Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about herbs for breast enhancement. Have a look through them and let us know if you have any others.


There are currently thousands of women using these herbs for breast enhancement as well as studies underway concerning their use for balancing blood sugar levels, treating menopause and PMS, replacing synthetic hormone therapy, and promoting breast health.


Q. Do they work?

A. These herbs have been used in folk medicine and in different cultures for thousands of years. They are recommended for breast enhancement and women’s health by many leading herbalists. Until recently, however, they haven’t received much media attention.
The herbs gained attention with the publication of “The Green Pharmacy” in which Dr. James Duke discusses these estrogenic herbs and their mastogenic effects based on the database he compiled while researching for the FDA. This research added validity to what herbalists had been saying for years. They have now been featured on a number of television and radio shows showcasing women who have used the herbs successfully.

We were skeptical of herbal breast enlargement at first but our research into the subject convinced us that, not only would the herbs work, they were very beneficial to women’s health. They could increase breast size and health, minimize symptoms of menopause, relieve constipation, control diabetes, reduce cholesterol, soothe sore throat pain and cough, ease minor indigestion, relieve diarrhea, aid milk production in nursing mothers, and there is promising research indicating that the herbs may prevent breast cancer.

We became aware of a number of companies selling breast enlargement formulas at ridiculous prices. They were making complicated formulas and selling them for outlandish prices under the impression that they had some “secret” formula. They don’t.

We began offering the pure, inexpensive, single herbs and the response was tremendous. After several years we created the Enhancement Blend using just the three top herbs in a pure and potent form. Women were now able to use sufficient amounts of the herbs easily and inexpensively.

Soon the results and re-orders began to pour in. Women were having excellent results due to the use of larger amounts of the pure herbs with higher concentrations of the needed nutrients. After fourteen years and fourteen consecutive 5 Star Ratings in Yahoo! shopping, we are proud to have offered thousands of women a healthy and inexpensive method for avoiding implant surgery.

Given the health benefits of the herbs and the high rate of success, anyone considering implant surgery would do well to give the herbs a try. Even the most difficult cases generally see results over a period of time.


Q. How do they work?

A. The human breast possesses estrogen receptor sites which stimulate mammogenesis or the development of the mammary gland. These receptor sites are like a magnet attracting estrogen to them. Herbs with natural estrogenic properties from plant sources (phyto-estrogens) promote healthy breast tissue.

In addition there are steroidal percursors that naturally add to healthy breast tissue. Herbal data bases indicate that Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam and Fennel seed contain the highest levels of these natural estrogens, phyto-nutrients and diosgenin.

These phyto-nutrients are milder than natural or synthetic estrogn and have many health benefits. Because they can replace excess estrogen in the system they can calm hormonal swings associated with PMS and menopause and may help to prevent breast disease. Many chemical and environmental toxins can mimic estrogen and attach to the receptor sites also. The plant nutrients can help to wash these out of the system also, aiding in increasing the health of the breast tissue.


Q. Are they safe?

A. These herbs are very safe and have been in common use for thousands of years. There are no health warnings of any sort associated with them and they are on the FDA’s list of safe foods. Studies conducted with extremely high doses of the herbs have found no toxicity.

These are plants, not pharmaceutical drugs and their actions are mild. They would be similar in safety to many of the foods and spices you consume daily.

As with any herb or food there is always the possibility of allergic reactions. These are extremely rare with these herbs. Should you seem to have some sort of problem, you need simply to eliminate one herb at a time until you know which is causing the problem. You can then continue with the other herbs in the kits. Contact us if you would like any assistance.


Q. How long do they take?

A. For most women development of breast cells should commence in the first three to six weeks, though your breasts should look and feel fuller after as little as 7-10 days. The breasts should then begin to become larger and firmer.

Optimal results are generally achieved in three to nine months. The biggest mistake is to give up too soon or to switch between many different kinds of herbs. Many of the expensive formulas have too many different kinds of herbs and not enough of any of them.

It is a little bit of work but the benefits are well worth the effort. Try to be consistent in taking the herbs. The best results have been achieved through the use of the capsules, extract and massage in combination. If you can make the herbs a comfortable part of your daily routine, results will follow.

Try to take advantage of the extracts. The use of these extracts in tea, food and massage can make a dramatic difference. Read the instructions and you will find a number of easy ways to use them. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

Take the herbs as long as you like to achieve your desired results. If results seem slow, gradually increase the amounts that you are using. The level needed varies from person to person for a variety of reasons.

