetarian capsules. Now choose the right honey.

Testing has shown that major store brands of honey are so purified and filtered that they contain virtually no pollen. That's not good. To get the full health benefits of the cinnamon and honey remedy you need a good local honey. In fact, honey should be the only listed ingredient and it should be unpasteurized.

Now let's look at the list of health benefits that current research is attributing to this dietary combination:

Blood Sugar: With the explosion of Type 2 diabetes, cinnamon has come to the forefront as nutritional tool for combating belly fat and improving glucose conversion. Coupled with a mild exercise program, cinnamon and honey aid in controlling blood sugar levels. The flavonoids in cinnamon act in a manner similar to insulin, taking glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells where it can be converted to energy.

Weight Loss: Even with a good diet and exercise program, belly fat is a tough thing to get rid of. Cinnamon and honey can help. This is partly through the antioxidants contained in cinnamon and partly the result of reduced blood sugar levels which increase the body's ability to go after the fat and burn it for energy.

Immune System: This is where honey takes the forefront, though cinnamon helps as well. The antioxidants in both combat free radicals, increasing energy and allowing the immune system to gain strength. This allows your immune system to concentrate on other problems, colds and flu, even cancer. Honey also has an inoculation effect when it contains local pollens, training your immune system to ignore rather than attack and relieving allergies.

Joint Pain: Demographic studies are showing that many natural spices contain anti inflammatory elements that help prevent joint pain from aging. Modern food sources have moved away from these in favor of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. The result? A tremendous increase in joint pain and the use of pain killers. Moving back to a diet rich in whole foods and spices, turmeric, ginger root, fresh local fruits and vegetables, is starting to help. Cinnamon and honey are part of this. Both contain natural elements that reduce pain from inflammation. New studies are underway looking at patients who use cinnamon and honey on a daily basis.

Heart Disorders: Both honey and cinnamon have been shown in clinical studies to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels reducing the risk of clots and heart attacks. One study at the University of Pittsburgh and another conducted in Pakistan showed significant reductions in cholesterol and triglycerides. Further research is needed, but the combination may be an alternative to cholesterol lowering drugs and their side effects.

Digestion: Honey and cinnamon sooth the digestive tract in a number of ways. They have been shown to slow the emptying of the stomach, aiding in complete digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. They may also prevent the growth of some detrimental bacteria such as H pylori and have been shown to ease gas pain.

Skin Care: Honey is well known for its antiseptic properties. A dab of honey on a burn or cut can work much better than antibacterial cremes. Just apply it and cover with a bandage. You'll be surprised. Adding a little cinnamon can even increase the effect. Even more surprising, thin the honey cinnamon mixture a little and apply it anywhere to treat aging and wrinkles. Add a little lemon juice to reduce age spots and quit buying those ultra expensive skin treatments.

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The Cinnamon and Honey Remedy