The herbs are beneficial to your health in general and can be used regularly without harm. Many of the expensive formulas suggest using the herbs for up to nine months. Our experience is that most women will achieve noticeable results in ninety days. Since these herbs are inexpensive to use when compared to the formulas or to implant surgery you should benefit by sticking with the program. Many women continue to use some of these herbs after achieving results because of the many other health benefits.

The growth progress stops when you stop using the herbs. Some slight reductions in size can occur but the primary results remain. It is recommended that you do not stop using the herbs abruptly or for long periods if you wish the increases to continue, as the growth process will have to be re-initiated when you begin again. If you wish to continue with the program you should have an adequate supply of the herbs on hand.

Individual results are difficult to predict. The women who see quick results tend to write the testimonials. But many women have seen good results after using the herbs for 3 to 6 months. If you are having a difficult time contact us for additional suggestions.

We don’t mean to mislead anyone. The herbs probably do not work in all cases. But we have had such good results with the program that we do think that it is worth the effort to continue. The first sign of results will be your best incentive. 


Q. How do I use the herbs in the kits?

A. Using the Herbs:

The amount that you will need for breast enhancement varies from person to person. There is no magical formula or specific ingredient. We have found the combination of herbs in the kits to be the most effective. Simply get started according to the instructions and gradually increase the amounts until you find the level that produces results for you. Our instructions below will get you started. It is important to use massage as part of the program with any of the kits in order to increase circulation and absorption of the herbs. A few minutes per day and you will be on your way to more beautiful breasts, better health and higher energy levels.

Choosing a Kit:

Most women use the Enhancement Blend kit. It is easy to use so people tend to use it more consistently and that is the key to success.

The kits #1 and #2 contain bulk powders of the herbs and are recommended for people who are used to making teas, etc. with herbs in this form.

The liquid extracts in the Kit # 3 are also easier to use and helpful for those who want to vary amounts of the individual herbs or those who simply don’t care for capsules. Simply add some to any sort of beverage and a little to some lotion for massage.

See the instructions below to get started with your herbs today.

New Enhancement Blend Kit

Take 2 capsules along with 1ml of extract three times per day. The extract can be added to any sort of beverage you like. Massage with 1ml of extract in lotion or oil once per day. Add a hot towel or heating pad for a few minutes after massage when possible. Increase gradually if necessary until you begin to feel and see results.

Kit #3 Liquid Extracts

The extracts are easy to use. Simply start with 1/2 ml of each herb (one squeeze of the dropper) 3 times per day. In addition, massage once per day for five minutes with a small amount of each herb in a little lotion or massage oil. Add a hot towel afterward when possible.

You may begin to increase the amounts a little every week or sountil you begin to feel some changes.

Enhancement Blend Capsules

Start with one capsule 3 times per day, increase to two and finally to three capsules 3 times per day. Add some tea or extract and daily massage to this program. Using the capsules alone is not as effective as using the whole program.

Other Herbs When adding additional herbs simply use the instructions on the packages. It is best to add them after you have the rest of the program going. And contact us for specific instructions for individual cases.


Q. How much larger will I get?

A. It is difficult to tell you exactly how the herbs will work for you. Differences in metabolism and body chemistry as well as genetics can affect how quickly and effectively the herbs will work for you. We have had tremendous success with these herbs including many women who had achieved fullness and firmness with increases of 1, 2, and sometimes even 3 cup sizes. (See testimonials).

A. You can get some idea of your size limit by looking at other women in your gene pool. You may be able to match or exceed the larger breasted women in your family, but generally no one is going to become a DD in a family of B’s.

B. Women of all ages can see improvements, but we have noticed that the period just before menopause, mid to late forties, can hamper things a bit. Women in this age group have slowing hormone production and often need higher doses of the herbs than normal. On the bright side, the herbs often lessen or eliminate menopausal symptoms making the transition easier.

C. Women with high metabolism and low body fat, or with very strenuous exercise programs often need higher doses of the herbs and seem to take longer to see good results.

D. Poor diet and smoking can slow results. Your body needs a well balanced diet to promote healthy breast tissue. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are very helpful.

The women who see the fastest increases tend to write most of the testimonials but many other women see good results over a longer period of time. We have added sections of the testimonials for different time periods.

The herbs are very helpful in firming up the sagging that comes after childbirth, breastfeeding or post-menopause and tend to work very well for women in these situations. They can also be used to balance uneven breast size by using the massage on the smaller breast only.


Q. Will they cause weight gain or loss?

A. No, the herbs will not cause weight gain or loss. They have very few calories themselves and are not noted for either weight gain or loss. Some weight loss formulas actually use fenugreek due to the herb’s ability to balance blood sugar levels. The hormone balancing effects of the herbs should minimize water weight gain associated with menstrual cycles.


Q. Will they affect birth control?

A. No, the herbs do not affect birth control pills. Though the phyto-estrogens and phyto-nutrients in the herbs seem similar to some hormones they are very mild plant elements that do not interfere with birth control pills.


Q. Are results permanent?

A. You do not have to keep taking the herbs when you have reached your goal. Your breasts will remain the same size though there may be a slight reduction in fullness. It is best to taper off the herbs rather than stop abruptly.

Many women continue with some of the herbs for the other health benefits and you can always use a few of the herbs again to firm up any sagging that comes with age, childbirth or breast feeding. For an easy maintenance program simply have a couple of Enhancement Blend capsules daily.


Q. Do they increase sexual desire?

A. Breast enhancement herbs will increase sexual desire in many women. Some have reported dramatic increases, (there are several letters in the testimonials concerning this.) This effect is mainly from the hormone balancing effects of the fenugreek but the other herbs contribute as well. Some women also add damiana and dong-quai to increase this effect. If your mate needs a boost share a little saw palmetto with him. You may be quite surprised at the result.


Q. Why use Greenbush herbs?

A. Fenugreek, fennel, wild yam and saw palmetto contain the highest concentrations of the plant elements recommended by herbalists for breast enhancement. The whole herbs contain compounds that may not be found in the formulas on the market and they have many health benefits. Greenbush herbs have no fillers and are never irradiated or sprayed with pesticides. The extracts are alcohol free, concentrated strength. Manufactured in the US. FDA inspected. Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.; nothing but the pure herbs that you need.

The herbs in the kits are also more versatile than the expensive formulas on the market. You can use the capsules as well as the liquid extract for massage. The best results have been achieved through the use of the capsules, extract and massage in combination.

The herbs are commonly used to treat PMS and menopause symptoms, balance blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and they are being studied for prevention of breast disease:

From THE NUTRITION BIBLE By Jean Anderson and Barbara Deskins:

“What they are: Plant hormones similar to but weaker than human estrogens and other hormones that are believed to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer; also to minimize the mood swings and hot flashes associated with menopause. Some medical researchers believe that phyto-estrogens may one day supplant current estrogen-replacement therapy; unlike estrogen, their downside is nil.”

In short: these herbs are beneficial to your health, inexpensive to use, and they can get the job done.


Q. How do I use the bulk herb powders?

A. In general we recommend bulk herbs only for those who are somewhat skilled in homemade herbal preparations and teas. Most women do much better with the easy to use capsules and extracts since they use them more consistently which is the key to success. That having been said, some women do use the bulk herbs to inexpensively boost their program.

Some women incorporate the bulk herbs into their diets using our guidelines. But many have a problem getting started with them. Most commonly someone will write to us to say something like; “I stirred two teaspoons full of the powders into a cup of warm water. It was awful!”

Our answer to this would be; “Yes, that does sound awful and we are not surprised that you didn’t care for it”

These herbs are used as flavorings and spices in many foods including imitiation maple flavoring (fenugreek) and Italian sausage (fennel). They are used because of their pungent and aromatic qualities. But they are strong tasting and generally need to be used in specific ways to turn them into something that you will enjoy. There are a number of things to try listed below, but you may have your own ideas, so feel free to use them however you like.

Try these methods:

Put 1 tablespoon of fenugreek powder in a coffee filter and brew it in a coffee maker with about 10 ounces of water. Use this liquid hot or cold in other beverages. You can add some flavored herbal tea during the brewing for flavoring. Add a little honey or ginger if you like. If you would like to try it iced, add the liquid to some ginger ale or lemonade over ice. Then try the same thing with the fennel powder.

Sprinkle a little in applesauce, yogurt or fruit smoothies and shakes. Don’t start with too much at once and try the herbs seperately at first. Fenugreek will taste good in certain things while fennel may be better in others. You can also make the liquid as described above and add this to the foods rather than the dry herb itself.

Try them in shakes made with flavored soy milk- the soy will give you an extra boost of the phyto-nutrients that you need.

What Can I Make with Bulk Herbs?

You can make herbal teas, tinctures, liqueurs and syrups that are healthy and inexpensive. They can be brewed individually or blended to create a range of aromas and flavors. You can drink herbal teas hot or iced, or combine them with juice or other beverages. Make herbal tea by the cup or in larger quantities. A pot made in the morning, for example, can be left on the stove for easy reheating, drinking at room temperature, or drinking iced later in the day.

Herbal Brews

Herbal Tinctures – Folk Method

Fill clean jar one-half way with herbs, cover completely with vodka or brandy plus an inch more. (Check the next day, you may need to add more liquid). Steep in warm place for two to four weeks. Shake daily, strain through cheesecloth. Bottle in dark container, label.

Herbal Liqueurs

2 cups vodka 3/4 cup dried herbs (1 1/2 cups fresh) Steep two to four weeks in a warm place, strain. Pour one cup water over the strained leaves, add one cup honey or other sweetener. Additional flavors may be added. Bottle and let sit 1+ months. SIP!

Herbal Syrups

2 cups strong herbal tea (one cup herbs steeped in one quart water) 1/2 cup honey 1/4 cup brandy 2 tablespoon glycerine While tea is still warm, add honey. Cool. Add brandy to preserve. Keep in refrigerator.

The methods for making tea — infusion and decoction — differ according to the part of the plant being used.


Used to prepare the more fragile parts of the plant — leaves, fruits, seeds, and flowers.


1. Put the herbs in a pot and pour boiling water over them. Quickly cover the pot with a tight fitting lid. Allow it to steep for 10 to 20 minutes.

2. To create a stronger medicinal infusion, place the herbs in a pan with cold water and cover with a tight fitting lid. Bring the water to the boiling point slowly over very low heat. Take the brew off the heat just before it begins to boil. Strain with a cheesecloth or run through a coffee filter.


Used for brewing roots, barks, nuts and non-aromatic seeds.


1. Bring water to a boil, add herbs, and simmer over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. To prevent the escape of steam and important nutrients, keep a tight fitting lid on at all times. Remove from heat, strain and drink.

2. Put the herbs in a pan of cold water. Cover the pan and slowly bring the water to a boil over low heat. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from the heat, strain and drink.


Q. Can they even out breast size?

A. Uneven breast size is more common than you think and can be due to any number of things but is generally a genetic tendency. Most women who have uneven breasts would like to correct them but the surgery can be expensive, painful and even dangerous. The herbal approach can be a great alternative.

The key to balancing breast size is the massage. Massaging the smaller breast stimulates circulation and absorption of the herbs in the smaller breast only. Many women have used this method to increase the size of the smaller breast.

If you are looking to increase both breasts in size but have one breast that is smaller than the other the method would be to follow the instructions for the use of the herbs in the Enhancement Blend kit, but massage only the smaller breast with the extract and lotion mixture.

If you do not wish to increase your general breast size but would like to increase the size of the smaller breast only, the method would be to use the massage mixture of Enhancement Blend extract and lotion on the smaller breast but skipping the oral doses.

The process of evening out breast size can take a little time. In some cases it may help to take some herbs internally, as tea, extracts or capsules, to introduce a few more of the nutrients into the body. Two to three capsules, 1 ml of extracts, or a cup of tea per day should not be enough to increase the breasts in general but may speed up the process of increasing the size of the smaller breast.


Q. How Can Massaging The Breasts Help?

A. Using the extracts or even the herb from a capsule mixed with lotion for massage will help quite a bit to boost results from the herbs.

The massage stimulates circulation in the breast tissue speeding up the reception of the nutrients. The nutrients from the herbs in the lotion will also be absorbed topically which is why it is best to leave the mixture on for a period of time or even overnight if possible. These nutrients are absorbed even if it does not seem that the herbs are completely absorbed out of the mixture and some residue remains.

The massage can be used more often than once per day if you like. Just take care not to irritate your skin by massaging too much; five minutes or so of gentle massage is enough.

Experiment with your massage mixture and find something you like. Scented lotions can minimize the herbal aroma. Cocoa butter or spice scents work well. Aloe based lotions prevent skin irritation.


Q. Do they work for everyone?

A. Nothing works for everyone. Even the pharmaceutical wonder drugs don’t work for everyone. (Some have remarkably low success rates).

We have had tremendous success with these herbs and many women have avoided implant surgery because of them. All have enjoyed the other health benefits of the herbs.

We have helped many women with the use of the herbs with great success and if you need assistance don’t hesitate to ask. Some have discontinued the herbs without results, generally without really giving them a chance to work. Our experience has been that women who stick with the herbs and use them correctly will see results.

In our years of experience with the herbs we have noticed the following limiting factors:

A. You can get some idea of your size limit by looking at other women in your gene pool. You may be able to match or exceed the larger breasted women in your family, but generally no one is going to become a DD in a family of B’s.

B. Women of all ages can see improvements, but we have noticed that the period just before menopause, mid to late forties, can hamper things a bit. Women in this age group have slowing hormone production and often need higher doses of the herbs than normal. On the bright side, the herbs often lessen or eliminate menopausal symptoms making the transition easier.

C. Women with high metabolism and low body fat, or with very strenuous exercise programs often need higher doses of the herbs and seem to take longer to see good results.

D. Poor diet and smoking can slow results. Your body needs a well balanced diet to promote healthy breast tissue. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are very helpful.


Q. What else can I do to help with results?

A. There are a number of things that we have found helpful in boosting results.

First of all be sure to use the herbs consistently on a daily basis and don’t skip the massage. This is an important part of the program and we find that women who are having a hard time are not being consistent.

Increasing your doses is also important. The amounts needed can vary from person to person, which is part of the reason that the one-size-fits-all formulas don’t work very well. Just add another capsule or squeeze of extract every week or so until you begin to feel changes. It is very difficult to take too much of these herbs. Once you are starting to feel changes, you are close to your needed dose.

There are a number of other foods that contain some of the nutrients that you need and adding them to your diet will help. Soy is helpful. Any type of soy product is fine and soy milk is now readily available in most grocery stores. We have Red Clover and Soy Isoflavones extract available if you prefer. Whole grains such as wheat, oat and barley will help and are healthy additions to your diet. Of course, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will help.

We haven’t found that moderate use of caffeine or alcohol effects results but if you can replace any of these with the herbs in tea or other drinks, all the better. Smoking may limit results somewhat since it constricts circulation.

We would advise against trying all kinds of different herbs and formulas for short periods of time. This can confuse your system. Our research indicates that these herbs are the best choice and sticking with them will give you the greatest chances for success. We do list a couple of other herbs that contain the phyto-nutrients; red clover and black cohosh. In some cases these herbs may be worth adding to the program as they have some unique characteristics. We don’t recommend some of the other exotic herbs that you might hear about since they are not well known or well researched and could possibly be harmful. Goat’s rue and prueria murifica are among these.

Read over the “Tips and Tricks” in the brochure that comes with your herbs for more ideas.


Q. Do they work for males?

A. Male breast enlargement. This is not something that has been well researched but we have had a number of men use the herbs with success. They are actually recommended in an e-book called Flat to Fem by Lucille Sorella. Most males use the Enhancement Blend kit along with some Black Cohosh extract. We have had reports that large amounts of phyto-estrogenic herbs over a period of time can help to feminize the features and increase the size of the breasts.

The herbs may well be an alternative to synthetic hormone therapy for transgender males. The synthetic hormones nearly always seem to carry some risks and the weaker plant estrogens have no risks associated with them. In fact they have the same health benefits for men as for women with prostate health thrown in as an extra bonus.


Q. Do you guarantee results?

A. We fully guarantee the quality and purity of the herbs and we take care of any shipping problems. Our customer service has achieved a top rating from Yahoo! Stores and has won several other awards. We are always here to help with the use of the herbs.

We know you have seen those herbal formula companies with their iron-clad 100% money back guarantees. To put it bluntly, those “100% Money Back Guarantees” are bogus. If you read the fine print no one qualifies for them. This has been going on for years. Many of the more highly hyped companies have been fined by the FTC for not fulfilling the guarantees. They just go out of business and come back as another brand. Remember “Isis”, “Bloussant”, “Curves for Women”? Think about it for a minute. Why would a company guarantee results when they have no control over how you use the product and no way of verifying whether you had results or not?

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